Medical Sovereign

Chapter 22 - Quieted Down

Chapter 22 Quieted Down

But now things were getting bigger and bigger, all the leaders who could affect all hospitals in Ninghai had been involved in. The situation had developed to an extremely serious degree. If something bad happened, Zhao Jianguo himself should bear joint liability.

Leaders who could affect all hospitals in Ninghai could not be in a position much lower than his. Once people in a higher position were involved, as the director of the health bureau, he would become the scapegoat.

After all, the doctor who had made a medical accident was able to do his work under the shelter of someone. As the director of the health bureau, he could not escape from his responsibility.

Surprisedly, he realized that it was Ding Ning who controlled the development pace since the reporter began to ask.

Ding Ning deliberately turned things to wavelength and little by little he made things much bigger. He achieved his aim of revenging on Li Wensheng and gained everyone’s sympathy. He even dragged Director Zhao into the warship at the same time, under the eyes of the public.

Under the supervision of so many reporters, the eyes of the outraged and angered public, he must demonstrate his attitude no matter how unwilling he was.

To stop the investigation or to end the matter at this point?

He was quite willing to do that. However, reporters and especially the people would not agree.

If he dared to do so, he believed that the good reputation he had been building with great difficulty would be destroyed in an instant and become a rat crossing the street, which was obnoxious to everyone.

Now he had formed his false impression of supporting Ding Ning to expose the shady scene. He had already completely offended the man no matter who that was behind Li Wensheng.

This made him feel sick as if he had swallowed a dead fly. He then maintained a high degree of vigilance against Ding Ning.

If all this was done deliberately by Ding Ning, then he must be terribly scheming.

Silently, Ding Ning turned an interview intended to show his image of respecting the talents into a grievance redress conference. Ding Ning dragged him into the warship. Now he was riding on the tiger.

Zhao Jianguo knew that there was no way to back down after figured all this out. He had no other choices but to follow Ding Ning all the way down to the end.

Zhao Jianguo allowed himself a wry smile, “I hope whoever the people behind Li Wensheng is not in a higher position than me, otherwise I will die instead of the tiger.”

After everyone heard Wang Juan’s confessing from Ding Ning’s phone, the scene boiled and instantly turned into a sea of anger.

No people doubted Ding Ning’s words anymore. They were filled with a strong sense of justice. Growled angrily, they wanted to let the quack doctor get the punishment he deserved and the person behind his back pay the price.

Shen Family were no exception. Although they didn’t shout like the others, their faces all turned ugly and their eyes were ablaze with anger.

Before Director Zhao gave orders specifically, Zhao Gang, the head of the sub-bureau of the criminal police team, arrested Li Wensheng. Li Qiuhai, with an ashy face now, was also taken away in the name of cooperating with the investigation.

Wang Jun and Shanji lost their previous arrogance. Under the severe interrogation of the criminal police team, they quickly confessed everything. The stolen watch was also found from Wang Jun and detained as evidence.

When Wang Jun found that the watch he planned to plant on Ding Ning was in his pocket, he nearly passed out. He definitely had put this watch under Ding Ning’s bed sheet, but how did it return his pocket? This was really a ghost in the daytime.

After Zhao Gang briefly told Zhao Jianguo the results of interrogation, Zhao Jianguo was not in a mood to solicit Ding Ning. He immediately rushed to the municipal government, reported to the city leader what had happened today, and asked the instructions to the next step.

However, the city leader, who always needed a meeting to make the final decision, was surprisingly fast this time. He directly instructed Zhao Jianguo to conduct a thorough investigation within the health system and must bring the black sheep to justice as soon as possible.

At the same time, he charged the director Qi Ruoxian, the leader of the municipal public security bureau to take the command himself, make a breakthrough based on the interrogation materials of Li Wensheng and his uncle and solve the case as soon as possible.

