Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Chapter 29 - Digging One's Own Grave

Chapter 29: Digging One’s Own Grave

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The Yuan Family’s most minute actions would greatly affect Jiang Nan. With the military honors and achievements that their ancestors had left behind and their emerging business empire, offending the Yuan Family was equivalent to digging one’s own grave!

She had forgotten to pray before she left her house today, how did she encounter such a godly individual? Her damned hand had even hit his woman…

Li Li trembled as she approached Kang Yu. She forced and squeezed a smile on her fleshy face, making her look like a flower.

“Secretary Kang, it was a misunderstanding, it was really a misunderstanding. I didn’t know that they were your friends!”

Kang Yu did not even bat an eyelid while his gaze swept over in Yuan Xuan and Mu Chenyan’s direction!

Mu Chenyan was obviously not concerned. She seemed distracted as if this was irrelevant to her!

Yuan Xuan suppressed his anger inside his heart because he did not want to waste his thoughts on a person like this. He looked at Li Li before with an extremely cold and disgusted expression.

Li Li understood that her only way out was to beg that woman.

She groveled and came before Mu Chenyan before putting on a long face and pitifully begged, “Miss, I’m truly wretched. I didn’t know who you were. I offended you numerous times earlier but a person of great morals such as yourself should forgive the misdeeds of a lowly person like me. Please ask Secretary Kang to treat me with mercy and not lose his temper!”

Since she was too afraid to approach Yuan Xuan, she could only summon up the courage to grovel at Mu Chenyan’s feet now.

Mu Chenyan was extremely calm. She neither made her position known nor did she displayed any delight in taking revenge. She only glanced at Yuan Xuan and quietly said, “I’m hungry, let’s go eat something!”

When Yuan Xuan saw her acting in this manner, he got absentminded for a moment.

Now that she had left prison after spending two years there, this woman’s nature had become so indifferent. He was unsure whether she could return to her previous cheery and lively disposition…

“Kang Yu, I’ll leave this to you!” Yuan Xuan turned around and instructed Kang Yu!

Kang Yu thoroughly understood his words. He knew Yuan Xuan’s temper all too well. Raising her hand to strike her was already out of the question because he would already give her a hard time even if she had merely verbally threatened Miss Chenyan.

“Mrs Chen, you and your family just returned from Xi Zhou, right?”

Kang Yu was actually a refined rascal. Despite speaking in a threatening manner, he still looked very kind!

“Xi Zhou’s land is barren and its produce is scarce but it’s the most suitable place to lose weight. I think that it would be best for Mr and Mrs Chen to retire there so that you wouldn’t have to return to Luo Hai!”

When Li Li heard this, she knew that he wanted to chase them back to Xi Zhou.

Her husband begged almost everybody he knew to obtain a permit from Luo Hai’s Ministry of Land and Resources. He shifted his own mineral development company to Luo Hai to leave that destitute Xi Zhou!

She had never imagined that her own despicable actions and a single slap were enough to send her whole family back. She immediately collapsed on the ground in a numbed state before she began to roll around and cried.

Mu Chenyan changed out of the dress and just exited the fitting room. Seeing Li Li’s shameful state, she furrowed her eyebrows.

She passed the dress to the still-terrified young shop assistant at the doorway and said softly, “We’re about the same size so just take this dress and consider that I’ve given it to you!”

The young shop assistant was dumbfounded. Her hands trembled as she took the dress and glanced at her manager. Her manager nodded discreetly. The young shop assistant turned back to look at Mu Chenyan for a while before bursting into tears…


After leaving Prada, Yuan Xuan brought her to eat seafood hot pot.

Mu Chenyan loved eating seafood. Since she was particularly hungry after experiencing such a strenuous situation, she took the opportunity to eat a lot.

Yuan Xuan leaned against the chair with his arms crossed while he adoringly watched her shoving plate after plate of food into the pot. A pile of plates soon stacked up tall before him in a short while.

If this goes on, the dresses and new clothes that she bought today would probably need to change and he would need to purchase a new batch.

The swollen half of her face bulged as she chewed her food, making Mu Chenyan looked as cute as a little groundhog…

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