Monarch of Time

Chapter 21 Arriving at the 'floating cloud sect'

As soon as the barrier was pierced, Shun Long didn’t hear any crashing sound but an enjoyable feeling rushed through his body.

Earlier when they were above the clouds, the pressure from the high altitude had even made the earth grade experts feel some annoyance, let alone the qi condensation rookies. Although Shun Long wasn’t heavily affected by this pressure earlier he had still felt some discomfort. But as soon as the red-winged condor pierced the barrier every deep breath he took had the feeling of a gentle wave of qi, slowly inserting itself in his body.

As soon as their group pierced the barrier, a blinding light suddenly forced Shun Long to close his eyes, and by the time he reopened them, Shun Long noticed that the scenery in front of his eyes had changed.

A huge city had appeared in the distance in front of their group and the red-winged condor was heading straight at its direction.

”Have you noticed yet?” Lu Wen asked

Shun Long nodded in understanding.

”The aura truly is much purer in the air here compared to the ‘Sky Fortune Kingdom’s.”

Shun Long answered.

Lu Wen nodded at Shun Long’s deduction and said

”But of course, otherwise wouldn’t the ‘cultivation world’ be just like the ‘Mortal world’?”

Lu Wen then paused for a bit before asking a sudden question

”Shun Long, what do you think about my uncle?”

Shun Long pondered for a bit before saying

”From what I have seen so far, he seems to truly care about you. As for you though, you don’t seem to like your family very much.”

When Shun Long finished his words he saw a shocked expression on Lu Wen’s face.

”Actually, that wasn’t hard to guess.” Shun Long said

”When your uncle said that it’s time for you to return home, I was right next to you and could see your reluctance.”

Shun Long stopped for a bit before continuing to say

”So my guess is that someone from your family wanted you to return home and you didn’t have much of a choice but to listen to them.”


Lu Wen didn’t know what to say at this point.

Shun Long just from observing his reactions and body language, had already figured out most of his situation.

Lu Wen took a deep breath as he said

”Actually, there is a huge struggle in my family over who will become the next family head of the house. I have a younger brother who is extremely talented and I also have an older brother who is very smart as well as strong. They both want the position of the family head, while I am not interested in it. That is why I decided to leave my home 3 years ago and descend to the ‘Mortal world’ while I study alchemy.

However, my father ordered me to return home with this selection process, and he said that in the next 3 years he will pass the position of the family head to one of my brothers. Originally I objected as returning home would only mean that I would have to be involved in my brothers’ struggle but in the end, I didn’t have a say in this matter so I had to come.”

Shun Long didn’t ask anything about Lu Wen’s family from the start. He didn’t want to involve himself in their family struggle as he had already understood the gist of it even without Lu Wen explaining anything.

Lu Wen then left behind one last sentence before heading towards his uncle who was sitting at the head of the red-winged condor.

If you need my help inside the city, you can always find me at the ‘Mystifying Fragrance pavilion’.

Shun Long was about to ask something when Elder Lu’s voice was heard

”Soon we will be arriving at the ‘floating cloud sect’. First off, I’m sure that many amongst you have brought plenty of gold coins with them.”

When Elder Lu finished his sentence, plenty of people puffed their chests proudly, wanting to show off as they had already prepared thousands and thousands of gold coins.

Elder Lu didn’t praise them as these people had expected. Shun Long even noticed the traces of a mocking smile on his face as he said

”Let me explain some things beforehand or you may find yourselves feeling lost when we arrive in the city.

First of all, my ‘floating cloud sect’ is this city.”

Everyone was speechless until one person suddenly asked

”Elder Lu do you mean that the ‘floating cloud sect’ is located inside the city?”

Elder Lu looked at him with contempt as he asked

”Is it that this old man didn’t make himself clear or that your ears are useless kid? My ‘floating cloud sect’ isn’t inside the city, it is THE CITY.

The entire city belongs to my ‘floating cloud sect’ and everyone inside is a member of the sect.”

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground.

Only now did Shun Long understand the reason Lu Wen told him that he could find him at the ‘Mystifying Fragrance pavilion’. That’s because the entire city belonged to the ‘floating cloud sect’.

Elder Lu continued

”Everything inside my ‘floating cloud sect’ can only be bought using sect points. You can obtain sect points by doing missions for the sect, helping other disciples, or conducting transactions with others directly.

When you enter the city, each of you will be given a sect identifying jade.

This jade has 2 main uses.

Firstly, it is the symbol of your identity as a disciple of the ‘floating cloud sect’ and at the same time, it is also the place where your sect points are stored. Each person’s sect identifying jade can only be used by themselves. If you lose yours then even if others find it, they won’t be able to take your sect points from it.”

Elder Lu continued and with a mocking smile he said

”As for all of you who have brought thousands of gold coins with you, did you think that gold has any value to a cultivator? Disciples can use sect points to obtain resources, techniques, skills or even to eat and drink. What value would gold have in such a scenario?”

Only now did Shun Long understand why his father had insisted on him making connections in the ‘Sky Fortune Kingdom’ before entering the sect. It was for him to get acquainted with the rest of the people entering the sect from the ‘Sky Fortune Kingdom’ so they could help each other when they are inside.

Nobody said anything to refute Elder Lu as they all knew he was right.

Shun Long then thought

‘This old man is right. Did these people think that the others in the ‘floating cloud sect’ wouldn’t have any gold themselves? However, this is a good opportunity. There should be plenty of ways for me to gather sect points inside. Perhaps, I can even try out my skills as an alchemist.’

While Shun Long was lost in thought thinking of the best way to gather sect points for himself, Elder Lu’s shout interrupted him as he said

”Prepare yourselves, we have arrived in the ‘floating cloud sect’.”

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