My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1464 - Bound Hand and Foot

Chapter 1464: Bound Hand and Foot

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This slap across the face stunned Commandery Princess Yi’an.

One minute later, Commandery Princess Yi’an madly bared her fangs and brandished her claws while covering her cheek. She disregarded all sense of self-respect and lunged forward to bite and tear at the Vassal Prince of An’nan.

“Seize her!!” The old Vassal King of An’nan pointed at Commandery Princess Yi’an with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, and several strong maidservants promptly bolted forward to restrain Commandery Princess Yi’an. They held her hands behind her back and pushed her forward.

Seeing that this shrew was now restrained, Wu Hongmo immediately slapped both sides of her daughter-in-law’s face with each hand as payback for earlier.

However, the old Vassal King of An’nan glared at the Vassal King Consort angrily. He felt that the reason his face was burning up in pain was all due to the embarrassment from this brainless family.

Didn’t they see what kind of day it was today, with so many court officials here?

This affair was going to make him a laughingstock in the conversations of those people at odds with him.

Some might perhaps even use this as leverage to vilify him.

It was simply hateful!

“The king had personally arranged this wedding, so even if you both aren’t willing, you must suck it up and carry through to the end with this marriage ceremony!” The old Vassal King of An’nan declared wrathfully with a sullen expression.

Afterwards, this pair of bride and groom were bound hand and foot as they were taken to the wedding hall. Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment, simply at a loss for words.

This, this? Didn’t this hark back to the old saying?

Trying to make an ox drink by forcing its head into the water…

Seeing this pair of bride and groom proceeding with the three-bows rite only after getting shoved to their knees and being forced to bend their necks, everyone exchanged looks again. They found this marriage ceremony absolutely absurd.

Once the ceremony was complete, the old Vassal King of An’nan immediately ordered for Yi’an to be trussed up and taken to the bridal chamber.

This left behind the gloomy Vassal Prince of An’nan, whose face had been beaten black and blue. He forced a smile while exchanging pleasantries with the guests before finding an excuse to leave.

This wedding feast had proceeded like a funeral feast. Everyone was dejected and wore bitter expressions. After grudgingly drinking two cups of wine, they all quickly invented excuses to leave.

When all the guests had left, Wu Hongmo smashed a delicate tea set on the spot and indignantly broke out into curses. “Look at what kind of daughter-in-law this is? What kind of sin have I, Wu Hongmo, committed to get burdened with this kind of daughter-in-law?”

“That won’t do, I have to enter the palace!”

“Come back!” Viciousness showed on the Vassal King of An’nan’s face. “What are you planning to do by entering the palace? You want to go shout curses at the king?”

“Do you still not understand? The king clearly wants our Chou Family to become the entire world’s laughingstock!” The Vassal King of An’nan clenched his fists and harrumphed coldly. “He had purposely betrothed Yi’an to Fu’er!”

“However, I will let him understand that the Vassal King of An’nan’s Estate isn’t that easy to bully!” A brutish anger shone in the old Vassal King of An’nan’s eyes as he grasped his fists tightly together.

“Achoo!” The king was unaware that his son had screwed him over, provoking the Vassal King of An’nan’s Estate’s anger from a random arranged marriage.

At this time, he was in the royal garden accompanying his 28-year-old Noble Lady Ying in reciting poetry and composing couplets while admiring the flowers…

When Qiao Mu stirred awake, she rubbed her eyes and looked up. Her eyes met Crown Prince Mo’s phoenix eyes that were staring at her unblinkingly from up-close.

She quickly moved her hands, struggling to sit up.

Seeing this, the crown prince helped her up. “You’re all rested now?”

Qiao Mu nodded. “From how gleeful you look, could it be that you have some good news to tell me?”

The crown prince smiled.. “You know, Yi’an this hooligan has finally married into the Vassal King of An’nan’s Estate.”

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