Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Chapter 16 - When the Living Turn Ruthless, They Are More Terrifying Than the Dead!

Chapter 16: When the Living Turn Ruthless, They Are More Terrifying Than the Dead!

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Mu Chenyan walked out of the door only to discover that no one was stopping her.

She realized that she must have been over-thinking things and that Yuan Xuan was not going to confine her to the house after all.

This area they stayed in was a wealthy suburb, and all the vehicles going in and out were driven by drivers. Taxi drivers would be wasting their time if they came here.

Hence, Mu Chenyan had to walk quite a distance before she managed to hail a ride.

Once she got into the taxi, a person in a black car not far away immediately floored the accelerator so that he could begin trailing the taxi.

The enormous trees on both sides of the road loomed over the road, obscuring the sunlight as the car drove through the dark mountain road. The late autumn mountain breeze was chilly, which made Mu Chenyan wrap the woolen coat tightly around herself. Her eyes were fixed on the pair of canvas shoes in front of her as she gradually dozed off.

The driver noticed her young age through the rear-view mirror. Her quiet demeanor and the indescribable melancholy in her eyes made her appear stunningly beautiful. Because of this, he could not resist having a chat with her!

“Is Miss from around here?”


“You don’t look very old. Do you live nearby?”


Mu Chenyan’s personality had changed drastically ever since she was released from prison. The old her was a chatty and joyous person. Whether it was in the ladies’ socialite circle, or with the ordinary citizen, she was always warm and approachable!

However, the current her had become rather introverted. It was hard for her acquaintances to talk with her, much less random strangers.

Her highest record ever was not having spoken a word for more than three months in prison…

The frosty replies coupled with her insipid character and a certain wariness in her eyes made the driver realize that he could not continue the conversation . Thus, he spoke no more.

It was almost noon when she stopped to buy some stuff from a shop that sold sacrificial offerings on the way.

Her eyes were closed, up until the taxi driver informed her that they had arrived at the North Hill Cemetery.

Mu Feng, her father, was buried here.

Mu Chenyan paid the fare and was about to leave with her backpack in hand when the driver kindly commented, “Young beauty, there’s hardly anyone in this area. You’re all alone in the cemetery, so make sure to keep an eye out!”

Mu Chenyan glanced around, and sure enough, the place was empty. This cemetery was rather remote in the first place, and since it was not a weekend, there were even fewer people coming here to offer their offerings today. She glanced at the quiet plank walkway which was covered with the mottled shadows of the trees and shivered. This place was indeed eerie!

Mu Chenyan nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

When the living turned ruthless, they were even more terrifying than the dead!

She had already experienced the vicious attack from the living, and after getting injured, she had simply licked her wounds and trudged on. So why would she be afraid of the dead lying deep in the ground?

“How ’bout I wait for you here? It’s not easy for you to hail a ride when you head back later. I’ll be outside. At least you won’t be scared if you know that there’s a living being nearby!”

The driver was worried about the girl, so he quickly suggested waiting for her.

Mu Chenyan sighed as a mist formed in her dark eyes. She replied softly, “It’s fine. I want to accompany my dad for some time. You can head back first.”

The driver saw that her heart seemed to be in a state of intense sorrow and realized that there was nothing more he could do for her, so he turned the car around and left.

Meanwhile, when the man in the black car behind saw Mu Chenyan walking into the low thickets next to the cemetery, he picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Third Young Master, Young Mistress has entered the North Hill Cemetery!”

She had been in prison for less than a year when the Mu Family fell into an economic crisis. There was a scandal about Mu Feng abusing his position during his military days to traffic firearms…

Thus, the Mu Clan was put in a tight spot. However, Mu Feng had thought that the Yuan Family would help them out for old time’s sake. Not to mention, now they were relatives via marriage!

However, no one expected Yuan Xuan to wantonly seize the Mu Family’s shares and submit a report to the authorities stating that the Mu Clan had once bribed a financial officer during a bidding campaign.

This corruption report was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Mu Feng was hemmed in from all sides, so he sold all of his possessions and tried to escape during the dead of the night, only to be unexpectedly involved in a car accident whilst on the freeway leading out of town…

Her mother, Yan Mei, on the other hand, was put in a coma and had to be placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit whereby she had to rely on a ventilator just to stay alive!

Her father was was buried here!

Furthermore, they had not heard anything about her older brother, Mu Chenwu. It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

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