Medical Sovereign

Chapter 28 - Ferocious Bandits

Chapter 28 Ferocious Bandits

Looking at this check, Ding Ning suddenly understood why Shen Muqing stared at him with hate-filled eyes.

This made him feel angry and funny. That girl mistook the 200-yuan consultation fee for 2 million yuan, no wonder she was so angry.

“No, this misunderstanding must be solved, otherwise what would fairy Qing think of him?”

Ding Ning did a carp flip and jumped up from the bed, then he ran in a panic to Shen Muqing’s ward.

“Gee, nurse, where is Miss Shen who lives in this ward?”

Ding Ning looked at the empty ward and asked the two nurses who were cleaning.

“Oh, the patient has been discharged!”

A nurse with big eyes looked up at him. Suddenly she patted her forehead and said oddly,

“You are Mr. Ding. When she left, Miss Shen told me that if Mr. Ding came to see her, let me tell you that she would contact you when the time comes. She doesn’t want to have any connections with you until then!”

“Oh, thank you, I see!”

Ding Ning felt very lost and turned to leave. His heart was mixed with emotions, hate, and anger. This little girl turned against a friend so fast. Ding Ning thought, “Clearly it was you who misunderstood me first, but you didn’t even give me a chance to explain.”

“Huh, little girl, you are ruthless enough. I’ll fix you harshly next time I see you.”

“This young man looks quite handsome. Unfortunately, Miss Shen dislikes him. If only he were my boyfriend.”

“You, don’t be so coquettish. Miss Shen dislikes him doesn’t mean it’s your turn.”

“You’re coquettish, you little hussy. See how I beat you up!”

“Giggle giggle giggle…, oops, I was wrong, you stop tickling me!”

The whispers of the two nurses clearly reached Ding Ning’s ears, he was literally crying. He growled in his heart, “It’s not what you think!” But what could he do? He couldn’t explain it to those irrelevant people.

But soon, he put all these unhappiness behind. “Since they are irrelevant people, why should I care what they are thinking? Isn’t that trouble borrowing?”

“Go your own way, let others talk. However, my ears seem to be much more sensitive than before that I can hear clearly from such a distance.”

“It looks like that these days’ practices are not in vain. Not only my True Qi becomes as thick as a small finger, but even my fives senses and six consciousness are many times sensitive than before. What the hell is this stone man? It is so amazing.”

“After Executive Zhou reply to me tomorrow, I’ll leave the hospital immediately.” Ding Ning had made up his mind, after that he lay in his hospital bed and turned on the TV, feeling bored. He changed channels absentmindedly.

Although he was reluctant to admit it, his strong sense of loss told him that he had accustomed to Shen Muqing’s presence.

She left without saying goodbye, leaving his heart empty. It felt bad for him to hold the distress.

“Our reporter reports on the spot that Ninghai No.1 Detention Center was attacked by unknown armed militants early this morning. One police guard died on the spot and two injured. A criminal suspect in custody is missing and the armed militants absconded. Ninghai police officers say that these unknown armed militants are extremely dangerous terrorists with guns. The police have launched a city-wide searching and will catch and arrest them as soon as possible. The citizens should try your best not to go out at night to avoid…”

Ding Ning suddenly looked up and his eyes were flashing with terrifying brilliance. He stared at the photos of the missing criminal suspects on the television news.

Oh, no, it was Maimed Tiger. He had companions who were even willing to use firearms in order to rush into the detention center to save him.

Ding Ning thought that he was just a punk with very good skills, now it seemed that he was definitely not such a simple character.

Those defiant eyes with hidden dangers emerged in Ding Ning’s mind made him shudder.

It was not so bad if he just took revenge on him. However, it would be very bad if he noticed Ling Yun.

Ding Ning’s heart jumped, and he hurriedly took out his phone to call Ling Yun.

“Tinker Bell!” A telephone ringing outside of the door, the ward door was opened by Ling Yun. She turned around and checked nervously for a long time, finally she shut the door and let out a long sigh of relief.

“What happened to you? Is there something wrong?”

Ding Ning stood up with a solemn face. He took Ling Yun’s hands and asked with concern.

Ling Yun saw his nervousness and her heart warmed immediately. She cracked a smile and said, “I’m okay. Maybe I’m too suspicious. I always felt someone was following me all the way.”

“It’s not that you’re suspicious. It’s very likely that someone was following you.”

Ding Ning didn’t relax a bit. His face was so gloomy that could even drip water. “Have you watched the news? That Maimed Tiger was rescued, and he has companions.”

“Maimed Tiger? Which Maimed Tiger?” Ling Yun had long forgotten Maimed Tiger. For a while, she couldn’t even remember him and asked doubtfully.

Ding Ning sighed. He took out his phone, opened Tencent News and handed it to her. Just as he expected, the news of Ninghai Detention Center being attacked by armed militants was already on top of the hot search.

Ling Yun’s casual face frozen when she saw Maimed Tiger’s photo, but then without taking it seriously, she said, “It’s him! But even it’s him, should it has anything to do with us?”

“That Maimed Tiger is not an ordinary person. He is cruel and will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. He had been defeated by you and then sent to the police by me. The police must have found something when they checked his identity and put him into the detention center. Since he has escaped, he will definitely retaliate against us. Now I am going to leave the hospital right away. I can’t stay here any longer. You should ask for leave at once and let elder sister Li cover your shift for a few days. We need to hide first before Maimed Tiger and his companions are arrested.”

Ding Ning knew very well how proud people like Maimed Tiger were. They were defeated by an unknown woman and would not be reconciled. Especially he must have noticed that it was in fact Ding Ning’s secret operation. Therefore, both of them would be his targets.

