Medical Sovereign

Chapter 36 - Predecessor?

Chapter 36 Predecessor?

As quiet as an unmarried girl, as agile as a running rabbit.

Ding Ning gave this compliment to the special policewoman without hesitation.

Just after Li Buji’s notification, the special policewoman moved, pouncing on Li Buji like an agile cheetah.

Known as “Light Sniper Rifle King of Asia”, Li Buji naturally had extraordinary vigilance.

As the special policewoman made a sound with her vigorous stamp, his sharp instincts alerted him to the coming danger.

He instinctively rolled over on the ground, turned to the right, and then stood up after a kip-up. He used the sniper rifle as an iron rod to hit the special policewoman on the face before standing still.

Since the special policewoman dared to let him climb up and then deal with him, she was definitely not just an ordinary person. With a soft shout, she suddenly stooped down backwards to avoid this attack.

With both hands on the ground and the left foot as the fulcrum, she then suddenly stretched her right leg like an antiaircraft gun and ferociously kicked Li Buji in the chin.

Li Buji grunted, and the sniper rifle came out of his hand. He was kicked up and fell heavily on the ground.

After rolling over and spitting out a mouthful of bloody saliva, he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. With his eyes flashing with high fighting spirit, he started to run towards the special policewoman, faster and faster.

At a distance of one meter from the special policewoman, he roared like a tiger and ferociously struck her with brute strength.

The special policewoman did not fear. She suddenly fell down, with the back as the support point, bending her long legs to bounce up, heavily kicking Li Buji in the chest like a rabbit kicking an eagle in the belly.

Li Buji crossed his hands on his chest to block the special policewoman’s unexpected attack. His body was thrown backward, and he staggered, with his body back seven or eight steps to stand firm.

With her eagle-like eyes turning solemn, the special policewoman straightened her waist, with her legs pointing toward the sky and her right hand as the support point, bouncing up like a fish jumping out of the water. Before standing still, she touched the ground with the tiptoe of her left foot and rushed to Li Buji like an arrow leaving the bow.

Reluctant to show his weakness, Li Buji came up with a fierce bounce, rotated his legs 180 degrees, and ferociously kicked the special policewoman in midair.

The special policewoman was not in a hurry, sticking out her hands in tactical gloves, holding Li Buji’s right foot. She then lightly threw herself along a semi-arc in the air along Li Buji’s strength, and bent down to land steadily.

Without waiting for Li Buji to withdraw his right leg and stand firm, the special policewoman suddenly pounced on him, kicking him in the bone of his right leg after several rolls on the ground.

Li Buji staggered with pain, almost fell to the ground, and finally stood firm after several tactical evasions. With his eyes flashing with viciousness, he clenched his fists, making some sounds of joint dislocation.

The special policeman was not eager to attack, but said in a cold voice like a superior king overlooking his own courtier, “Li Buji, surrender now. You are no match for me.”

It was so cold. Ding Ning looked at the special policewoman in astonishment. He didn’t expect this hot and nimble woman had such a pleasant voice, but it was too cold, as if it didn’t contain any human emotion. It made people feel cold.

“Who are you?” Li Buji asked in rigid Chinese with vigilance.

“When you surrender, you can know who I am. You are not qualified now.”

The special policewoman was tall and straight, looked around 1.7 meter high, and talked in an arrogant tone. But her aura was so domineering as if she was a superior queen, which was awe inspiring.

With the corner of his eyes twitching, Li Buji said with a sneer, “I admit that you are nimbler than me, so what? You are no match for me in terms of using guns.”

As soon as Li Buji finished his words, he suddenly turned around, drew a Remington revolver from the back of his waist and intended to shoot without aiming.

The special policewoman was shocked. She did not hesitate to do a back flip in the air and several rolls on the ground. But… she didn’t hear the gunshot. After hiding behind a solar host, she stuck out her head to look outside and was stunned immediately.

In a “whoosh”, Li Buji grunted with pain. A wooden arrow shorter than a normal one had penetrated his right hand, and the Remington revolver fell to the ground.

Someone had saved her? The special policewoman looked around in shock. How could this be possible? She had already checked when she came here. There was no third person at all.

However, she couldn’t find anyone no matter how hard she tried. What was wrong? She shouted with her face darkening, “Who helped me? Please come out and meet me.”

The night wind was piercingly cold, but no one had responded at all. Instead, Li Buji’s face turned grey as if he saw a ghost. He knelt down and repeatedly kowtowed.

“It’s my fault. I should not have broken my promise and come to China. I am willing to accept all punishment.”

In the dark, Ding Ning who had rescued the special policewoman was confused. Was Li Buji insane? What was he talking about?

Not being responded, the special policewoman walked out with vigilance. She twisted Li Buji’s hands and handcuffed him from behind. She asked in a deep voice, “Do you know him? Who is he?”

“I don’t know who he is. I only know that his nickname is hunter. I was defeated by him during my visit to China 20 years ago. He used such a wooden arrow in the battle. He spared my life, but ordered me to stay away from China in my life. I really don’t want to come here, but I was sent here by the head and I couldn’t reject the mission. Just arrest me now. I surrender!”

Li Buji trembled behind the special policewoman. He looked at the wooden arrow in his hand with his eyes full of fear, lest he would be shot by a wooden arrow coming from an unknown direction.

“Hunter?” The special policewoman raised her eyebrows. She had never heard of the name, but it seemed to belong to a predecessor. Thus, she immediately saluted with hands folded and raised in front of her face according to the rules of the martial arts circle.

