Medical Sovereign

Chapter 21 - Acting Skills

Chapter 21 Acting Skills

Ding Ning, with an expression of remorse, said in injured tones, “I was too young and too naive. Even if I found my intern teacher misdiagnosing, I should not point it out, which then led him into a medical dispute. Because of that, he held a grudge against me later and he failed me by disqualifying me in my internship evaluation. As a result, none of the hospitals were willing to accept me.”

“But, Mr. Ding, as far as I know, even if you were disqualified in your internship evaluation, that would not affect you to become a doctor, right? Does the doctor have any strong background? ”

Sun Shi’an was truly the golden pen in Ninghai Daily. He had a great logical thinking ability and thought fast. He quickly found something unusual from Ding Ning’s words.

It was a great piece of conversation news. A medical college graduate was suppressed by a dark inside story. At the thought that, Sun Shi’an shivered all over his body with excitement and asked eagerly.

Ding Ning felt delighted secretly. “This Sun Shi’an was really nice. He took the initiatives and followed my topics. He cooperated so well, which made all those felt like he had made tacit agreements with me.”

However, with a look of trepidation, he shook his hand repeatedly and said sadly, “I don’t know this. I only know that the intern teacher disqualified me. As for his background and power, I know nothing about those. I’m only a poor student from a remote region. How could I know that there would be no hospital to employ me just because I consciously pointed out one misdiagnosed case of him.”

The more he said this, the more the reporters would think about. Even an idiot would know that it was impossible to make all the hospitals in Ninghai refuse an elite graduate from Ninghai medical college if the doctor did not have an astonishing background.

They secretly decided to dig out the doctor’s background even by using Internet mass hunting. Then they would expose all these to the public and bring justice to this unfortunate child.

It was exactly the effect that Ding Ning wanted. He had thought Li Wensheng, the doctor who made all the hospitals unwilling to accept him and even suppressed him by relying on the power of Li Qiuhai, Li Wensheng’s uncle.

But it was not until just now he realized that a single deputy executive of Changjiang Hospital could not do things on such a high level, which suggested that behind Li Wensheng there was someone with a higher status than that of Li Qiuhai.

If this supposition was right, it was difficult to bring down Li Wensheng and the power behind him. Therefore, he made the issue by putting himself in the position of an innocent poor boy who sighed to fate silently. By doing this, he gained the sympathy of reporters’ and made things bigger enough to make the people behind Li Wensheng feel that they were unable to protect themselves.

“What a jerk, who is this lawless doctor? Xiaoding, you tell me, no matter who he is, I will definitely seek justice for you.”

Director Zhao said indignantly.

Ding Ning sighed to himself and thought that if there was such a person behind Li Wensheng, then his status might not lower than that of Zhao Jianguo.

However sweetly Zhao Jianguo promised, he might compromise with them at the key point. After all, Ding Ning intended to overturn them which had already violated their fundamental interests.

In the case of a life and death struggle, I am afraid that even Zhao Jianguo, the Director of the health bureau, could not guarantee absolute fairness and justice.

Therefore, Ding Ning had been stalling the time and waiting for some people to appear. Now, the people he had been waiting for showed up.

A dignified middle-aged man appeared beside Ye Shulan and her children. Judging from his straight back, his walking posture and the sense of dignity brought by being in a high position for a long time, Ding Ning immediately figured out his identity.

But they were mixed in the crowd at the moment, watching the scene happened before them with great interest. They occasionally asked people beside them what had happened. It seemed that they did not mean to involve in.

Ding Ning also pretended not to see them, even though Shen Muqing looked at him as tender and soft as water, he chose to neglect her directly.

As a saying goes, “Wolves travel thousands of miles to eat meat, while dogs travel thousands of miles to eat shit.” There was no doubt that Ding Ning was a vicious wolf that ate people without spitting any bones, although Ding Ning appeared harmless.

He could be magnanimous or merciful, but he would never give those to enemies who cornered him to desperation.

If there was just an unknown poor boy who came across such a thing, it would definitely be the end of his career as a doctor.

Specifically speaking, this would ruin his living skills to support his family. More seriously, it would bury his dream since childhood.

Second Master Zhao Fugui often told him that this was a man-eating world. Although there was no smoke of gunpowder, it was crueler in this world than on the battlefield.

Only the fittest could be survived from natural selection. Only by becoming more ruthless than the enemies, could he seize the opportunity to overturn his enemies and strike them defenseless. He must nip the potential dangers in buds, otherwise, there would be endless troubles in the future.

Therefore, small tweaks which might be taken as cheap measures to others became Ding Ning’s shortcuts to success sometimes.

Things like suppressing an ordinary graduate could not shake his enemies completely. Even if it aroused the sympathy of the public, it could not completely break them down.

Although he did not know how powerful Shen Family were, based on the fact that Director Zhao left his work at hand and diligently served here day and night, it could be seen that the power of Shen Family was absolutely strong and it was so strong that he has no ability to resist at present.

But he occupied an absolute advantage, that is, he was the only one who could restore Shen Muqing’s health. As long as Shen Family were willing to intervene, the people behind Li Wensheng would definitely lose miserably.

He was confident that Shen Family would help him, but he just did not want to waste this big favor he deliberately offered to Shen Family.

