My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Nothing Will Happen If We Remain Unperturbed

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Every time they reached a new segment, it was actually a good habit to check the emergency exit if they were to stay for a long time.

Just like the Immortal Du Sect’s Bai Fan Hall, there were two side doors and a back door apart from the main door. In addition to those, there was also a small directional shifting array formation, which not many people knew about. The array formation should be located at the seclusion place of the Sect Leader.

Li Changshou was still a brat. When he had gone to Bai Fan Hall to obtain his monthly allowance with his Master for the second time, he had figured it out.

The dragon race, which was a different race, had a conflict of interest with the other immortal sects over the territory in the East Ocean. Furthermore, the Dragon Palace was situated above an array formation. Nobody knew whether there was a killing array formation in the water lotus platform.

Therefore, shouldn’t he search for a chance to escape during a crisis first?

The Martial Uncles and Martial Aunts did not say anything. There were a total of 11 disciples, including him, but only six of them took the fruits in front and ate them?

‘Where have all your customs gone to? All of you are immortal seedlings. Had the Immortal Du Sect taken advantage or owe all of you anything? Or maybe all of you felt uncomfortable for not eating grapes? Cough. I’ll go…’

The grapes in front of the few Martial Uncles and Martial Aunts were only left with the branches…


‘Forget it. It has nothing to do with me.’

Li Changshou sat up properly, pretending as if nothing had happened. He closed his eyes and temporarily abandoned the disciples from his sect.


He released his spiritual senses and started searching for the emergency exit here as he minded his own business.

While flying to the seating area, Li Changshou had figured out the topography roughly. At the moment, he was analyzing the elements of the array formation on the water lotus platform as well as the possible exits out of the place.

Although water could be seen everywhere here, it was clearly more suitable to use the Wind Escape technique to escape from this place.

First, it was because the Water Escape technique was slower. Li Changshou had just started cultivating more than ten years ago and was more proficient in the Wind Escape technique.


Second, there were strong winds above the ocean, and—

All of a sudden, such a force could not be suppressed at all costs. It was a release of two shots of gunfire!


This released a strange smell, which instantly diffused, and the slight fragrance with an inexplicable sour smell…


It should have been because he had eaten a pill to nourish his skin and stabilize his appearance the previous day… It was the smell of the herb to retain his youthful appearance… The alchemist failed to tweak the pill to the best.

That was because the cultivator had not eaten the Five Grains. Their bodies had no impurities and were as crystal clear as this grape flesh. Thus, they would appear to be very outstanding once they had any impurities in their body.

However, this smell was somewhat… incredible.


Li Changshou opened his eyes slightly. He looked at where the sound came from and found out that it was from a senior sister.

This senior sister was sitting calmly at the moment. If she hadn’t been clutching at the corners of her dress, it would seem as if nothing had happened.


The two junior brothers beside her had been awkward to the point that they did not know whether to sit or stand. Their lips then started trembling!

Actually, this was also a lesson to be learned.

Fortunately, the Dragon Palace only teased people and did not give them any Gu poison.

Since they were humans, who had never farted before?

Although everyone had started practicing Inedia at the Sixth Stage of Qi Refinement, they should have learned to control the impure gas in their bodies.

There were 27 people from the Immortal Du Sect. At the moment, eight of them had a change in their expressions, while three of them had produced a sound from the relaxation of their anus.


Youqin Xuanya suddenly stood up and hurriedly walked to two Martial Uncles, who had the most seniority here, before she said in a low voice, “Martial Uncles, you have been careless to only take note of the little trap within the fruits now.”


Li Changshou was truly helpless.

How could he feel safe with such a team?

Such teamwork was not as good as him releasing two paper dolls…

It was better to not leave the sect in the future. After he went back, he would think of a way to deal with Martial Uncle Jiu Wu so that he would not cause more trouble for him.

Youqin Xuanya raised her head to look at Li Changshou. Then, she bit her lips, and her face turned red. She quickly hurried back to her seat and continued closing her eyes to bear with it.

She was actually still doing fine and had only eaten one grape just like Li Changshou.

However, Li Changshou had eaten it on purpose and used his Dharma powers to bind it so that the grape could release some medicinal effects inside his body. Therefore, he had only burped.

Afterward, Li Changshou spat out that grape without anyone noticing, which Youqin Xuanya did not do so.

Soon, a dear friend of hers was out of control.

Not long later…

Was it a chain reaction?

Yes, this junior sister’s face had turned red from embarrassment. She had probably started to doubt life. After all, everyone had the impression that a fairy like her had to be dignified and could not fart.


A while later…

He wanted to ask how hard had his senior sister squeezed her sphincter muscle to be able to release gas with a warble tone and pitch!


Li Changshou could not help but lower his head and cover his forehead. He had not expected that he had a hidden ability to roast people.


He had no choice, as he was purely forced by the situation.

At that moment, he heard a Martial Uncle say, “Pay more attention. These fruits before your eyes contain some traps. The Dragon Palace wants to see us make a joke out of ourselves. Those grapes definitely cannot be eaten, and neither can the wine at the side be drunk. This wine is also brewed by such grapes!”


Because Li Changshou had never thought of drinking the wine, he had subconsciously neglected the fine wine in the luminous cup.

At the same time, Li Changshou instantly sensed someone looking at him.

As he followed the direction of the gaze, he saw Martial Aunt Jiu Jiu slightly trembling while seated. Her pair of big eyes were staring at him to plead for help, and she had changed from sitting cross-legged to sitting like a duck.


The teacup in front of her had been emptied without a drop of it left!

This was a personal habit, which was understandable.

However, why had Martial Aunt suddenly stood up and even walked over?

