Medical Sovereign

Chapter 32 - End Up Nothin

Chapter 32 End Up Nothing

Ding Ning felt aggrieved. “It’s said that a great man knows when to yield and when not, and he can be tough or soft when it’s time to. But why I can’t be tough when it comes to this tough girl?”

Looking at the dangerous flames burning in Ling Yun’s eyes, he quickly waved his hands like an annoyed little wife, “No loss, no loss, my first kiss is worthless, but Master Yun’s first kiss is worthwhile. I’ve earned a lot.”

“That’s right, you get it. Drive. I, the master, is going to take a hot bath, have a good sleep and wait for my little girl returning home in triumph.”

Lingyun proudly shook her long legs with her proud appearance of succeeding in molesting a gentlewoman. Ding Ning rubbed his teeth resentfully and licked his lips to taste after. While starting the car, he said with regret,

“I heard that French kiss is very exciting, the soul can fly up to the sky, but unfortunately I don’t know what it tastes like.”

“Go to hell, nice try, you smelly rascal, you pervert. You even think about the French kiss.”

Ling Yun’s charming face was red instantly. Although she kept dodging Ding Ning’s baking hot eyes, she had an impulse to try.

“Alas, if I couldn’t come back, let alone that I die a small virgin, I never even try the legendary French kiss. It would be a big loss!”

With a face of melancholy, Ding Ning was as pitiful as it could be.

Ling Yun felt a pain in her heart and her face was burning. After a few moments of silence, she said with a trembling voice, “Pull over!”

“What?” Ding Ning’s heart was radiant with delight, but he deliberately asked with innocence.

“I let you stop, and you will stop. So much nonsense!” Ling Yun shouted fiercely, and her ears were all red.

“Crunch!” Ding Ning could not wait to park the car on the side of the road and looked at Ling Yun innocently.

“Close your eyes!” Ling Yun was too shy to look at him, her eyes flashed, and she ordered in a low voice.

“Acting so mysteriously, what are you going to do?” Ding Ning grumbled but closed his eyes tamely. His little heart began to jump up.

“Is it really going to be a French kiss? Is it too fast? Moreover, a kiss with my buddy, why it feels so strange?”

While he was flighty and impatient, he smelt a sweet fragrance, then his lips were covered by her soft trembling cherry lips and her lilac-like tongue opened his teeth in a jerky manner.

“Boom!” Ding Ning’s brain went blank. There were waves of numbness in his tailbone. He responded greedily to this clumsy kiss.

Whoever she was, a brother, a neighbor, or a tough girl, all cast to winds. At this moment, he only felt that his soul flew up into the sky, journeyed in outer space and was reluctant to leave there …

“Land of tender, tomb of heroes!”

Ding Ning suddenly understood the profound meaning of this sentence at this moment.

It turned out that there was such a wonderful thing in this world which was better than the sense of accomplishment of saving a life from Death.

Holding her warm and fragrant body in his arms, he couldn’t tear himself away from her, after tasting the delicacies, he just couldn’t get enough…

This passionate kiss lasted for more than ten minutes. They reluctantly separated until they were about to suffocate.

“Annoying, where do you put your hands? Take them away!”

Ling Yun reproached coyly. But her voice was soft, there was no trace of real blame.

“Sorry, instinctive reaction. I didn’t know, hey, hey, pretty big…”

Ding Ning embarrassedly retracted his wolf claws and rubbed his hands wistfully. His appearance was as obscene as one could imagine.

Ling Yun rolled her eyes and a layer of blush even raised on her neck. She turned her head and looked out of the window. She said insincerely with an effeminate angry voice,

“You rogue, I just satisfied your wish, don’t think too much.”

Ding Ning was a bit uncomfortable, he sneered and said queerly, “How can I think more? I am a poor boy come from the countryside. Money, I have no money. House, I have no house. I don’t deserve a native lady who is young and rich.”

“You… That’s what my mom said, not me.”

Ling Yun turned her head and glared at him. Watching his face became more and more ugly, her heart softened. She said softly, “My mother has a sharp tongue but a soft heart, don’t take her words too seriously.”

“I have nothing to do with her, but what she said is true.”

Ding Ning knew that these words all said by Chu Yunxiu. It had nothing to do with Ling Yun. It was unfair to argue with her.

However, Ling Yun had just kissed him. A moment after that she said those words to distance herself from him which finally provoked him.

“Why you are so mean? My mother said nonsense and you believed.”

Ling Yun twisted Ding Ning’s ears with the exasperation at his failure to make good, but he broke away from her. He looked at her unprecedented seriously,

“Ling Yun, if one day you are in a relationship with me, but your mother firmly opposes; and she also says that if you choose me, she is going to die. What would you do?”

“I…” Ling Yun was speechless. She hesitated for a long time and still didn’t know how to answer his question.

It was the same motherfu*king question as that a girl asking her boyfriend: “Who you would save first if your mother and I fall into the river at the same time?”

Chu Yunxiu had a hard time raising Ling Yun. She was the most important person in Ling Yun’s life. If there was such a day that she must make a choice, she was sure that she would give up Ding Ning. After all, she had only one mother, but she could find a husband anytime.

Ding Ning was not aimless. The nature of Chu Yunxiu was not bad, but that woman had almost all the qualities of native women in Ninghai.

They were snobbish, realistic, shrewd, and greedy. As natives in Ninghai, they felt that they were superior to others. They simply looked down on outsiders. Ding Ning had shone up to her, but she never gave him a good look.

If Ling Yun wanted to be with Ding Ning, Chu Yunxiu would be the barrier that could never be circumvented.

“Needless to say, I understand. After all, she is your only family.”