The Great Master Fu-tzu once said, “In dealing with the enemies, the best strategy is to rule enemies’ heart, the medium strategy is to obtain their mind, and the worst strategy is to kill the enemies.”

Among the ways to deal with the enemy, the best strategy was to rule enemies’ heart and to persuade the enemy, also known as to subdue the enemy without fighting. The medium strategy was to occupy their mind, which means to win over the people and use public opinion or others’ power to destroy the enemies. The worst strategy was simple and crude, it was to destroy all the enemy by force.

Ding Ning admitted to himself that he could not achieve the best strategy to rule the enemies’ mind, but he could at least obtain a medium strategy. Even if some of these means were insidious, the history books were always written by the victors.

Before he became truly strong, he had to use some strategies to achieve his goal.

Although he did something unscrupulously, he felt it was fine to use strategies at this stage because the strategy was one of the key elements of success.

If he failed to topple Li Wensheng and those people behind this time, he would then face the frantic counterattack of them.

If he was on his own, it was no big dealt to travel to the far end of the world or lead a wandering life. However, subconsciously, he did not want to leave.

Ling Yun was the reason for that. She was the first true friend in his life and the first girl who made him willing to put down his dignity and to play the clown to gain her smile.

Just as she had stood up for him countless times and blocked all the wind and rain for him. He must also protect her all his life. He would never leave her alone and he would shield her from the wind and rain.

Although it might not be love, it was the most sincere emotion in the world. He cherished and infatuated this feeling and he could relax himself thorough it.

“In fact, it doesn’t matter to me. Even if I am not to be a doctor, I have the ability to feed myself and at least I will not starve to death. However, if all these happened to the poor family who spent the entire fortune and got in debt to support one university student, what they had done was to cut off all the dreams and hopes of the family. What’s worse, as a doctor who should have professional ethics, he misdiagnosed often which might lead to the death of patients. This was a crime and a murder. I really don’t understand how such a doctor who had neither medical ethics nor medical skills became an attending doctor. Let’s imagine, if you, your families and your friends were misdiagnosed and killed by such a quack, but your illness was, in fact, a small problem. How would you feel?”

Ding Ning’s eyes were red and he waved his hands excitedly. He made this speech emotionally and his words were flying. He wanted to touch everyone’s heart. But out of the corner of his eye, he was watching the expression of the middle-aged man beside Ye Shulan.

Until he found the man brow frowned and eyes flashed with anger, he was pleased immediately. His trick finally worked. It really was the truth that “Life is like a drama. Only good actors survive it.”

He speculated that Shen Muqing’s father should be a soldier. As a soldier defending his country, he must full of justice in his heart and soul. He would never sit and watch such a quack misdiagnose more.

In particular, as Shen Muqing’s father, he could better understand the harm brought by quack doctors, thus he could feel the same.

“To investigate and find out all about this event. We must deal with this bad black horse with no tolerance!”

Ding Ning’s fives senses and six consciousness were far superior to the ordinary people. Though it was so crowded and noisy outside, he was able to hear his most wanted sentence by paying special attention.

“Yes, chief!”

A sturdy and impact figure appeared ghostly behind the middle-aged man, this figure answered respectfully and disappeared immediately.

A master. Ding Ning’s heart frozen suddenly, he didn’t see the figure in advance. The figure was definitely the most excellent who was much stronger than that Maimed Tiger.

Buzz, Ding Ning’s words successfully resonated with everyone, whether journalists or onlookers, they whispered and discussed to each other.

Quacks, especially quacks that misdiagnosed and killed patients, were definitely public enemies who were hated by everyone.

We all had experienced headaches and fever. However, supposing that we happened encountered quacks and were being misdiagnosed and then killed. That was really too bad.

Some of them broke out into curses. One after another, they were demanding that Ding Ning say the name of the quack who should be punished without leniency.

Li Qiuhai’s face turned ashy. Executive Zhou and senior management’s faces looked bad and turned blue. The reputation of Changjiang Hospital was completely destroyed.

“Mr. Ding, according to you, did your intern teacher have disregard for human life because of any misdiagnosis?”

Ding Ning really wanted to hug and kiss Sun Shi’an. He was just wondering how to present evidence, and Sun Shi’an immediately came up with a godlike assist like Sun Shi’an could read his minds.

“Do you know why there were two groups of people to harass today? It was because I went to visit a friend last night that I accidentally recorded a video which could be the evidence of this quack’s medical accident. He continuously tried to bribe guards and pay slackers to destroy the evidence. The video is on my mobile phone and everyone can have a look.”

Ding Ning did not hesitate to take out his phone and handed it to Sun Shi’an, which then watched by all reporters.

Director Zhao looked at this innocent Ding Ning thoughtfully and his smile became a bit wry. He felt that things seemed to get out of his control already and were inevitably going out of control.

If it was just the theft incident and unrelated social members came to riot in the hospital, he, as the head of the health system would not take any responsibility. On the contrary, it would be his accomplishments if he could get a great chance to build his good image by handling everything in time.

He was confident that he could cleverly turn passivity into initiativity and transform bad things into good ones even with the scandal that the doctor who guided the interns deliberately suppressed Ding Ning.

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