Medical Sovereign

Chapter 31 - The First Kiss

Chapter 31 The First Kiss

“Ding Ning, is there a policeman?”

Lingyun asked nervously. She looked a little uneasily at Zhao Gang who was walking towards them but then he turned away after getting a call.

Ding Ning put his hands around her tiny waist, whispered in her ear and smiled, “Relax, they are police officers, not killers. What are you afraid of?”

“But we are pretending to be doctors. Will the police catch us?”

Ling Yun was held by the waist, in a flash, she stiffened all over. But she relaxed instantly. Her alarmed and trembling heart became steady and sure all at once, sniffing his unique scent and inexplicably obtaining more security.

Subconsciously holding his arm, although this had been done countless times in the past, only this time, it made her heartbeat accelerate. It seemed that some unspeakable meanings were looming up, even the fear had dissipated a lot.

“Stupid girl, I am a doctor and you are a nurse. We don’t need to pretend to be doctors. Act naturally, we are a doctor couple now. They can’t see anything.”

Ding Ning openly held Ling Yun in his arms and looked at Zhao Gang with great interest who was still on the phone from behind. He murmured in Lingyun’s ear, and they looked like an intimate whispering couple.


When he spoke, his breath blew the earlobe of Ling Yun. A kind of unusual numbness felt like a current flowing through her body, her legs felt weak and her ears were red thoroughly.

Heard her trembling voice, Ding Ning thought she was nervous. He patted on her waist and said consolingly, “We go to the underground garage first, find a car and leave.”

“Good!” Ling Yun gave a response mindlessly. Her whole body seemed to be boneless, hanging half on him. They looked like very affectionate lovers.

Ding Ning felt her abnormality but he didn’t pay attention to that. He even sighed with emotion that Master Yun had a super acting skill and it’s true that all good-looking women were good at acting.

The soft touch on his arm made his mind wandered, but as long as he thought that if Ling Yun found out that he had some fantastic ideas about her, she would definitely sneer at him and say, “I take you as a buddy, but you fu*king want to sleep me!”

Ding Ning’s fantastic ideas all disappeared then. He kept meditating that Ling Yun was a “pure man” and his sworn brothers. He could only have the brotherhood with her instead of the passion men feel for women. After exerting countless psychological suggestion to himself, that evil fire eventually died away.

He didn’t know that Ling Yun felt his sturdy arm muscles and there were endless pictures not suitable for children popping up in her minds.

That pretty face under her mask had long been as red as a big persimmon. “Bang, bang,” her heart jumped as it was hit by a little deer, she secretly cursed herself, “What is wrong with you today? Why you are like a little wildcat in heat and only thinking about dirty pictures?”

“Ling Yun, Ling Yun, it’s only at the end of August and still early to spring, so don’t be coquettish, haven’t you seen him jumping around the house wearing small shorts…”

“Pooh-pooh, be coquettish or not, I’m Master Yun in Fuxing Road. Make something of yourself, I won’t be interested in a small attendant, though this little one is quite special.”

“But… His muscles are truly solid and the smell on him is really tempting, I just want to hold his arm my whole life and won’t let go.”

“In particular, just now he looked serious but when he reacted quickly to steal two white-coats and sneaked away from the hospital building, the appearance he made the prompt decision was really gorgeous and manly. But for the wrong time, I really want to push him down right away.”

Ling Yun was obsessed with fancy ideas with pink stars in her eyes, hanging on Ding Ning like she didn’t know how to walk. Ding Ning thought she was so frightened that her legs became too soft to move.

Heedless of any other things, Ding Ning lifted her up to his chest after entering the garage door and he ran fast like a dexterous civet cat.

He was sure that no one was following them when they slipped out of the hospital building and he didn’t know whether what Ling Yun said about being following was an illusion or not.

Or it was because they were wearing white coats and masks so that they weren’t recognized by the people who were tracking them.

But no matter what, it was a good thing for Ding Ning. When he saw a Toyota Prado, Ding Ning couldn’t help laughing in his heart and speeded up again.

However, he did not realize that Ling Yun’s big eyes were covered with a layer of water mist and she looked at him tenderly, and her two white arms had already surrounded his neck by themselves.

At this moment, Ding Ning’s image changed greatly in her eyes. He was no longer the small attendant who was at her beck and call, but a pure man who could hold up a sky for her, protect her, and care for her.

She was absent-minded that didn’t realize how Ding Ning opened the car door. She only felt that it became solid under her ass. Ding Ning had placed her in the front seat and said with a smile, “Just let go, you should lose weight. I am almost exhausted.”

Ling Yun instantly woke up from her state of absence and loosened her arms around his neck. She turned her head and curled her lips unnaturally, “I, the master, is not fat. 160 cm tall, 50kg weight, could that be fat? You are too useless, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master Yun is not fat at all, it’s me, your little attendant has no strength, is that okay?!”

Ding Ning skillfully opened the toolbox under the front seat and rummaged through it. He quickly found a spare key and started the vehicle. Teased her jokingly, but he was relieved. He was really afraid of Ling Yun being scared, seeing that she could still speak as usual, he was relieved.

He also praised her in his heart that tough girls’ inner world was truly beyond ordinary women’s imagination whose spirits were definitely tough enough.

If he knew that Ling Yun had not taken the threats from Maimed Tiger seriously at all and she was actually planning when she would push him down just now, it’s unknown what his mood would be.

