Medical Sovereign

Chapter 542 - The Interception

Chapter 542 The Interception

On the way from the Mount Yan to the urban area, a Dongfeng armored car staggered and stopped on the roadside, for it had a flat tire.

Tanlang, Pojun, and Qisha got off the car with a gloomy face, only to see a man in an ancient robe stand leisurely on the road.

Tanlang’s eyes narrowed as he said coldly, “Elder Chixia from the Holy Medical Family!”

“Yes, that’s me. You must be the famous Tanlang, right?”

The man in the ancient robe was no other than Chixia, Yan Hui’s master. At the moment, he wore a genial smile on his face. He cupped his fists in a gentle manner toward Tanlang as if they were old friends who hadn’t seen each other for years.

Tanlang raised his eyebrows and said, “Elder Chixia, why are you standing in our way? What can we do for you?”

“I don’t dare to ask you to do anything. I just heard that you’re the three talents in the National Warrior’s Mansion, so I want to learn from you guys,” Elder Chixia replied in a flat tone

However, his words sounded quite provocative.

“Hahaha, Elder Chixia, are you trying to stop the three of us on your own?”

Tanlang, Pojun, and Qisha looked at each other and laughed in unison.

“I don’t dare to do that. I’m not that arrogant. I just want to exchange several moves with you, Brother Tanlang.”

Chixia stood aside to give way to Pojun and Qisha and gestured them to go. “Go as you want, the two of you.”

Tanlang nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll exchange several moves with Elder Chixia. The two of you can go first.”

“Be careful!”

Knowing that it was not the time to hesitate, Pojun and Qisha nodded and ran forward without looking at Chixia.

Chixia stood on the side of the road with his hands clasped behind his back, showing no intention of fighting. He didn’t speak with a smile until Pojun and Qisha went away. “The moon looks beautiful tonight.”

“Yes, it was raining just now. The air is fresh, and the moonlight is bright. It’s not a good time to kill.”

Tanlang’s indifferent words made the smile on Chixia’s face freeze. “You want to kill me? I just want to exchange several moves with you,” said Chixia.

“Though I shouldn’t kill at such a beautiful night, those who dare to challenge the National Warrior’s Mansion will only have two choices—kill me or killed by me.”

As soon as Tanlang finished his words, he charged at Chixia at a lightning speed like an arrow, with wuthering winds. His fierce killing intention made Chixia feel cold all over.

He just wanted to hold Tanlang off, and he didn’t want to risk his own life to fight against him. However, he had to try his best to fight now since Tanlang had put up a desperate fight.

“Red Glow all over the Sky!”

With Chixia’s punch, heaven and earth seemed to be shaken, and red glow all over the sky covered him like beautiful fireworks.


Their shadows intertwined, and Tanlang stood proudly behind Chixia with his body shining with bright and overbearing starlight.

The glow around Chixia faded away, and there was an abnormal flush on his face. He reached out to cover the bloody hole in his chest and asked incredulously, “Why? Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Tanlang’s body was tall and straight like a mountain, and he replied firmly, “The National Warrior’s Mansion mustn’t be humiliated!”

After saying that, he dashed forward like a hawk, ran away as fast as a meteor, and disappeared into the darkness.

“The National Warrior’s Mansion mustn’t be humiliated. How impressed! I’m not as good as you, Tanlang!”

Chixia looked up to the sky and sighed. He then closed his eyes dejectedly and sat cross-legged in meditation.

Tanlang hadn’t dodged even once during the fight. He fought fearlessly regardless of his own safety and life, just to injure and kill Chixia. The moment they were about to collide with each other, Chixia was afraid, which led his attack to be slower than Tanlang’s. He was thus badly injured and wouldn’t be able to fight in a few years.

In a dark place far away that he didn’t know, Tanlang suddenly stopped running and spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with white smoke. His face turned pale as he sat on the ground, depressed, to regulate his breath. He showed a bitter smile and said, “You deserve to be an expert at the peak of the Real Martial Arts Realm. I was just hit by the wind caused by your palm, and that trace of power of the flame injured my meridians badly. I couldn’t make any move; otherwise, I would have killed you. What a pity. Pojun, Qisha, I’ve tried my best. Now, everything has to rely on the two of you.”

