Medical Sovereign

Chapter 20 - Giving Publicity

Chapter 20 Giving Publicity

Director Zhao had the insight to recognize a hero. Just like Bo Le was so skilled in selecting fine horses, Director Zhao chose Ding Ning who had no money or power. Director Zhao appreciated him and vigorously supported this young and promising doctor. Director Zhao wanted to provide real services and do good things for people.

And Ding Ning succeeded in fulfilling Director Zhao’s lofty expectations for him. He proved himself to be a benevolent doctor who could save people’s lives with his excellent medical skill. He blossomed in radiant splendor and finally became a touching anecdote in Ninghai. This was exactly the public opinion effect that Director Zhao wanted.

The criminal police fulfilled their duty very well and then reached a consensus soon after communicating with their colleagues in the public security team.

The public security team and the criminal police team jointly handled the case. They took all the perpetrators under control and conducted an on-site investigation and inquiry to look at how the case was to define eventually. After that, they would decide which department was going to take over the case.

On the policemen’s heels were reporters who had started to interview onlookers. Watching all reporters who were shooting took their places with their different cameras like long guns and short cannons, Director Zhao, in a high and fresh spirit, started his speech in cadence.

His voice was heavy and mournful. He said, ” Comrades, I am very distressed today, because there were bad incidents that even happened in Changjiang Hospital. Thefts occurred and unrelated social members even barged into our hospital and harassed patients. This is not only the dereliction of hospital leaders and comrades of the Department of Safety and Security, but also the dereliction of mine. As the director of the Health Bureau, I must first apologize to the patients who had been harassed.”

Director Zhao’s enthusiastic speech and his sincere attitude won the unanimous favor of all the people present. They gave him warm thunderous applause. All this was faithfully filmed by reporters and this would become a shining point.

“The head of the Health Bureau went deep into the masses and handled emergencies impartially in the investigation of subordinate units.”

“Director Zhao Jianguo went deep into the grass-root level and sincerely did practical things for people.”

“In the face of unexpected events, Director Zhao Jianguo dealt with this event in a sweeping and decisive manner!”

“Unrelated social members barged into Changjing Hospital and harassed patients. Was this an accidental incident or a routine form? It is worth pondering!”

“A horrible outburst of violence in the law society. Was it a provocation to the law, or a moral decay?”


Those experienced reporters had already known the general situation, and they even prepared the headlines in their minds. They secretly prepared the manuscripts in their hearts, and they were racing against time to report it first to gain more public attention.

Some reporters even could not wait to draft the news and sent it to their companies and then conducted a live connection.

Ding Ning looked at all this indifferently. Out of the corner of his eye, Ding Ning glanced at a restless figure on the corner in the distance. He grinned immediately and thought that this figure appeared just at the right time. It felt like someone sent him pillows when he wanted to doze.

“I think you are Comrade Ding Ning, I am Zhao Jianguo, the director of the Health Bureau. I am very sorry that you were harassed by social idlers during your hospitalization. This is our dereliction of duty. On behalf of the health system and the Changjiang Hospital leaders, I sincerely apologize to you!”

Director Zhao walked quickly to Ding Ning, held Ding Ning’s hands and shook them firmly. He was also very experienced to leave those reporters the best angle to shoot the front of both by turning sideways. This could be the biggest proof of his ability to recognize talents.

Ding Ning didn’t know much about his thoughts. But Director Zhao who was the head of the health system and performed very approachable. It was not a bad thing to establish a good relationship with such a man. Only with the help of each other can they have mutual brilliance. Obviously, they needed each other. Thus, he wouldn’t miss the chance.

“Thank you for your concern! Director Zhao, you are in a high position, but you have spared effort and pain to go deep into the grass-roots level to do research in person. This is a blessing for our patients.”

Ding Ning reached out his hands cooperatively and held the hands of Director Zhao. Ding Ning firmly shook the hands twice, by which showed his respect, and meanwhile, being neither humble nor pushy so as not to give people the flattering feeling of abasement.

