My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Bad Senior Brother

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Luckily, Li Changshou’s master was not suspicious. He was very concerned and asked Li Changshou when the symptoms appeared. He held Li Changshou’s wrist and checked it carefully.

The Daoist priest Qi Yuan was only at the Ninth Stage of the Dao Requital Realm. He was a step away from becoming an immortal. Therefore, Li Changshou could easily trick him when he attempted to detect the problem—that helped Li Changshou solve the ‘minor crisis’.


“Your six senses are unsteady, and the heart is clouded,” Qi Yuan warned in a serious tone. “Changshou, you have to enter secluded cultivation for a period of time after you return to the sect. Do not leave our peak and walk about. I will remind Ling’e not to disturb you. You have some problems with your inner self. Thankfully, the problem is not severe. You will be fine after a period of rest.”

Li Changshou nodded his head solemnly. “Yes, Master.”

Youqin Xuanya was sitting at the front. She was originally a little worried. After hearing that, she heaved a sigh of relief. Her expression fell in the eyes of Jiu Wu, who was sitting beside her.

‘Interesting,’ he thought.


Jiu Wu lifted one of his eyebrows that were short and hairy. His expression seemed a little playful.

After hearing Qi Yuan’s words, Jiu Jiu was finally reassured. She jumped towards Youqin Xuanya and asked softly about what had happened.

Li Changshou looked at the Soul-Bewitching Pearl in his storage Dharma artifact. There were still a few tattered souls that he had yet to dissolve. He could find a lot of memory pieces from within. Therefore, he released a stream of spiritual senses, placed the Soul-Bewitching Pearl in a deeper corner, and sealed it with a talisman.

Everything would be good if he was not implicated.

Jiu Wu was much more powerful than Jiu Jiu, but he did not dare to travel at full speed in the North Continent as well.

This short Daoist priest was very cautious. He did not speak a word as he traveled. His eyes were on the alert as they swept past all areas—that left a good impression on Li Changshou.


Finally, they left the North Continent safely.

After they had exited the place that was engulfed in Miasma Qi, Jiu Wu flew 50 kilometers in the south direction. He found a deserted mountain and notified the other sect members to meet him there.

After waiting for about an hour, Wang Ji’s master arrived first with Wang Ji and Liu Yan’er.

Youqin Xuanya’s master, Jiang Jingshan, and Yuan Qing’s master, Lin Qi, arrived after another four hours.

Jiang Jingshan was a ‘standard’ female immortal. She was beautiful and appeared as though clear breezes surrounded her. She had an elaborate hairstyle and was wearing heavenly clothes. Jiang Jingshan looked heavenly but approachable.

“Little Ya!”

When Jiang Jingshan saw a beloved disciple kneeling on the ground, she cried out her name. Youqin Xuanya was covered in bandages, while her dress was covered with bloodstains. She appeared extremely tired and seemed like a completely different person.

Jiang Jingshan seemed devastated. She rushed towards Youqin Xuanya in just two steps and engulfed her in a hug.


“I’m here! I’m here! I must be blinded by Yuan Qing when I accepted that bandit’s request. How could I send you to search for the Fire-Loathing Enlightenment Herb and treat it as a priming opportunity? It’s all my fault!”

Youqin Xuanya’s eyes turned red. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down before replying in a hushed tone, “It’s my incapability that made you worry about me.”

Lin Qi, who arrived together with Jiang Jingshan, had just heard about Yuan Qing’s death. He was not enraged. He looked at Youqin Xuanya and her master and asked solemnly, “What happened exactly?”


When they had parted ways in search of the missing disciples, they had brought away one of the Essence Immortals that had been Yuwen Ling’s accomplices. After hearing about the events from that Essence Immortal, they killed him as well.

Jiu Wu said, “Do not panic, Junior Brother Lin Qi. Let Xuanya explain the entire situation. Xuanya, try to be as specific as you can. Do not hide anything!”

