Monarch of Evernight

Volume 8 - Chapter 1011: When Did She Ever Leave?

Although what they were about to do was the same as the days before, Qianye was flustered in the face of Ji Tianqing’s attention and Li Kuanglan’s calm demeanor. He had no idea what would happen next.

This time, Li Kuanglan didn’t have her back toward him. Instead, they were embracing one another face to face.

Tensing up, Qianye patted her back lightly. “You don’t need to hold on so tightly, I can deal with it even if we’re slightly apart.”

“You’ll have an easier time this way. It’s a rare chance to be able to cultivate in the Great Maelstrom, any extra cultivation time is good.”

Qianye didn’t quite understand. Ji Tianqing moved over with a chuckle and said, “We’ve discussed this just now. According to our family records, the Great Maelstrom only offers a slight boost to cultivation. It’s almost negligible. The region we’re in, however, is able to increase our cultivation speed exponentially, and it also produces treasures like the white fruit wine that can help with bottlenecks. Hence, this place is the real holy ground for cultivation. Unfortunately, we’re not strong enough to remain here for prolonged periods, but even an hour is helpful toward breaking into the divine champion realm.”

At this point, Ji Tianqing blinked a couple of times and said meaningfully, “So, don’t miss this opportunity!” Before finishing the sentence, she reached out and slapped Li Kuanglan on the butt.

Startled, the latter gnashed her teeth and grabbed at Ji Tianqing, who promptly lowered her head and circled around to Qianye’s back.

Qianye was the one to suffer from the playfulness of the two ladies. His blood flow began to accelerate, and his blood core erupted with unprecedented force. Every beat of it was like the sound of a primordial drum, its majestic reverberation constantly assailing the girls’ hearts and will.

His ancient vampire blood began to surge and boil. This distant but colossal will was almost indefensible!

In the blink of an eye, Qianye’s body began to react uncontrollably, and even the cruelty of the frigid night couldn’t stop the reproductive desire of his vampire bloodline.

Ji Tianqing and Li Kuanglan were extremely sharp in their senses. Not even the flow of Qianye’s hair could escape their eyes, let alone such a big change. They were both startled—a blushing Li Kuanglan froze up and slowly started edging away from Qianye. She was in an awkward position and ran the risk of losing her innocence if Qianye were to move suddenly.

Ji Tianqing suddenly grabbed Qianye’s shoulder from behind and pushed him forward!

Li Kuanglan shrunk back with a startled cry, narrowly escaping the calamity.

The change caught him completely off-guard, and he nearly made a mistake under Ji Tianqing’s manipulation. The powerful sensation from the collision of private parts almost caused his determination to collapse.

Qianye turned back and roared, “Tianqing, what are you doing?”

Unexpectedly, the moment he turned back, Ji Tianqing moved closer to his face until their noses were almost touching. Qianye was never able to finish his words before his lips were sealed by hers.

He wanted to cry out, “what are you trying to do?” but how could he make a sound? Ji Tianqing’s tongue parted his lips and pushed in.

Her tongue was soft and smooth, but it was also extremely powerful. The somewhat flustered Qianye simply couldn’t resist her. He couldn’t help but wonder if she had trained in some sort of secret tongue art—how else could she possess such terrifying power? It almost felt as though he would lose his teeth if he were to struggle forcibly.

Qianye’s head was clear enough to know that he couldn’t just bite down on her or things would turn murderous. It was just that Qianye was left defenseless and could only allow the attacking enemy inside.

Before he could extricate himself, a rolling wave of liquid surged out from her mouth and down Qianye’s throat. Qianye trembled upon sensing the taste and cried out secretly in distress.

It was the white fruit wine!

In the blink of an eye, Ji Tianqing had poured an entire jar of the wine into Qianye’s stomach. Only afterward did she release her grip and said with a complicated expression, “Sorry.”

Things happened so fast that Qianye never had the time to react. He hadn’t managed to figure out what was going on before Ji Tianqing snapped her fingers.

This sound seemed to have flipped a mysterious switch, whereupon a plume of raging flames surged up from Qianye’s abdomen. It wasn’t just the white-fruit wine from just now. The effects of the wine she had ingested the day before also erupted from concealment. Every muscle in his body was aboil with vitality, his ancient vampire bloodline roaring in jubilation as it resonated with the River of Blood.

The next moment, Qinaye’s reasoning completely fell apart. In his last shred of sanity, before his will had crumbled entirely, he asked, “Wh… why…?”

