My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 31 - They Had the Same Life Experience

Chapter 31: They Had the Same Life Experience

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Having created the scene, Shangguan Ning walked out of the door without looking back. There was nothing in this place that was worth staying back for.

The young guard at the compound gave her a confused look, seeing that she was out so quickly.

Shangguan Ning wasn’t in the mood to care about how suspiciously the guard looked at her. She was swallowed by the chill and fatigue.

Water was still dripping from both her cheeks. Her hair was unkempt and she looked a mess.

The northern wind swooshed by, with the fallen leaves bringing with it, a moment of bone-piercing chill.

Shangguan Ning walked down the stairs, step by step. She felt that all of her energy had been sucked out within one moment. The tiny hope in the deepest corner of her heart had turned into despair.

She still had many bruises over her body and the wound on her head also hurt. The pain tired her out and she slipped. She started falling off from the high stairs.

But the pain she had expected didn’t arrive. Instead, she fell into a pair of warm arms.

Shangguan Ning took hold of the broad waist out of instinct. She looked up and saw that familiar and handsome face.

She tried to endure the pain and forced out a smile. She asked, “Why did you come back?”

“I never left.” Jing Yichen’s voice was low and full of care and rage.

Only a moment had passed, and Shangguan Ning came out in such a messed up way. She had been completely fine before she went inside.

Was her home a hazardous cave?

He scooped up Shangguan Ning horizontally and carried her into the warm car.

Shangguan Ning did not struggle. She leaned into Jing Yichen’s warm and dependable arms. A touch of comfort seemed to arise in her hollow heart.

It was wonderful that he had not left.

So lucky that he was still waiting for her.

But why was she always so messy in front of him?

She buried her head into his chest and burst into tears, all of a sudden.

Tears wetted Jing Yichen’s clothes, but he didn’t mind at all. Instead, he only held her in his arms and gave a soft pat on her back, offering silent consolation.

Maybe it was because of tiredness or the pain which had returned, Shangguan Ning passed out after crying for a moment.

When Jing Yichen didn’t hear the crying sound and saw the woman in his arms collapsing on him, he was so startled that he started driving towards Family Mu’s hospital at a high speed.

It was bright at Family Mu’s hospital, and Mu Qing was already waiting in the emergency room. He got up immediately when Jing Yichen showed up with the woman in his arms.

Mu Qing let out a huge sigh of relief after a careful examination.

“She is fine. She was wounded yesterday and hurt by the strong drugs. And now she has been mentally stimulated, so she passed out. But that is just temporary. She has an excellent physical quality so she will be fine after some rest. But she really needs to take a good rest from now on. She shouldn’t be simulated any more, otherwise there might be some sequelae.”

Jing Yichen let out a sigh of relief in his heart at these words. He nodded at him coldly but his eyebrows were still furrowed.

Mu Qing was very displeased by his behavior. He had sounded so maniacal and scary on the phone on the way here. He had thought that it was a life-threatening thing.

Could he not get so startled over such a small thing?

He was not like this before. He was so cool to have tormented the people at Black-red Association this morning, and now… look at his face! He had apparently been totally distracted by a woman. What a shame!

Could love really be so powerful?

No way, Jing Yichen knew nothing about love. He was a cold-blooded animal who wore an icy-cold expression every day.

He wanted to stretch out his arm to give a pat on Jing Yichen’s shoulder when he realized that he didn’t like being touched by others. He still remembered toppling over when he had tried to pat his shoulder the last time. It was a sour and unpleasant feeling that still lingered in his mind. So he gave a pat on his own thighs instead with his outstretched hand.

“Boss Chen, honestly. It is just a woman. I almost died because of your torment!”

“You don’t understand. You will know when you run into the same situation in the future.” Jing Yichen had no expression on his face. He sounded cold just like usual.

But Mu Qing could tell that he was being serious.

He found it funny. It sounded as if he had a clear understanding of love!

Honestly, Jing Yichen had never been in a relationship before whilst Mu, who had been with many girls before, was demeaned by this love idiot at this moment instead.

It was totally intolerable. He had no choice but to make it tolerable.

However, if he wasn’t allowed to play a joke on Jing Yichen, he could stimulate him.

“Does the girl know you like her so much? I saw the innocence in her eyes this morning… she doesn’t seem to like you.”

He thought that Jing Yichen would certainly get very outraged because of his arrogant personality. Unexpectedly, however, he thought for a moment and nodded. “You are right, she doesn’t know about it yet. Till now, it has only been my wishful thinking.”

Mu Qing was so surprised that he almost bit off his tongue. He stuttered. “Have… have you become totally stupid?”

He just spilled such a shameful matter with such a calm expression on his face.

Hadn’t he always been so arrogant that he never paid attention to women? Hadn’t he always looked down on people who lost themselves because of love?

He noticed Jing Yichen taking out a handkerchief and wiping off the water drops from the woman’s face in a gentle way. Then he started to carefully dab the medicine on her. There was a clear palmprint on her tender face. Apparently, she had been slapped hard.

This was definitely not the Jing Yichen he knew.

In his opinion, Jing Yichen was the code word for coldness and ruthlessness. When had he ever been so gentle before?

He walked out of the advanced ward, annoyedly. On one side, he thought that Jing Yichen had destroyed the great and magnificent image in his heart whilst on the other side, he found the image that he had seen just now was beautiful.

Jing Yichen gently caressed Shangguan Ning’s white, tender face. He paused at the dreadful palmprint.

Who slapped her?

Who dared to slap her!

He would not let him go, no matter who that person was.

Shangguan Ning’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed in her sleep. She looked as if something painful was badgering her in the dream.

He smoothened her narrowed eyebrows with his big hands so that she could sleep better.

Before he came back to China, he had already received the information about the officers at A City from staff at the enterprise, because he was about to take over Jingsheng Enterprise.

Shangguan Zheng was listed as the second on the rank as the Deputy-Mayor.

He remembered clearly that Shangguan Zheng had only one daughter named Shangguan Rouxue in the family column apart from his own information.

Either it was because the staff at the Enterprise was doing a bad job in collecting the information, or it was because someone was trying to press down Shangguan Ning’s information.

She was the Deputy-Mayor’s daughter, but very few people knew about it. Yet her sister Shangguan Rouxue was known as the Lady of Deputy-Mayor’s family.

Who had the ability to press down Deputy-Mayor’s family affairs?

Undoubtedly, it must have been Shangguan Zheng himself.

He recollected Shangguan Family’s information after he got to know Shangguan Ning.

Her mother had passed away ages ago. Her stepmother intruded her home with her daughter and took away both her father and her fiancé. She had been forced to study abroad.

She must have had a hard time, didn’t she? No wonder she looked so bleak even when she smiled.

Hehe, her life experience was almost exactly the same as his.

Could it have been a rare arrangement of destiny?

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