My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 34 - Assistant to the President of Jingsheng Enterprise

Chapter 34: Assistant to the President of Jingsheng Enterprise

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Shangguan Ning’s cell phone suddenly rang at midnight. The ring jerked her up from sleep.

Shangguan Ning noticed that it was a strange number, so she disconnected it without hesitation. She was annoyed to have been woken up by the call.

But the phone kept ringing, so she answered finally with a frown.

“Hello, who is this?”

Xie Zhuojun’s outraged voice came from the other side. “Shangguan Ning! What did you go to Family Shangguan’s home for? Can’t you just stop badgering them! Are you so jealous of me, for living a good life?”

Shangguan Ning lost her remaining sleep upon hearing Xie Zhuojun’s voice.

Anyone would get angry when woken up at midnight and scolded, least of all, by Xie Zhuojun, who was the last man Shangguan Ning wanted to meet or hear from.

“You missed your pills today, didn’t you? Why are you acting crazy with me at midnight?” Shangguan Ning asked coldly.

Her voice was openly mocking him. “How does it concern you if and when I visit my own home? Whether you are living a good life or not is not my concern. But I told you not to disturb my life any more. I have already let you go and have given up fighting over the past. If you dare to irritate me again, I will settle both the old and new accounts with you, once and for all!”

Xie Zhuojun got shocked when he heard these words.

He had gotten angry today and called her because Shangguan Rouxue made a big fuss about breaking up. But he never expected that Ning would sound so ruthless.

She used to go after him all the time and spoke to him in a very soft, gentle way. She always had a smile on her face and had never gotten angry with him in the past. She had always taken good care of him.

He had been used to a Shangguan Ning who always worked and never complained. But during the last two meetings, he felt as if he didn’t know her at all.

She sounded really distant and cold tonight.

He was still thinking about this when she asked coldly, “How did you get my phone number? Did Shangguan Rouxue give it to you? She is quite capable to have found my new number. She might as well start working as a detective!”

For some reason, Xie Zhuojun got extremely annoyed upon hearing Shangguan Ning talk to him in this tone.

He had a tendency to say terrible things whenever he got angry. “It doesn’t matter how I got your number. The point is that you went to her today and forced her to leave me. You are such a shameless person. Even if Xue weren’t here, I would have still not looked at you. In your entire life, you won’t find someone who wants you. You ruthless woman!”

Shangguan Ning’s heart ached as if it was pierced by a knife. This was the man, on whose well-being, she had spent two years. During the time when he was lying in sickbed and breathing feebly, she had only wished that he could open his eyes and talk to her.

And now that he did speak, the words he said were so inhuman!

The wound that had healed in her heart was ripped open once again, bleeding badly. And the past images which she had tried hard to forget, emerged in her mind.

She would never forget that day. It was raining hard. She had come home and found the two of them tangled with each other in bed.

Her heart was dripping blood, and her body was shivering. But she explained it in a very calm manner. “I never forced Shangguan Rouxue to leave you. I went home yesterday because I had wanted to ask Deputy-Mayor Shangguan about the school firing me. I exchanged only two sentences with your girlfriend, which consisted of less than ten words each. You believe whatever you hear, and then come to interrogate me, be it right or wrong. You are led on by a woman. I truly look down on you now. Also, if you dug out my number without my permission, I won’t let that pass easily.”

Xie Zhuojun had regretted the outburst immediately after he had uttered those words. He became even more regretful after listening to what Shangguan Ning had to say.

Hi father always said that he believed things quite easily, and was an impulsive man, who needed several more years of practice.

He didn’t buy that before, but now he had started to believe it a little.

He didn’t completely believe Shangguan Ning, but he had a little doubt on Shangguan Rouxue’s words.

He firmly believed that Shangguan Rouxue was the purest woman who would never lie to him. But maybe Xue had misunderstood Shangguan Ning as well?

When Xue called him yesterday, she had wanted to break up with him. Teary eyed, she had even said that she wanted to return him to Sister. But she never once mentioned that Shangguan Ning had been fired by the school.

Maybe Xue was so sad… that she forgot to mention it?

Xie Zhuojun tried hard to figure out a relatively reasonable explanation.

But why was Shangguan Ning fired by the school for no reason?

He was about to ask her what had happened, when he realised that it was already dead on the other end.

Shangguan Ning had hung up on him!

Earlier, she used to wait until he hung up. She always had endless patience for him.

And now, she didn’t even want to hear his voice?

Xie Zhuojun finally realized that something important had disappeared from his life.

But he still wanted to know why Shangguan Ning was fired by the school.

If he couldn’t ask Shangguan Ning, then he would ask Xue. She would definitely tell him.

It was already quite late. Xue must have fallen asleep. He would wait until tomorrow for that.

Shangguan Ning wasn’t able to fall asleep after she hung up the phone.

It was they who owed her, but why did it sound as if it had been she who owed them!

Shangguan Rouxue was indeed a cunning girl with such crafty methods. She was exactly like her mother who had robbed a woman of her husband, and was good at confusing right with wrong.

Earlier, she used to think that hating others was an enormous torment to herself, so she had naively thought about letting them go so that she could set herself free as well.

Not any more.

She wouldn’t go and chase what she had lost. But she would not tolerate it if someone intended to bully her.

She got up late next morning due to the uneasy sleep during the previous night.

She had just finished washing herself up when her Uncle called.

“Hello, Uncle.”

“Ning!” Huang Lihan sounded quite happy. “I told a friend about you and he is very satisfied with you. He would like to hire you as the assistant to the President of the enterprise. But, for this, he needs approval from the Board of Directors. Don’t worry, it is just a routine check. So they need your CV. Send that to me and then you can start work next week onwards!”

Shangguan Ning didn’t expect that Uncle could be so effective that he solved her working issue within one day.

She was happy to hear that her Uncle was in a good mood. “Okay! I will send you the CV later. Which company is it? I will definitely work hard and not bring shame to you!”

Huang Lihan laughed. “My niece is the most excellent woman! She will only earn honor for her uncle. If you weren’t so, they wouldn’t consider you even at my recommendation. So you have been hired because of your ability. You would definitely know about this company. It is Jingsheng Enterprise!”

What? Jingsheng Enterprise!?

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