Medical Sovereign

Chapter 38 - Wall Lamp

Chapter 38 Wall Lamp

Not daring to look at his burning eyes, Xiao Nuo looked at Ding Ning in a daze.

In front of her, it seemed that Ding Ning had turned into a Prince Charming in a gold armor standing on the seven-color auspicious cloud to marry her. He was looking at her with affection.

Her heart was full of happiness. She affectionately reached out to hook his neck and kiss him. With their lips and teeth entangled together, the strange feeling that she had never experienced made her soul fly to the sky.

A piercing intention to kill came to her face, making her regain consciousness, but she was a half-step slow on reaction.

The black cat with a weird smile jumped up like a lightning, sticking out its cold blue claws to scratch her.

With the sound of clothes teared, Ding Ning turned around to hold her in his arms, and blocked the attack with his back.

The sharp claw scratched his clothes, but failed to penetrate his skin. Ding Ning secretly felt glad that the biological simulation skin was really excellent in defense.

Otherwise, his skin would be scratched by the claw that was obviously deadly poisonous. Even if he could detoxify himself, he couldn’t do it in a short time.

The real enemy had not yet appeared. If the enemy attacked them when he was weak during the detoxification, both of them might be killed here today.

The person who controlled the black cat was so powerful that he used the beauty of Xiao Nuo to break through Ding Ning’s guard, make Ding Ning lost in her charm and almost get killed.

On hearing Ding Ning’s grunt, Xiao Nuo became sober. With her face turning pale, she supported him and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

Ding Ning felt touched. Recalling the kiss, he immediately smacked his lips and said playfully, “It’s romantic to die under a peony.”

Xiao Nuo blushed and recalled that she lost her first kiss to him, which made her feel complicated.

She was touched that Ding Ning risked his life to protect her. However, she barely knew about him and kissed him in a blur. Although she knew that it was a trick played by the black cat, as an untouched virgin who preserved her purity, how could she not care about it?

She took one step back hurriedly to keep a distance from Ding Ning with her face becoming eternally cold again. Her cool temperament of keeping strangers a long distance away even seemed to make the surrounding temperature drop by a dozen degrees.

“Hahaha, you are really affectionate. Brat, are you satisfied with the gift I gave you before you die? My black cat’s paw was deadly poisonous, you can live for up to five minutes. Nevertheless, I am a merciful person, five minutes may be enough for you to have fun with this little beauty.”

The black cat giggled with its voice containing a charming temptation.

Xiao Nuo lost her mind with her eyes becoming dull. She then looked at Ding Ning with her seductive eyes and gently twisted her graceful body with seductive groans. She looked so charming and seductive that Ding Ning was overcame by her charm!

After being cheated twice, Ding Ning must be on guard against the master of the black cat. This siren was definitely good at taking advantage of the current situation and arousing the deepest desire of the target at any time.

“Since you want to play with me, let’s have some fun!” Ding Ning thought and then said in anger, “Five minutes are definitely not enough! If you try it yourself, I promise you can’t get out of bed in half an hour.”

On hearing his words, the black cat halted. Xiao Nuo quickly recovered to sober. Recalling her coquettish behavior, she was so shameful that her face turned blood red and she wished she could find a crack to sneak in.

However, at the thought that Ding Ning had only five minutes left, she became extremely concerned. She sadly looked at Ding Ning and said, “I’m sorry. If it were not for me, you won’t be in danger!”

“Do not worry, I am fine. I am not poisoned.”

Ding Ning gently consoled her. Unable to explain he was protected by the biological simulation skin, he could only be vague about this matter.

“No, if it were not for saving me, you will not have been poisoned. You can rest assured. If you die, I… I…”

Xiao Nuo subconsciously thought that he was consoling her, so she bit her lips and said with tears in her eyes.

“What are you going to do? Won’t you die with me?” Ding Ning teased.

“I owe you two lives anyway. I can definitely die for you. However, I need two years. There’s a thing I haven’t done yet, so I can’t die before accomplishing it. I will avenge you first, and I will kill myself immediately after accomplishing it.”

Xiao Nuo looked firm and said absolutely.

Ding Ning was moved and said with a strange expression, “Is it possible that you really fall in love with me?”

“Now… not yet, I… I don’t know.”

Xiao Nuo said with a bit guilty conscience. Seeing Ding Ning look relieved, she instantly felt a little shy and then raised her head and arrogantly said, “I have always kept my promise, so I mean what I said. If you die, I will definitely kill myself to accompany you after two years.”

“So what if I stay alive?” Ding Ning increasingly found this beauty so interesting, and asked with a smirk.

With a trace of blush on Xiao Nuo’s white face, she said in a voice as low as that of a mosquito after thinking for a long time, “If you stay alive, I will give you an opportunity to pursue me.”

Ding Ning burst into laughter, and said complacently,

“Big sister, can you stop being so narcissistic. Give me a chance to pursue you? I never take the initiative to chase girls, and usually girls chase me. Maybe I can give you a chance to chase me.”

“Humph, you are not only narcissistic, but also arrogant!”

Xiao Nuo rolled her lovely eyes. She disdainfully turned her head and secretly whispered, “Humph, there are plenty of men pursuing me. Who cares about you?”

While they were flirting with each other, the master of the black cat was not in a hurry. She controlled the black cat to look at them with its head aslant, seemingly waiting for Ding Ning to die from poisoning.

