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Chapter 29 - An Intelligence Elite

Chapter 29 An Intelligence Elite

“Come on, Mo Fei. Don’t call me captain, you left the army a long time ago. It’s no use showing unpractical friendship to me. The hostile enemies are breaking in full fury this time. We must catch them all, otherwise, it will be a big loss of China’s face. Hurry up, tell us what your comrades in the national security bureau know.”

The middle-aged man was well acquainted with Mo Fei. He waved immodestly, gestured to Mo Fei not to be wordy and get straight down to business.

“Yes, Chief, this is Liu Junwei, division chief of Intelligence Division, Ninghai National Security Bureau. Liu, you come to report the information we have!”

Murphy stood at attention and said yes. He waved at the handsome young man followed who was in his late twenties wearing dark-rimmed glasses with courtly manners.

“Respected leaders, I’m Liu Junwei. According to the information we have, Maimed Tiger, 29 years old, Yuenese, was a member of Yuenese special forces. After retiring, he moved to the Middle East and joined the vampire mercenary group. He has participated in 172 battles and has extremely rich combat experience. He is good at close quarters combat, bombing, sniping, and assassination. He has an extremely strong anti-reconnaissance ability, a cruel character, and his hands full of bloody crimes he has committed. He slaughtered civilians in more than ten villages in Yue, Camb, and Aos. He was ranked as A-level wanted criminals by Interpol and his dangerous level is also A.”

Turned on the computer, Liu Junwei displayed the photos and data of Maimed Tiger on the screen hanging on the wall with fast speed.

Gasping a little, Liu Junwei pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and continued to report, “Our technical division has restored some of the surveillance videos destroyed in the detention center. According to the surveillance, there were two people who attacked the detention center, all dressed in camouflage uniforms. Their faces were smeared with grease paint and can’t be seen clearly. The weapon they held was Russian AEK-919K portable submachine guns. After examining the combat traces and analyzing the ballistic trajectory of the shells left over on the scene, we concluded that there was also a long-range sniper on the building platform opposite the detention center, possessing a sniper rifle with a total length of 1.225 meters which adopted 7.62mm ammunition and 10 shots and the maximum range of it was 1300 meters.”

The middle-aged man frowned, knuckling unconsciously on the desktop, stared at the pictures displayed on the screen. “As stated by Liu Junwei’ analysis, the vampire mercenary group this time alone dispatched at least three people to rescue Maimed Tiger. In addition, according to their habits, there must be others lurking and waiting to reinforce them.”

“There wpn’t be too many people to reinforce. Too many people too big target but less people might raise concerns about making any mistake, so the number should be between two and three.”

“This means that there are at least six vampire members hiding in Ninghai, plus Maimed Tiger, it can even be seven to eight.”

This made him angry. “What exactly do they want? Could it be a barefaced provocation against the Chinese government? Or are there any other purposes?”

“Where are the people in those border checkpoints? They even let these bastards transport arms and ammunition to the back-land of China. It seems that they should be punished when this matter is over.”

Liu Junwei, dry and thirsty, he swallowed saliva and clicked to open a picture showing the image and data of two people with Southeast Asian features. He continued, “According to the height, movements, and habits of the members who have attacked the detention center, we compared them with the vampire members in the database and found that the characteristics of these two people are basically consistent with Crazy Wolf and Bloody Killer among the vampire members. They are all Asian and hence are not easy to be detected when mixing in the crowd. Therefore, it is basically certain that they are the two people who come to rescue Maimed Tiger. As for the sniper, we can’t determine his identity because there is not a picture of him. However, according to the scar identification of the killed police officer who was shot in the head by the sniper rifle, we find that the special sniper bullet hit the police officer between the eyebrows and penetrated through the skull. Asian, the sniping accuracy and the habit of using special sniper bullets, we have reasons to believe that the sniper could well be Li Buji, who is called the ‘Asian Light Sniper King’ in the vampire mercenary group.”

The middle-aged man nodded approvingly. “This Liu Junwei is a talented person. It seems that Ninghai National Security Bureau has also done a lot of job to identify these people.”

Encouraged, Liu Junwei continued to switch screens without rashness or arrogance. This time, it was a narrow street picture with a commercial vehicle parked alone on the street. However, due to the extremely long distance, the picture was very blurred and even the license plate could not be seen clearly.

Liu Junwei continued, “The detention center is in an extremely remote location that there are no monitoring facilities nearby. This picture was taken in Chang Feng Street, the nearest place to the detention center and it is in the blind area of surveillance and the monitoring of detention center. According to our analyses of the possible escape routes around, this is the most suitable route for bandits to retreat after the rescuing. Therefore, we visited a large number of nearby businesses and finally obtained a surveillance video from a ‘Happy Farmhouse’. We found that this commercial vehicle arrived at Chang Feng Street at 3: 20 in the morning and stayed there for one hour. At 4: 20, three people got off the car, carrying backpacks and smeared with greasepaint on their faces. Their body shape and movements conformed very closely to our previous analysis. At 5: 17, four people returned to the commercial vehicle and drove away.”

Liu Junwei paused, took the tea Mo Fei handed him and took a sip. “The detention center was attacked between 4: 46 and 5: 00, that is to say, the whole attack lasted only 14 minutes, and Maimed Tiger was successfully rescued. Then it took them 17 minutes to withdraw. We have reasons to conclude that this commercial vehicle was to coordinate with them.”

