Medical Sovereign

Chapter 30 - A Discovery

Chapter 30 A Discovery

Qi Ruoxian quickly used a laptop to bring up Monkey’s file. “Monkey, 37 years old, whose real name is Hou Xiaochun and he comes from Yong City, Nanhe Province. After he divorced 13 years ago, he went to work in Ninghai. It’s found out that he has already obtained the ‘Temporary Residence Permit for Migrant Workers’. He is used to hanging out at crowded places such as railway stations and bus stations and has close relationships with people in various trades. He has had three convictions for theft but all with a short jail term because of the small steal amount. He was just released from prison three months ago. He is currently renting in an old neighborhood near the Hongda Real Estate Company in Jingpu District. According to his criminal record, he doesn’t have any record of car stealing. Our police officers have gone to his rental house and checked. It is confirmed that he has not returned home one day and one night, and his neighbor has confirmed that there was no abnormality in this half a month before he disappeared.”

“Go and look for him, dig deep to find out this Monkey, alive or dead. If I am right, there is a great chance that he has already been killed by the bandits.”

The middle-aged man said, and his face was so gloomy that could even drip water. Although the monkey was only a thief with criminal records, he was also a legal citizen of China and was protected by national laws. Even if he had committed the most heinous crime and should be shot, he must be sent for legal action. In addition to that, no one had the right to decide his life or death, let alone an overseas mercenary organization like the Vampire.

“Yes, Chief!” Mo Fei saluted and turned away with Liu Junwei. Although he had transferred long before, the habit developed from many years of military career had not changed.

“Chief, what do I need to do? Just tell me, I promise to complete the task.”

Guan Zhenxi, commander of Ninghai Garrison Command who had never said a word, got up and asked with light respect. I was afraid that only he and Mo Fei knew the true identity of the middle-aged man.

“Yes, if you need any cooperation, just command. I promise to obey your command!”

Qi Ruoxian only knew that the middle-aged man had influential backing, but he never expected that the commander of Garrison Command, a superb major general also called him Chief. His attitude became more submissive instantly.

While, in his heart, Qi Ruoxian was guessing the identity of this middle-aged man who was able to let the mayor call him in person to inform that he would obey his orders and cooperate with his actions unconditionally. He must be sent by higher-ups.

His body was sturdy and impact, his expression was with natural dignity and power, and he was clean and quick when he gave orders, it could be clearly seen that he did things in a vigorous and effective military style.

In addition, even Commander Guan called him the Chief, his identity was self-evident that was at least a lieutenant general. If guessed up boldly, he was very likely to be a general.

Not long ago, seven general ranks had just been given in China. However, a high-level leader with inside information had inadvertently lost his words after drinking. In fact, there were ten people who were awarded the rank of general but the three of them would do work that cannot be exposed. Therefore, their names and files were included in the highest military secrets which then were unknown to others.

Could the Chief in front of him be one of the three mysterious generals?

Qi Ruoxian did not dare to think more deeply. As the one who could become the director of the municipality’s public security bureau, he had sufficient political wisdom and sensitivity.

“Curiosity kills the cat”, whoever wanted to make progress in politics, he must know first how to restrain his curiosity.

The middle-aged man habitually tapped the table with his callused fingers, he thought for a moment, then said, “Soldiers in the Garrison Command are all dismissed and go back to rest.”

“Chief, how can this work? You are looking down on the Garrison Command, aren’t you? These bastards are now in Ninghai …”

Guan Zhenxi stunned and acted like he was insulted, growling with red faces and thick necks.

“Okay, Guan, just let me finish.”

The middle-aged man interrupted his words grumpily, “Dissolve all the ordinary soldiers, let the ‘Sharp Sword’ stand by and wait for my orders. These mercenaries are not ordinary people, ordinary soldiers will simply be killed.”

“Hey, Chief always has foresight. I will go to give orders now.”

Guan Zhenxi turned angry into pleasure, and he went out of the conference room to call. “Those boys in Sharp Sword are wild, intractable and quite pretentious all day long. It was time to find them some fun to see their training results.”

The middle-aged man turned to looked at Qi Ruoxian and ordered, “In order to avoid unnecessary losses, your police are mainly responsible for investigations and cooperate with comrades in National Security to find out the whereabouts of the criminals as fast as you can, but you must inform them that once they find the traces of the bandits, they must report immediately and don’t take any reckless action.”

Qi Ruoxian held back his anger and argued with his neck stiffened, “Although you are the Chief that I should obey your orders, our police force is not incapable. Garrison Command has Sharp Sword, while we also have one special police squad ‘Gunfire’ which is no worse than Sharp Sword.”

“Director Qi, now it’s not your time to act on impulse. Your police should be in charge of maintaining local law and order, rather than be sent to die.”

The middle-aged man scolded him majestically, “These are all fierce bandits and there is a good chance that they may carry heavy weapons. It can be said that it’s a war that can only be won but be lost.”

“But Chief, our special policeman in ‘Gunfire’ are absolutely no worse than those in the ‘Sharp Sword’…”

Qi Ruoxian continued striving for it but his words were blocked by the middle-aged man’s immediately darkened face. His lips moved a few times but could not utter a word.

The middle-aged man sighed and patted Qi Ruoxian on the shoulder. “Director Qi, you were born in a peaceful era and grew up in the inland of our country. Thus, you haven’t experienced a real war and won’t understand how cruel war is. I believe the special policemen in ‘Gunfire’ are all good boys. However, this is not a joke. It’s a war, a war that seems to be small but affects the prestige of our country which we can’t afford to lose. As the temporary commander, I command you to execute the order!”

