Medical Sovereign

Chapter 3 - Activating

Chapter 3: Activating

Hearing that Ye Shulan was crying uncontrollably, Shen Muyang did not know whether to laugh or cry. He immediately said: “Mom, don’t be crying, Mu Qing …”

“How can I not be crying? Mu Qing had suffered so much since she was a child, so why couldn’t the God let her off? What sin did I do in my previous life, woo woo …”

The tears on Ye Shulan’s face flowed wantonly. Her son’s choked voice had successfully made her misunderstand that her precious daughter had died, so how could she not feel sad?

“Mom… Mom. Don’t cry, just listen to me. Mu Qing is fine, she was saved. ”

Shen Muyang no longer dared to keep them in suspense, and spoke extremely quickly.

“What … what you said is true? You’re not trying to comfort me and fool me, are you? ”

Ye Shulan’s wailing suddenly stopped, and her heart tightened as she asked with excitement and suspicion. The ups and downs of life were too fast, causing her heart to be unable to take it any-more.

“Mom, I swear, what I said is true. My sister is fine, and after checking, my sister’s condition is even better than before.”

Shen Muyang recounted what happened.

“Ah, does Mu Qing really think that young man can cure her?”

Ye Shulan’s emotions went up and down like riding a roller coaster. She completely forgot about her son’s resentful description of the details that the brat took advantage of her precious daugh-ter.

“I’m going to Ning Hai right now. Send me the address of the hospital immediately.”

Ye Shulan immediately hung up. Normally, she would need at least an hour to dress up before going out, but now she skipped it and after telling the driver, she changed her clothes and headed straight for the airport.

In the ICU, Ding Ning slowly opened his eyes. He was in a daze for a moment when he smelt the thick smell of disinfectant water and looked at the pure white ward.

Was he in the hospital? Quickly recalling what happened before, he ground his teeth in anger when he thought of the fellow who beat him up so violently without asking any questions.

He actually bit the hand that fed him. What was going on with the society today? No wonder no one dared to do anything good.

Thinking about it, Ding Ning’s heart suddenly tensed up. He did not know how that girl was now.

Just based on the fact that the young man had beaten him up without any reason, he believed that if something happened to the girl, he would probably become the main culprit.

Although he had examined her briefly, he knew that the girl’s condition was not simple and she could not be cured with his current ability.

Sigh! Ding Ning’s face was filled with bitterness, and his brows knitted together. Didn’t he suffer enough? Why did he always put his finger in another’s pie?

Otherwise, with his mastery of traditional Chinese medicine skills and his studies in clinical west-ern medicine as well as his excellent performance and scores at school, he would have definitely become a hot topic for all the major hospitals.

But he liked to put his finger in another’s pie. During his internship, he met with a misdiagnosed case, and directly pointed out the mistake made by the attending doctor Li Wensheng who had a good background. It caused a medical trouble later.

The trouble became very serious. In the end, his internship evaluation was rejected and he be-came a negative example. He was known as a troublemaker, so no hospital was willing to accept him after he graduated.

Since no hospital was willing to accept him, he didn’t plan to work for the hospital anyway. But there were only two years left because his father wanted him to become famous before he was 24 years old, and then he would go to Yan Jing and bring up proposal of marriage for him.

Ding Ning pulled out the needle from his wrist and stretched , but then he froze in place, feeling that something was wrong.

What had flashed through his mind when he had pulled out the needle? Could it be the three-dimensional structure of the needle?

He tried to hold the needle again, and immediately the three-dimensional image of the needle appeared in his mind, along with its information.

Stainless steel products, hollow, No. 6 venous infusion needle, sterile infusion set with 0.6mm needle, rough weight: 200.00g.

He widened his eyes in shock and touched the quilt on his body in disbelief.

A three-dimensional image of the quilt was displayed in his mind, along with its specifications: Net weight of filling material (excluding cotton cover): 3 pounds; Dimensions: 60x130cm; Quilting process: sanding; Fabric: cotton; Cotton content: 100%.

Ding Ning’s heart fecklessly beat around in a state of panic and fear. This was just damned strange.

He quickly lied down and closed his eyes as he muttered, “This is not real, this is a dream, a dream …”

However, as he placed his hands on the bed, its dimensions, its model number, and its structure appeared in his mind once again. Ding Ning had to admit that he really did have a special ability.

He lay flat on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling, desperately trying to recall what had hap-pened to cause such a strange change.

Suddenly, he remembered that before he fainted, when he spat out a mouthful of blood on his chest, he felt a wave of formless suction that made the blood in his body flow out like broken beads, unable to stop even if he wanted to.

He hurriedly touched his chest. The stone statue that his father gave him was still there. Could it be that this stone statue had brought him some sort of change?

He carefully removed the stone statue and size it up, finding that there was no change to this ordinary black stone statue.

Could it be that it was not because of the statue? Ding Ning doubtfully blinked. Just as he was about to put it back, something strange happened.

