Medical Sovereign

Chapter 37 - A Weird Black Cat

Chapter 37 A Weird Black Cat

“Crazy Wolf, don’t be impulsive. Bloody Killer is definitely not killed by Li Buji. This bullet is not from his sniper, but from a military sniper rifle of China. Oh, no, we are surrounded. Hurry up, and think of a way to rush out.”

After bending over to trot to Bloody Killer’s body and check it, Maimed Tiger’s face tremendously darkened.

“I don’t care. I have to take revenge for Bloody Killer!”

Crazy Wolf’s skinny body contained startling power. He pushed Maimed Tiger away and ran towards one direction by feeling.

“Bang bang bang!”

With continuous gunfire, the bullets continued to hit at the foot of Crazy Wolf, but failed to hit him and caused craters on the ground.

Bone Demon crouched in the darkness and glanced at Maimed Tiger. Maimed Tiger alertly retreated and said, “Don’t do anything stupid. We swim together, or we sink together. Only when we work together can we have a chance to survive.”

“Humph! Take care of yourself. They can’t stop me. If you dare to appear in front of me again, I’ll kill you!”

With a cold snort, Bone Demon bent over to slide away rapidly.

“Fuck, fortunately there is Crazy Wolf to help me attract attention.”

Maimed Tiger cursed in a low voice, intending to escape in the opposite direction of Crazy Wolf.

“You want to go? No way, go to hell!”

After waiting for a long time, Ding Ning finally got the opportunity. He showed his unique skill and pierced Maimed Tiger’s throat with an arrow!

Maimed Tiger opened his eyes wide and turned around to look at Ding Ning who came out of the darkness. With a desperate and unwilling face, he reached out to tightly grab the arrow pierced from his throat and asked with difficulty, “Who… are … you?”

“The one who kill you! You can call me hunter!”

Ding Ning got close to him and did not hesitate to withdraw the arrow from his throat, with an evil smile on his face. It was always his favorite to let the enemy die without closing eyes.

With a spurt of blood, Maimed Tiger fell on the ground, twitching. His eyes, which were opened wide and looked like those of a dead fish, looked at the sky helplessly and darkened gradually.

Ding Ning did not hesitate to chase in the direction in which Bone Demon had disappeared. He was very curious about who this Bone Demon was and why he always lingered at the door of Ling Yun’s apartment. If he couldn’t solve this mystery, Ling Yun and her mother were still not safe.

Bone Demon was very fast, but Ding Ning was not slow. They bypassed the ambush circle of the military police, and ran wildly on the street at dawn.

However, even Ding Ning did not discover that there was a tall figure far away behind them.

Xiao Nuo was very curious about the hunter, so after her subordinates took over Li Buji, she immediately began to chase after Ding Ning. She believed that hunter would not have showed up here with no purpose.

But she did not expect that Ding Ning was so excellent in hiding. She failed to find his trace even with night vision and high-precision telescopic sight.

It was not until Bone Demon fled that she fixed her eyes on Bone Demon. When she was about to keep up, she accidentally found the trace of Ding Ning after turning a corner in the street.

Although she didn’t know if Ding Ning was the hunter who saved her, but the intuition told her that he must be the hunter.

Xiao Nuo didn’t discover Ding Ning’s figure from the beginning to the end, but she had seen Bone Demon and Maimed Tiger.

Xiao Nuo’s overall quality was excellent, but she did best in speed. Nevertheless, even she did her utmost to chase, she could barely see Ding Ning’s back.

It was the darkest time before dawn. In Xiao Nuo’s sight, Ding Ning’s figure gradually blurred and even faintly integrated with the darkness, which made it more difficult for her to chase.

As Bone Demon turned at the entrance of an alley, Ding Ning vanished as well. Xiao Nuo was so anxious that she had no time for hiding her trace and ran wildly on the street.

When she turned around the corner of the alley, she was stunned. It was a dead end where there was only a crimson iron door which was closed with peeled paint.

Xiao Nuo frowned. Did both of them enter this house?

As a policewoman, she knew it was illegal to break into a private house. However, in her eagerness to find out the truth, she could use special means in special times.

She had simply asked Li Buji before, and the answer she got could not satisfy her.

Members of Vampire such as Maimed Tiger only accepted a mission with a large payment. They were hired to go to Ninghai to kill a man called Bone Demon.

However, they knew nothing about who Bone Demon was, why they should kill him and even what Bone Demon looked like.

After they came to Ninghai, their clothing, food, accommodation, and transportation were all offered by the contact person arranged by the employer, and the contact person also offered them accurate information.

To her surprise, this contact person turned out to be a punk nicknamed monkey.

It made Xiao Nuo realize that this punk named monkey was likely to be just a pawn of the employer, and he could not possibly know more inside information.

Therefore, if she wanted to crack the first case of terrorist attack since the founding of China, she must find the clue from Bone Demon.

As for hunter, she wanted to find his identity just out of her curiosity. She believed that hunter was likely to be a master from the military, and he was more likely to be a friend rather than an enemy.

Therefore, Xiao Nuo only hesitated a little and then climbed over the wall and cautiously entered the yard.

With a slightly light in this moment, Xiao Nuo carefully looked around through the morning light.

This was an idyllic courtyard which covered a small area but was pretty exquisite.

The entire courtyard was surrounded by a wall made of old red bricks. The wall was neither too tall nor too short, looking less than three meters high.