“Yes, Chief!” Qi Ruoxian gave a fragile salute. Hanging his head, he went to send the order, weakly.

The middle-aged man’s vision was deeper. He rubbed his temples because of headache and whispered to himself, “Qi Ruoxian, Qi Ruoxian, you are taken as a tool by that girl. Any unexpected misfortune happens to her, her father would desperately fight it out with me.”

In the Director’s office, the phone rang, Qi Ruoxian picked up the phone torpidly, and there was a cold but nice voice of a girl, “Director Qi, how is it going?”

“No, I didn’t make it. That chief who has a great background absolutely disagreed and gave me a lecture for this. I have tried my best.”

Qi Ruoxian said somewhat apologetically.

“I knew it would be like this. I got it.”

The person on the other end of the line said carelessly and hung up the phone. She seemed to have expected that.

“Hello… Hey… Don’t mess around, you listen to me… Hey… Hey…”

Qi Ruoxian was to help her to get over this, but there was already a beep sound on the phone after the hanging up, which got him a bad feeling.

However, this police beauty who had a terrifying background was not the one he who was a director can command, which gave him an awful headache. He could only secretly pray that this dear madame would not screw up and bring me any trouble.

The middle-aged man looked at the high-altitude view of Ninghai City on the big screen which was sent by the satellite. He frowned and thought, “Where can these bandits hide? Why they come to Ninghai, and for what purpose?”

His finger unconsciously clicked on the table, making a rhythmic tick-tick sound, but his brain was thinking exceedingly fast, trying to clarify his thoughts.

“A month ago, Maimed Tiger smuggled into the country. He was stalked by the Falcon five-person squad in Yuezhou. They had a fight with him then, three of the five squad members was injured. Maimed Tiger was seriously injured but managed to escape.”

“He appeared again a month later in Ninghai and was caught in Changjiang Hospital because of instigating quarrels with a bunch of punks. Then it was the bandits attacked the detention center to save the tiger…”

“Wait, Changjiang Hospital?” The middle-aged man had a flash of genius, his eyes staring at the position of the Changjiang Hospital like hawks, and the face of a young man popped into his mind.

Although he was relatively late at the time, he knew more clearly about the event, the cause and effect than anyone else on the spot, including things like that the little nurse named Ling Yun who was also the daughter of Ding Ning’s landlord, was a 4th Dan Karate Black Belt.

No one knew better than him about Maimed Tiger’s skills. 4th Dan Karate Black Belt was like a performance which could only win the fight with ordinary people. How could she defeat a fierce mercenary soldier like Maimed Tiger?

In particular, after the tiger was put in the police station, he could easily escape with his skills. How could he just let the police take him to the detention center and then he dragged in lots of people to storm the detention center for his rescue? This was entirely illogical and too flaunty, which was inconsistent with the low-key style that mercenary soldiers usually had when performing their task.

“Take me the surveillance video when Maimed Tiger was caught in Changjiang Hospital and when he was in the police station, I want them all.”

The middle-aged man ordered.

Soon, the surveillance video in Changjiang Hospital and in the police station appeared in front of him. The division chief of network supervision division of the police station began to play the video as ordered.

“Replay, slow down, right, slow down further.”

The middle-aged man repeatedly watched the fighting pictures of Ling Yun with Maimed Tiger and replayed it hundreds of times. His eyes suddenly became brighter, “Slow down further more.”

“I cannot do that, Chief. With our current technology, it can only be slowed down by 32 times to maintain the clarity of the picture. Slow down further, the picture will be blurred.”

The division chief of network supervision division said perplexedly.

“Continue to slow down, I don’t need to see it that clearly.” The middle-aged man ordered unquestionably and stared at the picture without looking back.

“Yes, Chief. But it can only be slowed down to thirty-six times.”

The division chief of network supervision division had no choice but to continue slowing down.

“Stop, it’s here, ha-ha. It’s exactly what I thought.This boy is not that simple.”

The middle-aged man laughed at the blurred picture.

Everyone gathered around and looked at the screen on which even the face couldn’t be seen clearly. They were all confused.

The middle-aged man did not intend to explain. He waved his hand and said, “Continue to show me the surveillance video of Maimed Tiger in the police station.”

The division chief of network supervision division looked at him inexplicably. He changed a surveillance video disk and continued playing. He could not help but ask, “Chief, would you like to slow down?”

“Don’t need to!”

The middle-aged man answered him thoughtlessly with his eyes gazed at the performance of Maimed Tiger in the police station. He whispered to himself,

“Limb weakness, so he was carried in by others. He looked like a sick person until he was sent to the detention center in which he gained some spirit back. It’s interesting. Really interesting.”

Qi Ruoxian happened to open the door and came in. Upon seeing him, the middle-aged man immediately asked, “When Maimed Tiger had been arrested, who was in charge of his interrogation.”

“It is Zhao Gang, the captain of the sub-bureau of the criminal police team in Jingpu District.”

Qi Ruoxian didn’t quite understand but he still replied quickly.

“Get Zhao Gang online, I am going to ask him a few questions.”

“Yes, just a moment, please.” Qi Ruoxian directly dialed Zhao Gang’s number, “Zhao Gang, this is Qi Ruoxian. Now the Chief wants to ask you something, just tell him the facts truthfully.”

In front of the Changjiang Hospital building, Zhao Gang was going to question two suspicious white-coated doctors with masks who were walking out of the building. Zhao Gang subconsciously straightened his waist at once and replied,

“Yes, Director, I must answer honestly.”

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