Qianye never realized why this came to be. They had clearly walked out of the core area—both the frigid night and gravity were no longer as strong. Although they would still need external help, it no longer felt as though lasting the night was a new lease on life.

In two days at most, perhaps even one, the three of them would reach a region they could adapt to. At that point, Ji Tianqing would be able to get through the night alone, and Li Kuanglan would only need a little bit of help around midnight. She wouldn’t even need to take off her clothes or experience embarrassing situations.

Three days later, the trio would likely have reached the borders of the empire-explored territory. The main theme would then become the collection of resources and defending the camps against Evernight aggression. This was the world and tempo they were familiar with. With the three of them working together, neither the Empire nor Evernight would be their match.

The dark times were clearly about to end and dawn was right before their eyes, so much so that they could already see a line of red far over the horizon. Why would Ji Tianqing do this?

Qianye simply couldn’t understand. He would think about this matter from time to time—he was a half-vampire whose foundation in the empire had been broken, and it could even be said that he was no longer related to the Zhao clan. Back then, his battle for Nighteye had shocked the entire Empire. There was no way people like Li Kuanglan and Ji Tianqing would not know.

The first time Li Kuanglan had offered herself was still reasonable because neither of them could see a way out, and there was no telling how long they could last. Since dying was out of the question, she was simply making a choice to do the inevitable in a clear state of mind.

After meeting up with Ji Tianqing, Qianye had never paid attention to the teasing between the two girls. He never felt that he was outstanding enough to make girls of such high status fall in love with him. The only reason he could think of was that he was a barely-acceptable candidate whom they could bear if the other option was death.

That was what he had thought.

But now, things were clearly different. Qianye simply couldn’t understand what Ji Tianqing was thinking when she poured the white-fruit wine into him. Didn’t this mean both girls would be in danger?

During the last moments of his sanity, Qianye thought about Song Zining. He was perhaps the only one who would understand these ladies.

The night was long, wild, and restless. Qianye was like a fish in the desert, struggling to find a puddle of water.

He suddenly thought of something in his daze—the scene before him was his home in Blackflow City. He rubbed his eyes hard, but there was no mistaking that serene little courtyard. A large continent was moving slowly through the skies, casting a massive shadow that soon devoured the light from the entire city.

This was Evernight; this was Blackflow.

Qianye pushed the door open to find Nighteye at the stone table, simply dressed and holding the Comprehensive History of the Empire in her hand. She was well over halfway through the book.


Nighteye looked up with an inexplicable smile. “How come you’re back so early? Nothing up with Dark Flame today?”

“I’m not so hungry yet, how far have you gotten with the reading?”

“I just finished the resurgence of the Empire. That got me thinking… if the Martial Ancestor is so powerful, why was he so short-lived? And is the Combatant Formula he improved the one you’re training in? Let it be, it’s better not to think of these things. I’ll prepare dinner, what do you want to eat?”


Nighteye was startled as Qianye picked her up and pressed her down on the table.

She struggled while whispering, “What are you doing? Not here, we’ll be seen. Why… why are you so urgent? Haven’t we been doing it these days?”

Qianye was puzzled. “What? I don’t remember!”

Nighteye’s clothes had been half ripped open at this point. Qianye could no longer hold back his desires—he swept away that thick history book along with the other items on the table and pinned her down. He laid her down on the table in a fluster and wanted to enter.

Nighteye was both angry and amused. She bit down on Qianye’s shoulder, saying, “You look like you haven’t touched a woman in several years. Can’t you wait a while?”

“Yes, it’s been several years. I can’t wait!” Qianye kissed her.

At this moment, all thoughts transformed into a primitive deluge, just waiting to erupt, explode, and destroy.

Nighteye sighed softly as she adjusted her posture, making it easier for Qianye to enter. Otherwise, this clumsy and impatient fellow would take forever to get it done.

That moment of entry was filled with a long-lost sense of pleasure and an inexplicable sense of sadness. He felt that Nighteye had finally returned to his side. Qianye held her tightly, afraid that she would leave, disappear, and turn into a different person if he were to let go.

The pleasure of the flesh was both intense and new, almost different from what he remembered. But this minute difference was difficult to appreciate or discern in the chaos of the moment. Qianye only felt his physical desires waning, replaced by intensifying emotions. He didn’t want her to leave, for their hearts would grow distant once more.

But… hadn’t she been waiting in this courtyard all along?

When did she ever leave?

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