Medical Sovereign

Chapter 39 - Provocative Approach

Chapter 39 Provocative Approach

After a busy night, Xiao Nuo was also a little tired. He reached out to cover his mouth, yawned, stretched languidly, and said with tears in his eyes,

“The day has broken, and it’s not very bright in this house. Let’s go to have some breakfast.”

Her words enlightened Ding Ning. He raised his eyebrows, excitedly grabbed her hands and said, “Yes, I’ve figured out what is wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Nuo felt refreshed, deliberately ignoring the detail of her hands held by his hands. She had done something more shameful, such as losing her first kiss to him, so it was no big deal holding his hands.

“Bone Demon always goes out in the middle of the night, and this time he ran back here without looking back. It proves that this is his lodging. What does this mean?”

As Ding Ning had an increasingly clear thought, his eyes were filled with excitement.

“What does it mean?” Xiao Nuo pouted, opened her eyes wide and asked with a blank face.

“It means that he is afraid of light!” Not expecting her answer, Ding Ning said directly with absolute certainty.

“What’s wrong with his fear of light?” Apparently Xiao Nuo’s intelligence was not in the service area at the moment. She still appeared to be completely at a loss.

Ding Ning rolled his eyes grumpily and said unceasingly, “Being of light means that he does not like light for some reason. All other rooms installed with green chandeliers indicates that this sort of light happens to be within his tolerance. It’s the only room with a wall lamp, which means that this lamp is definitely not for lighting.”

Looking at him talking in high spirit, Xiao Nuo was stunned. She asked, “What is this lamp used for?”

“Without any capability of logical reasoning and observation, how did you become the captain of special police team.”

Ding Ning casually teased. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Xiao Nuo clenched her teeth secretly with an increasingly dark face and a flicker of dangerous flame in her eyes. He immediately smiled and got down to business,

“Since it’s not for lighting, it must have other use. For example, during the day, although the room is still very dark, it is definitely brighter than that at night. This sort of light probably has gone beyond Bone Demon’s tolerance.”

Xiao Nuo appeared to be thinking. It seemed that she had thought of something, and she said with sparkle in her eyes, “You mean, there may be a basement here, and he hides in the basement during the day?”

“Correct. Of course, it may not be a basement. I think it is very likely to be an underground secret passage such as a bomb shelter or a natural cave.”

There was a flicker of intelligence in Ding Ning’s eyes.

“Why are you so sure? Although it is in the suburb, there is no mountains nearby. So there should not be a cave?”

Xiao Nuo asked in confusion with no idea what made Ding Ning so confident to make such an inference.

Ding Ning patiently explained, “I am talking about a hole, not a cave. Besides, a bomb shelter is not necessarily built in a mountain. The reason why I make such an inference is that the basement does not satisfy bats’ living habits. Unless the bat is intentionally brought here by someone, it is very likely to be an underground hole under this building. But it is unknown whether it is artificially excavated or naturally formed. I estimate that it is more likely to be naturally formed. After all, it takes a lot of work to artificially excavate a hole. Although it is in the suburb, it will still attract attention, which does not conform to the acting style of Bone Demon and his associates.”

Xiao Nuo suddenly realized, “The lamp is the switch of the entrance of the underground hole?”

“Yes, I am basically sure. Are you ready? Let’s open the secret door and have a look.”

Ding Ning looked at her with vigorous eyes, only to find that he was still holding her soft hands. He released her hands unnaturally.

“I am the captain of special police team. I’m always ready.”

Reluctant to show her weakness, Xiao Nuo threw out her trembling chest. She looked slightly coquettish without the coldness of the iceberg goddess, but with a valiant and heroic feeling.

“Wow, her boobs are so big. Her cup size must be D.” Ding Ning whispered in his heart. He hurriedly turned around and reached for the wall lamp, but it did not move no matter how he twisted it, and nothing happened.

Xiao Nuo frowned and went forward to have a try, but nothing happened. She asked frustratedly, “Maybe we make a wrong guess?”

“No, it’s just we haven’t found the right way to open it!”

Ding Ning said with certainty. As the Absolute Touch was activated, the three-dimensional image of the wall lamp and the wall appeared in his mind. He immediately discovered the mystery of the wall lamp.

Fuck, he actually needed to press this switch to open the secret door.

This made him have to admire the guy who designed the switch. The guy had made full use of people’s psychological weaknesses.

After all, the light bulb looked so fragile, people did not dare to give the light bulb a hard press. As long as people didn’t press the light bulb hard enough, they couldn’t open the secret door and find the secret behind the door.

Besides, there were no scratches on the walls around the wall lamp, and the real switch was actually in the lamp holder.

With a plan in his mind, Ding Ning grabbed the lamp and pressed it hard.

The wall was opened silently, revealing a row of downward steps with a blast of cold damp air in their faces.

Ding Ning couldn’t help shaking his head with a bitter smile. It was no wonder that he couldn’t hear the sound indicating that the wall was empty when knocking on the wall, and didn’t find any traces of the secret door having been opened on the wall.

It turned out that the whole wall was a door, and it was all made of reinforced concrete with a thickness of nearly one meter. It was no wonder that he couldn’t tell the difference between it and other walls when knocking on it. It was so thick!

The most critical part of the entire portal design was the sliding track under the wall door. When such a thick wall door was opened, there was no sound at all. It was no wonder that the master of the black cat placed a bat behind the painting, and he did not notice it.

