My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 458 - Xuanya Enters the Sky and Visits the Jade Spring

Chapter 458 Xuanya Enters the Sky and Visits the Jade Spring

Li Changshou was suddenly called to the Grand Pure One Temple to study the Dao for three years… Yes, to learn the Dao. The various matters on hand had been postponed for three years.

However, it did not affect him much. When Li Changshou was making plans, he had reserved enough “preparations”. There were no urgent matters previously.

What made Li Changshou feel a little touched was that Youqin Xuanya had been packing her luggage and waiting for three years. She had not asked anything from the Little Qiong Peak’s future and had been waiting for him to send a message to the Heavenly Courts. Although he had “interacted” with the Saint for three years, Li Changshou was exhausted both physically and mentally.

It was more troublesome than multitasking!

However, when he heard Ling’e mention that matter, Li Changshou perked up. He brought Ling’e to the Black Pool Peak and invited Youqin Xuanya there. The dozens of large copper mirrors that Li Changshou had erected in various parts of the East Continent had been showing the same “short scene” for three years.

At that moment, he could finally switch to the next one…

What surprised Li Changshou was that Master Zhao had left.

After eating and drinking for so many years, Zhao Gongming seemed to be a little embarrassed. He bade farewell and left last year, saying that he wanted to go to the Western Sect to take a look. Master Zhao just strolled around and did not plan to resume his old job.

Li Changshou was more at ease about that. Now, the situation in the Great Tribulation was not clear yet. Zhao Gongming still had the entire Dao Sect behind him. His backing was strong enough.

It was different from the Saint who had personally schemed against mortals. Behind Zhao Gongming, there was the Grandmaster of Heaven at his peak. He also had the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Teacher Taiqing.

As soon as Li Changshou and Ling’e landed beside the pool on the Black Pool Peak, Lingle held the bottle and shouted with a smile, “Look, Mr. Bai! Senior Brother gave it to me!”


The corners of Bai Ze’s mouth twitched slightly. He said to Li Changshou seriously, “A numinous treasure refined from an ancient treasure is considered a treasure in this era. Don’t let Ling’e go out and show off. She won’t even live.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Mr. Bai, sense carefully.”

“Oh? The Dao runes of the Grand Pure One… This?”

“It was given to me by Teacher.” Li Changshou smiled and said, “It’s for Lingle’s protection.” Ling’e blinked and said softly, “The Saint seems to have accepted me as an in-name disciple.”

“That’s right,” Li Changshou said seriously. “I almost forgot. Remember to bow in front of Teacher’s portrait later.” Bai Ze opened his mouth and silently pinched his beard. His eyes were filled with vicissitudes.

Ling’e and Li Changshou looked at each other and smiled. The former kept the bottle and would not reveal it to outsiders easily. She knew very well that her potential and comprehension were far from being chosen by the Saint.

She did not even have the opportunity to listen to the Saint’s lecture about the Dao. She was able to be recognized as an in-name disciple by the Saint because she had benefited from Li Changshou who had given him an additional layer of protection.

Therefore, she did not care much about that. Li Changshou did not know…

As long as his main body did not go out, she would not lack a sense of security. Not long after, a blue stream of light flew over from the Heaven-Breaking Peak. It was Youqin Xuanya, who had been waiting for a long time.

After landing, she cupped her fists and bowed, her eyes filled with anticipation.

“Senior Brother Changshou, Mr. Bai, and Junior Sister Ling’e.” “I was suddenly delayed by something. Please don’t blame me.” There was a hint of apology in Li Changshou’s eyes. Youqin Xuanya pursed her lips and smiled. “Senior Brother, you have many matters to attend to. You don’t have to explain to me. I understand.”

He could understand that.

Over the years, Youqin Xuanya’s toxicity had been greatly reduced due to the training of the Heavenly Soldiers. Li Changshou said seriously, “Are you ready now? Once you leave, you will soon become a flag of the Heavenly Courts.

Your cultivation level might increase rapidly because of this, and you will receive more attention than ordinary immortals. However, you cannot lose your faith. What you have to pursue is ultimately justice in your heart.

The righteous path has been through many changes, and all living beings are balanced. All living beings have the right to survive in the world. There will be people who will say that your persistence is childish and unrealistic.

