Monarch of Time

Chapter 35 Stunning price

As soon as Wong Bo smelled the fragrance emitted from the ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills that Shun Long had brought, his arrogant expression instantly vanished as his eyes focused and he sat straight on the couch opposite to Shun Long.

As an alchemist, he definitely understood that this pill wasn’t ‘just a Qi barrier-breaking pill’.

Meanwhile, the young girl’s Mei Yi’s expression had turned completely pale. She had forgotten to ask what pill this senior wished to sell to their ‘Treasure Pavilion’ before she brought him at the appraisal room.

She stuttered as she said in a weak voice

”Senior Wong, please forgive me. I didn’t check what pill this senior wished to sell before I brought him to the room. I-I-It is..”

”Be quiet!” Wong Bo said in a serious voice as he didn’t even look at Mei Yi, his eyes completely focused on the bottle of pills in Shun Long’s hands.

Shun Long closed the bottle but he didn’t return it inside his robes, he just stood seated on the couch as he watched Wong Bo who suddenly stood up.

Wong Bo then bowed as he said

”Senior, please forgive me for my disrespect earlier. I will personally go and call senior Yin, a grade 3 alchemist of our ‘Treasure Pavilion’ to appraise these pills, please wait here.”

Wong Bo’s voice was full of pleading, as he kept bowing and apologizing.

Shun Long didn’t say anything, he just waved his hand as Wong Bo flashed a relieved smile before he rushed out to call that ‘senior Yin’ in the room.

‘Senior Yin’ who was also dressed in the same manner as Wong Bo, except that the white badge on his chest had 3 stars instead of 2, arrived at the room with Wong Bo in tow and when he entered it, his eyes turned to look at the black-robed Shun Long and the bottle of pills in his hands.

‘Senior Yin’ then said to Shun Long

”This brother, I heard that you wish to sell some special ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills. Please allow me to inspect them for a while before I can give a proper assessment about their effects.”

”Indeed, have a look and tell me what you think” Shun Long answered as he placed the bottle of ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills on the table in front of him.

Up to now, neither Wong Bo nor ‘Senior Yin’ had managed to ascertain Shun Long’s level of cultivation, which made them have some doubts in their hearts.

Naturally, they didn’t know that Shun Long was training in the ‘Monarch’s Hourglass’ and had completely retracted his aura, and that caused them to assume that Shun Long’s level of cultivation was above theirs.

‘Senior Yin’ then, opened the bottle and his expression was just as stunned as Wong Bo’s when he had inhaled this fragrance from the ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills earlier.

He took out one pill from the bottle and inspected it very carefully for a while before putting it back inside. Then he prudently returned the bottle of pills in Shun Long’s hands before saying

”This brother.. ah no, I mean senior, if you wish to sell these pills to our ‘Treasure Pavilion’, we would be more than happy to purchase them from you.”

Senior Yin pondered for a bit more before gritting his teeth and saying

”There are 2 ways for senior to sell these pills.

The first, if you aren’t in a hurry, would be to sell them in our monthly auction which will take place 15 days from now, here in our ‘Treasure Pavilion’.”

As ‘Senior Yin’ finished speaking, he took something shiny from his spatial ring and said

”This is the VIP invitation to our monthly auction. If senior decides to attend, you will of course spectate the auction from one of our private VIP booths. I, Yin Xing, hope that senior will attend the auction as there will be plenty of good things to buy.”

Shun Long accepted the shiny silver-colored invitation and put it in his robes as Yin Xing continued

”The second way would be for senior to sell the pills directly to our pavilion. Although the profit won’t be as high as if senior were to sell them at the auction, our ‘Treasure Pavilion’ will still buy them at 500 sect points for each pill.”

Shun Long almost choked when he heard the price that Yin Xing was willing to purchase the ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills at. Normal ‘Qi barrier-breaking’ pills were only sold for around 50 sect points each, but Yin Xing was willing to pay 10 times the normal price for Shun Long’s pills.

Shun Long was shocked but Yin Xing took his silence as a sign of displeasure so he hurriedly said

”Senior, it is not that I’m intentionally giving you a low offer, it is just that although these pills are exceptional and something that I have never seen before, they are still rank 1 pills in the end, as they were concocted by rank 1 medicinal herbs, hence I can only offer you this much.”

”Low offer?” Shun Long thought ”How is this considered a low offer? I expected this guy to offer me around 100 sect points for each pill, this time I have struck it rich.”

Shun Long was lucky that he was wearing the black robes, or his delighted expression would have instantly given everything away.

Shun Long quickly composed himself, and contrary to Yin Xing’s expectations he said

”Alright, I will sell them directly to your ‘Treasure Pavilion’ this time.”

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