As Pojun and Qisha headed forward together, they saw a strange monk in a green cassock sitting cross-legged in the middle of the road. Head down, the monk lowered his eyes, looking as if he would be sitting there forever.

“Qisha, you go first. Leave this monk to me!”

Pojun shouted in a low voice. He took a step forward with surging fighting desire, and his momentum was as huge as a mountain as he approached the monk in the way.

Qisha nodded in silence and ran past the monk without stopping. The monk did not stop him but raised his eyelids and stared at Pojun, as if he could see no one else there.

“If I’m not mistaken, someone will be waiting for Qisha in the way ahead, right?”

Pojun asked calmly.

“Amitabha, since you’ve known the answer, why did you ask, sir?”

The monk uttered a Buddhist word and slowly stood up. “I have no intention to fight against you. Please wait there for a moment.”

“You don’t want to fight against me?”

Pojun asked in both inquiring and mocking tone. He suddenly made an extremely strange pose. His left arm bent like a bow, and his right hand was in a posture of pulling the bow. A terrible killing aura shrouded the monk, and Pojun’s cold voice chilled him to his bone. “I’ll kill whoever stands in my way.”

The monk’s face turned pale with fear. He exclaimed, “There is no need to come to blows, sir.”

“As one of the Four Holy Gates, the Holy Medical Family is sort of qualified to stand in the way of our National Warrior’s Mansion. However, there is no expert in the Holy Martial Arts Realm in your Pure land of Sanskrit. I don’t know what made you so bold to stand in my way. Get out of my way or die. Make your choice now.”

Pojun’s aura became increasingly stronger, and his horrifying suppressing force made the monk feel like he was trapped in a swamp. The monk didn’t even dare to move, and he looked hesitant. Just as Pojun’s momentum was about to reach its peak and he was ready to shoot the invisible arrow in his hand…

“Amitabha, I’ll make way for you. I’m no match for you, sir!”

In the end, the monk failed to bear the terrifying pressure from Pojun. He uttered a Buddhist term and walked away disappointedly.

“Well, you know what’s good for you!”

Pojun gave a cold snort, and his terrifying aura burst out as he disappeared in the distance instantly with loud whooshing sounds, like an arrow.

The monk wiped the sweat on his forehead and comforted himself with a lingering fear. “I didn’t expect that Pojun has reached the peak of the Great Master Realm. He could use his Qi as a weapon, and may break through to the Martial-arts God Realm at any time. I can’t stop him. I don’t think my masters would blame me for this.”

In a dark place far away, seeing that there was no one around, Pojun lay on the ground feebly, too weak to even lift his finger. He murmured to himself with a smile, “Oh my! I’m so scared. I’m just at the early stage of the Great Master Realm, but damn it, they sent Monk Fankong, who was at the eighth level of the Real Martial Arts Realm to stop me. Did they think me so mighty? Fortunately, I successfully deceived that monk by performing the Sky-breaking Arrow Technique pretendingly. Otherwise, I would end up a lame man tonight even if I wouldn’t be killed. Alas, I can’t move in the following hour. Now, everything has to depend on you, Qisha.”

Qisha, whom Pojun was talking about, now was staring at a handsome young man who wore a snow-white robe and carried an ancient sword on his back. He had no expression on his face, his black clothes fluttering in the wind. He said with a frown, “When did the Holy-sword Villa have a talent who entered the Real Martial Arts Realm before 40 like you? Why haven’t I ever heard of you?”

Being praised by Qisha, who was a man of few words, the white-robed young man could not remain indifferent though he was a strong-willed man. His eyes glistened with delight as he pretended to say in a humble tone, “How flattered, Brother Qisha. I’m Xuanyuan Ao, and there are many disciples like me in our Holy-sword Villa, so I’m barely a talent…”

“Do you know what I hate most?” asked Qisha flatly.

“What do you hate the most?”

The white-robed man was stunned. His task was to delay Qisha as long as possible, so he was very glad that Qisha was willing to chat with him.