Before Ding Ning, no one was able to walk out of the pond she had set up. People could be drowned there, as well as killed by the crocodile in the pond.

She didn’t know why the crocodile didn’t attack Ding Ning, which made her extremely fear Ding Ning.

Ding Ning seemed to be laughing and playing, but in fact, he placed his attention in the house. The master of the black cat could attack them in uncanny ways at any time, which made it impossible for them to defend her effectively.

He must find out the hiding place of the master of the black cat, and kill her with one shot. Otherwise, he didn’t know what uncanny tricks she would play on them.

“Okay, got you. You should show up now!”

Ding Ning suddenly groaned and stamped on the ground to bounce into the house like a sharp arrow. An arrow was shot out of his hand like a meteor and flew straight to a portrait of a lady hanging in the room.

At the same time, Xiao Nuo intuitively pulled out the gun and shot at the black cat.


The master of the black cat was unable even to fend for herself. Thus, the black cat was seemingly out of control and instinctively fled, but was shot in the abdomen. It kept twitching on the ground, seemingly unable to stay alive.

Xiao Nuo was not soft-hearted. She directly shot the black cat in the head and killed it completely.

It was not that she was cruel and merciless, but this black cat brought her too many psychological shadows. If she didn’t kill it by herself, she would have nightmares.

“Flop”. The wooden arrow was straightly shot into the painting and firmly nailed the eyebrows of the lady in the painting.

Ding Ning’s face froze. He missed it? How could it be possible?

Stepping forward quickly, he pulled out the wooden arrow and found there was blood on the it, which made him feel refreshed.

He reached out to tear off the portrait of a lady which was a little higher than a person, revealing a white wall behind it.

A bat with a blood hole slipped from the wall, completely dead.

Ding Ning’s face darkened. He was fooled by the woman. She was so cunning that she hid a bat here and deliberately made some sounds to mislead him.

After quickly checking the three floors, he found no one.

“Hunter, have you found anything?”

Xiao Nuo held the gun with both hands, kept a posture which enabled her to attack at any time and broke in.

“She ran away.”

Ding Ning frowned, still thinking that something was wrong. He followed Bone Demon here and got trapped unguardedly.

Before getting trapped, he saw Bone Demon enter the building. However, he did not find any traces left by Bone Demon after checking for a long time.

Was Bone Demon behind this, or was someone else? How did he get out of here?

This building was very weird. The windows did not face south with large anti-burglar windows welded with steel bars outside. The gaps were so small that people couldn’t leave through the windows. How did the siren and Bone Demon leave?

In particular, the whole building was installed with the dark green light bulbs at a low wattage, giving a feeling of darkness and gloom.

Xiao Nuo subconsciously got closer to Ding Ning. No matter how brave she was when she performed her duties, she was still a woman.

Every woman was destined to be instinctively afraid of this gloomy environmental, and she was no exception. She had a sense of dependence on Ding Ning.

At the sudden thought that he was poisoned and had at most two minutes left, she anxiously asked, “Stop looking for clues, let’s go to the hospital to detoxify you?”

“Detoxify? I’m not poisoned, why should I need to be detoxified? The cat just scratched my clothes, not my skin.”

Ding Ning did not give up looking around, but never found another way out. He casually replied.

“You are not poisoned?”

Xiao Nuo suddenly raised her voice. Recalling that she had said she would die for him, she suddenly blushed and wished she could find a crack to sneak in.

This guy had seen the most embarrassing thing in her life. How could she face other people in future?

“Yeah, with such small claws, the cat just scratched my clothes. I just said that I’m not poisoned.”

Ding Ning ignored her anger, casually replying her while carefully checking around the position where the painting was hung. Soon his attention was attracted by a wall lamp next to the mural. He thought that there was something wrong.

Xiao Nuo gnashed her teeth in anger, wanting to dismember Ding Ning. However, at the thought that it was she who misunderstood that he was poisoned, she could only hold back her shame and gave him a hard look.

She wanted to keep a distance from him, but the gruesome environment made her feel uneasy. She could only follow him like a small tail. Seeing him staring at the position where the painting was hung, she approached to to scrutinize it.

In her view, it was just a white wall which was a bit whiter than other yellowish walls because a painting was hung there all the year round. Except for that, there was nothing else surprising.

“What’s wrong? You’ve found anything?”

Ding Ning stretched his finger to point at the wall lamp next to the mural and said, “The whole house is installed with hanging light bulbs. This room faces the gate, which makes it the room with the most abundant light. Why is it the only room installed with a wall lamp? And where does the bat come from?”

“It’s not unusual, for the sake of lighting!”

Xiao Nuo glanced at the wall lamp and said it in disapproval.

However, Ding Ning shook his head and said, “The lights here are all low-power green light bulbs. For the sake of lighting, the owner could have bought light bulbs at a higher wattage. It is not necessary to use this sort of dark green light bulbs in the whole building.”

There seemed to be a thought flashing through Ding Ning’s mind, but he couldn’t grasp the key point in a while. He frowned, thinking strenuously.

Xiao Nuo examined the wall lamp with interest for a long time, and found nothing wrong with it. She said, “Maybe the owner has a special preference.”

Ding Ning ignored her and stretched his hand to knock on the blank wall. However, the sound was very thick, so there was no hollow part at all.

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