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Chapter 40 - Dragon Soul

Chapter 40 Dragon Soul

Although it was expected, Xiao Nuo’s expression still became extremely bad when she saw that Ding Ning really found a cave.

Especially when Ding Ning smiled at her ambiguously, which made her burn with anger. She was so ashamed and resentful that she almost wanted to die.

She lost her temper from the embarrassment. All of a sudden, she kicked Ding Ning’s ass and then groaned, “You roll in first!”

Out of the blue, Ding Ning was kicked into the hole. His back ached and there was a row of steps under him. Losing his balance, Ding Ning rolled down the steps, his heart froze with fear, and he could not help screaming in terror, “Ah!”

“I don’t know how deep the cave is. If it’s too deep, though there are steps acting as a buffer, I will be greviously injured.”

Luckily, the cave was not deep, with only a few meters of a drop. Ding Ning just rolled down a few steps onto the firm ground.

Nevertheless, Ding Ning crashed in shambles. He lay on all fours for a while and was able to get up. He secretly determined, “This wretched girl that doesn’t have manners, I’ll definitely beat her up.”

Xiao Nuo was very excited when she kicked Ding Ning into the hole with her foot, but after she heard the scream, there was no further sound from within.

Looking at the dark hole, she couldn’t see any movement down there. It was like the bloody mouth of a monster which would choose its preferred humans to eat. The fear made her bitterly repent.

“What’s in this cave? How high is it from the ground? The owner of that black cat and the bone demon are hiding in the darkness, but I recklessly kicked him in, I just harmed him!”

“Is that guy dead? Although he is abhorrent, he is still my savior.”

“Besides, my first kiss was given to him, so what’s the matter if he does it once more? Xiao Nuo, ah, Xiao Nuo, you are a treacherous and ungrateful woman.”

Endless worries and self-blame made Xiao Nuo deeply regretful, and she shouted into the hole, crying, “Hunter, how are you? Are you okay? Answer me.”

Ding Ning was angry about her underhanded trick, so he kept silent and ignored her. After adjusting to the dark environment here, he carefully examined the inside of the cave.

It was pitch black all around, but he had vision developed by a superpower. This darkness couldn’t bother him.

It was hard to tell how big the hole was. He stood in a corridor, the steps extending from the basement were only a dozen, and there were obvious traces of artificial excavation.

It could also be seen from the mining traces and moss on the sides of the corridor that this cave was not naturally formed, only the artificial traces were relatively old.

This made him realize that it should be an underground shelter or an ancient tomb that was manually dug in an unknown time. They and the bone demon might have inadvertently dug through the corridor when they excavated the basement and found this place, then they occupied this area.

Xiao Nuo looked at the fearful black hole, and knew that the best option at the time was to leave and seek help.

But her strong sense of guilt and worry made her grit her teeth and go into the hole without hesitation.

Her eyesight was not comparable to Ding Ning’s. Her first foor on the steps made her mistakenly think that it was a flat. She couldn’t wait to find Ding Ning, yet she missed the next step and rolled down.


Xiao Nuo let out a loud scream and rolled down from the steps.

Ding Ning’s heart froze, and with no time to think, he reached out and grabbed her in his arms.

Her soft touch and faint body fragrance made Ding Ning’s heart shake, and he pinched her arm mercilessly and vindictively.

“Ah! A ghost…”

When Xiao Nuo was caught, she found that a hand was pinching her arm. She subconsciously reached out and grabbed it but found that the hand, both cold and without heat, was a human’s. Scared out of her wits, she struggled desperately, yelling and screaming.

The temperature in the cave was several degrees lower than the outside. Ding Ning’s biological skin could automatically adjust to the temperature, and as a result, his hands were as cold as a corpse’s, which successfully led to Xiao Nuo’s misunderstanding.

That super high-decibel scream tightened Ding Ning’s heart. “The enemies are under cover, while we are in the open. If we are discovered by the owner of the black cat, and they prepare an ambush in advance, bad things will occur.” He covered her mouth in a hurry, “Stop yelling, it’s me.”

However, scared into a state of utter stupefaction, Xiao Nuo didn’t listen. When he put his hand on her mouth, she thought that the ghost was going to kill her.

A spasm went through her, her eyes rolled and she actually passed out.

“What the hell. Now, the mess is even bigger. How embarrassing.”

Ding Ning put her on the ground. His face turned extremely weird, and he did not know whether to cry or to laugh because when he pulled out his hands that were holding her butt, they were warm and wet…

“This girl actually pissed her pants!”

Ding Ning was speechless. He wiped away the water stains on his hands and shamelessly rubbed his hands on Xiao Nuo to dry them.

“It seems that no matter how strong, stubborn, and awesome this captain of the special police is, she is still a girl who is afraid of ghosts.”

“What the hell is this. I just wanted to scare her a little as revenge for her recklessness and let her learn her lesson. I never thought that she would get so scared that she would wet her pants and faint.”

Ding Ning got a big headache. “I don’t know what to do. It’s easy to wake her up, but after she wakes up, what should I do?”

“Let her know that she really pissed her pants in front of my face, and even on my hands. Won’t she die of shame and anger?”

Ding Ning thought about it over and over again. Finally he sighed and picked her up. He went down the steps, opened the secret door, entered the small building, and placed her in the room on the second floor.

He pinched her philtrum again. He estimated that she would wake up in a while, so Ding Ning quickly left. He once again entered the cave. The identity of the bone demon had fully aroused his curiosity and he would never be satisfied if there was no result.

However, he did not notice that as he turned away, Xiao Nuo quietly opened her eyes and stared at his back. Blushing with a layer of rouge pink, her face was pretty and dazzling beyond description.