What a smart boy, what a nice young man! Director Zhao burst with joy and the smile on his face became even more brilliant. He clutched at Ding Ning’s hands that he didn’t want to let go and said modestly,

“Comrade Ding, although you suffered from injustice, you are calm and imperturbable. Compared with you, as a leader, I forgot myself instead. Please do no laugh at me.”

Seeing this, all the reporters were shocked and felt that there must be something wrong with that. Director Zhao seemed to put his posture in a very low place, which did not conform to his usual style.

But anyway, this was also a bright spot, which could emphasize that Director Zhao was quite easy-going, without bureaucratic posturing, and he was sincere, straightforward and enthusiastic.

Pa pa pa!

Reporters kept flashing flashes and solidified the picture of two people shaking hands and talking cordially in their cameras. The camcorder was also working constantly. So it could be an excellent topic after post-editing.

“Well, well, it was a mess before the leaders came here. Vicious power ran amuck and oppressed kind civilians. As soon as you came here, you took immediate action decisively and brought the bad guys to justice to give us a legal society. You are the backbone of the people.”

Ding Ning flattered hypocritically. But he felt somewhat bored and disgusted. “You, an old geezer, holding my hands with your rough hands all the time. You are not a beauty, and there is no good touch at all.” Ding Ning thought to himself.

Subconsciously, Ding Ning looked back at Ling Yun, and he saw she pinching her mouth. Her face beamed with proud smiles, showing that she shared his honor. She rolled her eyes at him, flashing with naughtiness and flirtation. That pretty gesture made him fascinated.

He turned back hurriedly and dared not to look at her anymore. He whispered to himself in the mind. Whoops, my goodness. No, no, this little girl became more and more feminine. I should keep a distance from her in the future.

Hum, I must keep the distance, otherwise if someday I could not hold out against the temptation and took her to the bed, then, it would be a serious problem for me. It’s hard enough to deal with just her tough mother alone for me.

Director Zhao’s fat face smiled like an old chrysanthemum, holding Ding Ning’s hand tighter. “I heard the comrades in the hospital said that Dear Comrade Ding was a Samaritan of a miracle-making doctor. In order to save a total stranger, you were injured and in hospital, weren’t you? Could you tell our reporters what had happened?”

Ding Ning’s face was slightly sullen. He had no particular purpose in saving people. Although Zhao’s behavior was a positive publicity, it was not what he wanted.

At the thought of Shen Muqing’s delicate body, her beautiful appearance and her quiet temperament like orchids in the empty valley, his protective desire arose spontaneously.

He didn’t want the troubled and ill-fated girl to suffer more unnecessary public harassment and arouse her emotion, which would be no good for her illness.

His voice suddenly cooled down,” Although I am not yet a formal doctor, I still have the basic professional ethics. I am standing here not to sing praises for myself, or even to reveal the patient’s privacy. I also hope that the reporter friends present not to harass the patient and just focus on reporting today’s events.”

Director Zhao’s smile suddenly stagnated on his face and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. He got so dizzy with his success that he forgot the Shen Family’s power.

It would bring a negative impact on her condition of rehabilitation if reporters held on to this thing and inquired deep into the origins of Shen Muqing, which might arouse the Shen Family’s anger.

Squinting his eyes, he immediately changed the subject and said, “Those all are not important, I just want to say that Dear Comrade Ding is a kind-hearted doctor with good professional ethics. Such a helpful young man who also has civic virtues is quite rare these days. Now it is rare for such a young man with public morality and willingness to help others. I think highly of him …”

Director Zhao secretly determined in his heart that he would let his secretary give more transportation fees to these reporters and then informed the leaders of the major news media in advance, asking them to never dig deep into the incident of Ding Ning’s rescue.

“I’m sorry, Director, I feel really embarrassed because I think I do not deserve your praises. At least, I am not a doctor yet and I probably never will be in the future.”

