Medical Sovereign

Chapter 27 - Targets

Chapter 27 Targets

“How bold person and how much production.” To be bold sometimes also meant to be shameless.

Now that Ding Ning had asked Shen Muqing for the consultation fee, he would naturally not be embarrassed to ask the fee from hellcat Zhang Li.

Of course, 200 yuan was not even enough for Zhang Li to buy a bottle of depilatory cream. When Ding Ning asked for it, Zhang Li gave him 2,000 yuan without saying anything.

In these short days, Zhang Li decocted and took the medicine on time according to Ding Ning’s prescription. Her bad breath disappeared, her waistline reduced and even her beard was lighter.

Although she had not completely restored her former appearance, Zhang Li saw hope which strengthened her confidence in Ding Ning.

Women could do whatever it took to be beautiful. Especially if they had owned it once but lost it. Because of that, Zhang Li valued this opportunity even more.

Let alone two hundred, she was willing to spend two million on condition that she had so much money.

Therefore, when Ding Ning took out just two pieces from the pile of money and gave the rest back to her, Zhang Li got panicked and asked nervously.

“Little brother Ding, don’t get me wrong. I know 2,000 yuan is too little, but that’s all the cash on me. I still have 130,000 yuan in my bank card. I am going to transfer it to you now. If it is not enough, I can think of other ways to give you more.”

“Elder sister Li, you think too much. I can only take 200 yuan. If it isn’t for my master’s rule, I won’t accept this 200 yuan because we are friends.”

Ding Ning said seriously. As a matter of fact, he sighed with emotion in the mind. “Is this the gap between ugly women and beautiful women? Zhang Li is ready to give me several hundred thousand yuan, and she is afraid that’s not enough. While he asked Shen Muqing for only two hundred yuan, she lost her temper, which was really stingy.”

“Two hundred won’t do. Nowadays, when people get a fever, it will cost them a thousand or so to take an injection, not to mention mine is a much bigger problem. No, that will never do.”

Zhang Li dragged Ding Ning and insisted on giving him the money. She also asked him to leave his bank account and she was going to transfer the money to him immediately.

At the sound of the yelling of her loud voice, people gathered round out of curiosity. It seemed that the old habits of fun-watching really couldn’t die easy.

“Elder sister Li, I mean it. I just want 200 yuan. Don’t think too much about it. As long as you take your medicine on time, I promise you will be restored to your original appearance.”

With a grimace, Ding Ning patiently explained. In a moment of her inattention, Ding Ning ran away as fast as he could. Just kidding, but if he was misunderstood as Zhang Li’s toy boy, it would be a disaster for him.

“Then I’ll invite you and your girlfriend to dinner some other day.”

Zhang Li couldn’t catch him and knew that he was determined to just accept 200 yuan. She had to put the rest of the money away and immediately shouted at his back with gratitude.

“Girlfriend? Where do I get this girlfriend?” Ding Ning was completely confused, but he did not have time to ask. He got into the elevator without looking back.

He chewed over this for a long time in the elevator, then suddenly took a clap of his thigh. “Hey, she must have taken Ling Yun as my girlfriend.”

“Are you plucking my whiskers? She is my buddy. It’s totally a misfit.”

It was not until he got back to the 13th floor that Ding Ning could finally be able to wipe out his cold sweat. “Oh, my! Zhang Li is too courteous that I really can’t stand it.”

“Dr. Ding, you are back. Miss Shen let someone send it. You were not here, so I have received it for you.”

Just when the ward door pushed open, he saw Executive Zhou’s old face smile like a withered chrysanthemum. Executive Zhou handed him an envelope with a little flattery.


Ding Ning casually took the envelope. He felt it very thing inside and laughed at once. “This fairy Qing, it is just two hundred yuan. She actually found an envelope to pack it up.”

He originally wanted to open it and put it away. But Executive Zhou was not intended to leave yet. He was looking at him eagerly. So, Ding Ning slipped the envelope under his pillow. Knowing full well what he meant, Ding Ning asked, “Is there anything else, Executive Zhou?”

