My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 997

Chapter 997: Big brother, I’m here to save you!

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“Even if it explodes, with my speed, I can still leave with my brother safely!”

Jing Zhi had been in the Assassin’s base for a long time, so he knew that the structure of the base was very special. Once the defense function was activated, all the exits would be sealed, and all the doors would turn into bombs.

Most of the buildings in the base were underground, and the parts above the ground were just for cover.

It was extremely difficult to break out of the underground, or Jing Rui would have left long ago.

Shuyin knew that Jing Zhi loved Jing Rui deeply, and she also knew that Jing Rui loved his younger brother even more.

So, she couldn’t let Jing Zhi take the risk.

She was the one who had called him here. If something happened to Jing Zhi, she would be the first person Jing Rui would kill when he came out.

She took a deep breath and said slowly,””The main reason for the turmoil in the killer organization was that Jing Rui wanted to take down the organization. Therefore, the Assassin’s base could not be destroyed. It cost tens of billions to build that base, and there were so many assassins living inside. Once it exploded, the damage would be incalculable! Blowing up the base is the worst way to go. ”

Jing Zhi had already heard Shu Yin and Peter say this a few times. He grabbed his hair impatiently and said,”Alright, alright, stop talking! You and Peter are so indecisive that you can’t do this or that! It has been so many days, what if my brother starved to death inside! I have to save him, I can’t waste another minute!”

Peter glared at him in annoyance.””If it was that easy to save people, the Boss would have appeared long ago! It’s not that we’re overcautious, but this matter is too tricky! The number one boss of your assassin organization, Andrew, is also inside. That old thing is full of tricks, whoever goes in will die! You’d better stay in the hotel obediently, there will be a time for you to make a move!”

Although Peter was also anxious, it understood Jing Rui’s strength and knew that Andrew would not have much of an advantage in the game. The two of them were in a stalemate, and neither of them would be willing to give in.

“Boss didn’t come out, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t come out. I’m afraid he deliberately didn’t want to come out. I won’t starve you to death. You should go and rest first. When I need you to act, you won’t have time to rest even if you want to. ”

“Your words can fool a three-year-old child! Andrew, that old thing, is the worst. He must be bullying my brother inside. There’s no need to say anything. Anyway, I’m more familiar with the assassin base than I am. It’s okay to go! I’m leaving!”

Jing Zhi didn’t believe a single word that Peter had said. He felt that Peter was trying to console him.

He ignored Peter and Shu Yin’s attempts to stop him and jumped out of the window, disappearing into the night.

Peter and Shuyin looked at each other helplessly and smiled wryly. With their abilities, there was no way they could stop Jing Zhi.

Deep underground in the base, Jing Rui and Andrew were still in a stalemate.

Jing Zhi was right. He hadn’t eaten for days.

Similarly, Andrew didn’t have anything to eat, and he didn’t dare to.

Both of them would rather be hungry than eat, because they were not sure if the food was poisonous.

However, even though Jing Rui had not slept for several days and had not eaten much, his body could still take it.

He was young and would only be twenty years old after the new year.

Furthermore, he had the most powerful virus in his body that could break down his cells and provide him with energy.

Andrew, on the other hand, was almost 60 years old and his bodily functions had deteriorated severely. He could not survive Jing Rui’s attack. He felt dizzy and wished that his men could pounce on Jing Rui and kill him.

But Jing Rui’s men were not to be trifled with, and he did not have the upper hand at all.

Andrew was even a little scared!

He had never known that so many people in the assassin base had already submitted to Jing Rui.

If he had come a few days later, the entire assassin base would have changed hands!

Also, he had been in there for so many days. Without him outside, could Angel have bribed all the senior leaders of the killer organization?

Angel had already roped in a large number of people to seize his power.

Although she was a woman, she was now the unshakeable number one assassin in the world. Just this strength alone had allowed her to have many followers.

And she looked exactly the same as she did ten or even twenty years ago! She was still like a young person, full of vitality and without any signs of aging. Such a person was more attractive than an old man like him!

He had never thought that Angel, who was not interested in the world, would be interested in power!

She had seized power, and he had not been on guard at all!

Therefore, from the second day after he came in, Andrew regretted it so much that his intestines turned green!

He felt that he had made a wrong decision!

He shouldn’t have come to the Assassin’s base to waste time with Jing Rui!

Andrew gritted his teeth and decided to compromise with Jing Rui.

“Our two sides are evenly matched. If we continue fighting, we will lose countless people. I’ll unlock the base’s closed system and let you leave, but you can’t take anyone away. At the same time, you have to compensate me for my losses. ”

Jing Rui looked at Andrew as if he was an idiot and said coldly,””It’s too late! Either you blow this place up and we all die Here, or you hand over all your power and I can let you live for a few more days and see your daughter one last time!”

He knew that Andrew wouldn’t blow up the place, because if he did, not only would Andrew not survive, but the tens of billions of investment and construction would also be destroyed immediately!

Andrew would definitely be reluctant to do so. He didn’t have more money to build a new assassin base.

Of course, Jing Rui did not want to do that.

This place would be his in the future!

How could the modern high-tech assassin training base, which had been carefully designed and laid out by dozens of experts, spent more than 70 billion Yuan and five years to build, be blown up just like that?

You can’t do this even if you have money.

Andrew was almost angered to death by Jing Rui’s words. He had already given in, but Jing Rui was still so aggressive!

How many years had it been since someone dared to speak to him like that!

He was so angry that he wanted to kill someone, but he could not do it!

Jing Rui was more powerful than him, and he was no match for Jing Rui in a one-on-one fight.

Andrew was still angry when he suddenly saw a person beside Jing Rui.

What kind of ghostly speed was this! He was so fast that she couldn’t even see his figure clearly!

When the ‘ghost’ stopped in front of Jing Rui, Andrew was shocked and shouted,””Jing Zhi, why are you here?”

Jing Zhi didn’t even look at him. He only said to Jing Rui,””Brother, I’m here to save you!”

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