Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3104 - 3104 Something Was Wrong

3104 Something Was Wrong

“Quick! Run away!”

Their psychological endurance had reached its peak and they physically trembled, they were also mentally unable to fight. Some of them crushed their teleportation jade tokens as they fled in hopes for a glimmer of chance of survival. Some of the disciples were too slow to react and were thrown to the ground by the two ferocious leopards with their necks bitten off…

The smell of blood filled the air and added to the place that was already filled with the smell of blood. The corpses that lay on the ground were covered in blood, each of them had died with their eyes wide open in fear, and their faces full of horror.

With the exception of the few people who didn’t have time to escape, the others had escaped using their teleportation jade token. The two ferocious beasts looked around after they glanced at the corpses on the ground.

!! f𝓇ℯℯ𝚠e𝒃𝘯𝒐νel. co𝐦

Those humans who had fled earlier seemed to be smarter. It was a pity that they had run in the opposite direction before they were able to get close to them. Now, they weren’t anywhere in sight. What a pity.

At that moment, the two ferocious leopards ate up the corpses on the ground. Finally, they squatted on the ground and wiped the corners of their mouths with their paws, flicked their tails and then lay down to rest.

Feng Jiu and the others had fled from that area quickly. Guan Yue and Lin Yushi ran panting. They looked at Feng Jiu and asked: “It seems, it seems that they’ve stopped chasing, can we stop?”

They had fought and fled while they had injuries, their physical strength was not as good as men after all, and they were unable to keep up.

Feng Jiu glanced back, then she said: “Stop and have a rest!”

“Mu Jiu, what kind of beast is that? We only heard its roar, we didn’t even see it.” Guo Ziqi asked, as he wiped his sweat.

“Its voice sounded like it was a powerful beast, and the coercion in its voice was extraordinary.” Zheng Hai said, also panting.

Feng Jiu thought for a while, then she said: “It’s not inferior to the Iron-Skinned Red Dragon Sacred Beast. Furthermore, there are two of them, even if those people didn’t die, they would be skinned alive.”

In fact, she felt that it was impossible for them not to die, unless they managed to crush their teleportation jade tokens and escaped before the two Sacred Beasts came out. If so, they would still have a glimmer of hope. However, this was a once in a year experience in the Mystic Realm, they would probably not give up this opportunity unless they had to.

Upon hearing this, everyone’s faces stiffened, there was a trace of fear in their hearts. Not inferior to the Iron-Skinned Red Dragon? If they were to go up against them, they might all die here.

Feng Jiu took out some wine from space and took a sip as she thought to herself: Why were there so many Sacred Beasts making an appearance here? Logically speaking, even in the land of the Mystic Realm, this level of Sacred Beast should be in the deepest part of the Mystic Realm. However, even though they were entering the depths now, they were still far away from the deepest parts of the Realm. The Iron-Skinned Red Dragon they had encountered previously, plus the two Sacred Beasts today, would mean that they had encountered three Sacred Beasts. Something was not right about this situation!

“Has your Master mentioned any special things about this place?” Feng Jiu asked.

Everyone’s eyes flickered slightly when they heard this. They thought that it was a bit strange for him to ask such a question. What did he mean by Your Master? Was he not also his Master? They suppressed the doubts in their hearts. Mu Ling, Pei Zixuan and the others shook their heads: “No, Master only told us that we can’t go into the depths because there are powerful beasts there.”

After they said this, Mu Ling and Pei Zixuan paused for a moment. They looked at each other and finally realised that something was wrong.

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