There were more than one sliding track, which almost covered the bottom of the entire wall door. Otherwise, without enough bearing capacity, it would be deformed after a long time.

Moreover, because the terrain of the hole was lower than the horizontal level of the ground, and the room was covered with colored floor tiles, there was no trace at all. This design was a marvelous creation, which made them stunned.

Walking down the stairs all the way down to the basement with piles of debris, Ding Ning frowned and looked around carefully.

The basement was small, only covering an area of forty or fifty square meters, with a simple white wall and cement floor. It looked extremely wet and cool.

In the basement, they were surrounded by chaotic piles of old furniture and some sundries. The wall was encrusted with a wall lamp containing a green light bulb. The lamp emitted green light which made the whole basement look extremely weird.

Xiao Nuo said complacently, “It seems that someone is wrong. It’s not a hole, but obviously a basement. I guess right.”

“Stupid, use your brain. There must be a hole here. If there is only a basement, where did the woman who controlled the black cat go?”

Ding Ning rolled his eyes grumpily and refuted.

“This…” Xiao Nuo was frustrated. She knew that Ding Ning had a point, but out of women’s desire to win, she still muttered unwillingly, “There may be no woman at all, and the cat is possessed by a female ghost.”

Ding Ning was almost amused by her, “You really believe that ghosts exist in this world. Well, even if the cat is possessed by a female ghost as you said, and it was killed by you, but what about Bone Demon? I came here after Bone Demon. Where did Bone Demon go?”

“Since the female ghost exists, Bone Demon may also be a demon. It is not unusual that he could escape under our eyes.”

Xiao Nuo knew that she was being unreasonable, but she couldn’t bear Ding Ning’s scornful face. So she couldn’t help arguing.

Ding Ning said with a smirk, “Then we can make a bet, dare or not?”

“What bet? Gambling is illegal. I never gamble.” Xiao Nuo said evasively with little confidence.

“Humph, you just don’t dare. Don’t use illegal gambling as an excuse. You are the captain of special police team.”

Ding Ning curled his lip scornfully and looked disdainful.

“Humph, let’s do it. What’s the big deal? Tell me, what is the bet?”

Xiao Nuo was provoked and shouted with her face turning red with anger.

Ding Ning rolled his eyes and licked his lips, and then said with a playful smile, “If I find the entrance to the hole and prove that my guess is correct, you shall kiss me as before.”

“You, rogue…”

Xiao Nuo stamped her foot in shameful rage. Recalling the kiss, she had a strange feeling which made her pretty face covered with a layer of rouge-like blush. She looked extremely shy with sparkle in her watery big eyes.

She looked so shy and as glamorous as peach and plum, which was completely different from her frosty temperament before. Ding Ning was so fascinated that he found his throat was a little dry and then swallowed his saliva. He pretended to be dismissive, but kept provoking her in a dry voice,

“Humph, just forget it, if you don’t dare. You are the captain of special police team. Humph, it’s all you are capable of.”

“Why should I dare not? Let’s do it. I’m not afraid of anything. But if you lose, what shall you do?”

Xiao Nuo bounce up like a cat whose tail was trampled. With her face turning red with anger, she clenched her teeth and said bitterly.

“If I lose, you can put forward any requirements!”

Ding Ning showed full confidence. Seeing Xiao Nuo’s hesitant expression, he said hurriedly, “If you really don’t dare, just forget it. I don’t feel like taking advantage of a woman.”

“What’s wrong with women? We can do anything men are capable of. Don’t look down on me. Let’s do it!”

Ding Ning’s words obviously stung the sensitive nerves of Xiao Nuo. She shouted regardless of the consequences.

“Well, we’ve made a bet. A word from a man of honor cannot be withdrawn!”

Ding Ning smiled happily and made an oath by giving Xiao Nuo a high-five. He had noticed that she was a feminist who had a tough character and insisted that women wouldn’t lose to men. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have become the captain of special police team.

You knew, special policewomen were very rare. She was twenty-three or twenty-four years old at most, but she could become the captain of special police team. It was obvious that she was definitely not a woman who would submit to men.

Therefore, he forced her to make a bet by shamelessly provoking her.

The kiss with Ling Yun last night seemed to have released the devil imprisoned in his heart, rendering him preoccupied with the taste of it.

Moreover, Xiao Nuo was a gorgeous woman with her body, appearance and temperament as good as that of Ling Yun and Shen Muqing.

Trapped by the master of the black cat, he kissed her accidentally. It made him a little regretful that he was unconscious at the time and was interrupted before savoring the good feeling.

Therefore, he wanted to relive the dream and feel it carefully when he was awake. After all, such a beautiful woman as her was irresistible to such a virgin as Ding Ning.

What made Ding Ning feel least guilty was that he had a stranger’s appearance instead of his own in the moment. He had no psychological burden to release some evil from the bottom of his heart.

After making the bet, Xiao Nuo saw Ding Ning’s sly smile, and then realized that she had been provoked to do that. She was immediately in utter confusion and secretly regretted that she had been too impulsive.

But since she had made the bet, she could only swallow the bitter fruit silently. She held her arms with a sneer and watched Ding Ning looking for the passage. His impression on her instantly plummeted.

She thought that he was a marvelous man who could prop up the sky. Unexpectedly, he was a shameless man with the only desire to take advantage of women with fancy words.

“Crash.” After carefully examining the traces on the ground, Ding Ning pushed against an old vintage kitchen cabinet, revealing a hole that was one meter high and half a meter wide.

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