Monarch of Time

Chapter 34 Treasure Pavilion

Shun Long walked straight towards the ‘Treasure Pavilion’s’ entrance.

As soon as he entered the pavilion though, he noticed a drastic change in the atmosphere around him.

The air inside the pavilion seemed to be richer in qi, compared to the air on the streets. Also, the loud sounds from the pedestrians on the streets were instantly isolated as soon as he had entered inside the ‘Treasure Pavilion’.

It was obvious that the pavilion was protected by many formations, some of which even purified the qi in the air to a certain degree, while others isolated the outside noise.

Shun Long noticed counters everywhere, where disciples working for the pavilion, were stationed to sell the goods on display.

As he wasn’t in a rush, Shun Long toured around the first floor of the ‘Treasure Pavilion’.

As he walked around the floor, Shun Long noticed that the ‘Treasure Pavilion’ had everything that a person would need.

Weapons of all kinds as well as armors were for sale in this room. Swords, sabers, spears, whips, hammers, knives, bows and arrows, and many more were up for sale, all of them forged by rank 3 bronze grade formation masters.

Pills from rank 3 bronze grade alchemists could also be bought on this floor. Even rare treasures that could only be activated once but could kill someone above your level were up for sale here, but their prices were all terrifying. The prices for such treasures started at 3.000 sect points and went up to 10.000.

Shun Long was elated to have even found one of the medicinal herbs he needed to refine the rank 2 ‘internal destruction’ pill, that he required in order to reach the first stage of the ‘Monarch’s Eternal body’.

Sadly he only had 1 sect point on him right now, so Shun Long decided to stop wasting time and hurry and find someone to sell his ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills to.

Shun Long looked around the first floor, but since he didn’t find anyone who purchased pills here, he decided to move up to the second floor of the ‘Treasure Pavilion’.

The second floor had much fewer people compared to the first floor, and when he walked in he saw a few young girls in yellow robes giving directions to the people who arrived on the floor.

One of the girls in yellow robes approached the black-robed Shun Long as she asked politely.

”Hello, senior, welcome to the ‘Treasure Pavilion’. Can Mei Yi assist you?”

Apparently this young girl’s name was Mei Yi and she was there to offer instructions to those who entered the second floor.

Shun Long coughed once trying to change his voice in a much heavier than his usual tone as he said

”Yes, I have heard that the ‘Treasure Pavilion’ both purchases and sells pills, correct?”

Mei Yi looked at Shun Long and replied smilingly

”Yes senior, if you wish to purchase pills, there are many pills of even better quality than the previous floor here on the second floor. However, in case you want to sell pills, chances are that you won’t get a good deal as our ‘Treasure Pavilion’ has a huge stock of many different kinds of pills. Unless of course senior is planning to sell a rank 4 pill or some other kind of rare pill, in that case, things would be different.”

Although Mei Yi explained everything clearly and politely, she didn’t hold high hopes for Shun Long, as most alchemists who came to sell their pills here, would usually end up leaving dejected. The ‘Treasure Pavilion’ had its own alchemists to refine pills, and it didn’t need to rely on unaffiliated alchemists like them.

Shun Long looked at Mei Yi as he replied again in his heavy voice

”Indeed, I have some kind of special pills that I wish to sell.”

”In that case senior, please follow me.”

Mei Yi said as she took Shun Long to a relatively big room near the end of the second floor, where alchemists could get their pills appraised. Then she bowed politely as she said

”Senior please wait until I call an alchemist of our ‘Treasure Pavilion’ to come and appraise your pills.”

Shun Long nodded and Mei Yi left the room for a while.

The room was relatively empty, as it only had a big table at the center, and 2 couches on each end of the table. Shun Long seated himself on one couch as he waited for Mei Yi to return.

Less than 10 minutes later, she followed behind a man in white robes who had a white badge with two stars and a tiny cauldron on his chest.

The man looked to be in his early thirties and he had a placid look on his face as he looked at the black-robed Shun Long and sat down opposite to him without asking for approval or any greetings beforehand.

Mei Yi quickly introduced the man to Shun Long as she said

”Senior, this is senior Wong Bo, a rank 2 alchemist, and an appraiser of our ‘Treasure Pavilion’.”

Shun Long nodded at Mei Yi’s words, as he suddenly heard Wong Bo speaking

”Please tell me what pills you wish to sell to our pavilion. Hopefully, you won’t waste my precious time.”

Shun Long’s face smiled underneath his black robes

”I have some ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills, have a look” he said as he retrieved a bottle from inside his robes.

”You called me all the way here for some ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills? Even our rank 1 bronze grade alchemists can create this kind of lousy pill” the arrogant rank 2 bronze grade alchemist Wong Bo exclaimed as he was ready to leave the room.

Shun Long didn’t reply to him, all he did was to open the bottle with his ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills and Wong Bo’s expression instantly changed.

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