Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 472 - Century Battle Saint

Chapter 472: Century Battle Saint

Shi Yuandao clearly had no intentions of explaining further.

Because the more he did, the more complicated the story would become. Boasting profound martial arts cultivation, he was willing to provide Lin Jin a favor and help him out should Lin Jin be willing to overlook their misdeeds.

Hearing this, Lin Jin smiled. “Senior Shi must be a martial arts expert. May I know how profound is your skill level?”

Shi Yuandao let out a hearty laugh. “I have lived for a hundred and twenty years, and I have achieved the level of battle saint thirty years ago.”

His proud tone demonstrated how pleased he was with his own achievements.

There were many people who practiced martial arts, but it was likely that only one in a million could rise to the level of a battle said. Shi Yuandao had every reason to be prideful.

The lifespan of man was limited and to still be alive after one hundred years was quite an achievement. The fact that he became a battle saint, and lived past a hundred years meant that he had exceeded human limits. It was the reason why he had earned the title of Century Battle Saint.

“How is that for an answer? I admit, my disciple has gone astray and for that, I shall impose strict rules on him from now on. At most, I will never allow him to leave the mountains for the rest of his life. If Mr. Lin is willing to let him go, I will owe you a favor. Should Mr. Lin come across any trouble in the future, I promise to do my best to assist you.”

Admittedly, such an offer was extremely tempting.

Century Battle Saints were known to be very powerful people. Lin Jin recalled reading from a book that a Century Battle Saint was able to defeat all beasts and humans within a three hundred feet radius with relative ease.

With their powerful inner force, battle saints would deter pet beasts for a brief moment, giving them enough time to finish off the blood contract cultivator.

In a sense, Century Battle Saints were not people you would want to mess with.

While the old man was praying for Lin Jin’s mercy on the surface, it was still obvious that his request was backed up with the threat of physical violence.

Lin Jin glanced at the young master. Although the latter stayed put, the venomous resentment in his eyes was obvious. In other words, the guy was still thinking of revenge and how to deal with Lin Jin.

A person like him shouldn’t be allowed to live.

It went without saying that Lin Jin wasn’t interested in Shi Yuandao’s deal.

“Xiao Huo, kill!” Lin Jin made a swift decision. Upon receiving the command, Xiao Huo pounced forward and the young master shrieked in response. “Master, save me!”

Seeing this, anger flashed in Shi Yuandao’s gaze.

Even after saying that much, Lin Jin still refused to leave them be. It implied that Lin Jin did not respect him as a Century Battle Saint at all. With this, there was no need for him to hold back his powers at all.

At the end of the day, he could not allow anyone to harm his disciple.

He had practically raised this young man and thought of him as a son. Killing his disciple would mean killing his son so Shi Yuandao wouldn’t have it.

“Stop at once!” Shi Yuandao roared. The bricks below their feet cracked immediately and everyone was momentarily stunned. Shi Yuandao may have an average appearance, but when he took action, the ferocity of a battle saint was put on full display.

At that moment, almost no one could match up to him nor stop him.

Shi Yuandao was smart enough not to save his disciple, the young master because he was wary of the fire wolf as well. That was why he chose to attack Lin Jin instead.

He clearly knew how to deal with blood contract cultivators because by subduing the blood contract owner, their pet beast would cease to be a threat. Having lived for so many years, Shi Yuandao had enough battles with blood contract cultivators to know how to counter them.

With his superior speed and the physical proximity between him and Lin Jin, he was certain that no blood contract cultivator could parry his attack, even if they were the world’s greatest blood contract cultivator.

As a Century Battle Saint, he certainly possessed the confidence befitting of one.

However, Lin Jin wasn’t an average blood contract cultivator.

Shi Yuandao moved with lightning speed, and Lin Jin genuinely couldn’t fight him off. He would find it impossible to attack the old man with needles and even Dragonfire.

His attacks would always miss, as he lacked the speed to catch up with the old man.

Lin Jin only had the opportunity to perform one move. If he couldn’t subdue the Century Battle Saint, his opponent would reach him before he could even count to three.

It would be troublesome if that ever happened.

Despite all that, Lin Jin still had relevant countermeasures. For instance, he could use the Nebula Barrier to instantly put some distance between him and the enemy. Or, he could open the Visitation Hall’s door and use the museum’s aura to force him back.

But Lin Jin felt it wasn’t necessary.

He had a much simpler technique.

“Immortal Binding Rope!”

Lin Jin lifted his sleeve and a golden ray of light shot out at a speed exceeding Shi Yuandao’s. The latter was quick to react, dodging it at once. However, as if the golden light had a mind of its own, it swiftly altered its course to continue pursuing him.

Finally, the golden light entwined itself around Shi Yuandao, binding the Century Battle Saint tightly.

Shi Yuandao was frightened and he began struggling with all his might. His aura was left to overflow, surging rapidly as if he possessed the might of a dragon.

And yet, no matter how he struggled, he could not free himself. The golden light had now transformed into a normal-looking rope, but Shi Yuandao knew that it was something more sinister.

“A-A magic treasure?!” Shi Yuandao gasped.

Judging by his expression, the old man was clearly shocked.

“A Century Battle Saint truly is knowledgeable,” Lin Jin commented. Though it sounded like a compliment, Lin Jin was being sarcastic.

Shi Yuandao could tell too but he didn’t mind it. He turned to Lin Jin and asked, “Mr. Lin, you actually own a magic treasure. A-Are you possibly a successor of immortal cultivation?”

One could practically taste the fear in his voice.

Lin Jin remained silent because he owed Shi Yuandao no explanation.

Suddenly, they heard a tragic scream from the young master.

Xiao Huo had successfully slashed the young master and the latter was currently engulfed in flames, screaming hysterically. Xiao Huo’s flames were so potent that the young master only managed one scream before dropping dead on the ground.

The flames continued to burn, leaving only a charred corpse behind.

Lin Jin did not enjoy taking the life of another, but some situations forced him to do so. This was one such situation. Chu Gou and the young master were plotting to take his life, so if he were to let them off the hook now, they would surely kill him in the time to come.

When met with such circumstances, Lin Jin could only retaliate. An eye for an eye, as they say.

Now wasn’t the time to reflect on the morality behind his decision.

Shi Yuandao’s eyes were filled with grief as he watched his beloved disciple die before his eyes. He sighed. “My disciple, you’ve committed so many wicked sins over the years and I’ve always told you that persisting in evil deeds brings about destruction. Still, you refused to listen. I was unable to save you today. May you remember not to tread down the wicked path again in your next life!”

Despite how harsh he sounded, tears flowed from Shi Yuandao’s eyes. It was obvious how upset the old man was.

Lin Jin was starting to grow wary of this Century Battle Saint.

Now that he had killed the man’s beloved disciple, a normal person’s response was to avenge their loved ones.

Although the old man was bound by Lin Jin, it was certain that he’d come back and kill Lin Jin in the future. What’s more, this was a formidable opponent whose powers frightened Lin Jin.

Hence, Lin Jin was struck with the intention to kill again.

Shi Yuandao couldn’t be allowed to live.

Shi Yuandao sighed again, evidently aware that he was in an unfavorable situation.

“Mr. Lin, if I had known you were a successor of immortal cultivation, I would have preferred to kill my disciple with my own hands. However, it’s too late to say all this now.”

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