Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1018 - Junyi’s Persuasion

Chapter 1018: Junyi’s Persuasion

His only goal of life was to help a lord to take the throne. He was going to prove to his master, who had already quit the competition, that he was going to make someone a King!

He was going to make his master regret what he had said in the past to him.

His master once told Junyi that he was not going to make it to become the strategist of a King whilst his Senior Brother Xie Yan had the potential to become one.

Junyi was able to read poetry at three years old and to write poetry at five. He had been born a talented boy. When he became one of the disciples of his master, and was surrounded by so many excellent talents, Junyi still stood out as the most outstanding disciple. However, his master did not believe that he could become a strategist for the King!’Search NewNovel

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