The middle-aged man looked at Liu Junwei with great interest. Just when he thought he had finished speaking, Liu Junwei continued, “Our technical division has conducted technical processing on the commercial vehicle. After magnified and screened it, they found that the white commercial vehicle was a seven-seat Buick GL8. According to the analysis, It can be seen that only the back door was opened when the three bandits got off the bus, but when they returned, Maimed Tiger opened the front door and sat at the front seat. We have concluded that there should be just one driver waiting to get them.”

“Why are you so sure? There is a lot of space behind the seven-seat vehicle. How can you be sure that no one else stayed in it?”

The middle-aged man asked in a tone of interviewing.

“Yes, Chief! It is the conclusion jointly deduced by our intelligence analysis division. We have our reasons for this conclusion. As long as there is nothing wrong with the information in our archives, I firmly believe that our analysis will not be wrong.”

Liu Junwei opened the enlarged picture of the commercial vehicle and replayed the video of the three bandits getting off the bus. He explained earnestly, “We came to the judgment on two bases. First, at 4: 20 when three suspects got off the bus, the first two should be Crazy Wolf and Bloody Killer, they both grabbed their backpack sideways. Moreover, Li Buji, the last to get off the bus, he waited half a minute to get off after the two who also grabbed his backpack sideways. Deducing from this detail, we concluded that Li Buji must have sat in the last row. All their weapons and backpacks were centralized placed in the second row of seats, so the second row couldn’t be sat.”

“Oh, then why you are sure that there is no one in the third row with Li Buji?” There was a smile in the middle-aged man’s eyes. He thought that Liu Junwei was wasted in the National Security Bureau and must get him to be his subordinate after this matter was finished.

“While, this involves the second reason I mentioned just now. I have specially read their files. Crazy Wolves and Blood Killed are suspected to be a pair of homosexuals. They won’t leave each other even when they are eating or sleeping. They can even make intimate actions such as kissing and hugging in public. Therefore, I am sure they must sit in the first row. However, Li Buji’s file revealed that he is a loner who comes and goes alone, he doesn’t like anyone to approach him. The number two in vampire, ‘Succubi’ Jenny, accidentally fell into his arms once, but he kicked her out and pointed a gun at her forehead to make her roll away, which almost pissed Jenny off. Rumors like that are not once or twice. Therefore, according to his habits, we have judged that Li Buji was in the third row alone.”

“A superior analysis! Pa, pa, pa!”

The middle-aged man stood up and generously gave his applause. Then everyone present stood up and clapped their hands. The whole conference room was echoed with warm applause.

Liu Junwei nodded in return neither obsequious nor arrogant, and he placed himself behind Mo Fei who forced a smile. His expression was calm and easy, and he doesn’t like young people today who would probably arrogantly claim the credit for himself.

This made the middle-aged man appreciate this young man more who was indifferent to other’s opinion, who made it an art to advance or retreat and who could distinguish between the primary and the secondary.

Mo Fei’s heart was full of bitterness. He knew that his old chief liked Liu Junwei, his right-hand man who got many outstanding achievements not long after he discovered him. This made his heart tangled up.

Let go, he was not willing to give up; didn’t let go, he couldn’t afford to offend his old chief. If he adhered to not let go, though his old chief wouldn’t make things harder for him, the chief would at least critically check his nose horizontal vertical and give him a bad look.

“How can we have the best of both worlds?” He pondered hard.

The middle-aged man looked at his expression and knew what he was thinking about. He gave him a kick in the ass crossly, “What are you thinking about? We’ll talk about other things later. The most urgent thing is to find out these bastards. Have you heard any news about them?”

Murphy earthed to himself and said seriously, “Our technical division has used satellite tracking and positioning technology to run a city-wide check and found that the white commercial vehicle belongs to Hongda Real Estate Company. However, according to Director Qi, this morning, someone in Hongda Real Estate Company has reported the theft of the commercial vehicle to the belonged Jingpu District Public Security Branch.”

Qi Ruoxian saw the middle-aged man look at him and nodded immediately, “Yes, a man from Hongda Real Estate reported the theft of a Buick numbered Ning A56432 to the Jingpu District Branch at 8: 39 this morning. Comrades in the branch have been to the scene and viewed the surveillance. They confirmed that the car has been stolen at 1: 36 in the morning by a social idler with a nickname ‘Monkey’. This Monkey is a thief who has been jailed many times because of theft. Our policemen have been looking for Monkey not long after the release, but this punk disappeared and his whereabouts has not been found yet. The commercial vehicle was abandoned by the bandits and was found in a wilderness in the western suburb of Ninghai.”

“This was expected. The vehicle was just a tool for them to commit crimes. Give me Monkey’s file. Does he have a criminal record of stealing vehicles?”

The middle-aged man frowned, “Things are more and more complicated, even mixed with local personnel. It’s just don’t know whether that Monkey was coerced by these mercenaries or he served them voluntarily.”

“If these mercenaries have local people as their insiders and cover up for them, then things will be in trouble and it will be difficult to find their hiding place.”

“Especially if these guys really have insiders, it’s enough to indicate that foreign forces have quietly infiltrated into the country, which is definitely not a good sign.”

“This means that in China which has been famous for its great public security situation and has never suffered a terrorist attack, panic would spread among its people because of frequent appearances of terrorists, which would affect China’s current good situation of stability and harmony as well as prosperity and rapid development. It’s a must to kill this dangerous tendency in the bud.”

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