However, you will use the sword to tell them that if they don’t do this, don’t insist on maintaining the order of the world, and don’t speak for justice as they will be indulging in evil desires! Even if you are not an expert in cultivation, you have to be a ray of light that illuminates the wall of life!”

Youqin Xuanya’s beautiful face was covered with light. Her delicate skin seemed to be full of holy light. She nodded solemnly, her ponytail swaying behind her.

“Senior Brother, I’m ready!” Ling’e blinked at the side. She felt that what her senior brother had said just now… was very impressive. Bai Ze could not help but mutter, “I feel that if you are an evil person, Water God, you can really turn the world upside down. There will be a group of subordinates who will follow you to death.”

Li Changshou chuckled and said, “There are some evil people in this world who are evil by nature. Some evil people just have different opinions. Xuanya, let’s go to the Heavenly Courts now…

Mr. Bai, thank you for your trouble.” “It’s my duty,” Bai Ze agreed from the side. His body was accompanied by rays of light as he transformed into an auspicious beast.

Li Changshou snapped his fingers and said, “Receive the contents of the fifth set. Xuanya, you have just experienced a huge battle. At this moment, your immortal power is exhausted. Your dress is stained with blood. Mr. Bai has personally sent you to the East Gate.

My incarnation is already waiting in the Heavenly Courts. Ling’e, go and get some spiritual beast blood. Mr. Bai, simulate the aura of some demonic beasts and wrap it around Xuanya.”


“Water God, don’t worry.”

The three of them and the beast began to get busy.

Youqin Xuanya released her immortal power at the pool at the side and it was quickly depleted. Not long after, Ling’e brought the spiritual beast blood. Bai Ze simulated the aura of the demonic beast and mixed it into the blood. He then put on some simple special makeup for Youqin Xuanya.

Soon, Youqin Xuanya’s long hair was in a mess. There were holes in her dress, and her sparkling skin was covered in dust. She looked exhausted.

When she carried the Fire Scale Sword Case, her eyes lit up.

Ling’e praised softly, “Senior Sister Youqin is so beautiful… That indescribable feeling.”

Youqin Xuanya smiled in embarrassment. Li Changshou, who was beside her, felt his Dao heart sway. This time, he shook about 3.5% of the time, causing Li Changshou to reflect on himself and sigh that his Dao heart was not stable.

Ling’e asked softly, “Senior Brother, won’t anyone suspect Senior Sister Youqin if she goes to the Heavenly Courts like that?” Li Changshou chuckled and said, “The Immortal Du Sect is a faction of Ren School. Although there are many specialties now, we have Teacher’s protection and Mr. Bai’s protection.

The Immortal Du Sect is relatively safe. Moreover, the Great Tribulation has arrived, and the deduction and divination have failed. As long as I don’t mention my own Dao heritage later, the chances of me being exposed will not be high.”

Bai Ze smiled and added, “A brilliant plan often requires you to consider how much information the enemy knows and not how much you know.”

Ling’e was puzzled.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “You’re riding a cloud and looking down on the entire Little Qiong Peak from the sky. Is this the same situation as when you’re standing by the lake and looking at the various parts of the Little Qiong Peak?”

“Oh! I understand!”

Lingle clenched her left fist and punched her right palm. “I understand once you say it, Senior Brother.”

A certain auspicious beast lifted its hooves and snorted softly. Then, the temporary team faced a very serious question. “Senior Brother.” Xuanya asked hesitantly, “Should I pretend to be unconscious and be carried by Senior Bai Ze with his immortal power, or should I lie on Senior Bai Ze’s back?” Bai Ze, who had transformed into an auspicious beast, also said, “Or should I bite her sword hilt?”

“Try them all. Let’s see which one has the best effect.”

In the end, Youqin Xuanya lay on the cloud. Bai Ze used his immortal power to form a rope and pulled the cloud towards the East Gate. Li Changshou took action at the same time. He changed the promotional clip and released the fifth episode of “Burning of Funds” in advance. He also included the video of the promotional video into the live broadcast system of the Heavenly Courts’ bronze mirror and played it on a loop.

The scene showed…

Youqin Xuanya was fighting dozens of ferocious demons. Every move was heroic and powerful. The huge sword in her hand was invincible. When it was activated, it would transform into streams of light, and when combined, it would transform into a huge blade that was dozens of feet long.

