Medical Sovereign

Chapter 543 - An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 543 An Unexpected Visitor

Though Fairy Chixiao couldn’t move, her eyes were burning with anger. She gnashed her teeth and said, “You’re so despicable, Qisha. You actually used such foul means, are you a man?”

Qisha lifted her delicate chin and looked at her panicked eyes with an evil smile, saying, “You want to know if I’m a man or not? You have to try it to know.”

“Do… do anything to me, and my sect will kill you.”

Fairy Chixiao was really frightened and panic-stricken and said in a threatening tone.

Qisha raised his eyebrows and showed a meaningful look. “I didn’t expect you to be a virgin at this old age. Good, good, how lucky I’m.”

“Bullshit! I’m not yet 70 and no much older than you.”

Women were sensitive about age, including Fairy Chixiao. When Qisha mocked her for being old, she was badly enraged and couldn’t help yelling at him.

For ordinary people, a sixty-year-old woman was quite old. However, for an expert in the Real Martial Arts Realm whose lifespan was about 150 years, like Fairy Chixiao, being 60 was just like an ordinary people being 30.

“Yes, you’re just 30 years older than me.”

Qisha sneered. Xuanyuan Ao always regarded himself as talented, but Qisha thought himself no inferior to him. At the similar age, he had reached the Great Master Realm.

“You…You’re just in your thirties?”

Fairy Chixiao’s expression changed. She had always been proud of the several talents, including Xuanyuan Ao, in her sect, so she looked down on other heroes in the world. She had never expected that there was such a talented man in this dusty world.

“How old I’m has nothing to do with you!”

Qisha cast her a cold glance and turned away. He had no time to waste on her.

He didn’t tell her that among the outstanding disciples of the second generation of the National Warrior’s Mansion, the eldest one, Tanlang, was only in his forties, while Pojun was only 39. As for Qisha himself, he was only 35, two years younger than Xuanyuan Ao.

Fairy Chixiao looked at Qisha’s leaving back, dumbfounded. She had a complicated look in her eyes as she murmured to herself, “How was it possible? Reaching the Great Master Realm before 40? Even those talents like Xuanyuan Ao couldn’t reach the Real Martial Arts at this age without the strong support from the sect.”

The reason why someone would be regarded as a genius was that their talent in cultivation was much stronger than that of others, and they could cultivate at a much faster speed than others. Though Xuanyuan Ao didn’t have the best talent in cultivation among the young people of the Holy-sword Villa, he was the younger son and favorite son of the master of the sect. With plenty of resources, he had been able to become a genius.

Without any doubt, he was very talented himself. Otherwise, the Holy-sword Villa would have helped him establish a strong foundation first, knowing that they couldn’t let a tree grow faster by pulling it up.

Similarly, a so-called genius that grew strong with the help of others would be inexperienced when compared with the genius that grew strong through battles.

If Xuanyuan Ao and Qisha were to fight each other on an arena, Xuanyuan Ao possibly would win, for he had a big advantage over Qisha, who was an Ancient Warrior. He had many things to help him, such as magical weapons, talisman, magical armor, and spiritual beasts.

However, if they were to have a battle of life and death, Qisha certainly would be the one to survive. He was like a wild grass that had withstood many blows, while Xuanyuan Ao was like a flower in a greenhouse.

It was an easy battle for Ding Ning. He cooperated well with the zombie. It seemed that he displayed each move with great strength, but in fact, it only consumed little energy.

He felt very upset, faced with the zombie, a strange species that was invulnerable without a soul, and that even his Soul-severing Knife couldn’t harm it.

The Magic Mosquito couldn’t do anything to the unintelligent zombie either. After all, the zombie had no blood for the mosquito to suck.

The Soul-devouring Bug even didn’t come out to fight, lest it would embarrass itself. After all, the zombie didn’t have soul, let alone fluctuation of its spirit.

In the end, it was the little ghost that had lain quietly in his body for a long time that surprised him. The little ghost was usually helpful only when Ding Ning displayed the Nine Ghosts and 13-needle Technique.

The little ghost had been quiet at the usual time. However, it had shown a strong desire for the zombie since the zombie appeared. This greatly surprised Ding Ning.

He released the little ghost, which wormed its way into the zombie’s body joyfully. As a result, the zombie became the little ghost’s puppet and Ding Ning’s pet.

Exhausted, Ding Ning was quite delighted at the moment. Though he didn’t know why this weird monster of Zhai Ying played for time, he was happy to pretend that he was fighting against it seriously, and take the chance to recover his strength.

Feeling that he was slowly regaining his strength, Ding Ning felt regretful. It seemed that he had to start to make pills as soon as possible. With pills, he could recover much faster.

After getting Yan Dragon Tripod, he had tried to make pills several times. However, because he was not skillful at controlling the fire, those attempts all failed. Fortunately, he had just tried to make pills at the Human Level and didn’t use any precious materials, so he was not frustrated at all after wasting so many materials.

Later, he managed to make pills with Fire of the Underworld, and after a dozen attempts, he finally mastered the skill of making pills and controlling fire and produced several pots of pills of the highest grade at the Human Level.

However, those pills were useless to him, so he gave them to Xiaoniu and his family. To him, those pills were valueless, but to ordinary people, they were pills with magical power. After taking the pills, Xiaoniu’s parents and the elder members of his family all became young and looked like in their middle ages. It was likely that they could live another seventy to eighty years.

For warriors, only the pills at the Earth Level were useful. Ding Ning didn’t want to waste his herbs, so he didn’t try to make pills at the Earth Level unless he could be confident to control Fire of the Underworld well.

He didn’t realize that a strength-recovering pill at the Earth Level could save his life during a battle until he was in a fight now. That was why he made up his mind that after he survived this fight, he would immediately start making pills at the Earth Level.

