Medical Sovereign

Chapter 33 - White Lotus

Chapter 33 White Lotus?

Her indifference embarrassed Ding Ning a little, and his face began to burn.

However, in order to keep Ling Yun safe, he had to cheek it to say while rubbing his hands together, “Um, I know I pay you a visit abruptly, but I have to ask for your help because I can do nothing about it.”

“Well, tell me about it, but I may not be able to help you,” Shen Muqing said emotionlessly. She leaned against the doorframe and unseeingly stared at the door, looking careless.

“Ding Ning, let’s go. Don’t beg her, since she’s such an indifferent person.”

With a cold face, Ling Yun gave Shen Muqing a hostile look and intended to drag Ding Ning off. Shen Muqing’s pretty face and elegance made her humble herself.

Moreover, women had terrific intuition. When Shen Muqing opened the door, there was delight flashing through her eyes. She could hide it from Ding Ning, but not from Ling Yun.

It showed that she was actually glad about Ding Ning’s visit. However, after seeing Ling Yun and the lipstick mark on Ding Ning’s lips, she changed her attitude immediately.

What did it mean? It meant that she had a feeling for Ding Ning. It was the most terrible news for Ling Yun that she had such a rival who was nearly perfect.

With a face and a figure as good as hers, along with temperament and family background incomparable to hers, Shen Muqing was so perfect. Not surprisingly, she was hostile to Shen Muqing.

She knew how proud Ding Ning was. He would not bow to anyone except to meekly soothe her.

However, the proud man now begged Shen Muqing with an unctuous face. It made her feel very distressed as if her favorite toy which only belonged to her had been robbed.

” Yun, it’s not the time for your willfulness.”

Ding Ning shook off Ling Yun’s hand and turned to look at Shen Muqing seriously. “I know you are angry. When I saw your check for two million yuan, I knew you misunderstood. But when I went to the ward to find you, you had been discharged from the hospital. My master said that saving the world and helping others is what doctors should do. Doctors should be kind and not greedy for money. Therefore, he stipulated that I can only charge two hundred yuan for the consultation fee, not two million yuan you thought.”

“Are you serious?”

Shen Muqing’s eyes were radiant with inexplicable brilliance. In fact, after Shen Muqing made a determined effort to leave the hospital and asked the nurse to tell him what she said, she was in a very contradictory mood.

Although she lost the bet with Shen Muyang, she still felt that Ding Ning was not the kind of person who was insatiable.

The main reason was that Ding Ning had left a great impression on her. He was sunny, handsome, talkative, humorous, intelligent, and wise…

She could use all beautiful words to describe Ding Ning, and that brilliant image of his almost became the synonym for perfection.

Even when he asked for the consultation fee, he faltered. In retrospect, he must have been embarrassed to ask for the consultation fee.

Perhaps it was because he was short of money and in trouble now, or as he said, his master had such a stipulation and with his medical skill, it was reasonable for him to charge such a consultation fee.

She kept coming up with countless reasons to exculpate Ding Ning and felt a bit regretful that she had been too impulsive at that time.

She clearly knew how difficult it was to cure her. She would not hesitate to offer it even if Ding Ning requested two hundred million yuan, let alone just two million yuan.

However, she had already subconsciously regarded Ding Ning as someone of vital importance to her. He filled up the gap of friendship in her heart, or even the gap of love.

The more she expected, the more disappointed she would be.

Thus, when Ding Ning asked for the consultation fee, she was so disappointed, so angry, and even lost her grip to leave without saying goodbye. After that, she returned home without even informing her mother and brother.

But she was absent-minded and listless all afternoon, and the scene of Ding Ning talking confidently kept running through her mind.

In fact, she asked the nurse to tell Ding Ning those heartless words in a fit of pique, because she wanted to know whether Ding Ning cared about her.

It might have nothing to do with love between a man and a woman, but it meant a lot to her who had never had a friend.

When the security guard called and said that Ding Ning wanted to visit her, she flew like a bird in a cheerful mood.

She deliberately told the security guard not to let Ding Ning drive in. She didn’t do that to torture Ding Ning, but intended to buy herself time to dress up.

It was an unchangeable truth that a woman would dress herself up for her lover, and Shen Muqing couldn’t be free from it.

But when she opened the door in delight, she saw that Ding Ning came with the pretty nurse, and her mood instantly fell to the bottom.

Especially after she saw the evidence on Ding Ning’s lips, the boiling anger had pushed her to the brink of collapse. That was the reason why she showed an indifferent attitude.

“Of course it’s true. I came here with the check.”

Ding Ning stretched out his hand and gave the check to Shen Muqing, but She did not take it. She tilted her head and looked at him in a way of inspection.

She still felt a little upset. She thought, “Even if I misunderstood you, why is there a lipstick mark on your lips? Why do you bring a pretty nurse with you to return the check?”

“Two million yuan for the consultation fee? Ding Ning, what’s going on?”

Hearing the equivocal conversation between them, Ling Yun was suddenly confused. She stretched out her hand and grabbed the check, and suddenly her eyes started to twinkle with stars. She said, “Wow, two million yuan! Ding Ning, are you silly? This is two million yuan. Why do you give it back to her? Anyway, she is so rich and doesn’t care about two million yuan.”

With a wry smile, Ding Ning knew that this girl was a little money addict like her mother. He grabbed the check and shoved it into Shen Muqing’s hand. He then snapped at Ling Yun in a low voice. “A gentleman makes money in a proper way. My master has stipulated that I can only accept two hundred yuan for the consultation fee. Then I can only accept two hundred yuan. She’s rich indeed, but it has nothing to do with us.”