Before Li Changshou could not even say anything, Jiu Jiu had rapidly rushed over like lightning and even put her meditation cushion beside him, looking very apologetic.

Her gaze was clearly saying, “I’m sorry, Martial Nephew! I will make it up to you after we return!”


Li Changshou’s Martial Aunt sat three feet away from him, but her left hand was placed gently under the hem of Li Changshou’s Daoist robe. Then, the hem of his Daoist robe started to flutter lightly up and down…


Following this rhythm, there was a sound produced from Jiu Jiu, who was seated three feet away.


It was a dynamic rhythm.


The clam maidservant at the side tried not to laugh to the point that she had nearly bitten through her lips!

Li Changshou pretended as if nothing had happened and could not help but mutter, “There are not many people now. Let’s set up two noise isolation array formations here. The Dragon Palace should not have any opinions on that. After all, we still have to discuss later how to deal with the troop deployment and array formation set up from various sects.”

A female Perfected Immortal, who was eating a grape up ahead, instantly captured the message. She said loudly, “We will next discuss how to deploy troops and set up the array formation!”

Then, she used her immortal powers to open a transparent boundary slightly above her head to bring together the 27 people.

The Martial Uncle, who had reminded them through a voice transmission first, sighed helplessly.

“Hurry up and take care of this matter! I’m being serious here!”

Instantly, dozens of people had awkward expressions on their faces, and peals of laughter started lingering.

Li Changshou shot a glance at Martial Aunt Jiu Jiu, who was close to him. He realized that the latter looked at him in contempt as if she was saying that he was not meticulous.

Her sounds had never ceased. The Daoist robe on Li Changshou’s back fluttered up and down, up and down…


He looked up to the sky expressionlessly.


‘Little Martial Aunt, have you ever seen someone’s clothing fluttering up after farting?’


Anyway, it was a din of drums and gongs followed by a dead silence.

Figures were landing in the seating area beside them. However, it was the representative team of the East Continent’s Jie School, the East Carefree Forest Sect.

The two Perfected Immortals leading the team even cupped their fists and gave a Dao salute to everyone in the Immortal Du Sect. The two Martial Uncles right at the front forced a smile and gave a Dao salute in return before everyone got seated.

After confirming there were no movements in the noise isolation boundary, a Perfected Immortal of the Immortal Du Sect raised his hand to disperse it and said as if nothing had happened, “The 11 of you, remember what I’ve said just now. Do not commit any mistakes.”

After all the disciples replied in unison, Li Changshou responded, “Yes, Martial Uncle, I understand.”

Right at that moment, an ocean breeze blew from the Immortal Du Sect to the East Carefree Forest Sect.

After the sounds of clanging, a few of the young disciples from the other party swayed.

A little girl with bright eyes and white teeth had a change in her expression and shouted to the front, “Third Martial Aunt, there is a demonic aura!”


A female immortal reprimanded her with a smile, “There is nothing to get worked up. This is the fishy smell of the ocean.”

“There are so many Prawn Soldiers and Crab Generals under this place, and there are clam maidservants at the side… Let’s not talk about these. This is the Dragon Palace.”

There were a total of eight patient clam maidservants at the side of both teams representing their sects. They emitted an immortal glow and retracted themselves back into their clamshells. The eight pure-white clamshells swayed.

Li Changshou secretly observed all the sects’ reactions with interest and could obtain many pieces of information from it.

For example, Toxic Xuanya was truly innocent. Her neck had turned pink from embarrassment. She was actually still breathing hard, trying to save herself from the catastrophe she had caused.


The Martial Uncles and Martial Aunts over 1,000 years old were a group of wily old foxes. They remained unperturbed without having any change in their expressions.

A Martial Uncle of the Immortal Du Sect sent a voice transmission to the other 26 people, “As long as we remain unperturbed, we can treat it as if nothing happened.”

All the disciples immediately adjusted themselves.

Li Changshou retracted his gaze of scanning everywhere. He looked at Jiu Jiu, who had returned to her seat and then shifted his gaze to the big clamshells near him.

Had these clam maidservants hidden because they were afraid of being hit?

Without the disturbance of the Primordial World, he started to focus on analyzing the theory of the array formation circulation here and the fastest escape route for him during an emergency.

“The idle wind blows past the main hall, and I sing. I find the immortal forest lonesome unconsciously, and cooked wine to wash the emerald ripples.”

On the white cloud, a short singing voice was heard. The new immortals of the Immortal Du Sect returned from their tipsiness.

Old Daoist priest Qi Yuan landed before all the older disciples and shouted. When he found nobody responding to him, he looked at the young disciples, who were in seclusion and diligently cultivating. Then, he returned to his straw hut in a wobble.


Just when he was about to push the door open, Qi Yuan seemed to have recalled something and said with a smile, “I’ve been cultivating in seclusion for the past decade. I have never strolled on the Little Qiong Peak before. I should enjoy the scenery everywhere. I have temporarily guarded the inheritance left behind.”


Qi Yuan sighed softly and flew towards the nearby forest with his hands behind his back.

If this old Daoist priest took another step forward and pushed open the wooden door before him, he could have seen a letter left on the table.

Similar letters were not only placed on the table, but also on his meditation cushion, bed, and somewhere on the roof beam that he could see when he looked up.

Li Changshou was afraid that his Master would not be able to see them.

Li Changshou also had times where he miscalculated. His drunken Master did not return to his little hut directly…

The contents of the letter were actually very simple. He congratulated his Master in attaining Immortal Ascension and later explained that he had been sent to the East Ocean and would only return after around seven to eight days. Lastly, he told his Master not to go to the area at the back at the moment. The newly-constructed Pill Chamber nearby had many mazes and trapping array formations.

Before he left, he had activated more than half of them…


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