In addition, comrades of the Municipal Commission of Discipline Inspection would be sent to conduct a secret investigation. No matter who was involved, they would dig deeply and hard into the case. They must not be fudged.

The municipal leaders attached great importance to it and let the municipal discipline inspection commission, the municipal public security bureau and the municipal public health bureau worked together.

The leaders of the three units exchanged information and they simply joined forces to set up a special investigation team after the meeting. They spent a lot of manpower and material resources to crack the case.

Under the great supervision of the news media, they handled the case with high efficiency. On the same day, a breakthrough was found in Li Wensheng’s explanation.

Originally, the big man behind the scenes turned out to be Du Yurong, Li Wensheng’s father-in-law, the former deputy mayor of Ninghai who had retired.

However, how could a retired vice mayor have so much power to affect all the hospitals in Ninghai? There must be someone who wielded the true power.

After careful investigation, Chen Changrong, the deputy director of the Municipal Health Bureau, finally raised to surface. It turned out that he was the leader promoted and cultivated by Du Yurong. He highly respected Du Yurong and regarded him as the mentor.

After the medical incident, Li Wensheng was beaten black and blue all day like the rat crossing the street. His wife Du Yuewen cared for him and begged her father to help him.

Du Yurong loves his daughter very much, so he sheepishly asked Chen Changrong for help.

Chen Changrong is a nostalgic person. Out of gratitude, he gave Li Wensheng the green light. At Li Qiuhai’s request, Chen Changrong cryptically demanded that all the hospitals not accept Ding Ning. As a result, Ding Ning which made Ding Ning shut out from all hospitals.

The investigators tracked down by following clues and made a rigorous deep investigation. They even checked Li Wensheng’s Medical Licensing Examination and there was something fishy about it.

Under the supervision by public opinion of the news media, the case was quickly solved. The number of people involved was as high as 37. There were a large number of transactions between power and money. The law would give them the punishment they deserve according to the circumstances of the crime.

“Deep thinking caused by being in the position but failed in his duty.”

“The quack doctor disregarded for human life and revenged deliberately by cutting off a medical student from ways to become a doctor!”

“Resolutely resisting unhealthy tendencies and keeping quack doctors away from the crowd!”

“The career of the poor college student was roughly ended. He had no choice but to turn to the media for justice!”

“The miserable life of a poor student!”


And so on and so on, such topics appeared in the media and on the Internet, capturing the eyes, and suddenly this became the current hottest topic.

There are also more and more calls for “Cleaning up worms in the health system, reinforcing the supervision for Medical Licensing Examination,doctors’ qualification examination, and strengthening the professional qualities and standards of medical practitioners.”

The Ninghai municipal government organized activities about self-examination and self-correction, and carried out profound in-depth criticism and self-criticism throughout the system. The municipal government boldly reformed on major industries related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, during which process the government openly solicited opinions from all walks of life and requested them to actively provide suggestions. By pooling the wisdom and efforts of everyone, the government continuously refined and perfected its reforms, causing another round of heated discussion among the general public.

With the fermentation of the incident, Ding Ning also became a household name in Ninghai City, but only a few had seen him.

Of course, under the deliberate operation of some insiders, Ding Ning’s beauty saving on the bund and the fact that he had a miraculous medical skill were forcefully erased. Even if some people knew something inside, they were warned not to publicize anything.

While the “Quack Door” incident was uproaring outside, Ding Ning did not care what was going on outside his window. He laid himself leisurely in a senior officials inpatient ward that the hospital had just changed for him, enjoying his life.

Now Ding Ning was loved and hated by all hospitals. Executive Zhou did not have any choice but satisfy Ding Ning’s needs. He provided for Ding Ning and took him as his big uncle, Ding Ning was not only exempt from hospitalization expenses, but also was offered meals every day.

It was no joke. He had witnessed the Shen Family’s terrifying capabilities. They extricated the deputy director of the Health Bureau from his position just by a few words, even the retired deputy mayor had also been affected and lost the integrity in his later years.