“Ah, did you steal a car? What if they called the police?”

Until the vehicle was out of the underground garage, Ling Yun finally came to herself from embarrassment and screamed.

“Don’t worry, this car is that guy Li Qiuhai’s. Now he can’t even protect himself and don’t know when he can come out. When he comes out, I will have returned the car. He should thank me for taking care of his car. If the car isn’t used for a long time, it will have electricity leakage.”

Ding Ning laughed shamelessly.

“He can’t come out for the moment, but what about his family? Won’t his family use this car?”

Although Ling Yun fought often, she had not done anything outrageous, stealing a car was obviously a criminal act which made it rather unacceptable for her.

“I have already checked, Li Qiuhai’s wife had already died. He has only one daughter who is studying abroad. Thus, he regards Li Wensheng as his own son. He did have two mistresses, but lest getting in trouble, they ran away with his money after his accident. I don’t really steal his car, just borrow it temporarily and I will send it back when I finish. It won’t be discovered.”

Ding Ning said indifferently.

Lingyun blinked her eyes, still a little uneasy and said, “If by any chance that his daughter knows something happened to him and hurries back, then we would be in trouble.”

“She should have come back long if she wants. Even if she was back, she would definitely find a way to visit Li Qiuhai, and has no time to think about this car at all.”

Ding Ning interrupted her words impatiently. “Now we are on the run, worry about ourselves first.”

“Oh!” Ling Yun also knew that it was not a good time to care about this. She looked at Ding Ning who seemed to be very purposefully and kept driving toward south. She wondered, “Where are we going?”

“I will send you to a safe place, and then I will go home and get something.”

Ding Ning pinched his lips and thought, “For the sake of having treated her, Shen Muqing should take her in.”

He thought of it this way and that, there were many places in Ninghai that could guarantee Ling Yun’s safety, but unfortunately, he didn’t know one.

The only place he knew and could guarantee Ling Yun’s safety at the same time was Shen Huqing’s residence. With her background, it’s impossible that her place was unprotected.

Although he did not want to trouble Shen Muqing plus they were still in a period of misunderstanding, he had no choice in consideration of Lingyun’s safety.

He felt that his strength was still too weak, so weak that he couldn’t even assure the safety of people around him.

This made him frustrated, but in the meantime, he got a passion for striving. It was time to speed up the pace. He should at least have the power of self-protection. If he encountered the same situation in the future, he would never abase himself to ask for help.

He was proud to the bone that he would never allow such a thing happened twice. Thus, he would take the initiative to kill Maimed Tiger.

“I don’t want to. I want to be with you.” Lingyun looked at him seriously.

“Calm down, this is not a joke. If anything goes wrong, someone might get killed.”

Ding Ning frowned, trying to ease his tone. “Trust me, Maimed Tiger’s revenge target is you, I am only his dispensable secondary target. As long as you are safe, I will be safe.”

“You think I’m a fool? I’m narcissistic, but I also know that I’m not Maimed Tiger’s opponent. He was defeated by me because of your moves, right?”

Ling Yun’s pretty eyes flashed with tears, watching motionless Ding Ning, her voice was a little choked, “In fact, I have long suspected that you are not ordinary people since the first time that I saw so many scars on you. Every time I defeated those punks magically, you were helping me, weren’t you? You are hard-headed in front of others, but you agree with me about everything, you let me, right? Now you put me in a place where you think is safe and you are going to risk your life to fight with Maimed Tiger, is it right?”

Ding Ning was stunned and was questioned speechless. He didn’t expect that his deep hidden secrets had emerged long ago.

Ling Yun looked at him without blinking an eye, her stubborn expression told him that she wouldn’t stop that until she got the answer.

Ding Ning smiled bitterly, he couldn’t help but swear rough words, “Fu*k, what Sister Qiao said is true, the more beautiful the woman, the more deceitful they are. I thought I had a good disguise, but I never thought that you had already known.”

“Ding Ning!” Ling Yun’s voice was gentler than ever, “You don’t tell me who you are and what you want to do. I guess you must have your own difficulties, I will not ask more. I only know that you are nice to me. In this world, except my mom, you are the only one who is nice to me. I also know that no one can change what you have decided. Therefore, if you want to do something, just do it. I won’t hold you back, but promise me that you will come back to me. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Ding Ning did not speak, but he nodded emphatically. A real man never goes back on his words. Maimed Tiger was dangerous, but it was not so easy to take his life.

Ling Yun reached out and took off her mask. Her fluid glance was like water, she watched at him with tender, “I want to be your master, I want you to be my small attendant the whole life. You must come back safely.”

Voice faded, Ding Ning felt his mouth was covered by soft and hot lips. Nothing in his mind, a sudden brake stopped the car alongside instead of driving into a ditch.

The soft and fragrant lips gave a quick kiss just like a dragonfly skimming the water surface and Ling Yun’s face was red. She held her arms, grasped her chest and leaned against the door. She pulled away her distance from Ding Ning, but with an unabashed smile, she joked, “What, not enough? You even want to pull over the car and take your time to experience my kiss?”

“I… It’s my first kiss.” Ding Ning said with his face full of grievances and his face was burning hot.

“What do you mean? Isn’t that also my first kiss? You think you are on the losing side?” Ling Yun was furious and roared angrily.

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