Ling Yun stuck out her tongue, gave Shen Muqing an aggressive look, and inexplicably got happy. She thought, “He said that it has nothing to do with us. Ah, it means that he’s with me, while the slut is an outsider.”

Shen Muqing’s face which had eased darkened again. Ding Ning’s words warmed Ling Yun’s heart, but made her feel very uncomfortable.

It had never occurred to Ding Ning that a woman’s thought could be so complicated. He said with a smile, “Miss Shen, I have explained it clearly now and the misunderstanding has been cleared. You won’t shut the door on us since we come all the way here, right?”

“You are miss. Your whole family are misses.”

“Why do you call the nurse Yun while calling me Miss Shen?”

Shen Muqing thought with increasing grievance. The longer she stared at Ding Ning’s face, the more she hated it. Unable to restrain her anger, she shouted and shut the door on them.


“Ding Ning, are you okay? Ah, why is your nose bleeding?”

Outside the door there came the miserable shriek of Ding Ning and the panic cry of Ling Yun. Shen Muqing became panicked and thought, “Gosh! his nose must have been hit when I shut the door.”

She hurriedly turned to open the door, only to see Ding Ning crouching on the ground and covering his face. Ling Yun was gloating at it. “I’ve told you not to stick to someone’s cold ass with your hot face. See, you got yourself hurt.”

“Your cold ass!”

Irritated by Ling Yun’s triumphant face, Shen Muqing shouted out such a shameful word for the first time in her life.

After that, she blushed with shame, but hastily helped Ding Ning up. She said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. Are you all right? Are you hurt seriously? There is a medicine chest in my house. Hurry in and I’ll help you stop the bleeding.”

Ding Ning covered his nose, stood up with Shen Muqing’s help and swaggered into the villa with Shen Muqing’s soft arms and fragrance around him.

While Shen Muqing didn’t pay attention to them, he furtively made eye contact with Ling Yun who was cheerful. They looked so treacherous.

As partners, they had worked together to do numerous deceitful things. They could tell what the next step was from just an eye contact. It was so easy for them to cheat Shen Muqing who was such an innocent girl.

When Shen Muqing turned them away, they tacitly performed a play even without eye contact and successfully entered the villa.

Of course, in order to make the play more real, the leading actor Ding Ning must have sacrificed himself a little, but a nosebleed was just a piece of cake for him.

The leading actress Ling Yun just needed to assist him with shouting, and then they could easily fool Shen Muqing around.

But soon Ding Ning couldn’t laugh. Shen Muqing was so attractive that her charm turned his fake blood into real. His nosebleed was rushing and could not stop.

It made Shen Muqing feel more guilty. With her eyes turning red, she said helplessly, “What should I do? What should I do?”

“It’s okay. He’s energetic. It makes him healthier to bleed more.”

Ling Yun mercilessly glanced at Ding Ning, because she immediately realized, “This d*mned sex maniac has just taken my first kiss, and now he has a feeling for another woman. He deserves to bleed.”

Ding Ning said with an embarrassed smile, “I’m fine. I just bleed a little. Compared with those creatures who can stay alive after going through monthly bleeding, it’s nothing.”

“What are the creatures who can stay alive after going through monthly bleeding? There are such creatures?”

Shen Muqing, who had a super-high IQ and a low EQ, was incredibly innocent. She said with a curious face.

“My God, she is really an innocent white lotus,” Ding Ning thought. He who was an experienced man looked toward Ling Yun for help with a burning face.

Ling Yun also couldn’t help blushing and said scornfully, “Don’t listen to his nonsense. His filthy mouth cannot utter decent language.”

Shen Muqing blinked her pure and innocent eyes and said reproachfully, “Tell me what the creature is. I read a lot of books, but how have I never read about it?”

Under the gaze of her innocent eyes, Ding Ning felt so ashamed and lowered his head. He thought that it was so despicable of him to tease such an innocent girl. This was simply an indecent crime which polluted the white lotus.

Unable to keep watching Ding Ning’s embarrassed face, Ling Yun quickly stepped forward to hold Shen Muqing’s arm and whispered something in her ear.

“Pooh, rogue!”

On hearing Ling Yun’s words, Shen Muqing blushed and could not help spitting the words at Ding Ning. Nevertheless, she sounded like being shy rather than being angry.

“Exactly! He is a rogue, a sex maniac, a shameless person!”

Ling Yun took the opportunity to wantonly denounce Ding Ning so as to destroy his impression on Shen Muqing.

Unexpectedly Shen Muqing had a brain circuit which was obviously different from that of an ordinary person. Looking at Ding Ning’s embarrassed smile, she blushed and whispered, “In fact, after thinking about it carefully, I find what he said is actually correct and appropriate, except it’s a little embarrassing to say that. It’s the first time I’ve heard such a description of woman. It’s so interesting, and Ding Ning is so smart!”

Ling Yun, “…”

Ding Ning, “…”

“What the fuck? Just pretend to be innocent. This white lotus is definitely a hypocritical bitch!” Ling Yun rolled her eyes and secretly thought.

Meanwhile, Ding Ning felt relieved. He thought, “She’s such a fairy who doesn’t take the usual path, as pure as a fairy with an extraordinary character. She can interpret such a joke into a sort of art. What’s more, she doesn’t consider it distasteful, and admires it instead. Maybe she’s an experienced girl?”

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