My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 459 - Wen Jing Reports, Bian Zhuang is Panicking

Chapter 459 Wen Jing Reports, Bian Zhuang is Panicking

In the Jade Spring Mountain, Li Changshou transformed into the little Daoist Master of Ren School and chatted with the two immortals of Chan School about the Eight-Nine Arcane Art.

In the rear hall of the Sea God Temple, Li Changshou sat under the shadow of the Taiji Painting and looked at the faint figure in front of him. The familiar sanguine dress, the figure that was still as enchanting as ever, the slightly curled long hair, and the charming expression made Li Changshou…

He frowned.

Compared to Kong Xuan’s quasi-sister, mosquitoes were not at an advantage. Although Kong Xuan and Daoist Wen Jing were ferocious living beings, Kong Xuan was from the Phoenix Clan. At that moment, he was already responsible and could be considered a good man.

Daoist Wen Jing…

This queen was ruthless and was originally a Primordial Beast. She did not kill humans previously purely because she did not want to be tainted by negative karma. To her, the lives of all living beings were insignificant.

If Daoist Wen Jing had not been able to destroy the twelfth-grade golden lotus and had been predicted by Teacher Taiqing, Daoist Wen Jing should have ended up like Jin Chanzi… “Lord Water God.” Daoist Wen Jing bowed.

When she saw the light in Li Changshou’s eyes, she felt inexplicably nervous. Daoist Wen Jing hurriedly said, “Lord, don’t blame me.

I only dared to come and see you when I had the chance. I definitely did not let anyone notice me. I’ll swear a Great Dao oath now to prove that I’m loyal to you and…”

“It’s been many years since we last met. Why are you so eloquent?” Li Changshou smiled and said. Daoist Wen Jing heaved a sigh of relief. Daoist Wen Jing deliberately added a hint of bitterness to her smile. She said softly, “Things are different now. Your cultivation level has advanced by leaps and bounds. I underestimated you previously. How would I dare to?”

“When did my cultivation level increase by leaps and bounds?” Li Changshou said calmly, “It’s just one or two more Ren School treasures that I can borrow at any time.”

Daoist Wen Jing was speechless. The Water God had always been good at controlling his temperament. Li Changshou raised his hand and pointed at the seat beside him. He gestured for Wen Jing to sit down and talk. He took the initiative to ask, “Why did you take the risk to come here today?”

“Look at what you’re saying.” Daoist Wen Jing sat at the side and covered her mouth to laugh. “I miss you very much after not seeing you for a day.”

Li Changshou frowned slightly and whispered, “Wen Jing, do you know where you are now?”


Daoist Wen Jing’s heart skipped a beat. She could hear the warning and dissatisfaction in Li Changshou’s voice. For some reason, Daoist Wen Jing’s Dao heart could not help but tremble.

All these years, she had been watching silently. She also knew about the major things that Li Changshou had done.

In the battle in the North Continent, Li Changshou revealed his Dao and killed more than ten ancient demons, the Demon Prince Lu


The thing that made Daoist Wen Jing’s heart palpitate the most that day was not the strength that Li Changshou had suddenly revealed, but the scene that had been erased in the rumors of the Primordial World.

The Saint had fought a simple battle for the Water God. The Grand Pure One shouted, “Scram!” and ordered the Second Sect Master of the Western Sect to retreat.

At that time, Nuwa had taken action and the Lady of Earth had appeared!

Since then, Daoist Wen Jing had already understood that the Heavenly Courts’ Water God, who had long grasped her fate, could not even joke about it. In a sense, the scheming Water God was more dangerous than that man.

He was also more helpless. Unfortunately, it was purely helplessness and despair. Daoist Wen Jing did not have any intention of subduing him.

Daoist Wen Jing hurriedly stood up and bowed.

“Please don’t blame me, Lord. I was forced to do so… I was forced to become their sixth guardian and the commander of the ferocious beasts! I’m confident in you, Lord. I’m naturally in Ren School. Please understand!” Li Changshou nodded calmly and could not help but mutter in his heart.

Wen Jing has already become a “higher-up” of the Western Sect?

He just wanted to remind her to remember that she was a fan of Senior Brother Xuan Du and not to say such things to him. The teachers were watching from above!

Daoist Wen Jing’s life seemed to have changed a lot.

From the looks of it, he should give Daoist Wen Jing some benefits. He did not want her to hesitate when it was time to attack.

