Monarch of Time

Chapter 15 Secrets of the 'floating cloud sect'

Shun Long woke up and looked at his father and mother who had just barged into his room.

Shun Fang looked at him with a smile on his face as he asked

”Are you ready ?”

Shun Long understood that they were leaving, and although he didn’t know why his father was in such a rush to reach the imperial city, he didn’t question him for now as he took a deep breath and said

”Actually, I need an alchemist’s cauldron, not too big in size so I can carry it with me but the higher the grade the better.”

Shun Fang was a bit astonished, his son hadn’t even started to cultivate for a year and he already wanted to study alchemy? That’s like a toddler trying to run before they can walk.

Shun An looked at her husband and said smilingly

”Hehe, you can finally get rid of that old thing”

As soon as Shun Fang heard her words his eyes twitched

”Old thing? I spent more than a month refining that cauldron you know….. ahh forget it” he said as he personally went to fetch a bowl sized cauldron.

As soon as Shun Long’s eyes met the cauldron that Shun Fang was holding in his arms he instantly understood, although he was neither an alchemist yet nor a formation master, that this small cauldron was extraordinary.

It was emitting some small fluctuations without even being activated yet, so who knew how strong the formations engraved inside it actually were?

Shun Fang saw the look in his son’s eyes and with pride he puffed out his chest as he looked at his wife and gave her a smug look.

Shun An smiled at Shun Fang’s amusing behaviour and said

”Your father took nearly 2 months to refine this small cauldron and create its runic inscriptions. The formations engraved inside it are all at the peak of bronze grade 3 and they are even on par with some silver grade 1 cauldrons. However, because your father isn’t a silver grade formation master yet, he couldn’t perfectly control the power of some of these formations when he inscribed them and that’s why the aura of the cauldron isn’t completely concealed.”

Although Shun An had worded it like that, Shun Long could understand how precious this cauldron truly is.

His father most likely couldn’t bear to sell it as it was a priceless treasure for any alchemist below the silver grade.

Shun Fang was actually happy that his son wanted to practice alchemy, he was just afraid that he would have too much on his plate and that could potentially delay his cultivation.

Nevertheless, he was happy to hand his most prized creation to his own son.

He walked up to Shun Long and gave him the cauldron nonchalantly as he said

”Actually you don’t need to take anything else with you aside from this cauldron and some clothes. Come find me whenever you are ready to go.”

Then Shun Fang walked outside of Shun Long’s room, with a wide grin on his face.

Shun An was happy for her husband as it was rare for him to be in such a good mood, but when she thought of her only son leaving them for what would potentially be a very long time, muffled sobbings were heard from her mouth in the end.

Shun Long understood what Shun An was feeling, it was hard to watch your child leave but he had to steel his heart and leave in order to go to higher places. He knew that he couldn’t stay behind in Blue Forest-city or else he would never be able to fulfill his oaths to himself.

Shun Long sorted out his thoughts and then he put a gentle smile on his face as he walked towards his mother

”It’s not like I’m leaving forever you know, I’ll return when I’m stronger in the future.”

Shun An hugged her son as she said

”You also have to bring me a bride the next time you return” then she put a bright smile on her face and continued

”Hopefully someone that isn’t flat chested like that Lin girl. Also hurry up, your father is waiting for you in the carriage.”

Shun Long then smiled again at his mother’s words and he grabbed some spare clothes, along with the bowl sized cauldron, and put them all in a medium sized wooden chest.

He then walked to the carriage his father had been waiting right outside of the Shun estate’s gates.

He turned his head back once, to take a last look at his home, the first home he had in this world.

Shun Long’s handsome face then resolutely turned, as he looked forward and said to the driver

”Let’s go”.

The horses started neighing as 10 minutes later they had already left the Blue Forest-city.

Shun Long and Shun Fang were chatting, when Shun Long asked

”Father, why did you insist on leaving for the imperial city so hurriedly when we already have plenty of time ahead of us?”

Shun Fang looked at his son and said

”Do you know what the ‘floating cloud sect’s’ test is like?”

This question left Shun Long a bit stumped, who eventually shook his head.

Shun Fang continued and said

”Actually the test itself is really simple, as long as you are below 20 years of age, and at the peak of the middle level of qi condensation then you can definitely pass. You are already an early rank 6 qi condensation cultivator, which means you are at the peak of the middle level so you don’t have to worry about the ‘test’. What you should be worried should be what comes after the test.”

”What do you mean?” Shun Long asked puzzledly

”I myself don’t know too much details about the ‘floating cloud sect’ but I have heard one important thing. The more connections you make before reaching the sect the more beneficial it will be for you. Actually Lu Wen, alchemist master Lu from our Blue Forest-city will also participate in the test to enter the ‘floating cloud sect’ this time, however the test he will be taking requires someone to be at the peak of the early stages of the earth grade and to be below 30 years of age. As for why the need to build connections before reaching the sect, even your father doesn’t know that. My guess is that you will find out once you finally reach the ‘floating cloud sect’.”

Shun Long and Shun Fang’s journey went as expected, and in just half a day, they could see it clearly in the distance.

They had finally arrived, at the imperial city.

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