Ling Yun saw Ding Ning say the whole thing seriously, she became nervous and was shivering. Ling Yun asked, “Is it really that serious? Don’t you frighten me?”

Ding Ning looked at her with unprecedented seriousness and said earnestly, “You call your mother and tell her to go hide in her friend’s home for a few days. You should also tell her never to go out and you will not call her in these few days. If Maimed Tiger couldn’t find us, he would probably attack your mother and force us to show up.”

Lingyun realized the seriousness of this matter and immediately took out her phone to call for leave. Zhang Li generously promised to cover her shift for a few days and asked her if she needed help with concern.

After perfunctorily spoke a few words to Zhang Li, Ling Yun immediately called Chu Yunxiu. When Chu Yunxiu figured out what’s going on, she first panicked and then broke out into curses with an earsplitting voice even it was on the phone.

“I have told you to stay away from that little cheater Ding Ning and you don’t listen to me. Now it’s great, we get into a big trouble. They are armed bandits attacked the detention center, my god, what kind of sins have we committed …”

“All right, mom, you hurry up and get out of here. Stay away from trouble. Bye-bye!”

Looking at Ding Ning’s more and more livid face, Ling Yun hung up the phone in panic. She smiled apologetically at Ding Ning, “I’m sorry, my mother has such a temper, but she means no harm.”

“All right, I’m fine. Aunt Chu has never liked me anyway.”

Ding Ning thoughtlessly replied while he was changing clothes. He never cared about Chu Yunxiu’s attitude towards him. He had a heavy look because he was just considering where to take refuge with Ling Yun.

In the city as big as Ninghai, he suddenly couldn’t come up with a place that they could hide in a moment. All the people who had connections with them, their places weren’t safe anymore.

In China, a forbidden area for killers and mercenaries, these ferocious bandits dared to openly use firearms to attack the detention center. This was a provocation to the government and contempt for the police.

Such people must be organized and planned criminal gangs. They absolutely had their information sources. It was not difficult to find out the social relationships of them.

The time to attack the detention center was in the early morning. Now it was already 6: 30 in the evening. That half day in the daytime was enough for them to collect all the information they needed.

The only hope was that under the pressure of polices’ city searching, these guys would hide temporarily and not be in a hurry to revenge.

However, this possibility was quite low. Especially Ling Yun said that she had the feeling of being followed when she came, which made Ding Ning more sure that people like Maimed Tiger were by no means gentlemen and their revenge would never be delayed.

If it was just Maimed Tiger, it would be fine for him. However, Maimed Tiger had many companions. Ding Ning didn’t know their number and their skills which made him extremely worried. Especially on the condition that he needed to protect Ling Yun, he could only choose to avoid the sharpness for the moment.

The conference room in Ninghai police headquarters was filled with smoke. In the room, the long circle table enough for thirty people were full of the old and young, the men and women.

Qi Ruoxian, the leader of the municipal public security bureau, dressed in ironed straight uniform with a solemn face, looked at the middle-aged man in casual clothes who was sitting at the head of the table. Qi Ruoxian with a respectful expression asked,

“Chief, who on earth are these lawless guys?”

The middle-aged man had thick eyebrows and tiger-like eyes. His nose was quite straight and his mouth a great one. Although dressed in casual clothes, he exuded the dignity of his superior and said calmly, “This Maimed Tiger is a member of the international mercenary organization ‘Vampire’. He is extremely ferocious. He smuggled into Guangdong Province from the Xiangjiang River a month ago. Our intelligence personnel discovered him and sent the Falcon Team to follow him. They wanted to find out why he came to China. But they hadn’t anticipated that Maimed Tiger was very alert that he found the Falcon Team was tracking him. Thus, they had a fight. Maimed Tiger was seriously injured but managed to escape. The Falcon Team had been looking for traces of Maimed Tiger in Guangdong all the time. They never thought he escaped to Ninghai and was caught by you accidentally.”

If Ding Ning were here, he would recognize that this man was Shen Muqing’s father.

“I didn’t know what happened to him. We arrested him for committing crimes with a group of punks. During the routine interrogation, we detained him because he used a fake ID card. Then we wanted to confirm his identity through Interpol. Unexpectedly, before Interpol could give us a reply, his companions began to attack the detention center and rescued him. This is my dereliction of duty. I will make a self-criticism after the meeting.”

said Qi Ruoxian ashamed.

“It’s not your fault. The domestic public security situation has been very stable. No one can expect such a thing to happen. This time, in addition to Maimed Tiger, other members of ‘Vampire’ have also sneaked into our country. They even boldly attacked the detention center undisguisedly. This is a provocation to both the military and the police of the Shenzhou country. They can sneak into, but they will have no way to escape this time. A warning should be delivered to those restless guys.”

The middle-aged man mercilessly beat the table and his eyes burst out with a horrible killing intention. “How dare a mercenary organization come to China to make their waves? Do they really think that our country’s title of ‘killers’ and mercenary organizations’ forbidden zone’ is given for nothing?”

Qi Ruoxian swallowed saliva in awe because the man’s hand mark was abruptly printed one centimeter’ deep into the table made of pear solid wood and the table was not damaged even a bit.

What scared him even more was that the horrible rage the middle-aged man gave out in his fury made everyone in the conference room keep silent.

“Excuse me, Captain. Director of Ninghai National Security Bureau Mo Fei comes to report!”

Outside the conference room, a tall middle-aged man with big eyes and thick eyebrows pushed the door open. He stood at attention and gave a standard military salute.

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