My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 26 - Big Transaction

Chapter 26 – Big Transaction

Original by Bro Got a Gun, Translated by James

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Muddleheaded, Chen Yi drove home. She opened the door to her house.

“You’re back already?!” inquired Chen Yi’s mother as she looked at her daughter thinking that it was strange for her to be back so early.

“Have you finished buying?” The daughter was acting a bit strange, this was a mother’s intuition.

With empty eyes, Chen Yi nodded her head.

“What happened?!” Chen Yi’s mother moved forward to touch her daughter’s head. “No fever! How much did you friend ask for that general’s gown?!” Chen Yi’s mother asked casually.

Chen Yi didn’t answer. She was in a completely muddleheaded state.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Where’s the card?” asked Chen Yi’s mother. Her card was connected to her phone, should there be a transfer of money, she’d receive a notification on her phone. However, she had yet to receive any notification.

“I gave the card to him!” replied Chen Yi.

“Gave the card to him?!” Chen Yi’s mother was confused. What’s with this? That card had fifty million! That’s the total amount of bonus she made this year in her company! Even if it’s a general’s robe, it wouldn’t be that expensive! Did my girl went crazy?!

Chen Yi didn’t try to explain. Instead, she took her mother to the garage and opened the trunk of the car.

Suddenly there’s a burst of golden light. Chen Yi’s mother also got stunned. Although she was wealthy, both her husband and she had their own careers and her parents were also wealthy, she had never seen five hundred pounds of gold before.

Gold! She saw that the gold had filled the whole trunk.

“These are what he gave me. He asked me to help him exchange these for money. As he urgently needed the money, I decided to give him the fifty million yuan card first!”

“What kind of person was that friend of yours?!”

Neither Chen Yi nor her mother managed to get any sleep that night. Chen Yi spent the whole night in shock. Her mother, on the other hand, was thinking about where the gold came from. Her family didn’t lack any money. Although five hundred pounds of gold was indeed dazzling, it cannot move her heart. Instead, she was thinking of whether her daughter might have became friends with some bad people and the origin of the gold – if it’s stolen or did someone rob a tomb.

If it was taken from a tomb, then maybe Chen Yi’s mother would help taking into consideration that Liu Mang was Chen Yi’s friend. However, if this happens again then she’ll definitely tell Chen Yi to stay away from him.

Liu Mang also did not managed to get any sleep that night. Three days. He only had three days! In these three days, he had to rush to Shandong Province at full speed. He had to find the horse ranch and purchase all the horses. He also had to find where to purchase armors and weapons!

Thus, immediately after he received the card with the fifty million yuan, he immediately rushed back to the University, found his friend whose family owned a horse ranch, dragged said friend, brought two plane tickets to Shandong and flew the same day.

Shandong. Liu Mang just got off the plane and was prepared to rush toward the horse ranch.

The domestic flights arrived early in the morning. By noon, he had arrived at Chen Yu’s house.

Chen Yu’s father could be regarded as a large scale breeder. With more than a thousand horses, cattles and sheep and thousands of shacks. He could already be considered as a big shot in the whole Shandong animal breeding industry.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back!” Chen Yu’s house was located in the breeding ranch area. A western styled three story house. A distinctive style amongst the area filled with breeding ranches.

“Lil Yu?!” From the house came a middle aged woman. Chen Yu’s family business had been ran by his father the whole time. Thus, his mother was just an ordinary housewife.

“How did you come back?!” With a kind and concernful expression, Chen Yu’s mother asked her son.

“I came back this time because my classmate over here wanted to purchase a couple horses to play with!” explained Chen Yu. Although the relationship between Chen Yu and Liu Mang was just so so, Chen Yu was an enthusiastic person. Especially after Liu Mang gave him an Apple phone, he became even more enthusiastic toward Liu Mang.

“A classmate? Come, quickly take a seat inside the house!” Chen Yu’s mother totally ignored the whole horse purchasing ordeal. Instead, she began to entertain Liu Mang.

“No no. Auntie, I’m in a hurry. I would like to check out the horse ranch now, is that fine?!” Liu Mang didn’t want to sit down in Chen Yu’s house for it might last for a whole half day.