Suddenly, a three-dimensional image of the stone statue appeared in his mind. The only different thing was that there was not any specific data of the statue in his mind.

However, a small, blood-red hole appeared on the statue’s head.

What was even more strange was that this statue’s entire body was filled with densely packed blood vessels, meridians and acupoints, which was like a human’s meridian-collateral diagram.

In his hand, the statue became hotter and hotter as he clenched it tightly. However, in his mind, the blood-red color on the head of the statue started to slowly flow along the meridians and ac-upoints.

The Innate Qi within his body, which had been almost exhausted, actually flowed along the same path as the red color did in the statue, circulating through his meridians and becoming stronger.

A message came to his mind without any reason. It said that he had opened nine chakras, passed three dantians, and broken through three stages. His Immortal-naming Pill was ripe, his Yin Divi-sion Expelling Life was returned, and his Yang chakra was open. He had inherited the Meridian Severing Hand.

Ding Ning was so shocked that his mind went blank, and then he went into ecstasy. It was hard to understand and it seemed to be extremely profound and magnificent, so he did not totally un-derstand. Anyway, what interested him most was the so called Meridian Severing Hand.

The Meridian Severing Hand was similar to the legendary attacking a vital point. However, it was not as simple as attacking a vital point in Wuxia novels and movies, with which one would make another man unable to move with just a few poke.

During the meridian severing process, the performer had to determine which meridian should be severed based on the hour and the Yin Yang Five Elements magnetic field where the human body received the energy from the universe. The strength that he used was also critical. If it was too much, there would be a problem, but if it was too little, there would be no effect.

However, this was not a problem for Ding Ning. Ever since he was a child, under the guidance of his father and his four masters, his hands had always been steady and his control over his strength had always been perfect.

In short, using the technique of severing the energy flow in the meridian at different hours would allow him to control other’s movement.

This made Ding Ning ecstatic. If he mastered such a magical technique and used it in treating pa-tients, it would have a miraculous effect of turning bad into good.

For example, if an injured person was bleeding profusely, then as long as he could find the direc-tion of the blood flow within this short period of time and performed the meridian severing, he would be able to stop the bleeding.

There was another example. During the operation, he could make the patient to lose sensation of pain by severing the meridian that transmitted pain and it could completely replace anesthesia.

In some other case, he could slow down the metabolism and blood circulation of the patient, make the patient in a state of suspended animation, and buy enough time for treatment.

Ding Ning forgot about time and everything. He was completely immersed in learning this magic Meridian Severing Hand.

After two hours, the Innate Qi in Ding Ning’s body had gone through a total of eighteen cycles. Only then did his body shudder and the images in his mind disappeared.

Ding Ning felt an unprecedented feeling of refreshment all over his body. Even his ears and eyes seemed to have become much sharper.

After carefully sensing the Innate Qi within his body, he was surprised to find that the amount of Innate Qi that he had cultivated for more than ten years was actually not comparable to the re-sults of the short two hours of cultivating.

The thin and weak Innate Qi of a thread thick that made him feel inferior all this time had actually grown to be of a matchstick thick and was obediently traveling in his meridians.

What confused him was that there seemed to be a dusky space between his brows that was filled with a small ball of light.

What was the ball of light? Ding Ning thought for a long time, but still couldn’t figure it out. There were too many surprises, so he couldn’t bother with each of them anymore.

“Hahaha …” Ding Ning could not help but burst out laughing. He grabbed the statue and gave it a kiss. What a treasure it was.

Not only did it allow him to master a heaven-defying cultivation method, it also allowed him to learn part of the Meridian Severing Hand.

After all, the Meridian Severing Hand was too vast and profound, and it was a complicated subject about the human’s universe. It was not something one could completely understand in just two hours.

Even if the stone statue had made him have extraordinary memory, he still wouldn’t be able to master it within a short period of time.

Moreover, this statue seemed to have some limitations. After a certain period of time, the images in his mind would disappear and his special ability would fail. When it happened, even if he held the statue in his hand, there would not be any images in his mind.

Ding Ning tried touching other items, and found that the special ability he named Absolute Touch was still effective. It seemed that it had no effect only on the stone statue. This made him feel relieved.

Otherwise, if this special ability that could help him tremendously disappeared, he wouldn’t even be able to cry.

The only thing that made him feel inconvenient was that he didn’t dare to touch anything right now, or the images and data of the items he touched would appear in his mind.

After he tried a few more times, he realized that this ability was damnable, because if he read too many items, his mind would turn dim and he would feel like he had exhausted his energy and would fall asleep.

Thanks to his restraint, he managed to prevent himself from activating this special ability as long as he didn’t try to think of and read it.

This also allowed him to understand what the ball of light between his eyebrows was. It was the energy of the special ability. Once it was used up, he could only rely on sleep to recover and it needed to be a deep sleep.

Outside the observation room, a man and a woman looked at Ding Ning who looked like a mad-man. One moment he pulled a long face, the next he smiled and laughed, the next he frowned and did some hard thinking, and the next he grinned and giggled …

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