My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632: Release

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Zuo Jia quickly left the guardhouse. Her power was limited, and only Zuo Yan could get Lou Ziling out of the guardhouse.

She soon returned home. As soon as she entered the door, she saw her parents sitting in the small living room, warmly welcoming Fu rongting.

Seeing her return, Fu rongting stood up and called out to her in a clear voice,””Jiajia, you left your bag in a hurry. Grandpa asked me to bring it to you. Your grandfather is very worried about you. Since you’re fine, I’ll go back first!”

Fu rongting said as he walked out, but Zuo Yan and Xi Ying immediately stopped him.

“Rong ting, you’ve just arrived. Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Let Jiajia bring you around. Our city W is a famous tourist city!”

“Even if you don’t want to go out to play, you still want to have a meal at our house, right? Jiajia, come here quickly too. You’re such a careless child, why didn’t you bring your bag and luggage? Hurry up and thank Rong ting!”

Zuo Jia’s eyes were still red, her lips were still dry, and the tears on her face were especially obvious. She thanked Fu rongting in a low voice, then turned to Zuo Yan and said,”Dad, let Lou Ziling out. I don’t like him anymore.”

Zuo Yan was afraid that his daughter would say more and cause Fu rongting to misunderstand, so he quickly said,”Alright, alright, alright. I told you he’s not a good person. Look, he’s already made you so angry. Go wash your face first!”

“He was beaten up by those people in the detention center. If he continued to stay there, he would die before the date of the death penalty! If he dies, I don’t want to live either. ”

Zuo Yan didn’t stop his daughter from talking. It was obvious that she liked Lou Ziling.

He glanced at Fu rongting and saw that he was still calm, without any displeasure.

Zuo Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to say something, Fu rongting said,””Uncle Zuo, Jiajia is so worried about her friend. You should be lenient and let her friend out!”

Since Fu rongting had spoken, Zuo Yan had to give him face.

“Okay, since Rong ting has pleaded for him, let him go. But I don’t have the final say in the detention center. It’ll take at least tomorrow morning for the approval to be approved.”

“It’s good enough that she’s done it so quickly.” Zuo Jia didn’t say anything more and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

She didn’t sleep much all night and got up at dawn. After washing up, she left without even eating.

Fu rongting had slept in the Zuo family’s house last night, in the room next to Zuo Jia ‘s.

He got up very early. When he saw Zuo Jia, he asked her,””You’re going to the guard station to pick up your friend?”

“Yeah,” Zuo Jia nodded.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

Zuo Jia wanted to refuse, but she thought that if she went alone, it would cause a misunderstanding between Jing Xi and Lou Ziling, so she agreed to Fu rongting’s proposal.””Thank you!”

“You’re my sister, you don’t have to be so polite. ”

Fu rongting and Zuo Jia had known each other since they were young. When they were young, Zuo Jia had always called him brother, but after not seeing each other for more than ten years, they had become distant. Fu rongting still called him sister, but Zuo Jia was already too embarrassed to call him brother.

The two of them went downstairs. Zuo Jia wanted to drive, but Fu rongting’s voice was calm. “You’re not in a good state. I’ll drive. ”

Zuo Jia didn’t insist. She was indeed not in good shape. Fu rongting could even drive the fighter aircraft well, and all kinds of cars were nothing to him.

Zuo Jia’s car was in her own villa, and they were driving Xi Ying’s car.

Zuo Yan’s car was the mayor’s car, and the license plate was too conspicuous.

The two of them got into the car and left. Zuo Yan and Xi Ying, on the other hand, were sprawled on the balcony, discussing excitedly.

“Not bad, young man. You’re so calm that you don’t look like you’re in your twenties!”

“Of course, the elites from the Army are different! His father is the Minister of Defense, and his grandfather has just retired from the Army. The whole family of soldiers are upright and determined!”

“Why do I feel that Jiajia is not interested in him? Lou Ziling is already married and she is still worried about him. Now that he is in the detention center, can family Jing just sit by and do nothing?”


Fu rongting drove the car, and Zuo Jia led the way. An hour later, the two arrived at the guardhouse.

A Black Jaguar was parked outside the gate of the guardhouse. Zuo Jia only needed one look to know that it was Lou Ziling’s car.

The person in the car should be Jing Xi.

Zuo Jia got out of the car, but she didn’t enter the guard post, nor did she approach the Jaguar.

She stood beside Xi Ying’s car, her face a little pale. Fu rongting, dressed in a well-ironed military uniform, stood beside her and said lightly,””Your face is very pale. If you don’t know, you’ll think that it’s your husband inside, not miss Jing’s husband.”

“Why are you …” Zuo Jia turned her head and looked at him.

She didn’t finish her sentence because Lou Ziling came out at the right time. Her gaze was attracted by her.

Fu rongting calmly continued her sentence, and in a voice that only Zuo Jia could hear, he said,”How would I know?”

He smiled and glanced at the slim woman who got out of the car. Then, he looked at Lou Ziling.

“Jing Xi is not a problem. If you want to marry Lou Ziling, I can help you. I happen to know her weakness, do you want to try?”

Zuo Jia looked at Lou Ziling and Jing Xi, who were hugging each other not far away, and shook her head gently.”No, I don’t like him anymore.”

“The expression on your face doesn’t say that.”

Fu rongting saw the couple looking at him from a dozen meters away, and suddenly reached out to put an arm around Zuo Jia’s shoulder.

Zuo Jia was slightly stunned, but she didn’t move.

She knew that Fu rongting was helping her.

After Jing Xi and Lou Ziling got into the car and left, Fu rongting quickly released his hand.””Are you at ease now? Don’t worry, we can go back now. ”

On the black Jaguar, Lou Ziling turned around and saw a man and a woman standing side by side outside the car. After a long time, she turned back.

“Why are you still looking at her?” Jing Xi said angrily. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t have suffered so much!”

She looked at the bruises on Lou Ziling’s face and her heart ached. She had already disliked Zuo Jia, and now she disliked Lou Ziling even more.

Lou Ziling smiled.”I’m fine. I just had a fight with the guards. They didn’t get any advantage.” This matter has nothing to do with Zuo Jia, she wouldn’t have thought of such a method to deal with me. ”

He had turned around just now because he felt a little strange. Zuo Jia had a boyfriend so soon?

Lou Ziling took a hot shower after returning to the manor. When he came out of the bathroom, he saw that Jing Xi had already asked someone to prepare dinner for him.

Jing Xi walked over and hugged his waist, her voice choked with sobs.””I was so scared, I thought …”

She thought Lou Ziling would die.

Lou Ziling hugged Jing Xi and touched her hair gently.””Don’t be afraid. I won’t die. Even if Zuo Jia doesn’t help me, I can still escape. It’s just that I’ll have to change my name. ”

He was completely capable of breaking out of prison, let alone the prison.

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