Qisha unsheathed his sword, which shone like a dragon. Before the panic-stricken Xuanyuan Ao could react, he felt cold all over. His elegant white robe was tattered on his body, and only his boxer shorts was untorn. Even the long sword on his back also fell to the ground.

“I hate nagging people the most!”

Qisha’s flat voice came from a distance, and he had already disappeared into the darkness.

Xuanyuan Ao was dumbfounded, with a look of shame and indignation on his face. He spat out a mouthful of blood in depression, covered the private place of his lower body, and roared wildly in the dark. “Ahhh… Damn Qisha. I’ll humiliate you a hundred times worse than you did to me!”

However, Qisha had already gone far away and couldn’t hear his scolding words. Even if he heard it, he would not take it to heart. He just attacked Xuanyuan Ao when the latter was off guard. If they were to fight against each other, who would win would remain unknown.

Xuanyuan Ao was the young son of the master of the Holy-sword Villa. He was only thirty-seven years old and was already an expert at the third level of the Realm. His potential was limitless. He was definitely a genius and had the strength to fight someone above his level.

Though his realm was alike to that of Qisha, who was in the early stage of the Great Master Realm, his power was extraordinary. Qisha could defeat him unexpectedly just because he distracted his mind by flattering him.

After defeating Xuanyuan Ao, Qisha slightly heaved a sigh of relief. Thinking that he was about to arrive at his destination, he was very excited. It seemed that he was able to complete his task. He hoped that kid could hold on for a little longer.

But soon, his face darkened. Looking at the red-robed woman that stood calmly in the middle of the road, his pupils contracted sharply and shone with radiance. “Fairy Chixiao?”

“Qisha? Even Xuanyuan Ao failed to stop you. You’re really extraordinary. Not bad!”

Fairy Chixiao clapped her hands gently, with a very sincere expression of admiration on her face, as if she were sincerely cheering for Qisha.

Qisha frowned hard and said, “Among the seven chief elders of the Holy Medical Family, you guys sent two to stop me. I really want to know your purpose. Don’t tell me that you were just thinking about exchanging several moves with me, and don’t tell me you guys did so for the Demon Cult or the Corpse-driven Sect. I’m not that stupid to believe these words.”

“You are a smart person. Why don’t we sit down and have a good chat, instead of fighting fiercely? Maybe we can be friends after the talk.”

Fairy Chixiao smiled and did not answer his question. Instead, she sat down on a stone on the road, patted the position beside her, and gestured him to sit down.

Qisha didn’t pretend to refuse but sat down casually beside her. “Fine. Let’s talk for a little while first.”

“Haha, it’s said that you’re a reserved person of few words. I didn’t expect you to be such a humorous and interesting person in private.”

Fairy Chixiao covered her mouth and chuckled. She even snuggled up in Qisha’s arms with a seductive and charming look in her eyes.

“I’ve long heard that you’re a forthright woman, Fairy Chixiao. Today, I finally know that you’re indeed coquettish. But you’re a little old for me.”

At Qisha’s words, Fairy Chixiao’s chuckle stopped abruptly. She sat up in an instant, and strong killing intent flashed across her eyes. She gnashed her teeth and said, “Qisha, you’re courting death!”

“Well, I don’t like to talk too much; I just want to do it.”

Qisha said the ambiguous words in a flirting tone, and he suddenly reached out to grab her elbow.

Though Fairy Chixiao hadn’t expected this, she was, after all, an expert at the seventh level of the Real Martial Arts Realm. She reacted very quickly to grab Qisha’s elbow by twisting her hand forcefully.

Qisha turned his palm, and the five fingers of his right hand poked at Fairy Chixiao’s elbow hard like a white snake sticking out its tongue.

Fairy Chixiao was shocked inside. She felt her right arm limp and numb and couldn’t move it. Just as she was about to exert her Spiritual Energy to protect herself, she suddenly felt her costa numb as well. What was worse, she felt strangely itchy all over suddenly, and it made her twitch. She could not help but keep chuckling and lose her strength to resist.

Qisha dared not to be careless. He quickly patted her several times to seal her Spiritual Energy, and then he let out a long sigh of relief. Unknowingly, his clothes were soaked in sweat.

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