But the Shen Family was flattering Ding Ning the whole day, especially Shen Muqing, who basically ran to Ding Ning’s ward every day There were trends that this two might become a couple someday. He was just an executive of a small hospital, and dared not to disagree with Shen Family.

Ding Ning was a little regret that Shen Muqing’s father hurried off without meeting him. He missed that chance to talk with the most powerful man in Shen Family.

According to Shen Muqing’s explanation, her father left in a hurry to handle emergencies and he would certainly come to visit him when he was free. Although Ding Ning did not believe this somehow, he could manage to accept it.

Shen Muyang blushed, finally lowered his noble head and said sorry.

Well, though Ding Ning felt that his attitude was not quite sincere. “When you can forgive, just forgive.” Ding Ning forgave him because if he held on to it, he would become a narrow-minded dimwit.

Therefore, Ding Ning freely forgave him and reached an agreement with Ye Shulan. He would be in charge of Shen Muqing’s treatment. He would check on her once a week, but there was no guarantee that she could be cured.

After all, Shen Muqing’s condition was very complicated. With his current abilities and skills, he could not cure her. However, he could keep her illness from getting worse.

Ye Shulan was not satisfied with the answer, but Shen Muqing was very open-minded. She was trying her best and left the rest to God. This mentality made Ding Ning pitied her more and appreciated her a little more in his mind.

After all the dust was settled down, Ding Ning planned to leave the hospital immediately, but he was entangled by Executive Zhou and members of the hospital committee. They came to visit him one after another in the morning, in the middle and at night every day. They hoped to persuade him to work in Changjiang Hospital, which troubled him a lot.

Instead, it was Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang two authorities in the field of traditional Chinese medicine that went well with him. But after Ding Ning refused resolutely to be their teacher, he generously coached them in his needle technique.

There were not only the Nine Ghosts and 13-needle Technique in the needle technique Ding Ning had learned, but also many ancient needle techniques had long been lost. To Mr. Hu’s and Mr. Zhang’s dismay, all these needle techniques needed abundant support of True Qi to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Especially the nine ghosts and thirteen needles, even with his True Qi can Ding Ning barely exert the eighth needle now. According to his estimation, Shen Muqing’s disease could be completely cured when he could exert the eleventh needle.

Even so, the two authorities still benefited a lot. Although they could not apply many ancient acupuncture techniques, they comprehended these by analogy after Ding Ning’s explanation, which enabled them to master their acupuncture technique even better.

Ding Ning also learned something. Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang were authorities in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, they had obtained extensive medical knowledge. In particular, those various kinds of difficult and complicated diseases they handled had greatly broadened Ding Ning’s horizon. In return, they generously passed on their unique skills to Ding Ning.

Mr. Hu’s unique skill was the filiform needle and moxibustion therapy. It was an external treatment aimed at preventing and curing diseases and could provide health care. Burning moxa or other drugs first and placing them on the body surface to burn and iron the acupuncture points. The mild heat from moxibustion fire and the effects of drugs would gradually go through collateral channels to warm and promote the flow of Qi and blood, which could strengthen the right and expel the evil in the body.

Mr. Zhang’s unique skill was to use various methods to remove the air in the canister to form a negative pressure and then he made the canister absorbed on the body surface to treat diseases. It was also known as suction canister therapy or canister pulling therapy. By means of sucking and pulling, it could cause congestion or blood stagnation in local tissues, promoting smooth channels and collaterals and vitalizing Qi and blood. This therapy could have the following effects: promoting Qi and blood circulation, relieving pain and swelling, dissipating cold, removing dampness, resolving hard mass and toxic materials, and bringing down a fever.

The medical views of the two authorities belong to modern Chinese medicine. Even though it could be traced to the same origin as Ding Ning’s modern Chinese medicine, these two had differences in many points of view. However, the two elders and the younger one really benefited a lot by checking on their advantages and disadvantages.

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