Li Changshou said calmly, “I know about that. I’m just trying to warn you. Recently, Senior Brother Xuan Du has been guarding the Xuandu City and resisting the otherworldly demons. He can’t split himself for now. When Senior Brother Xuan Du returns to the five continents, I will arrange for you to meet again.”


Daoist Wen Jing did not know why her tongue trembled slightly, and her eyes were filled with light.

Li Changshou nodded calmly and said, “Since you want to be close to my senior brother and talk to me, you have to maintain etiquette and distance between us. You can’t say anything that goes beyond the boundaries. Do you understand?”

Daoist Wen Jing carefully thought about those words and could not help but be overjoyed. She nodded repeatedly and could not help but raise her hand to wipe the corners of her mouth.

“Thank you, Lord!”

Li Changshou thought about it carefully and deliberated over his words for a while. Then, he said, “Without Teacher’s permission, I don’t dare to make a decision on my own. You have to be careful.”

Daoist Wen Jing’s body trembled slightly. She almost knelt down and bowed to the Taiji Painting above her head.

Li Changshou said calmly, “Let’s talk about serious matters.”

“Yes,” Daoist Wen Jing replied softly. She could not help but cover her mouth and laugh a few times before sitting back down. “Lord, there will be a huge movement in the west.”

“Oh?” Li Changshou raised his eyebrows and did not interrupt. He asked Daoist Wen Jing to tell him in detail what she was about to report.

Not long after, Li Changshou could not sit still.

Fortunately, he had never underestimated the Western Sect. Just a few months ago, the Head Sect Master of the Western Sect had come out of seclusion to receive the Daoist. He had opened a platform on the spiritual mountain to preach the Dao and teach the Dao and techniques of the disciples of the Saints.

All the important figures of the spiritual mountain had arrived.

Daoist Wen Jing was also called over. She listened in secret and did not appear.

After the lecture, the dozen or so disciples of the Western Sect, who had the right to speak, and the ferocious beast commander like her, as well as the other two commanders of the demons and the Sea Clan, discussed the matter of dealing with the tribulation together.

During this discussion, the Western Sect decided on two major matters.

“Firstly, retract your wings in the five continents and make all the members of the Western Sect fall silent. Then, you will take the initiative to clear away the batch of negative karma demons that you originally kept, harvest merit, and increase the destiny of our sect.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

In terms of ruthlessness, those guys were more ruthless.

Back then, when he said that he was fated with the Western Sect, many ancient demons went to the Western Sect eagerly. Now that the great tribulation had descended, in order to reduce the burden on the twelfth-grade golden lotus that was suppressing the destiny of the Western Sect, he had to destroy the burden of the destiny.

Even if he had to sever one of his fingers, he had to protect the light from providence. Daoist Wen Jing said in a low voice, “I have to be in charge of this matter.

There are indeed many demons that I have to kill. Most of them are hidden in the Trichiliocosm. The Western Sect’s original intention was to let the Primordial Beasts sacrifice a portion of them here. Lord, should we secretly recruit…”

“Don’t think too much about that.” Li Changshou said firmly, “There’s a reason why I asked you to hide in the West. I’m not asking you to do these trivial things! Remember, you should focus on protecting yourself now. Even if you receive an order to kill me, you can kill my incarnation at will. Do you understand?”

Daoist Wen Jing hurriedly lowered her head and answered, “Yes, I understand.” Li Changshou continued, “What’s the second matter?”

“The Western Sect is plotting against the Netherworld. Their goal is not small. They probably want to control a portion of the Six Paths of Reincarnation or set up another kind of reincarnation…”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Stop. Let me guess. The Western Sect has secretly set up this plan for tens of thousands of years. It concerns the various Sectors in the Three Thousand Worlds.

It condenses incense merit and intercepts the destiny of the human race. Is that right?” Daoist Wen Jing was stunned. She asked softly, “You have other people to listen for you?” Li Changshou pointed at his left ear and then his right ear. He smiled and did not say anything Daoist Wen Jing pondered and said softly, “I was happy for a few months when I heard about this matter.

I didn’t expect you to have already…” Li Changshou smiled and opened his left hand. A cloud emerged from his palm.

The clouds condensed into the approximate shape of the five continents and shrunk to the size of a palm. Then, they condensed into “islands” around the five continents. These islands shrank to starlight and slowly spread out.

There were many flashing red lights in the starlight.