Jiang Jingshan motioned at her disciple. “Little Ya, say whatever you want. I have your back!”

“At your orders.” Youqin Xuanya looked at Li Changshou, who was standing behind the crowd. Her emotions were rather unstable, but she calmed down when she saw him.

She heaved a sigh before describing the events from when the five disciples parted ways. She was extremely detailed in her description and said everything that she knew.

She talked from the afternoon to sunset and finished when the sky was filled with stars.

‘Why didn’t Sister Poisonous start telling the story from when the world was created?’ Li Changshou thought sarcastically.


He walked a little further away and started meditating while Youqin Xuanya described the entire situation that happened.

After Jiu Jiu had been trapped, Yuan Qing had not attacked Youqin Xuanya immediately. He had hired a bunch of evil robbers to attack them beforehand to earn the reputation as the hero who saved the beauty.

However, the ‘beauty’ Youqin Xuanya was much stronger than the ‘hero’ Yuan Qing, putting him in an awkward situation.

Thereafter, Yuan Qing had changed his plans. He had had his accomplices pressurize them to make it seem as though they would not survive the attacks. He had then seized the opportunity to confess his feelings for Youqin Xuanya.

However, Youqin Xuanya had firmly rejected his proposal to ‘die together and meet again in their afterlives’ even when she had been facing doom.


Yuan Qing’s plans had all failed, and that had angered him. Thus, he revealed his true self and tried to control Youqin Xuanya using a Love Parasite. However, Youqin Xuanya had found an opportunity to run away with a Precious Shifting Talisman. She had met Li Changshou on the way, and he saved her.


After her injuries had recovered, Youqin Xuanya had wanted to take a detour and return to the Chaos Treasure Forest. However, after a few days, she had found that she had lost her way and had been unluckily found by Yuan Qing and his accomplices. They engaged in another battle.


Li Changshou had happened to be walking past the battle again.

Under the instruction of Li Changshou, Youqin Xuanya had lured those people to the nest of a powerful venomous creature. That bunch of people had been eventually poisoned by the creature and lost their life. Meanwhile, Youqin Xuanya had killed Yuan Qing by herself.

When Youqin Xuanya said that, Li Changshou could not help but to exclaim internally, ‘Yuan Qing had so many chances. Why couldn’t he make use of it?’


Li Changshou was a little indignant for Yuwen Ling and Yuan Qing’s other subordinates.


After Youqin Xuanya finished her story, many eyes turned to Li Changshou.

Jiang Jingshan led Youqin Xuanya over and thanked Li Changshou formally. She added that she would send them precious gifts when they returned to the sect. Li Changshou declined the offers ‘demurely’.

Qi Yuan was afraid that Li Changshou would say something wrong, so he quickly accepted their thanks with a happy face.

Only Yuan Qing’s master, Lin Qi, was the most awkward.

“Haiz.” Lin Qi sighed and exclaimed, “I was blind when I accepted him as a disciple. I’ll accept the punishment for that when we return to the mountains.”

Jiu Wu consoled him. “Yuan Qing was extremely cunning. He had been devious since the day he entered the sect. You had accepted him as a disciple during the Sect Founding Ceremony previously. This is not your fault, Junior Brother.”

Lin Qi shook his head, dejectedly. He did not want to say anything else.

While Youqin Xuanya killing Yuan Qing was understandable and acceptable, she still had to receive punishment for killing her senior brother.


The punishment would not be very severe. She was likely to be confined in the mountains for a couple of years to think through her wrongdoings.


Jiu Wu praised Li Changshou as well. He said that the sect would definitely reward him after they returned. They would not rip him of the rewards that he deserved.

The group did not return to the Immortal Du Sect together.

Li Changshou, Liu Yan’er, Wang Ji, and their masters took their time to return to the sect.

Meanwhile, the others rushed back to the Immortal Du Sect to receive their punishments and admit their wrongdoings.

The reason why they were in such a hurry was because of Jiang Jingshan.