As a strictly trained special police, she had already woke up when Ding Ning took her back to the basement.

However, when she realized the embarrassment, she couldn’t face him and could only continue pretending to be asleep.

After Ding Ning left, Xiao Nuo sat up, and her gleaming teeth tightly bit her lower lip. Looking at her half soaked pants, her face was red and her beautiful eyes were sparkling, revealing her helplessness.

At the thought of the most embarrassing state in her life being revealed in front of Ding Ning, she felt too ashamed to show her face and did not know how to face him, which made her hesitate whether to explore the cave with Ding Ning or not.

She didn’t know that the outside world had already made a hell of a fuss because of her. Police and military were called in to dig deep and find her.

Last night, the military, the national security and the police joint hands, and under sophisticated planning, they made a very detailed plan, codenamed “Thunder”.

Without disturbing the public, they succeeded in killing Bloody Killer and Maimed Tiger, capturing Li Buji, Black Skin who was in charge of the reinforcement, and the frenetic Crazy Wolf. They wiped out the “terrorists” who attacked the detention center. This operation didn’t bring any loss to the people’s life or property and didn’t cause social unrest or panic.

This should have been a good operation. In fact, all the people involved in the operation were elated and happy.

The overwhelming media coverage was also a one-sided acclaim, “Sternly cracking down on any dark forces that dare to put their claws into our country, increasing our national prestige and eliminating criminal offence.”

However, Xiao Nuo, the captain of the special police team “Gunfire” was missing, which cast a lingering haze on the case that should have been successfully accomplished.

Shen Muqing’s father, Shen Moru, as the chief commander of the “Thunder” operation, had tried his best to suppress the news.

However, with a solemn atmosphere, a group of hardened soldiers surrounding a handsome middle-aged man got off the helicopter from Yanjing. They came straight to Shen Moru whose face became extremely unnatural. He braced himself to smile, “Xiao, why do you come here?”

“Do you think I shouldn’t have come?” Xiao said expressionlessly with a sting in his words.

“You should, shoud have, come here, go in first and we’ll talk later!”

Just when Shen Moru chummily put his arms around Mr. Xiao’s shoulders, he brushed off his hands without mercy. Shen Moru could only smile bitterly, shake his head and lead the way in front.

People around looked at each other in astonishment, they didn’t know who this man was that even Shen Moru, who was an unsmiling man, had to smile and keep him entertained.

Seeing the two chiefs walk into the conference room of the municipal public security bureau together, a strong smell of gunpowder followed them. There were people who wanted to go in after them, but they were stopped by the soldiers brought by Mr. Xiao, one of whom said with a straight face, “The Chiefs talk in private, everyone else cannot enter.”

The people brought by Shen Moru naturally were not willing to concede. The police that Ding Ning once saw in the hospital stepped forward and said with a poker face, “Get out of the way, don’t make me take action, I’m in charge of the Chief’s safety.”

One young soldier in camouflage stepped forward with determination. He stood straight and said both naturally and fearlessly, “We are here, you need not worry about the safety of the Chief. If you want to take action, I can play with you.”

The guard felt the pressure he brought, his pupils narrowed and his expression dignified. Lowering his voice, he asked, “Dragon Soul?”

The young soldier changed his look and watched him alertly, “Who are you?”

The guard saluted and there was a trace of remembrance in his look. He said neither obsequiously nor arrogantly, “I am just a guard of the Chief, Wind Shadow!”

The young soldier was startled for a moment and was suddenly enlightened. Obviously, he had heard of him. He immediately saluted, “It’s you, predecessor Wind Shadow. You can go in but the others cannot!”

“Forget it, since you are here, the safety of the Chief won’t be a problem, I won’t go in.”

Wind Shadow waved his hand and turned to the crowd. As if to show off his skills intentionally, he disappeared inside instantly.

The young soldier frowned, a dash of praise on his lips, and he whispered in a low voice, “No wonder he was a member of Dragon Soul, his speed is incomparable.”

“Captain, is he the Wind Shadow, a member of the former Dragon Soul, who followed Chief Shen and retired?”

A black-faced soldier next to him came up and asked curiously.

The young soldier nodded and showed a high fighting spirit, and he said somewhat wistfully, “It’s a pity that this is not the right time, otherwise I would try to spar with him.”

The black-faced military man smiled and complimented, “Captain is indeed the most promising soldier in our Dragon Soul who are set to be the new generation of the Dragon Triangle. You even dare to challenge Wind Shadow who was the most likely candidate to be the Dragon Teeth at that time.”

The young soldier shook his head and smiled. He made no comments and said, “That’s just a rumor. The speed of Wind Shadow was really unparalleled, but when it comes to attacking power, he was not qualified to become Dragon Teeth. Otherwise, he would not retire after the transfer of Dragon Scale.”

“Captain, tell us about the history of our Dragon Soul. We only know that Dragon Soul was the strongest special team in China, but we don’t know what kind of glory it holds.”

Except for a few soldiers who were assigned to guard the door, the other soldiers gathered round and asked.

“Twenty years ago, Dragon Soul was first established. Dragon Teeth, Dragon Scale and Dragon Horn, the strongest soldier kings in China, propped up the entire Dragon Soul. Dragon Teeth was good at attacking, Dragon Scale did well in defense, and Dragon Horn was skilled in making strategies. Any one of the three could easily get the first in the International Special Forces Competition held once every three years. But it was a pity that, unfortunately, in an accident, Dragon Tooth was expelled from the military. Not long after, Dragon Scale was transferred. Only Dragon Horn was left to be in charge of the whole situation.” The young soldier’s face had an expression of pain.

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