“Well, Dr. Ding, first of all, on behalf of our hospital, I apologize for the harm done to you by the despicable acts of the two bastards Li Qiuhai and Li Wensheng. Although I did not know this, I also have a great responsibility. I am here to apologize!”

After he said this, Executive Zhou bent down deeply and bowed to Ding Ning. It was definitely a 90-degree bow. Judging from his fat belly, which was equivalent to six months of pregnancy, it must be a painful process for him in order to show his sincerity.

Enough is enough. Li Wensheng and his criminal pals had paid their price and were punished as they deserved by Ding Ning who neutralized and attacked all his enemies. His anger also subsided down. Naturally, he would not offend Executive Zhou unappreciatively.

Therefore, Ding Ning hurriedly stretched out his hand to help him up, “Executive Zhou, it’s too kind of you. This is not appropriate. Don’t overwhelm me with more than what I deserve!”

Holding Ding Ning’s hands, Executive Zhou stood up straight and gasped for breath. He looked at Ding Ning seriously and said, “Secondly, after discussion, our hospital committee has decided to offer 100,000 yuan to you as your compensation. Here is the cheque. Please accept it.”

Ding Ning did not pick up the cheque, but said calmly, “Since it is the second, there must be the last. What is the last? Just tell me that.”

“Finally, I would like to invite Dr. Ding to stay in Changjiang Hospital. The treatment and conditions are up to you, as long as they are acceptable, we can sign the contract right away.”

Holding the cheque, Executive Zhou was somewhat embarrassed, but he said earnestly.

Ding Ning took a deep breath. To be honest, Changjiang Hospital was sincere enough. However, he had never thought of working in any hospital.

He took the internship at first in order to contact with more cases and broaden his horizon. Therefore, when Li Wensheng did some detrimental things to him which caused no hospital to employ him, although he was very unhappy, he did not care too much.

If he didn’t happen to know that Li Wensheng was a quack who made mistakes often and had no regard for human life which made him angry, he didn’t intend to do things against him.

Although he didn’t know what on earth was his father’s standard on achieving success and recognition, in his view, by that standard he must have fame, money, and social status.

Perhaps becoming a famous doctor would gain him social status, but it would be definitely far from enough in terms of money. It could barely be regarded as a success and there were still great deficiencies.

Moreover, becoming a famous doctor was not so simple, his efforts would be in vain if he only had medical skills but without practicing qualification, at least there was not enough time.

After all, he had only a short time of two years left to him by his father. In two years, he was afraid that he could only become the lowest physician assistant.

He only had a bachelor’s degree, and it would take him at least 15 years to be a chief physician step by step.

To become a famous doctor, one must at least became an associate chief physician. Therefore, this way wasn’t going to work.

However, it was not a bad thing for him to pave the way for his future. He immediately said sternly, “Executive Zhou, I am only a fresh graduate of medical college. Even if I stay in Changjiang Hospital, I can only be a physician assistant and slowly get through to get my credentials. However, I don’t have much time to spend here, and so far, I haven’t even obtained my professional qualification certificate.”

“It is not a problem. Judging by your academic performance in medical college, I believe there will be no problem for you to get the qualification certificate of Chinese medical assistant practitioners.”

Executive Zhou aid with confidence, “You can just catch up with National qualification examination of medical practitioners in the middle of September. It’s still half a month from now. Although the registration time was closed at the beginning of this year, I can solve this registration problem, then you can get the chance to take the examination in time.”

“I majored in western medicine in college, but the test I want to take is the qualification certificate of assistant Chinese medicine practitioner.”

Ding Ning said sheepishly.

“That’s a little troublesome, but it is not a big problem. Although you studied western medicine in college, you are an ancestral traditional Chinese physician which conforms to the rule ‘Examination method for the qualification examination of traditional Chinese physician who have succeeded teachings and who have special skills’. Like this, you can find Mr. Hu or Mr. Zhang to issue you with the ‘Traditional medicine teaching succession certificate’ and the ‘traditional medicine skills qualification certificate’. Then you can ask Director Zhao for approval. The special matter especially manages. I’ll help you get through the other joints. It should be no problem.”

