Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Chapter 5 - Does Young Mistress Still Use Rose Petals?

Chapter 5: Does Young Mistress Still Use Rose Petals?

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The Hibiscus Garden was filled with roses and hibiscuses that the Yuan Old Mistress liked when she was younger!

Back then, Old Mistress and Old Master were both deeply in love with each other, but their fate together was destined to not last long. Old Master was afraid that he might pass before Old Mistress and she will be left alone. Therefore, he planted hibiscus trees all around the core buildings of the mansion. He did that during the last year of his life as his body was getting weaker by the days.

Even though their love was as deep as the ocean, but unfortunately that was the end of it!

Due to the example of a loving parent, Yuan Tangbai and his wife also loved each other deeply. Thus, when Yuan Tangbai passed away, his wife could not take the hit and left the world with him!

The men of Yuan Family were all very loving and loyal to their spouses, but unfortunately, there were not many of them left when it came to Yuan Xuan…

This young successor was cold, arrogant and extremely wise mentally!

Mu Chenyan recalled that she had chased after him for 12 years ever since the age of 10, but it seemed like he never once smiled at her!

Mu Chenyan took a turn around the Hibiscus Garden.

It had not changed much since a few years ago.

The area of the house was not that big. There were three floors in total and the structures of the house were constructed from wood. Most of the furniture pieces were also in natural wood color.

The living room was on the first floor, with a small tea room right next to it, furnished in Japanese style decoration!

Yuan Xuan liked to make his own tea and coffee, so that area was always filled with an aromatic smell!

Previously when Chenyan visited the Yuan Mansion, she would linger there and take the first sip of coffee right after Yuan Xuan was done making it!

Yuan Xuan did not chase her away even though he was not close to her back then. Therefore, Chenyan had quite a number of beautiful memories in this sunny little tea room!

Outside of the tea room was an extended piece of empty land, where a relatively small room was made for the maids in the house so that it was easier for them to take care of their Master at night.

Yuan Xuan has been pampered more than the others since young. Given that the Yuan Family took the concept of social status very seriously, their servants were not allowed to live in the same building as their Master.

Thus, a stand-alone room was built and Ah Fu lived there.

There were two bedrooms and a study room on the second floor. One of the bedrooms faced south and the other faced east.

Yuan Xuan resided in the bedroom that was facing south.

The third floor was a small rooftop and Yuan Xuan turned that area into a small garden. There were some woody plants and some flowers which Mu Chenyan did not know the name though she understood that they were all exotic flower seeds from all over the world.

That place also used to be Mu Chenyan’s favorite spot.

Only in that colorful world, Mu Chenyan felt that her Brother Xuan actually existed in this world!

How can a man who loved flowers and plants be so cold?

She naively thought since she had been putting in the effort, how could her love not change his cold heart?

But now, Mu Chenyan believed that whether a man was loving or not, it all depended on who the other person was!

If a man does not love a woman, no matter how much effort the woman put in, it will all just be bothersome to the man!

After taking a turn at the small building, she was reminded of her past memories.

The items in the small building were arranged neatly and tidily as if each of them were soldiers ready to get into a battle as they waited for an inspection from their boss.

Yuan Xuan was a very possessive person, not allowing other people to casually touch his belongings. He was an end-stage sufferer of obsessive-compulsive disorder!

Nonetheless, she was able to enter this area as she pleased and behave like a spoiled child freely back then!

It seemed as though Mu Chenyan was able to look at the past ten years, back in the days when her young-self was chasing after Yuan Xuan…

Mu Chenyan tightened her old jacket around her. Instead of sitting down, she turned around and instructed Ah Fu.

“Fill the bathtub with water, I want to take a bath!”

“Young Mistress, do I still add rose petals into it?” Ah Fu asked carefully!

The look on Chenyan’s face turned gloomy. She lowered her eyes and said softly, “Yuan Xuan told you that?”

“Yes! Young Master said that if Young Mistress were to take a bath when she’s back, rose petals will be a necessity. Thus, a few days ago, he sent someone to order a batch of fresh rose petals from Damascus. The gardeners have cleaned it and it is now the best time to use it in your bath!”

After all, this young girl was still very naive, so she blurted out everything about her Master in just a few sentences!

Probably because of Yuan Xuan’s actions and before meeting Mu Chenyan, Ah Fu believed that Young Mistress was Young Master’s loved one…

“Put some in then!”

Chenyan had an indifferent expression and it seemed as though she was not moved by Ah Fu’s words!

After two years in prison, even a proud young lady from a well-known family had changed all her old habits.

She used the rose petals as a sign of good will to not waste that man’s “effort”!

Mu Chenyan smiled ironically!

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