Medical Sovereign

Chapter 24 - The Consultation Fee

Chapter 24 The Consultation Fee

“Though the strength is difficult to control, it is not an unsolvable problem. We traditional Chinese physician should no longer rest on our laurels. We must be innovative and pioneering. We can definitely find a manufacturer of medical instruments and customize a batch of instruments which have been measured of their specific strength data by me. This will enable pulse-cutting anesthesia to be widely applied to patients in the fixed period of time.”

Ding Ning’s thoughts became clearer and clearer. He excitedly stood up and paced back and forth, “In this way, although there are still great limitations, it will allow traditional Chinese medicine industry to take its first step in producing in a big scale.”

“Exactly, why didn’t we think of it!” Mr. Zhang and Mr. Hu jumped up excitedly and cheered.

Although the strength was not easy to control, the current technology was so advanced that it was not difficult to manufacture precise strength instruments with accurate strength data, which would solve the problem that pulse-cutting anesthesia could not be widely applied.

“You two old men, don’t get so excited first. This is only my preliminary idea. It is only feasible in theory and has not undergone clinical trials. With a responsible attitude towards patients’ safety and in order to successfully fire the first gun for the recovery of traditional Chinese medicine, we must first recruit testers and conduct at least 1,000 clinical trials to make sure it is feasible. Otherwise, we will be in big trouble if medical accidents occur.”

Ding Ning was not carried away by excitement. On the contrary, he calmly analyzed that it was his brilliant idea, but he needed the cooperation of the two old Traditional Chinese physicians. The first question was where to find patients to participate in their clinical trials floored him.

“We don’t need to find people who need surgeries. Patients with headaches and fever can participate in the trials. With the reputation of Mr. Zhang and me, we can find at least 1,000 patients.”

Mr. Hu was still immersed in excitement. He patted his chest and promised he would conduct all the trials and record the data.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s a problem either. Both Mr. Hu and I have our own chain clinics and our apprentices are all over the country. It will take less than a day for us to find one thousand patients to participate in the trails. For the sake of insurance, we will conduct the trails ourselves and let some good apprentices take charge of data recording especially.”

Mr. Zhang smiled with his face wrinkled like flowers.

Ding Ning just remembered that these two were the Mount Taishan and the North Star in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Every single day, there were numerous people who would like to seek their medical advice. This was the role of reputation. The most difficult problem in Ding Ning’s view was not a big deal in their eyes.

“In that case, I will leave the hospital now and immediately contact a precision instrument manufacturer to produce the strength instruments according to my strength data!”

The biggest problem had been solved and then the other things would be much easier. Ding Ning could not wait to stand up and take off his hospital gown. If it weren’t for the exchange of medical skills with them every day, he would be too lazy to stay here.

“Big brother, do you have the money?” Mr. Hu suddenly asked. The question knocked Ding Ning into a cocked hat, and he realized that he was so excitedly at the moment that he ignored the most important thing.

A deposit must be paid first before the manufacture of precision instruments. He was a newly graduated vagrant. Although he had been working and studying in all those years, he had hardly any money left. There were only nearly 2,000 yuan lying there sleeping in the bank.

He scratched his head awkwardly, “I guess it won’t cost too much to produce a few first. I still have nearly 2,000 yuan in my card.”

Mr. Hu laughed, “What’s the use of that? The first instrument is the most expensive one.”

“Why is that?” Ding Ning had no contact with this industry yet and he asked modestly.

“Because no matter what kind of instruments, the first thing to do is to make a standard mold that meets all the requirements. Only then the large scale production can be carried out according to this standard. Therefore, the first standard mold that meets all the requirements is the most expensive one. Well, there are 500,000 yuan in this card that you can use it first. And one of my patients gave me his business card. His name is Xia Ziyu, the boss of Ninghai Precision Technology Instrument Company. We certainly don’t need a lot of instruments for the first phase of trails. He usually won’t accept small business like this. I’ll give him a call later and then you can go to him with your name card. I believe he will do me this favor.”

Mr. Hu smiled and took out a bank card with the password written on it and a business card and then handed those to him.

“I can’t take your money.” Ding Ning hurriedly shook his head and refused, but he picked up the business card.

“I also have 500,000 here. You can use it first. Don’t be too polite. Mr. Hu and I have benefited a lot from studying with you these days. The money is not even enough for these days’ tuition. You don’t have to feel shameful. The money is nothing compared to the interests which will be brought to our clinics once pulse-cutting anesthesia is wildly used.”

Mr. Zhang reached out and took the bank card in Mr. Hu’s hand and put it into Ding Ning’s hand with his own bank card.

Looking at their sincere expressions, Ding Ning had no choice but to accept the cards. He joked unbearably, “You trust me so much. You are not afraid that I will run away with your money?”

“Ha-ha, depending on your excellent medical skills, my big brother, you just need to ask if you want money, Shen Family will be willing to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars anytime. You cannot still put the little money in your eyes. You don’t quite believe in our perspective.”

Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang stroked their beards and said with laughter.

Ding Ning smiled. What they said was the truth. In the whole world, Ding Ning was the only person who could treat Shen Muqing’s illness. Let alone hundreds of thousands of dollars, Shen Family would give him tens of millions of dollars if he asked.

But Qiao Jie, the fourth master who taught him the medical skills had told him sternly that as a benevolent doctor he could only receive 200 yuan for each consultation. Otherwise, he would be expelled.

Thinking about this Ding Ning clapped his forehead, “No, I forget to collect the consultation fee from Miss Shen.”

“I almost forget if you don’t mention, how much is the fee? I’ll give it to you right away!”