Across the small pond in the yard, there was a wooden bridge of Jiangnan style. In the center of the wooden bridge was a pavilion for enjoying the cool.

In the pond, there were lotus which hadn’t withered as well as a few red-and-white carps swimming around.

Next to the pond, there were a few pieces of vegetable fields planted with various seasonal vegetables of the current season.

The vegetable fields were separated by meandering trails paved with pebbles. At the end of the path was the only building here.

It was a three-story old-fashioned building with white walls and black tiles, and looked quite antique.

The old wooden parallel door was tightly closed, covered with faded Spring Festival couplets. It appeared to be filled with an aura of ages.

Xiao Nuo was a little hesitant and didn’t know if she should go in.

After all, she got here five minutes after Bone Demon and Ding Ning turned into this alley. They had enough time to cross the courtyard and leave here.

But since she had come here, she did not want to waste all the previous efforts. So she crept to the building and reached out to push the door.


As half of the wooden door was opened, a black shadow rushed to Xiao Nuo.

Xiao Nuo was shocked. Fortunately, she was prepared for such a situation. She touched the ground with her tiptoe and wriggled her waist to lean to one side to avoid the attack, while grabbing a police dagger from her waist and stabbed the black shadow with it.

“Meow”. Xiao Nuo withdrew the dagger in time, embarrassedly staring at the black cat squatting on the ground and curiously looking at her with amber eyes.

Although the cat had shiny black fur without any hair of other colors, it looked as weird as the cat demon in the horror films.

However, as the captain of the special police team, she felt rather ashamed of being attacked by a cat.

“Are you looking for someone?”

What made her even more shocked happened. The black cat who looked at her with its head aslant talked to her in a nice female voice.

Xiao Nuo looked around in doubt and astonishment. After taking a turn round the yard, she found no one. Was this black cat really talking to her? God, it was so supernatural!

“What are you looking at? I’m asking you! Are you looking for someone?”

The black cat stretched out its front paw to wipe its face like a human and asked in an impatient tone.

As a staunch atheist, Xiao Nuo’s worldview was completely subverted. She swallowed her saliva and tried to look at the black cat and asked, “Are you talking to me?”

“Crap, who else can I talk to?”

The crisp female voice sounded lacking in youthful vigor. With its mouth squirming, the black cat showed its contempt through its eyes like a human.

It made Xiao Nuo’s blood freeze, and a blast of cold air rushed to the top of her skull. She got goose bump and a sharp increase in adrenaline, almost scared out of her pants.

She was shivering, pointing at the black cat, and said with her teeth chattering, “You… are you a human… or a ghost? How… how… how can you talk?”

“It’s mystifying you!”

With a sudden splash from the pond, there were layers of waves on the surface of the water. Ding Ning jumped out from the pond without a dry thread on him.

Xiao Nuo was scared enough. The figure suddenly jumped out, scaring her to scream “Ghost” and passed out.

Ding Ning stamped on the ground, came up behind Xiao Nuo with a leap, barely held her slender waist and put her in his arms. He stretched out his finger to press her philtrum, and Xiao Nuo woke up slowly.

In any case, she was a woman. After experiencing such a shocking thing, she considered Ding Ning as all she could rely on.

She didn’t care he was still holding her. Instead, she squeezed herself into his arms while shivering, and asked, “What is this horrible thing?”

“A trick which could only cheat girls like you. Don’t be afraid. I’ll take care of it.”

With such a beauty in his arms, looking at Xiao Nuo’s frightened and gorgeous face, Ding Ning felt lost in a while.

He did not expect this special policewoman could be so beautiful. In particular, the cool temperament of keeping people a long distance away aroused men’s strong desire to conquer.

Such a cool beauty was closely nestling in his arms, and her little face was so pale because of fear. Her pitiful appearance aroused Ding Ning’s strong desire to protect her.

On hearing that it was a trick, not a ghost, Xiao Nuo immediately became courageous. Only then did she realize that she was still in his arms. She immediately blushed and became cold again after pushing Ding Ning away hurriedly.

Ding Ning felt frustrated for a while. He secretly thought that she burned the bridge after crossing it. He should have kept her frightened for longer.

“Brat, who are you? Don’t get yourself into trouble! Now leave with this woman, I can forgive you.”

The black cat looked at Ding Ning with its amber eyes and and its head aslant, ferociously threatening.

With a scornful smile and his eyes as cold as ice, Ding Ning said, “Get myself into trouble? When I just got here, you hypnotized me, which almost made me die from drowning. If you haven’t done that, I really don’t want to deal with you. But it’s too late.”

“Brat, do you have to get yourself into trouble? Watch out for getting yourself killed!”

The black cat squinted and said sullenly.

Xiao Nuo shivered and subconsciously approached Ding Ning a bit, as if this would give her courage.

Ding Ning pointed at the black cat and said arrogantly, “Don’t play this indecent trick on me! Isn’t it trained by an animal trainer with ventriloquy and a little spiritual hypnogenesis? I’ve been wandering from place to place as Hunter for several decades… uh, a few days, no, a few years. I haven’t been fooled by anyone like this. You want me to let go, no way!”

Xiao Nuo was amused by his words. Her smile was as gorgeous as the melting iceberg.

It was so called making the city fall for her by turning around once, and making the country fall for her by turning around twice.

Ding Ning suddenly lost his mind. He looked at her in a daze, subconsciously reaching out to caress her pretty face, whispering in a low voice, “You are so beautiful!”

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