Medical Sovereign

Chapter 34 - Preparation

Chapter 34 Preparation

The friendship between two women sometimes came so inexplicably.

When Ding Ning seriously asked Shen Muqing to let Ling Yun stay here for two days, Shen Muqing promised without hesitation.

After that, it made Ding Ning puzzled that the two beautiful women went hand in hand to visit the bedroom prepared for Ling Yun. They whispered to each other from time to time with peals of ringing laughter around the villa, and acted intimately as if they were sisters.

Ding Ning couldn’t help lifting up his eyes and sighing. Ling Yun explained to Shen Muqing what were “creatures who could stay alive after going through monthly bleeding”. Was it the reason why their hearts were closely tied together, and they became close friends from enemies?

Perhaps the friendship between them was the same as the friendship between two men who had gone whoring together. Finally, Ding Ning who was puzzled could only understand their friendship in this way.

It made him feel deeply regretful that he should have told Shen Muqing by himself instead of bothering Ling Yun to do that. Perhaps it would be him who went hand in hand with Shen Muqing to visit the bedroom.

But now it was not the time for imagination. Soon his attention shifted to the security of the villa.

So far, he had not found anyone protecting Shen Muqing. There was not even a single servant in the whole villa. Only Shen Muqing lived here alone.

If it was the real situation, not only was Ling Yun unsafe here, but even Shen Muqing would be implicated.

He firmly believed that Maimed Tiger was such a ruthless person that he would never let go of him and Ling Yun, and he would come here sooner or later.

After calling Shen Muqing over and asking her, Ding Ning knew about the real situation.

It turned out that Shen Muqing always liked to live in a quiet environment without being disturbed by others, so there wasn’t even a single servant in the villa. Every day someone would come here for cleaning and cooking for her, and left after making dinner.

Besides, there were bodyguards, but they all hid around. Without her call, they wouldn’t show up. It made him feel relieved. Capable of hiding themselves from him, the bodyguards should be excellent.

In the conversation, what surprised Ding Ning most was that Shen Muqing was still a senior student at Ninghai University, and she usually lived on campus.

During this time her brother Shen Muyang took a vacation to visit her, so she temporarily stayed in this idle villa.

It made Ding Ning feel so unfair. He thought, “D*mn, it’s so-called poor people can scent out delicious food from villadom when they die because of starvation.”

Shen Muqing lived on campus and let a villa worth at least over a billion yuan lie idle. Meanwhile, he had to rent a small apartment which just covered an area of over 40 square meters and live with the sneer of Ling Yun’s mother. The comparison made him feel so unfair.

It reminded him of his current embarrassing situation. Since Ling Yun was a native girl, even her mother wouldn’t consider him a qualified son-in-law, not to mention the mother of Shen Muqing who was from such a wealthy family.

Eh, why should he think about Shen Muqing? He was just a doctor, and she was just a patient. If it were not for Shen Muqing’s sickness, they wouldn’t have any relationship. They were from two different worlds.

The thought made him feel hurt. Especially tonight he felt extremely hurt. He decided to speed up the pace of development, so as to reach the expectations of his father as soon as possible, achieve success and win recognition.

After that, he could hold Ling Yun in his left arm and Shen Muqing in his right arm, throw money at Ling Yun’s mother, step on Ye Shulan and beat Shen Muyang. If Shen Muqing’s father dared to say anything about it, he would even beat him as well. It was such an evil life to be accompanied by two pretty women.

Imagining the bright future, Ding Ning could not help drooling and giving a very wretched smile.

“Ding Ning, Ding Ning… What’s wrong with you? What are you smirking about?”

After shouting at Ding Ning several times, Ling Yun finally summoned his soul back.

Looking at Shen Muqing who seemed to be concerned, Ding Ning blushed and quickly wiped his saliva. He then sat up properly and cleared his throat to say, “Um, Miss Shen, please take care of Ling Yun. I’ve got to go now.”

“Where are you going?” Shen Muqing blurted out and immediately blushed.

Her face which was as delicate and blushing as peach and plum made Ding Ning’s heart ripple. He managed to restrain himself from losing in her charm and said in embarrassment, “Um, I’m going to do something. It’s getting late, and you should have a rest earlier.”

Turning around to look at Ling Yun who was compressing her lips with tears in her eyes, Ding Ning seriously said, “Remember not to leave here unless I come here for you, and wait for me here.”

“I will wait for you!” Ling Yun sniffled and nodded heavily, and then sat down on the sofa to avoid looking at Ding Ning again. She was afraid that she would not let him go if she kept looking at him. However, he would never change what he had decided, and she didn’t want to be his burden.

“Well, be obedient to Miss Shen. I am leaving.”

Ding Ning petted her head and turned her hair into a chicken coop. After that, he waved to Shen Muqing with a wicked smile and walked out of the villa.

Shen Muqing fixedly stared at Ling Yun who had just talked and laughed a moment ago. She looked like an abandoned orphan shrugging her skinny shoulders with a stoop, her hands holding her shoulders and the big drops of tears dripping down and quickly wetting her skirt. She appeared to be so pitiful and delicate.

She was so intelligent that she immediately realized that it must be Ding Ning who made Ling Yun lose her grip.

Recalling the reason why Ding Ning asked Ling Yun to hide in her place, she suddenly became panicked. Was Ding Ning going to deal with those gangsters?