“In this much of a rush?! Okay! Chen Yu’s dad is currently at the horse ranch. Chen Yu knows the direction, just have him take you there! I still have to cook dinner, don’t forget to come back for dinner in the afternoon!” A mother was always the most enthusiastic toward her returned son.

Under the guide of Chen Yu, Liu Mang and him arrived at the horse ranch.

Once arrived at the horse ranch, Liu Mang was stupefied. It was completely different from what he had imagined. Instead of horses running around freely, all the horses were held in captivity with only a few li worth of area to move around.

That wasn’t even the most concerning factor. The most concerning factor was that all these horses combined could not add up to five hundred. He needed five thousand!

“Chen Yu, are you certain that your family had one of Shandong’s larger ranch?!” Liu Mang asked suspectly.

“Of course!” Chen Yu answered without any hesitation. “There’s only a dozen or so families with ranches of some dozen or so li area. The rest of them were all smaller ranches that could only breed things like poultries!”

“Brat, how did you get back?!” A middle aged man who looked very similar to Chen Yu came by. Liu Mang knew that this was certainly Chen Yu’s father.

“You decided not to go to school anymore? Was there no class? Or did you got into some sort of problem?!” Fathers are fathers after all. A bit less of that compassion of mothers. A bit more of that strictness of fathers.

“Dad, why am I always a kid in your eyes?!” Chen Yu was a bit embarrassed to be told such a thing by his father in front of his classmate. He’s an adult after all.

“Humph, little brat. In my eyes you will always be like that!”

“Enough, enough, I won’t quarrel with you! Today I came back with a classmate of mine. He wanted to purchase some horses to play with!” Chen Yu was almost speechless toward his father. He’s already twenty two! Some of his original classmates were already married and had kids. Yet his father still regarded him as a naughty child.

“Purchase horse?!” Chen Yu’s father Chen De looked toward Liu Mang who was on the side of Chen Yu and complained. “Why didn’t you it earlier that you brought a classmate with you! Classmate, you came here to purchase horses right?!”

“Uncle, I am surnamed Liu and named Mang. You can just call me Lil Liu!” replied Liu Mang.

“Okay. Lil Liu it is.” After saying it a couple times, Chen De felt that it was easy to say and decided to call Liu Mang that. “What kind of horse were you planning to buy? Hot blooded horse, warm blooded horse or cold blooded horse?”

“Huh?!” Liu Mang was confused. How could there be so many different types of horses? Aren’t they all mammals? How could there be cold blooded horses?!

Seeing Liu Mang with a face full of confusion, Chen De laugh. He knew that this young man didn’t know much about horses. “Come! Let me introduce the horses to you!”

The three walked toward the horse ranch.

“Lil Liu. Look. All these horses were purchased personally by your uncle from when they were only foals. We nurtured them until they grew older and give birth to more foals!” Chen De pointed at each and every shed. He knew of every single one of the horse.

After listening to Chen De’s explanation, Liu Mang understood a little about the horses. There are more than three hundred varieties of horses in the world.

According to the uses of the horses, they could be categorized into: riding horses (light horse) and harness horses (large horses, commonly referred as cart pulling horses).

According to the linage of the horses, they could be categorized into: hot blooded horses (clever, quick, suitable for becoming racehorses. However, they had poor physique and endurance and a stubborn personality. Not suited for leisure usage), warm blooded horses (clever with a meek temperature. Suitable for various applications, both for competitions and for leisure) and cold blooded horse (strong and able body, fit for pulling carts. Mostly used for agriculture.)

Liu Mang doesn’t know what kind of horse was needed for combat in the era of cold weapons. Do they need the explosiveness of a hot blooded horse or do they need the endurance of a cold blooded horse?

“Uncle, I want both the hot blooded horse and the warm blooded horse!” Since he didn’t know what kind of horse to get, might as well buy them all. Lu Bu could chose the kind of horse he want himself afterwards.

“Okay! I have a just grown Arabian horse. It’s a hot blooded horse. You can purchase that. As for the warm blooded horse, how about that Mongolian horse?! It’s pretty good too and isn’t too old either. Seeing as you’re the brat’s classmate, I’d sell you the Arabian horse for fifteen thousand. As for that Mongolian horse, consider it a gift from me!” Chen De didn’t ask anymore than the production cost of the horse.