Ding Ning suddenly interrupted Zhao Jianguo’s big talk. Although he behaved very satisfied and polite, he succeeded in arousing everyone’s curiosity.

“Hi, Mr. Ding, I am Sun Shi’an, a reporter from Ninghai Daily. Just now I heard Director Zhao saying that you were a doctor with a high level of medical skill, but you said that you are not a doctor. What does this mean?”

A bespectacled male reporter held out the microphone, handed it near to Ding Ning’s mouth and asked quickly.

Ding Ning nodded at him. Then he looked at the restless figure paced back and forth in the distance and he looked back at the frowning Li Qiuhai. A blur of meaningful smile lifted the edges of his mouth,

“Before answering the question of Reporter Sun, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Ding Ning. I came from a small town in the southwest border area. I am a fresh graduate of the medical college of Ninghai University, majored in clinical. I gained perfect academic performance at this university. Reporter comrades are welcomed to check my academic record in my old school anytime. However, it is strange that after I graduated, all my classmates had been accepted by hospitals. While I am the only one who has been rejected by all hospitals. I am still an unemployed vagrant.”

“Why is this? The medical school of Ninghai University is one of the top medical colleges in the country. As long as you can get your diploma, there will be institutions accepting you. Are you unwilling to go or are there other external factors?”

Reporters’ acute sense of news was indeed not bragged. Realizing that there must be something shady about it, he grasped the key point at once and asked at an extremely fast speed like a torrent of fire.

And Li Qiuhai seemed to finally recollect something, his face turned pale instantly and his eyes revealed a hint of trepidation.

Executive Zhou also seemed to realize that Ding Ning was talking with the tongue in the cheek. His heart gave birth to a faint uneasiness. After all, Changjiang Hospital was an affiliated hospital of the Medical College of Ninghai. According to regulations, all new graduates from the Medical college should take an internship at Changjiang Hospital, but Ding Ning said that there was no hospital to receive him. This was simply nonsense.

Executive Zhou subconsciously looked at Li Qiuhai, but only found his face was very unnatural, sweat dropped as big as beans on his forehead, Li Qiuhai appeared as if his soul had left his body. Executive Zhou’s heart hitched with a click. It seemed that there was really something shady.

Flames of fury grew abruptly in his heart. “This damn Li Qiuhai! I valued him in vain. I vigorously promoted him and entrusted him with important tasks. But I never thought that he would suppress a genius in medicine like Ding Ning.”

If Ding Ning did not have the magic medical skill to attract the attention of Director Zhao, and Director Zhao would not care that Li Qiuhai suppressed an ordinary graduate.

But now with the treatment of Shen Muqing conducted by Ding Ning, such a genius doctor had attracted the attention of all hospitals. If the Changjiang Hospital missed Ding Ning, it would become the biggest laughing stock in the medical field.

Executive Zhou believed that all hospitals were happy to see such a situation and the other hospitals would immediately offer a job to Ding Ning and provide him with the best conditions.

Once he returned, he would let Li Qiuhai apologized sincerely to Ding Ning and offered him the best treatment. Such talented people must be kept in Changjiang Hospital.

However, he had not yet realized that what a startling inside story was hidden under the fact that Ding Ning was suppressed.

Director Zhao possessed a high political acumen and he also realized that Ding Ning must have been treated unfairly. Immediately, he clapped Ding Ning’s shoulder and encouraged him,” Tell me what are your grievances. You should believe in the organization and you will be given the justice.”

“Thank you, Director. There is certainly a reason why I didn’t accept by the hospitals. To be honest, I have deep feelings for the Changjiang Hospital, because this is the affiliated hospital of my university, and it is also the place where I took my internship. However, it was just during the internship, I pointed out that my intern teacher had misdiagnosed one patient. Although the facts proved that I was right, this brought big trouble to my internship teacher and triggered a medical dispute with the patient’s family members.”

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