It was impossible. He was just a doctor. How could he deal with the gangsters? Ling Yun must be reluctant to see him leave, so she cried sadly.

With a trace of sorrow in her heart, she stared at Ding Ning’s figure while he was walking away. She suddenly felt that his figure carried an unspeakable solemn aura.

It made her feel strongly anxious. She quickly walked to Ling Yun, tenderly cupped her tearful face, stared at her dull eyes, and seriously asked her,

“Ling Yun, tell me where did Ding Ning go? Is he going to be in danger?”

“He, he…”

Ling Yun flew into the arms of Shen Muqing, with her face covered with tears. She actually wanted to find someone to talk to, and almost told the truth at the moment.

However, when her words were on the tip of her tongue, it occurred to her that on the way here Ding Ning had repeatedly told her that she could never tell anyone about his capability of martial arts, or he might get killed.

For the safety of Ding Ning, Ling Yun wiped her tears and said with a forced smiled, “He went home. They target me, not him. Why is he going to be in danger.”

“No, you are lying to me. If he just went home, what are you crying for?” Shen Muqing fixedly stared at her eyes and watched the change of her expression.

There was a trace of panic flashing through Ling Yun’s eyes, but soon she calmed down and said with a forced smile, “I don’t want to leave him. If I were found by the gang, they would definitely kill me. If it really happens, I will be separated from him forever. Every time we’re apart, we may never be able to meet each other again.”

Looking at her suspiciously, Shen Muqing failed to find any flaw from her words. Moreover, Shen Muqing considered that it was Ling Yun who beat Maimed Tiger. It actually had nothing to do with Ding Ning. The gangsters probably would not pick on him.

The thought relieved her anxiety a little, but she still felt disturbed with concern lingering in her heart.

She then laughed at herself. He was Lingyun’s boyfriend, why should she worry about him?

However, the thought made her feel more uncomfortable. She pretended to chat with Ling Yun. “How long have you known Ding Ning?”

“Five years. I’ve known him since the first day he came to Ninghai for the college education. He rented my apartment. I still remember how silly he looked…”

Ling Yun began to tell the story between her and Ding Ning after they met each other. Shen Muqing listened quietly with faint envy.

“How I wish It were me who met him five years ago. Maybe I could be his girlfriend now.

“Ah! Shen Muqing, what are you thinking about? Ding Ning is just your doctor as well as a good friend you can talk to. What’s more, Ling Yun is your close friend. How can you keep thinking of her boyfriend?”

As Shen Muqing was lost in various fancies, there was a touch of moderate flush on her white pretty face, which made her look so delicate and charming.

In the community where Ling Yun’s apartments was located, Ding Ning appeared in front of his rental apartment like a ghost. He did not rush into it, but quickly went around the apartment while observing the nearby situation to make sure that no one was ambushing him, and then he opened the door and walked inside stealthily.

He turned on the light and carefully checked the gear which he set for giving a warning. Finding the gear hadn’t been touched, he felt relieved.

It was safe for the moment. Of course, he would rather fight with Maimed Tiger now than keep guarding against him all day long. He thought, “Even if you are not coming to me, I’m going to find you!”

Ding Ning pulled out two floor tiles from under the bed, drew out a vintage canvas bag from below, put it on the bed to take out a wooden box from it, and then carefully opened the box.

The box was filled with a folding bow, a quiver made of leather, a dozen bottles and cans, a large folding knife, a set of pure black clothes, a pair of boots, and a few spherical objects as big as a pigeon egg.

He took out the quiver, bow, folding knife, clothes, and a ball and put them on the bed, and then put other things back into the box, placed the box under the bed and covered it with the floor tiles. After that, he carefully removed all traces left by him.

He took off the clothes, dipped his hand in water, rubbed the ball with his hand, and then put it on top of his head. After he finished doing these, the magical thing happened.

The ball melted into liquid which flowed down from his head and rapidly spread to his whole body. After a while, Ding Ning became a strange handsome young man who looked completely different from his original appearance.

Even his hair became maroon, his skin became bronze, and his body became different from the original one. Even if he walked on the street and met Ling Yun, she would not recognize him.

“Sister Qiao’s craftsmanship is really ingenious. This biological artificial camouflage skin completely turns me into another person. If I take it out for sale, I bet there will be people desperately want to get it even if it costs more than ten million yuan. It’s just a little weird. Is there a difference between it and painted skin? It looks quite handsome, but I still consider my original appearance is better!”

Taking a look at the mirror, Ding Ning was very satisfied with his new look. He flattered himself and extended his right thumb and forefinger to make a gesture of blowing the muzzle of a gun with a grin.

After entertaining himself for a while, he put on the black clothes made of unknown martial, clasped the quiver around his waist, folded the knife on his belt, took the bow on his back, and put on his boots.

After that, he took out a bunch of silver needles from his original clothes, ripped the ankles of the boots to reveal the honeycomb-like holes, and then inserted all the silver needles into the holes. At the crucial moment, these silver needles could save his life.

Finally, he messed the bed to make it look like someone sleeping in it, and did something else in the room. After thinking for a while, he thought he might have everything prepared.

He then shook his neck. With the cracks of his bones, his height turned into around 1.8 meters from 1.85 meters.

Ding Ning moved his joints, stood there for a while, and then opened the window and climbed over it.

Soon he appeared on the top floor of a building that was only two hundred meters away from his apartment. He quietly lay prone on the roof to watch his room where he left with the light on, and soon merged with the night.

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