Every image of Youqin Xuanya portrayed her valiance and drive. She vividly displayed the gentleness and beauty of a woman. After all, they had been filming for more than a month… In the end, Youqin Xuanya held onto her sword and walked out of the mountains of corpses and seas of blood. She lay on the ground weakly.

She pointed forward and forced herself to look up. Her eyes were burning with hope.

A ray of sunlight shone on her body, causing her blood to flow towards the direction that she was pointing at…

“You must go on.” Then, she fainted. At the end of the scene, a light blue water curtain flew over from the sky. With the sound of bells, a slender and elegant auspicious beast slowly flew over while stepping on circles of seven-colored halos…

At that moment, the unconscious Youqin Xuanya seemed to have walked out of her shadow and appeared on the white cloud. She was brought to the East Heaven Gate by Bai Ze. As soon as Bai Ze appeared at the end of the cloud path, the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals guarding the gate were shocked.

A Heavenly General took a few glances at the bronze mirror and looked up at the sky. His immortal senses immediately discovered the female immortal floating behind Bai Ze.

“Quick! Quickly report to the Hall of Enlightenment!” The process of Youqin Xuanya entering the Heavenly Courts was very smooth. After all, with Bai Ze’s reputation and Li Changshou’s advancement, Bai Ze stopped outside the East Heavenly Gate. When he placed Youqin Xuanya in front of the Heavenly Gate, he specially said, “The Heavenly General that Lord Water God is looking for has been sent here.”

After saying that, Bai Ze left in a suave manner. Youqin Xuanya was covered in seven-colored light. She lay quietly in the clouds and hugged her sword.

Many immortals and gods arrived after hearing the news. Li Changshou also set off from the Water God Residence and rode a cloud to the East Heaven Gate. In front of the Heavenly Soldiers, Heavenly Generals, and Immortal Gods, he brought Youqin Xuanya back to the Water God Residence. Long Ji heard the news and came over to deliver healing pills.

General Dongmu heard the news and came over. He asked Li Changshou what had happened and said that the Jade Emperor would summon the fairy who was busy killing demons later.

Bian Zhuang heard the news and came over. Ao Yi knocked him unconscious and threw him back into the Heavenly River to take a bath. Li Changshou entrusted Long Ji to take care of Youqin Xuanya by the side.

Then, he returned to the study room and ordered someone to close the door. He refused any visitors and slowly pushed forward his next plan. With this step taken firmly, the subsequent steps were much simpler.

Li Changshou rested for half a day and recovered some of his energy that he had spent in the Great Pure One Temple. Then, he activated the “Little Daoist Master of Ren School” paper effigy that had been hiding underground for three years.

Li Changshou had to visit Perfected Yu Ding. To be safe, Li Changshou had to see Yang Jian’s cultivation path with his own eyes. The clouds and fog were insufficient to hamper him when he traveled on the path.

The Jade Spring Mountain was not far from Perfected Taiyi’s Qianyuan Mountain. It was also in the gaps between the various immortal sects.

However, Perfected Yu Ding was not as high-profile as Perfected Taiyi.

He would strongly warn outsiders that they could not trespass the Qianyuan Mountain. Yu Ding directly used an array formation to seal the Jade Spring Mountain so that outsiders could not detect it. Li Changshou rode a cloud over. Perfected Yu Ding had already sensed it.

A door in the shape of a cloud condensed outside the Jade Spring Mountain Array. His gentle voice landed in Li Changshou’s ears.

“Changgeng, please.” Li Changshou nodded slowly and carefully entered the clouds.

When he flew out of the clouds, he was already in front of a Cave Abode. Perfected Yu Ding, who was dressed in a green robe, bowed to Li Changshou. Li Changshou hurriedly returned the bow. At that moment, another Daoist in a red robe walked out of the cave. He smiled and said, “Yo, isn’t this the enemy of Junior Brother Yuding’s disciple?” Li Changshou was speechless.

However, Yu Ding frowned and said, “Don’t joke about this.”Li Changshou” “Yes, yes.” Perfected Taiyi shrugged. “However, I have to tease him a little. Changgeng must be scheming.” Li Changshou sighed and hurriedly asked, “Senior Brothers, have you told Yang Jian the truth?”

“No,” Perfected Yu Ding said. “My disciple did not mention it, and I did not answer him. Is Junior Brother Changgeng here for that?”

“That’s right.” As Li Changshou spoke, his immortal senses discovered Yang Jian, who was cultivating in the back mountain.

