My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634: Gentleness

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Zuo Jia noticed Fu rongting’s gaze at once. She hurriedly pulled her cardigan to cover herself, her eyes full of disbelief!

“You, you … How could you be such a person?!”

After being in contact with Fu rongting for a few days, she felt that he was a typical soldier-calm, composed, not lustful, and upright.

She didn’t expect him to …

Fu rongting’s face was calm. He walked to the bed, but he did not put Zuo Jia down. He still held her.”What kind of person am I? Monk Tang? The king of the womanland was unmoved no matter how much she was tempted? Oh, that’s not right. Even though Tang Sanzang has profound attainments in Buddhism, he still fell for the king of womanland. ”

Zuo Jia crossed her arms in front of her chest and said with a red face, “I’m not trying to seduce you. ”


Fu rongting responded lightly,”don’t wear this nightgown in the future, especially when men come.”

Zuo Jia was a little annoyed. She had never dressed like this in front of outsiders, regardless of gender.

How could she have known that this person would jump in from the window?

She bit her lip and didn’t say a word, her face tensed up, guarding against Fu rongting as if he was a thief.

Fu rongting didn’t take it seriously. He put her on the bed and stuffed the tablet into her hands.”Play for a while, then take your medicine and go to sleep.”

Holding the tablet, Zuo Jia suddenly felt that Fu rongting was treating her like a child, arranging things for her.

Half an hour passed, and Zuo Jia didn’t even turn on her tablet. She sat on the bed in a daze, unable to come back to her senses.

Fu rongting walked in again and handed her a glass of warm water and a handful of medicine.”Time to take your medicine.”

Zuo Jia took the water with one hand and the medicine with the other,”Thank you, I’m sorry for the trouble!”

Fu rongting didn’t deny it. He reached out to touch her forehead and said, “You’re still running a fever. If the medicine doesn’t work, I’ll send you to the hospital. ”

Zuo Jia was a little dizzy at this moment. She felt that Fu rongting was too close to her!

She took the medicine absent-mindedly and accidentally choked. The capsule got stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t go up or down. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Fu rongting patted her back. Seeing that it was useless, he went out to pour her another glass of water.”Take big gulps.”

Zuo Jia finished the entire glass of water in one go, but the capsule was still in her mouth. She looked at Fu rongting with tears in her eyes.”Will I be the first person to be killed by a capsule?”

Fu rongting couldn’t help but laugh.”The capsule will go down when it’s soft. It can’t kill you. You’ll only eat it.”

This was common sense, and Zuo Jia knew it.

She just felt that the atmosphere between her and Fu rongting was getting weirder and weirder, so she made a joke to lighten up the mood.

It was nice to be siblings with Fu rongting, but it was impossible to be lovers.

Lou Ziling was deeply rooted in her heart. It would take a long time to forget her.

“Alright, you can rest. I’m leaving.”

Fu rongting still did not walk through the front door that was locked by Zuo Jia. He nimbly jumped out of her bedroom window.

Zuo Jia hurried to the window and happened to see Fu rongting standing up steadily after landing. He turned around and was surprised to see Zuo Jia’s delicate face.

“Why did you get out of bed? Go back and lie down!”

“This window is too high. You can come through the door next time. I’ll open the door for you!”

Her bedroom was on the second floor, and it was too dangerous for Fu rongting to jump down like this.

Fu rongting replied with a faint “mm” and turned to leave.

However, the next morning, he still climbed in through the window.

He sat on the edge of the bed and touched Zuo Jia’s forehead. Then, he immediately shook her awake.”Jiajia, get up. I’ll take you to the hospital!”

Zuo Jia opened her eyes in pain and looked at the open window. She complained in a low voice, “Didn’t I tell you to use the main entrance …”

“I rang the doorbell, but you didn’t hear me, so I had to come in through the window.”

“I’m so uncomfortable. Let me sleep a little longer. ”

“No, your fever is very serious. You must go to the hospital!”

Zuo Jia was already used to Fu rongting touching her forehead, but when he reached his hand directly into the blanket and carried her out, she was quite unaccustomed to it, and her groggy head became much clearer.

“Put me down, I’ll walk on my own.”

Fu rongting didn’t let go. He glanced at Zuo Jia’s clothes and saw that she had changed out of her thin silk pajamas into a set of white long-sleeved cotton pajamas.

He could leave the house in the same clothes, so he carried Zuo Jia out of the villa and put her in the car. Then he went back to get Zuo Jia’s bag and coat.

Seeing that he was going to put on her clothes, Zuo Jia quickly took it. “”I’ll wear it myself!”

Fu rongting did not insist. Seeing that she could wear it herself, he started the car and took Zuo Jia to the nearest hospital.

There were many patients with colds and fevers in this season, and there was a shortage of beds. The doctor prescribed medicine and the nurse arranged for her to sit in the injection seat area.

Fu rongting picked a quiet area and sat down with Zuo Jia. The nurse came over to give her an infusion, but she secretly peeked at Fu rongting several times.

His appearance and temperament were too outstanding, so it was difficult not to attract attention.

Fu rongting didn’t notice, but Zuo Jia did. She smiled and turned to look at Fu rongting.

“What’s wrong? did I hurt you?”

Fu rongting couldn’t help but ask when he saw Zuo Jia looking at him.

“No,” Zuo Jia shook her head.

Then why was she suddenly looking at him?

Fu rongting raised his head and looked at the nurse, who happened to be looking at him as well. He understood the reason in an instant.

After the nurse left, Fu rongting whispered in Zuo Jia’s ear,””I’m tang Seng. All the goblins want to eat some of his meat.”

Zuo Jia burst into laughter. He was actually quite humorous. She had thought that he was like Lou Ziling, a cold and quiet man.

She had never seen Lou Ziling joke before. Or maybe he only joked with Jing Xi?

As her thoughts drifted away, Zuo Jia fell asleep. When she woke up again, she found herself asleep on Fu rongting’s shoulder!

“I’m sorry …”

Zuo Jia apologized apologetically. Fu rongting’s expression was indifferent. “It’s okay. My shoulder is just a little numb from the pressure. You can just give me a massage.”

Zuo Jia was stunned. Massage?

Isn’t this too intimate?

“Not willing? Then help me wash my clothes. Look, my clothes are all covered in your saliva. ”

Zuo Jia quickly looked down and saw that there was indeed a pool of water on Fu rongting’s shoulder!

That was impossible!

She never drooled when she slept!

Her clear eyes widened and her red lips opened slightly. She was extremely surprised.

Fu rongting stopped teasing her. He reached out his fingers and gently wiped away the tears on her face, saying in a low voice,”Silly girl, what’s there to cry about? don’t cry for him in the future. It’s not worth it.”

Listening to Fu rongting’s gentle voice, Zuo Jia finally realized that she had cried in her dream of Lou Ziling’s death. It turned out that she had also cried in reality.

It wet Fu rongting’s shoulder.

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