“Captain of Ninghai ‘Gun Fire’ special police team Xiao Nuo is here to thank predecessor for saving my life. I wonder if you can come out and meet me.”

Ding Ning did not speak, but her words made tempestuous waves in his heart. The hunter? Wasn’t it the nickname of his third master Duan Xiaowu in the martial arts circle? His third master had talked about it in a jocular tone.

Wood arrow, hunter, was this sniper defeated by his third master twenty years ago? What the hell, it was true? He had always considered that his third master was bragging, but unexpectedly it was true.

Ding Ning was both excited and thrilled. He had always thought that his third master was just a forest guard who had served in the army. Unexpectedly, his thrid master had a reputation in the martial arts circle.

So what was the background of his Great Master, Second Master and Fourth Master? Moreover, since these four masters all followed his father’s lead, what was the identity of his father?

Every teenager looked forward to the passionate life of repaying and revenge in the martial arts circle. Ding Ning was one of them. At the thought that his father might also be a big name in the martial arts circle, he instantly got excited.

Without being responded for a long time, the special policewoman knew that the predecessor had no intention of coming out to meet her. She could only salute with hands folded and raised in front of her face with respect, “Since you do not want to meet me, then I will remember your kindness. If you need some help from me one day, just send someone to the ‘Gun Fire’ special police team to tell me. Thank you again for saving my life.”

Xiaonuo? Interesting. Maybe he would need her help one day.

Ding Ning smiled, moved slowly in the darkness, and slid down along the rope of the flying claw which Li Buji used to climb up.

At this moment, he realized that he was not the target as he expected.

Maimed Tiger and others came up to attack the guy considered a perverted voyeur by him and Ling Yun. Apparently the guy was the target.

Who was this guy? If he really intended to do something to Chu Yunxiu, Chu Yunxiu was simply unable to resist.

Ding Ning hid in the dark, getting increasingly shocked as he watched the development. The guy was as perverted as he considered.

He could easily fight with three people, and he was unarmed. Maimed Tiger and his two associates were armed, but they couldn’t hurt him a little.

What surprised Ding Ning most was that the perverted guy was startlingly capable in defense. Maimed Tiger used a machete, while one of his associates wore a pair of steel claws on one hand and the other one used a three-sided military knife.

The perverted guy was unarmed, but his body under the cover of black clothes was like made of steel. He moved without defense, letting their weapons attack on his body, and making strange “squeaky” sounds. It made Ding Ning secretly wonder if this guy in black wore a legendary armor.

The four men fought together, but no one made a sound. There were only the slight sounds of kicking and punching as well as the collision of weapons.

Ding Ning saw it very clearly that the guy in black was stronger than Maimed Tiger and his associates. He could easily kill any one of them in a one on one battle.

Even in a one on two battle, he could beat them, but it would take longer. However, in a one on three battle, he was a little dwarfed.

If it were not for his startling capability in defense, he might have been defeated.

But at the moment, he was exhausted like an arrow at the end of its flight. It was difficult for him to hold on longer.

“Bone Demon, just surrender! You can’t escape today.”

Seeing they were about to win, Maimed Tiger immediately felt at ease and couldn’t help saying, “If you go back with us, you may not be killed. But if you refuse to do that, I will ask my associate to shoot you.”

“Just shoot me if you want to. Stop talking nonsense. You want me to surrender, no way!”

When the guy in black started to talk, his voice scared Ding Ning. Ding Ning had never heard such a hoarse voice. It was like the terrifying sound of rubbing two pieces of broken iron, giving people goose bumps.

“Well, we will send you to hell. Bone Demon, I know that your bones are hard, but our associate uses a special sniper rifle which your bones is unable to stop.”

“Go ahead. Anyway, I’ve been tired of life. Even if I’m going to die, I will drag you down the road.”

With red light flashing through his eyes and the crashing sound of his bones, the guy in black known as Bone Demon suddenly swelled in size with a sharp increase in battle strength, making the three unable to make adequate defense.

“Bone Demon, since you are so stubborn, then don’t blame us for being ruthless. Remember, we are just paid to do this. Every debt has its debtor. After you die, just find the one who paid for killing you and get even with him!”

Accidentally beaten by Bone Demon in the shoulder, Maimed Tiger grimaced in pain. He pulled out the battle, turned on the headset and said, “No. 1, shoot!”

“Bang”! A bullet appeared without warning and shot the eyebrows of the man carrying a three-sided military knife. The man fell down, with a blood hole between his eyebrows as well as his eyes opened wide, full of unwillingness and confusion and gradually darkening.

Bone Demon and others were obviously well-trained warriors. When they were aware of the danger, they immediately found a shelter to hide themselves.

“Bloody Killer! Wu!”

Only the man with steel claws made a heartbreaking roar, and risked his safety to rush out to hold the body of Bloody Killer who couldn’t close his eyes.

He raised his head to make a furious roar at sky, “Li Buji, I’ll kill you!”

“Who the hell doesn’t sleep in the middle of the night and howl like this?”

“What’s wrong with you? It’s in the middle of the night! You just mean to disturb others’ sleep. You are so abominable!”

“In the middle of the night, what the hell are you yelling!”

… As the residents in the community had been awakened, the lights of several buildings were lit up, and the curses came successively.

“You all are going to die. My Bloody Killer was dead, and all of you should be buried with him!”

The man with steel claws trembled in anger and gently put down Bloody Killer’s body. His eyes turned red, and a ruthless aura rose into the sky.

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