Executive Zhou considered for a moment and came up with this solution.

Ding Ning had some headaches about that. It was easy to treat patients. However, it was illegal to practice medicine without a qualification certificate.

It took so many efforts to obtain the qualification of an entry-level assistant medical practitioner. It was still far from becoming an associate chief physician.

However, every beginning is difficult. There was a plan already, it would be much easier then. Executive Zhou zealously invited Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang to discuss the matter together.

After hearing this, the two elders totally agreed and offered many suggestions. In particular, Mr. Hu’s idea refreshed him radically, “You can take the postgraduate entrance examination and then go on to get a doctor’s degree. After that, your time will be greatly shortened to become a chief physician. Senior brother’s medical level is definitely far better than those professors and you will become a chief physician within a few years.”

When Executive Zhou heard how Mr. Hu called Ding Ning, his jaw almost fell because of surprise. Mr. Hu, a leading figure in the medical field, actually called Ding Ning, this young man, “senior brother”. He must have misheard it.

Then Executive Zhou heard Mr. Zhang also call Ding Ning “senior brother” from time to time, he was sure there was nothing wrong with his ears and the eyes he looked at Ding Ning got even hotter.

Immediately he declared, “Changjiang Hospital is the affiliated hospital of Ninghai University. Lu Hanbo, the executive of medical school in Ninghai University, is my good friend. I will help you with this matter. There is no problem for you to take the successive postgraduate and doctoral program. Tuition fees will be paid by our hospital, which is also Changjiang Hospital’s compensation to you.”

“It’s very kind of you, Executive Zhou!” Seeing that, Ding Ning thought to himself that it was true that “the older, the wiser”, they got everything done in a few words. In principle, it would take him six years to finish the successive postgraduate and doctoral program, but he would try his best to shorten the time. Although he could not meet his father’s two-year deadline, it was still necessary for his future plan.

“Attention should be paid to publishing articles and papers in medical journals which have international influence so that you can take your studies more smoothly.”

Mr. Hu reminded Ding Ning specifically. It looked like he could see through Ding Ning’s mind, people seemed to know everything when they were old enough.

Ding Ning nodded, “Oh, I got it. Thanks so much to all of you.”

“It’s my pleasure. You’re our senior brother. However, in order to get the medical qualification certificate, I would take advantage of you once and pretend to be your master. I’ll take care of all the certificates related to succeeded teaching. Ha, ha, ha!”

Mr. Hu stroked his beard and laughed triumphantly. It seemed that taking one advantage of Ding Ning made him feel very happy.

Ding Ning found it was funny and annoying. He always respected the old and loved the young. He didn’t want to be a “senior brother”, but they insisted on calling him like that. It was no big deal to switch it around to call Mr. Hu master.

All of them had discussed more for a long time. Ding Ning finally let go and agreed to Executive Zhou’s invitation to join in Changjiang Hospital. But he said he would not stay in the hospital and only worked in the name as a medical consultant. He would only make moves when there were difficult diseases.

Executive Zhou was very satisfied with the result. After all, Ding Ning now hadn’t even had a medical practitioners qualification certificate. Even if he became a formal doctor in Changjiang Hospital, he couldn’t treat patients.

He believed that as long as he was in touch with Ding Ning, there would be a chance to let him stay and became the treasure of the Changjiang Hospital.

After three of them left, Ding Ning looked at the 100,000 yuan check that Executive Zhou left, shook his head, and smiled bitterly.

In just one day, he had got 1,100,400 yuan that was more than the money he had ever seen all his life.

Then he pulled out the letter Shen Muqing sent to him under his pillow and opened it. When he found it was a check of 2 million yuan inside the envelope, he was dumbfounded instantly.

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