Monster Factory

Chapter 499: Signing ceremony

Chapter 499: Signing ceremony

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Ye Qing was got on a special car and went to the venue of the signing ceremony. The venue was set up at Zendai Himalaya Center, the venue was not very high-end. But the guests and reporters who came to participate in the ceremony had more backgrounds than one. Among them, there were Dai Xianmin, the boss of Baojia Group, Wei Xu, the vice president, the department leaders under the General Assembly Department, and the bosses of companies who were interested in security robots and had branches or resident locations in undeveloped countries.

When Baojia group had invited so many guests, it had naturally wanted to launch the alert robot, the brand-new product, oh even reporters from China News Channel were invited by the magical Baojia Group.

Just a minute!

At 7 o’clock this evening, China News Channel would arrange a one-minute broadcast time to promote the signing ceremony. To do that, it takes more than magic power. At the time Amano Heavy Industries had won a large order of 2 billion in Europe, only a paragraph of text and a few shots of publicity were exchanged.

When the special reception car of Baojia Group has arrived at the venue with Ye Qing. Outside the red-carpeted venue, reporters from all walks of life had set up long guns and short cannons. Under the signature wall, a middle-aged man with a ruddy face and curly eyebrows stood in the middle, surrounded by reporters with microphones. He was Dai Xianmin, the boss of Baojia Group, who has a doctorate degree in engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology. He has many years of experience in equipment manufacturing and more than 20 years of management experience.

When Ye Qing’s special car was stopped steadily in front of the red carpet, Dai Xianmin, who was in his fifties, had also seen Ye Qing who was about to get off and had immediately waved to him. With this wave, the reporters who circled around Dai Xianmin had immediately followed the radar to reverse their vision.

Ye Qing was the protagonist of this signing ceremony and also a topical figure in recent news hotspots. Therefore, when the reporters saw him get off the car, they had immediately thanked Dai Xianmin and surrounded him with their microphones.

“Excuse me, Mr. Ye, this time Monster Heavy Industry will cooperate with Baojia Group to launch a military-purpose security robot. Does that represent your company’s new goal, and do you plan to enter the military industry in the future?”

This was a reporter from Netease News. Ye Qing remembers that this website was particularly fond of being a headline party. Hmm~ he had to be cautious in answering their questions.

“In my eyes, there is only the industry, no difference between military and civilian. If you insist on a detailed distinction, then there is only the product quality standard distinction.” Ye Qing smiled and gave a panacea answer.

The Netease reporter still wanted to continue to ask, but other website reporters had quit him. Another website reporter had squeezed him away, holding a microphone, and quickly said: “Mr. Ye, when will your company’s mobile-phone conferences be held?”

“The meeting will be held after the signature. When we have confirmed the specific date, we will notify the media in advance.”

“Mr. Ye~ can you say, what is the name of the mobile phone to be released by Monster Heavy Industry?” A female reporter who was squeezed in the middle had finally found the opportunity to interject: “The online speculation about the name of the new mobile phone the one with the highest number of votes was [King Kong], and netizens believed that this name best fits the image of Monster Heavy Industries.”

“King Kong?” Ye Qing said with a dumb smile: “This name, I think it is suitable for the brick-and-mortar mobile phone in the early nineties.”

“The mobile phone we are going to launch is a high-end mobile phone that integrates a number of breakthrough technologies. Its name will be met with you at the press conference.”


If eyes could bite people, Ye Qing might be bitten by these reporters. The new mobile phone was the most anticipated product for everyone, but Ye Qing had hidden it and did not publish any useful information.

The reporters also wanted to continue to ask questions, but the security at the venue and Dai Xianmin, the boss of Baojia Group, came over and told the reporters that the interview time was over.

“President Ye is really young and promising.”

“Hello~ Mr. Dai, you are the goal of our young people’s struggle.”

Ye Qing and Dai Xianmin shook hands. At this moment, the flashing lights beside the red carpet flashed like into the starry sky at night, and after greetings, the two walked into the venue together. Ye Qing had glanced around and found that among the guests present, some of them looked familiar to him. They are the bosses of big companies with high reputations.

“Mr. Ye? I heard about the name of President Ye for a long time, and I was able to see it today.”

“Ye is younger than I thought!”

Seeing Dai Xianmin accompanied a young man entering the arena, these bosses followed suit and walked over to shake hands with Ye Qing with a smile.

The current achievements of Monster Heavy Industry in the industrial field are simply as treacherous. Most of these chief executives were all peers, and they came in person mainly to meet Ye Qing.

After half an hour, the signing ceremony was officially held.

In the huge business venue, Ye Qing represented Monster Heavy Industry, and Dai Xianmin represented Baojia Group. The two signed the contract with the red hot stamping cover, and then exchanged the contract with a handshake.

When shaking hands, Dai Xianmin had smiled and said: “Mr. Ye, please stay. This time I was able to invite many company executives to participate in the ceremony, in fact, thanks to Mr. Ye’s face. These big guys want to get together with Mr. Ye and talk about their industrial experience.”

Ye Qing had patted the back of Dai Xianmin’s hand lightly and nodded: “No problem, I must be with you. Mr. Dai, it happens that I have to wait for a guest. “

“Oh~ President Ye’s guest, that’s our guest. Who is this guest, I have to greet him later.”

“Vice President of Amano Heavy Industries, Zhang Yutian.”

“He?” Dai Xianmin’s expression had changed slightly, but it disappeared immediately: “Mr. Zhang is also young and promising, of course, I want to warmly welcome him.”

This change in expression was carefully observed by Ye Qing. Did Dai Xianmin… To Zhang Yutian, seemed to feel a little disgusted?

But Ye Qing didn’t care about this, even more, he and Zhang Yutian didn’t need others to help.

Handing the contract documents to the company employees aside, Ye Qing and Dai Xianmin, together with the staff, went to the VIP lounge to communicate with the CEOs who were present. It is so strange to say, everyone in the lounge, Ye Qing didn’t even have the qualifications to look up to them a year ago, but now he was sitting with them, becoming the focus of their topics. He didn’t feel much nervous inside, including when he was interviewed by a group of reporters at the door, and this change in mentality made Ye Qing admire himself.

“Ahem~” After Dai Xianmin had introduced Ye Qing’s identity, he pressed his hand and said heartily: “Mr. Ye also invited a friend over, and he is Zhang Yutian, the vice president of Amano Heavy Industries. So, at that time, we will welcome them all together.”

As soon as Dai Xianmin’s voice fell, these veterans had not had time to say polite words, because the door of the lounge was pushed open by two staff members one after one, one was respectfully invited in, wearing a well-made suit, he was a young man with seven points of pride and three points of joy.

“Oh~ say, Cao Cao, Cao Cao you are there.” Dai Xianmin had greeted him first.

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