At that moment, Yang Jian’s body had grown much longer. A dense spiritual fog had already condensed around him. The advancement of his cultivation level was really frightening. Li Changshou said, “I came here to remind you two senior brothers not to let Yang Jian know the truth.”

“Why?” Perfected Yu Ding was slightly puzzled.

“I have my plans. I don’t want to say anything to my two senior brothers. I don’t want to say that I’m worried that Yang Jian will cause trouble for the Western Sect. It’s like throwing an egg at a rock. My goal is to nurture a fierce general for the Heavenly Courts.”

Li Changshou’s gaze was open and honest. “The Western Saint planned this to cause Chan School to go against the Heavenly Courts. I’m already fully prepared. I can resolve this grudge and not let Yang Jian be used by the Western Sect. Yang Jian is the Jade Emperor’s nephew. He will definitely become a Divine General of the Heavenly Courts. It is also a blessing for him to be able to become a disciple of Senior Brother Yu Ding today.” Perfected Taiyi said in enlightenment, “You want Yang Jian to rely on his obsession to cultivate?” “That’s right.” Li Changshou looked at Perfected Yu Ding and smiled. “Senior Brother, have you checked how the Eight-Nine Arcane Art is compatible with Yang Jian?”

Perfected Yu Ding pondered for a while and said, “Perfect compatibility.”

“With the Eight-Nine Arcane Art and the Dao technique passed down by Senior Brother Yu Ding, Yang Jian’s future achievements will definitely be limitless,” Li Changshou said. “However, the great calamity is right in front of us. We can’t wait too long. Yang Jian has joined Chan School and is already in the Tribulation. If he can obtain the Heavenly Courts’ rewards before the Tribulation officially begins, that would be logical and reasonable. It would also allow him to avoid the Tribulation.”

Perfected Yu Ding said slowly, “I understand what Changgeng said. I will not mention his background to him later.”

Perfected Taiyi mumbled from the side, “Why do I feel that you always have logic, Changgeng?”

“There is a Dao after being sorted out,” Li Changshou replied calmly. “I’m not lacking in morals. Naturally, Senior Brother Taiyi will think that I’m reasonable.” Perfected Taiyi cursed, “Alright, you’re beating around the bush and calling me immoral!”

“Ah, I went to the Six Paths of Reincarnation recently.” Li Changshou placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky. “A certain incarnation of the Seven Emotions seems to be unable to forget the old matters.

She said that she wanted to come out and take a look.” Perfected Taiyi, who was rolling up his sleeves, trembled when he heard that. He hurriedly said, “You said that you would help me share the karma!” Perfected Yu Ding, who was at the side, smiled. When Li Changshou and Perfected Taiyi decided on a winner, he invited the two of them in.

At that moment, Li Changshou also saw the little girl sleeping soundly in the depths of the Cave Abode. It was naturally Yang Chan. Li Changshou’s heart skipped a beat. “Senior Brother Yu Ding, Yang Jian should value his sister very much. While you are teaching Yang Jian, you should pay more attention to Yang Chan.”

“I will definitely pay attention to that.”

Perfected Yu Ding agreed. Then, there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

“I know that Changgeng, you have responsibilities. You have more considerations than us. No matter what, Yang Jian is still a child when he encounters changes. If he offends you in the future, please forgive him. The schemes are complicated. Yang Jian is ultimately just a pawn…” “Senior Brother, don’t worry.” Li Changshou could not help but smile. “I will do my best to protect Yang Jian!” It had to be said that Perfected Yu Ding was really an expert worth befriending.

Perfected Taiyi suddenly said, “By the way, 80 to 90 years later, the Purple Cloud Palace will be discussing the god conferment. Changgeng, do you have any news? I heard that our Chan School will be accompanied by Eldest Senior Brother to the Purple Cloud Palace this time.”

Li Changshou smiled and was about to put on a smoke screen when his Dao heart suddenly fluctuated. A familiar voice sounded in his heart.


“Lord Water God – Lord Water God!”

Wen Jing? It’s not even been 80 years. Why is she suddenly buzzing? Could it be that there’s something urgent? It was related to the construction of Senior Brother Xuan Du’s Asura Arena… Ahem, it was related to destroying the Western Sect. Li Changshou did not dare to be careless. His mental strength was instantly maximized and he began to perform the basic operation of simultaneous control.

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