Medical Sovereign

Chapter 35 - Sniping Point

Chapter 35 Sniping Point

This old community had no name, and people habitually called it the old community of Fuxing Road. There were only a dozen buildings around it. Almost all of them were all seven-floor buildings, except for the building where he was had twelve floors. It could be considered the tallest building around the neighborhood.

Although he had never used a gun, his understanding of guns was by absolutely incomparable to that of an ordinary people. His third master was a top hunter who was familiar with all kinds of guns, and had explained the structure of various guns to him since his childhood.

Sniping was one of his compulsory courses. But he used a bow and arrows, while his third master used sniper rifles. Although a bow and arrows looked low, he was a natural hunter with no arrow shot in vain within two hundred meters.

After the stone man was activated, his five senses became more acute. He was confident that within three hundred meters, no one could avoid being hunted by him.

When a sniper was ready to snipe, he would inevitably occupy the sniping point in advance, and here was the best sniping point around the area. He was waiting here to kill the most threatening sniper.

The wooden arrows like a toy seemed to be a bit ridiculous, but they were actually made of the center of a one-thousand-year-old sago cycas. Each arrow took more than a year to be polished. After that, they would be immersed in a special potion so as to maintain its sharpness and ensure its flexibility.

Ding Ning had only nine of such arrows, and they were all his treasures.

“I wish I could recycle them in time! I don’t know how many of them will come.”

Ding Ning was a little distressed, whispering with a flicker of cold light in his eyes in the darkness.

Although those guys didn’t enter his apartment, they must have been here. Thus, as long as the light in his room was on, they would definitely show up tonight.

As time passed by, the moon slowly climbed up high in the sky, radiating bright moonlight.

It should be around three o’clock in the middle of the night, but Ding Ning didn’t feel sleepy. Instead, he became more and more energetic like the most patient hunter waiting for the emergence of his prey.

With a barely detectable sound of breaking a branch, Ding Ning’s ears moved. With a cold smile, he quickly pulled the bow and put an arrow on it. His prey appeared.

The dry branch he deliberately placed at the entrance of the building was trampled by someone. Although the sound was faint, in the quiet night it was enough to alert him who had extraordinary senses.

A black shadow appeared silently in Ding Ning’s sight and seemed to be shocked by the sound of breaking the branch. After quite a while, the guy cautiously walked towards the apartment opposite to Ding Ning’s apartment.

Ding Ning halted with a trace of doubt in his eyes. It was wrong. Why didn’t this guy enter his apartment but walked to Ling Yun’s apartment instead?

In the moonlight, Ding Ning saw that the guy wore a hat with a black mask on his face. Ding Ning couldn’t see his face clearly, but he was strong and tall and standing outside the window of Ling Yun’s apartment as if he was observing something.

Almost ten minutes had passed in a flash. The black shadow stood there like a sculpture without moving.

Ding Ning came to realize that something was wrong. Maimed Tiger had good eyesight. Even if he didn’t notice what Ding Ning did secretly at the time, he could guess that later.

For a murderous mercenary, evidence wasn’t necessary, but doubt was.

If the guy targeted Ding Ning. It was unreasonable that he didn’t enter Ding Ning’s apartment, let alone came here alone. His figure didn’t look like Maimed Tiger. It was burlier than Maimed Tiger.

Could it be… Suddenly Ding Ning thought of the peeping maniac Ling Yun had told him.

Looking at the shadow at the moment, Ding Ning found that the shadow was indeed standing outside the window of Chu Yunxiu’s room.

“F*ck, the one supposed to come doesn’t show up, while the one not supposed to come does.”

Ding Ning secretly cursed. Since this guy had come here, he could knock down him first. He would like to figure out who this guy was.

Just as he pulled the bow again and got ready to shoot the shadow, a barely detectable sound came from not far behind him.

It made Ding Ning shudder instantly. He kept staring at the guy downstairs without noticing that someone was approaching him. He instantly tightened all his muscles, rolled over on the ground, and got ready to fight.

But when he got ready after rolling over, he found that there was no one behind him. Did he make a mistake?

Soon he found that he had not made a mistake, because a slight sound came with the wind.

Ding Ning carefully looked towards the direction from which the sound came, and found the claw of a flying claw stuck on the triangular iron of a solar host.

He immediately realized that the sound was made by the flying claw. The sniper had not come up yet and was climbing up with the rope along the wall.

“F*ck, the guy is so stupid! He could take the stairs or the elevator to the twelfth floor and push the door open to step in the rooftop swaggeringly. It’s unnecessary to struggle to climb up.”

“I should call him a stupid gangster instead of a violent gangster.” Ding Ning secretly ridiculed the guy climbing up, and deeply worried about his intelligence.

Actually, it was the best time for him to easily kill the sniper, but Ding Ning did not do that. Instead, he hid himself in the darkness, waiting for the arrival of the sniper.

“As a knightly person, I can give you a chance to play a fair duel.” Ding Ning whispered complacently.

Okay, in fact, it was bullsh*t.

The truth was that gun was a great temptation for him who had never touched one. He intended to wait for the stupid guy to climb up here and get rid of him, and then take away his sniper rifle.