Ding Ning looked at Ling Yun’s dodging eyes. Her fragrance still lingered between his lips and teeth, but his heart was inexplicably irritated. He expressionless started the car and moved on.

This world was really ridiculous. When people were born, they would be divided into various grades and ranks which fully proved that reincarnation was also a skill.

He had never looked down upon himself or been arrogant, nor had he ever thought about trying to challenge the rules of the world. However, facing his first love that was ended when it just sprouted up, he felt very angry and very bitter.

“Man is not born to greatness, he achieves it by his own efforts.”

“Don’t bully the poor youngster. Fortune is variant.”

“Today you do not want to talk with me, tomorrow you cannot talk to me!” He thought resentfully!

A self-strengthening seed began to take root in Ding Ning’s bitter heart at the moment.

The Toyota Prado was driving on the streets when the evening lights were lit, but there was no romance in the car like before. Only the unspeakable embarrassment and silence were flowing.

“When I was very young, before I could remember, my dad was forced to leave by my mom, and he went to Myan to find jade. He was disappeared from then on. I remembered my mother…”

Ling Yun turned her back to Ding Ning and looked out of the car window. She stated indifferently in a calm voice, as if she was telling the story belonged to someone else.

Twenty years’ journey of heart, this moment it was told by her passionlessly calm tone. Ding Ning silently listened to her, but he knew that her heart was not as calm as her tone.

Looking at this girl who used to be simple and was foolishly happy every day, Ding Ning’s heart ached so much. He wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her that he would protect her forever.

But he finally hardened his heart and didn’t tease her anymore. He was never a man of words but a man of actions.

Before he got enough strength to prove himself that he could step on the big shot Chu Yunxiu and appeared in front of Ling Yun, all his promises would only be regarded as hypocritical arrogance.

Lingyun had already burst into tears. In the face of affection and love, she couldn’t choose. Her mother was her closest person, she would never give up on her.

Ding Ning gradually immersed in her narration, feeling that the helpless orphan and widow survived like hedgehogs in this cruel society; Feeling the way that made the tough girl; feeling that when she was bullied, she could only hide in nobody’s corner and silently licked the bruises covered all over her body. The helplessness and desolateness deeply touched him.

His heart had bouts of pain which made him secretly swear, “Ling Yun, give me some time, I will take care of you for a lifetime.”

Only when he heard Ling Yun said the man who was suspected to be her father appeared at midnight on her doorstep, Ding Ning felt creepy too. “Could it really be her father who worried about them and turned into a ghost to visit his wife and daughter?”

“Impossible, there is no ghost in this world. It must be someone who is pretending to be a ghost, but who the hell is it? For what purpose?” This made him puzzled.

As for Chu Yunxiu’s suspicion that her husband was still alive, Ding Ning believed that it was nonsense. What kind of difficulties could make a person disappeared for more than 20 years and stop at the doorstep of his home?

Ding Ning’s instinctive view was the same as Ling Yun. They thought that the man must be a sick voyeur who coveted Chu Yunxiu’s beauty, even Ling Yun could be his goal.

Ding Ning thought to himself, “I must find a chance to take this pervert out, otherwise Ling Yun and her mother will be in danger.”

The semi-bay villa area had arrived. This was the top-grade villa area in Ninghai. The minimum starting price was 120,000 yuan per square meter. Each villa here was worth more than hundreds of million yuan.

Seeing these luxury villas, Ling Yun also acted like a green and inexperienced clodhopper, although her family had four apartments which could be an asset of 20 million yuan if the apartments were sold. She timidly followed Ding Ning to the villa area.

The security guard was paid a high salary and naturally, he did his best. Even Ding Ning needed to make a call to Shen Muqing first before the security guard allowed them to enter.

It’s unknown whether Shen Muqing did it deliberately or not. She didn’t even ask his purpose. She let the security guard answer the phone. He didn’t know what she had said, and the security guard then let them pass.

Ding Ning was quite happy. He was going to drive in. However, when the security guard said that cars like Toyota Prado were low-grade that were not qualified to enter the villa area, he was so angry that he nearly fainted.

It’s necessary to know that the half-bay villa area was very large. Each villa covered an area of several dozens of acres. It took them almost an hour to walk to the No.16 villa where Shen Muqing lived.

“This little girl is deliberately revenging on me!” Ding Ning looked at the gate of Villa No.16 and muttered with hatred.

“Who is she?” Ling Yun asked sourly.

Ding Ning rolled his eyes at her. “Why you are jealous? She is my patient.”

It’s strange to think about it now. After Ding Ning moved to the senior officials inpatient ward, Shen Muqing and Ling Yun went to see him every day, but they had never met. That’s quite a coincidence.

“Humph, who is jealous. Whoever she is, she has nothing to do with me!”

Ling Yun’s face was red. After that good cry, she had abreacted her mood and restored as her tough girl image, which made Ding Ning feel a little more comfortable.

“Tink Bell! Tink Bell!” Ding Ning was angry and kept pressing the doorbell.

“Coming!” But when her cold voice arose, Ding Ning subconsciously adjusted his clothes and hair. He instinctively wanted to maintain a good image in front of Shen Muqing, but he did not notice that a cunning look flashing across Ling Yun’s eyes.

Shen Muqing opened the door in person. After she opened the door and saw Ding Ning, a hint of unnoticeable delight flashed her eyes. However, after seeing Ling Yun, her smile vanished. Especially after she saw that lipstick mark on Ding Ning’s lips by the light, her heart inexplicably generated a rush of jealousy and her face was even colder. She blocked the door with her body and didn’t want him to enter in. She asked with a blank expression, “What brings you to me?”

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