As soon as the voice stopped, Shen Muqing pushed the door open and came in naturally. Ding Ning was terribly embarrassed that he scratched the back of his head and flushed.

Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang stood aside in mirth, waiting to see how Ding Ning would cope with this.

They had already noticed that Ding Ning faced everyone with a light appearance, which made them ignore his age subconsciously.

Only in the presence of Shen Muqing would he show the shyness and childishness of his age.

Of course, this was because they did not see Ding Ning bow in front of Lingyun, buttering up her as a pet dog, otherwise, it would completely overturn his glorious image in their minds.

Each time he saw this beautiful woman, his heart beat faster unconsciously.

Especially Shen Muqing had a pair of eyes that were as clear as water. She seemed to be able to see through people’s minds. Ding Ning felt she had known all his thoughts. It was such an embarrassment that he could not find a single place to hide his dirty thoughts.

This was a delicately beautiful woman with a clear mind, and she was as intelligent as a demon. Ding Ning knew that such a lady could be only appreciated distantly but not touched blasphemously. It was better to keep a distance from her.

Ding Ning gave Shen Muqing an unnatural bitter smile, “Well, ho ho, here you come, please sit down first!”

“Well, you can tell me how much the fee is.”

Shen Muqing sat down on the sofa and looked at him with great interest. Her deep eyes stared at him which made his face turn red.

Although it was perfectly justified for doctors to ask for their consultation fees, he felt it really difficult to ask for it because his feelings toward Shen Muqing was very special.

In particular, she just overheard him asking for his consultation fees, which made him feel even more embarrassed. His face was burning hot and he could find no place to hide from shame.

“Fizz!” The two old guys winked at each other, stood by and listened. They couldn’t help laughing out loud. Every time they saw Ding Ning having no idea what to do with his hands and feet, they all felt very amused.

Ding Ning avoided the sight of Shen Muqing with a feeling of panic and gave the two old guy a fierce glance.

Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang winked at him vaguely. They took the hint and left after saying goodbye. Because of their status, they naturally became Executive Zhou’s guests of honor. Their accommodation and meals were arranged by the hospital.

Ding Ning took a deep breath to calm his fluctuating mood and recovered his composure. He looked Shen Muqing straight in her eyes and said with a hint of regret, “I really need my consultation fee. This is my master’s rule, and I cannot break it!”

Shen Muqing asked with a poker face, “How much do you want? Give me a price!”

In her heart, she was fond of Ding Ning. Her mother and brother disliked him, but she always insisted on her view that Ding Ning was a kind-hearted man who did not seek fame or wealth.

For that reason, she even bet against Shen Muyang that Ding Ning took her as a friend and would never demand an exorbitant price as his consultation fee. He saved her only because he was a kind-hearted man. He would never have any other thoughts.

However, Shen Muyang insisted that Ding Ning had a complicated mind and definitely would reach out for a yard after taking his inch. What’s more, Ding Ning made concessions on the agreement with Ye Shulan in the first place in order to gain more advantages. He treated Shen Family as his fat sheep.

Therefore, Shen Muqing was very disappointed now. What she cared about was not money, but whether Ding Ning was really the kind of person as Shen Muyang had said who would voraciously obtain benefits from Shen Family again and again.

It was justified for doctors to charge for their consultation fees. If Ding Ning had marked his price clearly, she would not be so uncomfortable now even if he wanted tens of millions of dollars. After all, her life was priceless.

After reaching a treatment agreement, Ding Ning, however, asked for the consultation fee. This totally confirmed her brother Shen Muyang’s suspicion. Ding Ning was an insatiable hypocrite.

For Shen Muqing, who grew up without friends, Ding Ning was the first friend accepted by her heart. It was said that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Such a friendship became so cheap at this moment that she felt cheated and there was a hint of disgust in her eyes when she looked at Ding Ning.


Ding Ning held out two fingers coyly. Before he finished speaking, Shen Muqing stood up and interrupted him. There was a trace of grievances and anger in her eyes. But what’s more was a feeling of undisguised disdain and hatred. “I know. It’s really not expensive. I’ll write you a check and send it to you later!”

“Poom!” Before Ding Ning had any react, Shen Muqing slammed the door and left.

“What’s wrong? Don’t I just want a 200 yuan consultation fee? This is really my master’s rule. How come she become so stingy? She thinks thirty dollars is too much for her. It is true that the richer you are, the more stingy you will be.”

Ding Ning was completely at a loss. He muttered in a low voice and clapped his forehead, “Right, Zhang Li. The therapy of her must have shown its effectiveness these days, and it is time to collect my consultation fee.”

He stretched out for the phone and dialed a number with a subconscious smile, “Master Yun, is today yours or Zhang Li’s shift?”

“I am on my night shift today, what’s up? Do you miss your Yun Master?”

Lingyun voice had some bitterness. Since Ding Ning had moved in his senior officials inpatient ward, she could only sneak away to see him when she was at work.

At first, she would like to make him some chicken soup or something else to nourish his body. However, this fellow actually said that the hospital now provided him with food for free. Took it or wasted it, of course, Ding Ning took it and shut Ling Yun’s kindness out of the door.

“Haha, got it. I am going to find Zhang Li.” Ding Ning grinned and said.

“What the fu*k? Your taste is very heavy now. Although Zhang Li’s beard is lesser, her bad breath is lighter and her waistline is thinner, she is still a pure man. You are even interested in her.”

Lingyun shouted exaggeratedly.

Ding Ning’s head was full of black lines. “Fu*k off. I am going to ask for my consultation fee. Bye-bye!”

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