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Chapter 546 - The Sutra of Washing Spirit

Chapter 546 The Sutra of Washing Spirit

In Yan Jing Hotel, Ding Ning and Night Lone Ranger sat facing each other.

After all, they were originally strangers without connections, but they became the most familiar strangers to each other because of a wrong reason.

A woman will never forget her first man, but more likely, he is only in her beautiful imagination. For this man and woman, they really didn’t have a love experience at all.

For Night Lone Ranger, when he was not aware of her existence, she paid attention to him silently, worried about him, and even shed tears for him. After all, he was her child’s father.

But when this man appeared in front of her alive, Night Lone Ranger had complicated emotions: She was shy with nervousness, felt it was strange but had anticipation, had resentment but somewhat admitted that her fate was determined by God…

In a word, she had many kinds of unspeakable emotions. If this thick-skinned man had not taken her hand on the way here and got her a little emotionally prepared, she would have wanted to run away immediately.

Therefore, when she faced him, she did not know what to do, although she wanted to see him desperately earlier. Now, her heart pounded, her mouth turned dry, and her brain went blank, and she could only lower her head and keep silent.

Ding Ning’s skin was thick enough, but when facing the shy and timid Night Lone Ranger at this moment, he still didn’t know what to say.

He opened his mouth a few times, wanting to say something, but did not say anything. Although he proclaimed like a commander that she was his woman, when he saw her stunning face, he still felt that she was so strange to him.

It was unclear whether Yagyuu Asamayu began to understand human feelings or something. When she returned, she did not pester him like before. Instead, she went into the room next door, and this was the first time she had done this.

This made him feel very gratified. “Money Bag is sensible.” He didn’t want Night Lone Ranger to know that he slept with a woman every day, for he believed that no matter how good-tempered a woman was, she would be unhappy.



The embarrassing atmosphere made them feel depressed. The two people felt that they could not keep silent anymore and simultaneously summoned up their courage to open their mouths, ready to say something.

But they felt that talking at the same time was funny, and then the atmosphere became relaxed. Ding Ning grinned and said, “Lady first, you speak first.”

Night Lone Ranger said politely, “You speak first.”

Ding Ning scratched the back of his head and said, “You… Are you all right?”

“Am I all right? You ask me if I am all right?”

“No, I’m not all right at all. I bear you bastard’s child and vomit terribly every day, and I can’t even dare to fight, afraid that I will vomit while fighting.”

Night Lone Ranger cursed him inwardly, but she put on an extremely sweet smile on her face. “I’m great.”


Ding Ning scratched his head again because he had never felt so speechless. “She is so bad at chatting.”

The two became silent again. After a long while, Ding Ning felt that as a man of good manners, he should break the silence.

But every time he looked up at Night Lone Ranger’s fairy-like beautiful countenance, his heart couldn’t help pounding. “Such an unparalleled gorgeous lady even belongs to me.” Now when remembering it, he still thought that he seemed to be dreaming.

The possessive desire only a man has instantly made his vanity satisfied most. His mouth and tongue turned dry, and he did not know what he should say. He opened his mouth a few times but was tongue-tied, and could not say anything.

“You, uh… Could I sit next to you?” Ding Ning summoned up his courage and said cheekily.

Night Lone Ranger hung her head and blushed. “What does the bastard want to do?” Instantly, she was messy-minded, and her brain went blank.

Seeing that she hung her head silently, Ding Ning was quite happy. “She seems to have acquiesced.” Immediately, he went brazenly and willingly to her and sat next to her.

Without looking straight at her eyes, Ding Ning instantly became quite bold and held her beautiful thin, long hand.

Night Lone Ranger was absent-minded now and did not find when he had come and sat next to her. Only when her hand was held by his was she suddenly shocked.

Ready to break free of his hand and stand up to righteously scold him with the words “Please behave yourself”, she glanced from the corner of her eye at his complexion that he was too fond of her hand to let go of it, and her heart instantly turned soft. “Even I am his, so it’s not a big deal to hold my hand.”

Ding Ning had been observing her complexion silently without showing his feelings. Seeing that she only struggled symbolically and then let him hold her hand, he instantly became quite happy.

“Lone Ranger, you are really beautiful, and I want to kiss you.”

The power of the man’s sweet words was quite shocking. Night Lone Range did want to spring to her feet to scold that he was shameless and beat and knock him down, giving him a good lesson.

But she did not know why her mouth was kissed by him without her knowledge. Then, the strong masculine aura instantly made her lose herself, and she turned so soft that she had no strength to resist.

“Did the bastard drug me? Otherwise, how could I not have the slightest strength to resist? Huh, what a nasty bad man!”

Night Lone Range kept looking for reasons for herself, and then… then she began to respond to his kiss with ease.

“No, your wound…”

Night Lone Ranger was very angry. “This asshole is too insatiable. Kissing is still bearable, but he is touching me… touching is still bearable, but he is taking off my clothes. I don’t feel hot at all!”

She really wanted to righteously push him away and shout, “How could you behave so shamelessly?” But when the words came to her mouth, they became the soft words of concern, which made her feel quite ashamed. “Where is your high moral principle, Night Lone Ranger? Has it been eaten by a dog?”

What she couldn’t accept most was that she was a strong Celestial Spiritual Master, but she was simply carried to the bed by him without psychological preparation, and she also nestled in his arms in a way of great intimacy.

Ding Ning let go of her hand regretfully, and his mind became a little clear. What Night Lone Ranger said was right: His wound couldn’t withstand such a toss.

