Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Chapter 17 - Dad, I've Come to See You...

Chapter 17: Dad, I’ve Come to See You…

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Mu Chenyan looked at the photo of the man on the gravestone as her eyes filled with tears.

She sat down and retrieved from the offerings from inside her backpack before softly saying, “Dad, I’ve come to see you…”

Mu Chenyan thought back to her childhood. Her mother had been very good to her; in fact, it was due to her gentleness and kindness that Mu Chenyan had grown into such a cheerful person.

Mu Feng, on the other hand, was very strict, even to the extent of being harsh on her!

When her older brother failed his exam, her father would encourage him. “It’s alright. You’ll do better the next time…”

However, when she scored 95 for her Maths paper, her father criticized her. “It’s obvious that you could’ve scored one hundred, but you were careless…”

On another occasion, during Mu Chenwu’s birthday party, many friends came over to celebrate the occasion with him. There was a five-layered birthday cake and a plethora of birthday presents from all the various influential families in the area. The total amount of gifts would have filled up Mu Chenwu’s room!

However, her father always seemed to forget that there was also a young miss in the Mu Family, and that she also had a birthday…

Later, once she had grown up, she slowly began to understand that the reason her father did not like her was not because she was not outstanding enough, rather, there existed an indescribable gap between her and Father, causing the supposedly intimate relationship to become somewhat cold!

During high school, after Yuan Xuan went abroad to further his studies, Mu Chenyan pleaded with her father. She too wanted to go overseas for grad school, but mainly so that she could pursue the man whom she loved.

This was the one and only time that Mu Feng readily granted her request.

Looking back on it, Mu Feng had probably realized how helpful it would be if his daughter was able to find shelter under the huge tree that was Xuan Yuan. This would benefit him greatly too!

Even so, Mu Chenyan wept uncontrollably once heard about the accident and that her family had been torn apart while she was in prison.

She was a firm believer of the saying that as long as one’s parents were still alive, there was always a place to call home; when one’s parents were no longer around, all that was left in life was the slow march toward death!

Without the Mu Family, she was all alone!

Moreover, she now had to face Yuan Xuan, the man whom she had once crazily pursued and loved deeply, but whom was also was the cause of her family’s tragedy. Mu Chenyan’s heart tightened at the thought of this.

All her experiences growing up in the Mu Family flashed through her mind like a movie. The happy and painful moments had become nothing but distant memories following the death of her father and her mother’s coma.

It was not long before Mu Chenyan lost track of time in front of the gravestone.

When the sky turned dark, the graveyard fell into an ethereal of silence. It was dead silent apart from the occasional sound of birds flapping their wings.

Only once she felt the cold wind biting at her did she realize that she had been sitting in the cemetery for much too long.

When she got up, her legs were already numb. Furthermore, since she had not eaten anything in the afternoon, her stomach had been growling in protest all this time.

Mu Chenyan dusted off her legs, composed herself, and walked out of the cemetery.

She scanned the open space around and sure enough, not a soul was in sight, save for two old guards having a quiet conversation. She recalled the words of the driver and was slightly regretful.

“True enough, it’s impossible for me to hail a ride here.”

Mu Chenyan mumbled and wrapped herself tightly in her dark green woolen coat. Her pale little face shrunk into the collar of the coat, leaving only a pair of big black eyes exposed.

After this, she swung her backpack around her shoulder and strolled along the plank walkway by the lake.

‘Looks like I won’t be making it back in time for dinner… I wonder, will that man give me a call upon realizing that I am not home?’

Thinking of the phone Yuan Xuan gave to her, Mu Chenyan took it out and immediately hesitated, still unable to make a decision about whether or not to call him.

She struggled for some time, not noticing the black Rolls-Royce on the other side of the road. Inside the Rolls-Royce was a man was watching the absent-minded her with a gloomy expression.

“Third Young Master, should we ask the young mistress to get into the car?”

Yan Jun felt that his CEO was behaving a little strangely. He had been here the whole afternoon but was reluctant to show his face, even going so far as to order that the car be hidden in the bushes. This was a Rolls-Royce, but it had become a surveillance vehicle that afternoon.

As for the two of them.. one was absent-mindedly strolling by the roadside, while the other was keeping absolutely quiet in the car.

‘The cemetery is right there… C’mon, this ain’t a good place to be courting…’

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