“I hope it’s a Barrett. Heavy sniper rifle is my favorite!” With sparkle in his eyes, Ding Ning hid in the darkness, waiting for the arrival of the stupid guy.

However, the reality was always much crueler than his dream.

When the sniper was about to climb up, the door of the rooftop was opened, and a tall and slender figure bent over to sneak in.

Ding Ning secretly complained. Could it be two snipers came at the same time? He must be in trouble.

After quickly hiding behind a solar host, Ding Ning peeped from the gap. The tall figure was in a black battle suit, with a beret on the head, a pair of police boots on the feet, a thermal imaging night vision on the face and a JS2 type 7.62 mm sniper rifle in the hand, hiding in the darkness and rapidly observing the surroundings.

Ding Ning was stunned. He did not expect that the person turned out to be a special police. Moreover, from the upright outline of the chest, he could tell that the person was a female special police.

Oh, it was rare. It turned out to be a female sniper. Ding Ning immediately became interested without worrying about being discovered by the thermal imaging night vision.

The biological artificial skin was made by his fourth master Sister Qiao based on the chameleon’s gene. Thus, it had the characteristic of deceiving the people’s vision by blending in the surrounding environment. In addition, the chameleon was a cold-blooded animal whose body surface had the same temperature as that of air. It meant that the thermal imaging night vision was incapable of detecting it, so he didn’t need to worry about being discovered.

The female special police was quite nimble and vigilant. She soon found that the sniper who was climbing up. Ding Ning thought that she would take the opportunity to kill the sniper.

However, he didn’t know what the female special police was thinking. She hid herself like him, and accidentally hid behind a solar host closest to him.

Ding Ning secretly wondered if this female special police also wanted to take the sniper’s sniper rifle?

Due to the intervention of the special police, the current situation had changed. Ding Ning intended to wait and see what was going on.

After all, his identity was just an ordinary person. In the face of a threatening gangster, he would not hesitate to get rid of him. However, if police got involved in it, his participation would make him lose more than gain.

The only thing that worried him was that the police could not catch all the gangsters and left him some trouble. Thus, he intended not to leave at the moment but to stay to see what would happen next.

Li Buji was not in a hurry, as his name suggested. He did everything slowly in no hurry. He was even in no hurry to get to the sniping point, as long as he could arrive before the scheduled time.

He spent a full ten minutes to composedly climb up to the twelfth floor. His character determined that he was best at patience.

He had enough patience to stay in any harsh environment for three days and nights without moving until he succeeded in killing the target and completed the task.

Although he was very unsocial and unwelcome by everyone, his strength was unquestionable. He could always keep his mind calm and find the right time to kill in one hit. During many tasks, he was the one who turned the tide with a shot.

Being slow came from his absolute confidence in his own strength. He was just not in a hurry, but it did not mean that he was really slow. In fact, he was not slow, but very fast. Even Ding Ning would be astonished by his speed.

From climbing to the rooftop, finding the best sniping point, lying a blanket on the ground to finishing assembling the sniper rifle, it took him no more than two minutes.

It only took him 18 seconds to assemble the sniper rifle. If Ding Ning remembered it correctly, he had already broken the international record of assembling the sniper rifle in 20 seconds.

It was as simple as eating and drinking for Li Buji to assemble an SVD sniper rifle. The dazzling way of assembly carried a pleasing artistic sense.

Li Buji quietly lay prone on the ground, observing the target through a precise telescopic sight. He soon quickly targeted at the figure that kept standing in front of the window of Ling Yun’s apartment.

This mission was actually very ridiculous. He always thought that he was actually more suitable to be a lone killer instead of a damned mercenary.

It was just a simple task of entering China in batches to kill a person. He could accomplish it by himself.

However, the head of his team appointed Maimed Tiger who was a little out of his mind as the leader. Unfortunately, he got himself into the police station, which made them have to attack the detention center to rescue him.

Different from the arrogant guys such as Maimed Tiger, Li Buji regarded this ancient mysterious country in the east with deep awe.

No one knew that as the king of light sniper rifle in Asia, he had lost to a little-known young man in China 20 years ago.

The most ironic thing was that even without using a gun, the guy just used a toy-like bow to deprive him of his courage to shoot.

It was because he was not sure. As long as he shot, he believed that he would undoubtedly be killed. Meanwhile, he had never really targeted him from beginning to end.

Therefore, he didn’t want to stay in this land he regarded with awe for one more minute. He just wanted to get through the task and leave immediately.

However, the damned Maimed Tiger went to the hospital to take revenge when the Chinese military police chased them around. Finally, he didn’t accomplish the revenge and wasted a lot of time.

Otherwise, at this time they should have completed the task and be on the returning smuggling ship, and didn’t need to tremble in panic here.

Despite the ups and downs in his heart, his face painted with greasepaint didn’t show the slightest emotion, which was a must-have combat quality for a top sniper.

It was precisely because of his restless mood that after getting to the rooftop, he only took a glance at it and even ignored the most basic vigilance. So he didn’t discover the traces of the female special police and Ding Ning.

“No. 1 in place!”

Li Buji slowly said to his headset in rigid Chinese.

As he got ready, in this dilapidated neighborhood, three figures came out from the darkness and fanned out to surround the shadow that had stood still for a long time.

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