“Okay! I’d take all of your Arabian and Mongolian horses!” Liu Mang’s words almost frightened Chen De to death.

“What? You want them all?!” Chen De could not believe what Liu Mang had said. He had no less than a hundred Arabian horses and two hundred Mongolian horses. Using fifteen thousand for an Arabian horse and five thousand for a Mongolian horse, that’s a transaction of over three million yuan!

“That’s right uncle, I want them all!” said Liu Mang with a smile. “This is the deposit!” Liu Mang had taken ten million in cash from the bank before he came here.

“Hey hey, Liu Mang, you didn’t went full retard right? What are you buying all these horses for? Here, my dad had over three hundred of the horses you want. Did you really want to purchase all those?!” Chen Yu was also stunned. Although he doesn’t know what Liu Mang’s family does, Liu Mang didn’t strike him as someone belonging to a rich family. To purchase three hundred horses, did he want to start his own horse ranch? Even if that was the case, he should be buying foals, not fully grown horses.

“I didn’t go full retard! Uncle, do you have the contact information of other horse ranches? What I wanted to buy was a lot more than these. I needed two thousand and five hundred hot blooded Arabian horses as well as two thousand five hundred Mongolian horses!” Liu Mang threw out another huge bomb. The bomb landed on Chen De and left him completely dazzled.

“Two thousand and five hundred Arabian horses? And another two thousand and five hundred Mongolian horses? Did you want all these horses to fight in a battle or what?!” Chen De muttered in his chest. He managed to guessed correctly, these horses were indeed for use of battle, only that it’s not a battle in modern times.

Before he came, Liu Mang already got his manuscript ready. He said with a smile. “Uncle, have you heard of the Horse King?”

“Horse King?!” Those who breed horses does it not only because it’s a business, they also do it because they loved horses. The Legend of the Horse King was something that all horse lovers longed for.

“Are you saying?!” Chen De seemed to have guessed something.

“That’s right! The reason why we wanted to purchase these five thousand horses was to set them free. We are to let them roam freely and breed feedly. What we desire was the ruler of these horses! As long as we managed to have a single Horse King, once we could turned him into a racehorse we’d be profiting, profiting big!” Liu Mang was embarrassed red telling the lie, however he managed to make Chen De who loves horses believe in his lie.

“Okay! I’ll help you contact people. Two thousand and five hundred pure blooded Arabian horses and two thousand five hundred Mongolian horses!” Chen De nodded as he said it all seriously.

“Crazy! Crazy! You’re all crazy! To spend fifty million to purchase a single Horse King? Did you really have nowhere else to waste your money on?!” In the views of Chen Yu, fifty million could buy a top racing car! What could a horse do?! They can’t even be on the roads nowadays!

“Then I’ll leave the matter in your hands. Uncle, please give me an account number, I will transfer the money to your account. Please try to get the horses for me as quickly as possible because I’m in a hurry!” Chen De dialed a series of numbers. Liu Mang transferred the money using the computer. Five thousand war horses, Chen De said it would only require forty million. Liu Mang got an additional two million. He gave a million to Chen De for him to help him purchase more horses in the future. The other million, he asked Chen De to help him purchase grain for the horses.

“I will be able to get you all the horses by latest tomorrow!” Chen De was second to none in the Shandong breeding circle. With him personally taking the reign, all the process will be very fast. He only said he needed to wait till tomorrow because they needed to transport the other horses.

“Okay! Just transport the horse to this warehouse at this address! We will have someone there to take care of the rest!” Liu Mang already got a large old warehouse. Not only was it located in a remote location, it was also very big. Let alone five thousand horses, even if it was fifty thousand horses he’d still be able to put them all there.

“Okay!” Chen De nodded and started to continue contacting more people.

Seeing that his father had left, Chen Yu suddenly knelt to the floor and held onto Liu Mang’s thigh. “Brother! Big Brother! Big Brother Liu Mang! Please take me under your wing! If you tell me to go east, I’d dare not go west! If you tell me to chase after rabbits, I’d dare not do fowls!”

The response Chen Yu received was a large foot and a sentence. “This bro never do fowls!”

[TL: fowl = chicken = whore = prostitute.]

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