My Boyfriend Is A Dragon

Chapter 177 - Wu Ling Invokes Everyone’s Anger

Chapter 177: Wu Ling Invokes Everyone’s Anger

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Something was pulling Bai Wu’s legs, adding weight to him and preventing him from moving upward. With a glint in his eyes, anger bubbled up – Bai Wu’s dragon form brought with it an innate overbearingness. White smoke came out from his nostrils as he puffed hard and he surreptitiously exerted more force in order to struggle free of what was binding him.

The thing, however, became heavier and grabbed on tighter, leaving Bai Wu concerned and agitated.

“Come on, Xiao Ya! You can do it!” Wu Ling squinted and directed her screams at her Gu vessel. Bai Wu then looked down to see what was impeding him.

A black rope was pulling Bai Wu’s leg and there were things crawling up the rope. Slowly, the rope increased in thickness. A strong force was holding Bai Wu back, but that was the extent of its power. It was unable to pull Bai Wu back to the ground but Bai Wu faced immense difficulty in flying away.

Gu worms were initially scattered throughout the ground, but they, in addition to the ones on Da Bai, began congregating on Xiao Ya’s body. Without the help of the Gu Worms, the man – who was one point nine meters tall – lay on the ground, curled up and devoid of vitality like a cooked shrimp.

The entire rope was formed out of Gu worms. They latched on to each other’s tails with their scorpion-like pincers, and with their dormant, snake-like venomous bite, they joined together tenaciously to form a rope. Xu Lan felt goosebumps when he saw the rope gradually thickening around Bai Wu’s leg.

“Bai… Bai Wu! Quick! Let’s go down quickly!” With a tremble in his voice, Xu Lan patted Bai Wu’s neck and said anxiously.

“Why… Arghh!” Before Bai Wu could ask his question, the area bound by the rope began to transmit an excruciating pain. He felt as though something was boring deep into the flesh of his leg.

“Papa, I, something burrowed inside me!” Bai Wu suppressed his trepidation and asked.

“First… First things first, start descending!” Xu Lan’s heart thumped loudly. It was as though something had bitten off a chunk of it. His clenched fist was soaked with cold sweat.

“We’re going down now! Make sure the Gu vessels take back all the Gu worms!” Xu Lan shouted at Wu Ling, who was still grasped within Bai Wu’s claws. Under the circumstances then, Bai Wu was completely unable to fly up.


“Or would you like to be dropped down immediately from this height? All of the Gu worms are on Bai Wu’s leg. Do you think you’re in any position to say no?” Xu Lan threatened coldly.

“Xiao Ya! Let go!” Wu Ling ordered Xiao Ya after considering the pros and cons.

The black rope started to decrease in girth and the densely packed worms began crawling down. The force that was holding Bai Wu back also began to subside. After circling the air once, Bai Wu landed gently on the cliff. Little by little, the Gu worms assembled then burrowed back into Xiao Ya’s body.

“Wu Ling! You! You!” The village chief pointed a finger angrily at Wu Ling’s nose the second he stepped on the ground but his exasperation was so that he was quite speechless.

Wu Ling cast him a glance and walked over to Xiao Ya. Out of nowhere, Wu Ling took out some clothes and put them on Xiao Ya’s body. In front of them was a living fifteen-year-old girl in the prime of youth – she was sweet, fair, graceful lady. She had all the necessary characteristics of a beautiful woman. With her clear, bright eyes, her splendor was innate. However, both of Xiao Ya’s eyes were empty. She simply let herself be tethered by Wu Ling, her reactions were so slow that she did not look like a living organism.

“How do we remove the Gu worms from his body?” Xu Lan could care less about Xiao Ya or Da Ya or whatever. All he wanted to know was what burrowed into Bai Wu’s body.

Wu Ling gleaming eyes looked at Bai Wu, who by then had reverted from a great white dragon into a tall, dashing man.

Cold sweat seeped through Bai Wu’s forehead. He withstood the pain in his chest and stood in front of everyone else. Behind him were about twenty to thirty people and they were all counting on his protection! He must not collapse!

“WU LING! How can we get rid of the Gu worms from Expert Bai’s body! It’s not often that you get the chance to redeem yourself and undo the headaches you caused this village. Surely you wouldn’t want to be someone who’s condemned in history,” the village chief asked, full of grief.


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