Wu Liduo yawned, watching the fight between Ding Ning and the zombie with a bored look. The four great elders of the Demon Cult, who had been alert, now all held their jaw with one hand and looked very bored.

The zombie’s body was strong, so was Ding Ning’s. The two didn’t use any martial skills or magical skills but only used their hands and feet while fighting. Thus, the fight was not interesting at all.

Even the fight between the rogues on the streets was more interesting than the fight between Ding Ning and the zombie. The former was more exciting for they always would break their legs, arms, and heads in the fight.

However, the fight between Ding Ning and the zombie was like that of two bulls colliding together. It seemed fierce and earth-shaking, but neither of them got hurt. They kept knocking into each other without leaving a scratch on their bodies…

In one word, the fight was extremely boring. Those elders were itching to possess the zombie so as to kill Ding Ning as soon as possible. They didn’t want to stand there watching the fight with fear anymore.

Zhai Ying, however, watched the fight with an interested look and cheered loudly from time to time. If it were not for that they couldn’t afford to offend the Corpse-driven Sect, those elders would have called Zhai Ying names and questioned him if he had ever watched a fight before.

They didn’t know that Zhai Ying, in fact, felt bitter inside. He muttered to himself, “Why haven’t they arrived yet? I’d rather die than wait here in fear of being killed. It feels so bad.”

Ding Ning complained secretly as well. Luo Zhicheng had informed their seniors of the situation for half an hour, yet, no reinforcement had arrived. Ding Ning couldn’t help but wonder if all the people in the National Warrior’s Mansion had fallen asleep.

He thought even if the people of the National Warrior’s Mansion didn’t come, any person from the Seventeenth Department, Bureau of Religions, and National Security Bureau coming to inform him of the decision of the seniors would be fine, so that he could know what to do the next, no matter he was told to continue fighting or retreating.

Fortunately, Luo Zhicheng finally got some of his underlings there to help them. According to Ding Ning’s orders, Yagyuu Asamayu told those underlings to take those young masters and ladies to a hotel for a rest. After all, those young masters and ladies were unconscious, bringing them home would cause misunderstandings.

After those people were taken to the hotel, Ding Ning ordered Yagyuu Asamayu and Luo Zhicheng to leave, so that he wouldn’t need to worry about them and could find a chance to escape during the fight.

Yes, he decided to escape. Faced with two experts at the peak of the Sky Martial Arts Realm and four experts at the late stage of this realm, Ding Ning had no confidence in defeating all of them even if he could kill the zombie with one blow.

It was true that he didn’t have any spirit that a warrior would have, and even if he had, he wouldn’t fight blindly unless he was sure that he would win. For the time being, the only thing that worried him was that if he didn’t wipe out those people now, there would be endless trouble waiting for him.

Thus, he tried his best to play for time, hoping that an expert of the National Warrior’s Mansion would come soon and kill all those people to avoid any potential trouble.

After Ding Ning waited for a long time, someone… finally came.

However, it was not a succor as Ding Ning had expected, but an enemy. This made him feel very regretful.

The new comer was named Feng Jiu. This ordinary name, however, made Ding Ning’s heart skip a beat because Feng Jiu was an expert in the Real Martial Arts Realm from the Feng Family.

He came there simply to teach Ding Ning a lesson for Feng Ni’er, the daughter of the Feng Family, and to seize the fictitious magical treasures.

After all, ever since Feng Ni’er made her name known, she had never lost her face like that—being beaten up by a man from the secular world. This was a huge disgrace to the Feng Family.

Ding Ning was mad with anger. If he had known that Feng Ni’er was so narrow-minded, he wouldn’t have let her go, and instead, he would have killed her on the spot since the Feng Family would seek revenge anyway.

Not like Wu Liduo, Feng Jiu was not afraid of Zhai Ying at all. As soon as he arrived, he first knocked the zombie away, then broke Ding Ning’s arms with one punch, and broke Ding Ning’s leg with one kick, leaving Ding Ning no chance to escape.

As a matter of fact, Ding Ning had misunderstood Feng Ni’er. Though he had made her lose face, she never thought of taking revenge on him. She didn’t wake up to her errors, but at least, she won Long Xiaotian’s heart again. Therefore, she owed Ding Ning a favor in a sense.

However, her grandfather didn’t think so. He thought it would disgrace the family even more if he didn’t seek revenge even after his granddaughter was beaten up by Ding Ning.

Thus, Feng Jiu, who coveted those magical treasures, took the initiative to avenge Feng Ni’er and defend the fame of the Feng Family.

He went to Ninghai, and it took him several days to find Ding Ning’s address. Just as he planned to break into Ding Ning’s house at night, he learned from the news that Ding Ning had gone to Yan Jing. Then, he immediately hurried to Yan Jing. He hadn’t expected that while looking for Ding Ning around the city, he would see him being besieged by others. This made him overjoyed. After finding that Zhai Ying and others were just in the Sky Martial Arts Realm, he broke into the besiegement and launched an attack.

He kept his promise that he only taught Ding Ning a lesson by breaking one arm and one leg of him. If it were at usual times, Ding Ning wouldn’t take the injuries seriously.

However, there were six people waiting eagerly to take his life at the moment, so Ding Ning hated Feng Jiu and the Feng Family to the bones.

His eyes glittered with a fierce expression as he stared at Feng Jiu and said, “If I survive today, I’ll kill you and everyone in the Feng Family one day.”

“You’re young but really arrogant. My family will wait for you to come at us.”

Feng Jiu shrugged with an indifferent expression. Though Ding Ning’s fierce expression gave him a chill, he didn’t think that Ding Ning would survive the night.

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