His bones had just been reset. Doing slight exercises was not a problem, but strenuous exercises would definitely deform the broken bones. “The old bastard Feng Jiu hit me really hard.”

“Because you are so charming.”

Ding Ning buried his head into Night Lone Ranger’s beautiful hair and smelled the fragrance of it with an enchanted expression.

Night Lone Ranger’s face immediately turned red, but she was so happy that her heart almost came out of her chest. Although these were very simple sweet words, they gave her an extremely comfortable feeling.

After all, she was the Holy Goddess of the Holy-goddess Tribe. Then, the excellent young men pursuing her were so many that if they stood in a line, the line could stretch from Ninghai to Yan Jing, but she had never appreciated those men, nor could anyone dare to say such frivolous words to her.

Women themselves are very emotional creatures, and even the Holy Goddess could not avoid this. What was important was the person who spoke these words because different speakers would make quite different effects.

If others talked to her like this, she would feel disgusted and want to kick the speakers to death; but when Ding Ning, the father of her child, spoke so, the effect would be completely different. When hearing these words, she felt that they were the most moving prattle of lovers, making her feel the sweetness in her heart. A girl will doll herself up for him who loves her, and these words were not made for no reason.

Night Lone Ranger moved her head further into his arms. “Am I really so charming?”

“Of course, didn’t you see that I even forgot my wound? I couldn’t help myself just now. Lone Ranger, you are so beautiful and so charming. Now when I remember it, I still feel like I’m dreaming.”

Ding Ning felt that his relationship with Night Lone Ranger had become a little closer. Although he bedded the woman first and then began to date her, the dating process was extremely important. “All girls like romance and a lover’s prattle costs nothing, so let her love be complete.”

But he did not know that his action had just hit her soft spot. She lost her virginity unexpectedly and also became pregnant with his child. Although she had long decided to give birth to this child, it was untrue to say that she didn’t have the slightest regret because she lacked the process of falling in love.

Night Lone Ranger’s heart melted soon, and she said shyly, “You have an oily tongue.”

“I’m telling the truth, and I mean it. If you don’t believe me, touch me and judge. My heartbeat is speeding up now.”

Ding Ning took her hand and put it on his chest, having quite a sincere expression.

Night Lone Ranger pecked at his lips with her puffed pink lips, lowered her head shamefully, and said with a red face, “Not now. We’ll do it in the future.”

Ding Ning felt quite happy. “The ‘goddess’ has accepted me from her heart.” Instantly, he held her hand and said solemnly, “Lone Ranger, you wait for me. In 3 years, I will visit the Holy Goddess Palace and see you.”

This was the requirement of Night Long Ranger. Now when Ding Ning said it naturally, she felt the warmth in her heart. This showed that he had been remembering what she said, and it was also a show of his love of her.


Night Lone Ranger wanted to say, “Don’t give yourself too much pressure, and doing your best is okay. Since I’m going to give birth to the child for you, will I not marry you if you haven’t reached the Real Martial Arts Realm within 3 years?”

But when she was about to speak these words, she just made a monosyllable softly with her nasal cavity because she knew that this world would not change because of her will. If Ding Ning could not show his far-from-ordinary talent, her sect would never accept his existence.

Since she grew up in the Ancient Martial World, the belief that the strong was respected had gone deep into her bones. Before Ding Ning had the absolute strength to conquer her sect, he could only show his extraordinary talent.

Whether they could finally have a family reunion or not, Ding Ning’s performance was the key.

“I’m leaving at dawn.”

Night Lone Ranger said these words softly, but deep reluctance grew inexplicably in her heart.

If possible, she would like to accompany him like this, give birth to the child, and they could watch the child happily grow together.

Several times, she almost couldn’t help wanting to tell him, “I conceive your child.” But her sense told her that she should never say it because it would kill him.

“Can’t you stay?”

Ding Ning showed a little reluctance as if he was so afraid of losing her. He held her tightly in his arms, feeling her tenderness. Surprisingly, he had no mental distractions but the simple reluctance.

“No, I have to go. Remember our agreement. I will wait for you.”

Night Lone Ranger looked at him softly, but her tone was firmer than ever. She said silently in her mind, “For our future, work hard!”

Seeing Ding Ning was a little lost, Night Lone Ranger suddenly made a decision. She held his face with her hands and looked at him. “I am a spiritual master, and your spiritual strength is far better than that of an ordinary person. Now I’m going to teach you the Spiritual Master’s cultivation method, but you must remember, never tell it to anyone.”

“The Spiritual Master’s cultivation method?”

Seeing her solemn expression, Ding Ning realized that this was probably the secret of her sect. “But she is going to secretly tell it to me.” The beauty’s kindness was great. Then, how could he not be moved?

“Don’t resist!”

The powerful spiritual strength of Night Lone Ranger directly invaded his Sea of Spirit, and the Spiritual Master’s cultivation method named Sutra of Washing Spirit was introduced into his mind.

“Sutra of Cultivating Spirit? Sutra of Washing Spirit? Are they the techniques from the same source?”

Ding Ning was shocked when he read the Sutra of Washing Spirit. This was a technique of continuously purifying spiritual strength, which could compress and constantly refine the spiritual strength.

The Sutra of Cultivating Spirit was a technique that could absorb the spiritual strength moving between heaven and earth. Even he did not believe that this one and the Sutra of Washing Spirit were not the complementary spiritual strength-cultivating techniques.

After finishing transmitting the Sutra of Washing Spirit, Night Lone Ranger did not stop and also transmitted to him a spiritual combat method: Spirit Control Skills.

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