Youqin Xuanya’s master was not an ordinary person. She was a disciple of the Sect Leader and held a high-ranking position in the sect. Her cultivation was impressive, and she had many Dharma treasures. Jiang Jingshan and her Dao companion were very respectful towards each other. Her Dao companion was a powerful cultivator who was at the Heaven Immortal Realm.

Although the incident at the North Continent had ended, Jiang Jingshan would not allow her disciple to suffer such grievances.

Before she made her way back, Jiang Jingshan had sent a letter to her Dao companion, requesting him to find a few sect members who had time in their hands. When she returned, they could head to the South Continent to demolish the mortal world organization supporting Yuan Qing. They would not allow any potential risks to be around!


The journey back to the mountain was peaceful and mundane.

However, while they were on their way, Li Changshou would always shiver when he heard Liu Yan’er calling her ‘Junior Brother Ji Ji’ fondly.

Cough… That’s a cultural difference. In Li Changshou’s original world, ‘Junior Brother Ji Ji’ sounded similar to ‘Junior Brother D*ck’…


The Little Qiong Peak was very peaceful at night. A white cloud stopped above the mountain. Li Changshou drifted off the cloud, while Qi Yuan headed to the other mountains on the cloud with a happy face.

Li Changshou’s master had just received an invitation from Liu Yan’er’s master to gather and enjoy some wine.

When Li Changshou crossed the isolation array formation that he had set up and stepped on the familiar grass patch, he let out a breath comfortably.

‘Everything’s so peaceful.’

“Senior Brother!”


A happy cry sounded from beside him. Li Changshou turned his head and saw the green lights that were surrounding his junior sister’s straw hut.

The little array formation that was used to prevent outsiders from detecting what was happening inside had a crack, which was created from within the array formation. The voice he heard sounded from the crack.

He heard another stream of water sounds. Ling’e was shouting happily from the other side, “Senior Brother, you’re back! Are you injured? What happened previously? Why did you take so long to come back?”

Before the sentence was finished, Li Changshou saw a beautiful silhouette rushing out from the straw hut. She was covered in a thin piece of blanket. That made her figure even more charming. Her long hair was wet, and there were water droplets on her soft skin.


She did not bother about that. She jumped happily when she saw Li Changshou.

Lan Ling’e had just entered the wooden bathtub and was bathing. Maybe it was because of the water that entered her eyes while she was bathing, there was a film of water on her almond-shaped eyes. She spread her arms open and lunged forward.

Li Changshou wanted to hide from her hug. However, when he saw Lan Ling’e’s pitiful eyes, he sighed and stood where he was. He allowed his junior sister to fall in his chest.


“Annoying Senior Brother, you have scared me! You left for so long. I thought something bad happened to you!” Lan Ling’e spoke with a crying tone. She choked while she sobbed. However, before her tears fell, she felt a huge hand caress her head.

“Senior Brother…” Lan Ling’e looked up. Her eyes were sparkling, and her lips were pursed together.

Li Changshou suddenly said, “Oh, right. Master…”


Lan Ling’e suddenly realized something. She thought that their master had returned together with her senior brother. She yelped, turned around hurriedly, and raced back to the straw hut. She jumped into the huge wooden bathtub with her blanket and hid under the water.


It was okay for her senior brother to see her scantily clad. However, she could not let any males other than her senior brother see her body!


Not even her master!

Lan Ling’e detected the surroundings outside of the straw hut with her spiritual senses and lifted her head above the water curiously.

Li Changshou’s voice sounded from outside the hut. “Master had been invited to other mountains for a celebration. Allow me to rest. I’ll talk to you about this priming journey at about three to five in the morning.”


After saying that, he operated the array formation around her straw hut again and went back to his house.

Lan Ling’e looked down at the thin blanket in the wooden bathtub. Her cheeks turned rosy.

“Annoying Senior Brother…” she mumbled.


She sank her head into the water and left a string of air bubbles on the water surface.


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