Li Changshou deliberately knocked Daoist Wen Jing down and explained calmly, “This is the Trichiliocosm that the Western Sect is currently directly or indirectly controlling. Their train of thought was indeed not bad. They would establish a divine kingdom outside the five continents and use the merit of incense offerings to resist the tribulation and nurture immortal weapons.

Unfortunately, they had ultimately underestimated the Dao Sect and treated the human race as puppets. They also had to use the method of controlling reincarnation to consolidate the incense God Nation and promote their teachings… What a joke.”

Daoist Wen Jing smiled and said, “Since everything is in your control, I’m relieved.” Li Changshou said, “Tell me what you know. I want to see if you’ve missed anything.”

“Yes.” Daoist Wen Jing bowed and continued to explain. An hour later, Daoist Wen Jing’s incarnation turned into a bloody mist and dissipated. Li Changshou stood up and paced back and forth, his eyes filled with contemplation. Is the Western Sect really that ruthless? They had accumulated countless souls that had died normally in the Trichiliocosm.

Do they want to open another Reincarnation Hall on the Blood Sea? If the other party wanted to use their souls to attack the Netherworld, it would be easy to resolve it. The Heavenly Courts could send troops to help in time. The troublesome thing was that the other party used a large number of souls to threaten the Netherworld.

The Lady of Earth was so gentle and would definitely not let so many souls dissipate innocently. She would definitely allow a new reincarnation to appear or give up control of the Six Paths of Reincarnation. What can the Heavenly Courts do? Directly sent troops to clear away these souls? That would be no different from slaughtering mortals!

At the end of the day, the greatest trouble was the various Sectors that had become the trump cards of the Western Sect.

At that moment, the Western Sect wanted to use that power to survive the calamity.

He could not be confused. His thoughts had to be clear.

The Kingdom of incense…

That’s right. He had to fundamentally label the Burning Incense Divine Kingdom as a “calamity”. From there, he would use the power of the Heavenly Dao to destroy the Western Sect’s arrangements.

After sending Daoist Wen Jing off, Li Changshou’s paper effigy on the Jade Spring Mountain quickly bade farewell. After confirming that Yang Jian’s growth path would develop as he had expected, Li Changshou temporarily put that matter aside.

Although he said that he would put it aside for the time being, he had actually made some preparations. He left more than ten special communication jade tokens to Perfected Yu Ding and buried a few paper effigies near Jade Spring Mountain. Then, Li Changshou locked himself in the secret chamber of the Little Qiong Peak. He summoned more than ten blank paintings and began to think carefully.

There were many capable people in the Western Sect.

The Western Sect naturally knew that if they went to the Purple Cloud Palace to discuss the God-Conferment matter, they would definitely be targeted by the disciples of the Saints of the Dao Sect and the Saints. They would definitely not obtain much benefits. Therefore, they placed their attention on other aspects in advance…

Gathering merit and the power of faith from all living beings could allow him to survive the great calamity? Li Changshou pondered carefully and drew a slingshot with his brush. He began to deduce repeatedly. His assumption this time was a little bold. After all, he was an unofficial disciple of the Saint who had gone to the Grand Pure One Temple to learn the Dao. Uh, why do I feel like I’m an illegitimate child…

If I were the Saint of the Western Sect, how would I solve this situation?

Youqin Xuanya had been recuperating in the Water God Residence for half a month. Under Long Ji’s care, her injuries had healed. However, Youqin Xuanya remained silent. When Li Changshou came to visit at the appointed time, she smiled and greeted, “Water God.”

Long Ji blinked and smelled something unusual.

Long Ji whispered, “Teacher, I’ll go back first.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s not hard, it’s not hard.” Long Ji giggled and made a face at Li Changshou. She turned around and was about to escape.

However, a “wait” came from behind. Long Ji blinked and turned around.

Li Changshou held a package in his hand and smiled.

“This is the strategy that you have to learn in the next half a year. You can’t miss a single moment of your homework.” Long Ji’s face turned bitter. She snatched the package and stomped her feet in anger. “I know. You just like to bully people!”

Seeing Long Ji leave dejectedly on the cloud, Li Changshou smiled and shook his head. Youqin Xuanya sat on the bed and looked up at Li Changshou. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she asked softly,

“Water God, is everything going smoothly?”

“It’s alright.” Li Changshou turned around and smiled. “From now on, you can cultivate in the Water God Residence in peace. I’m quite famous in the Heavenly Courts. No one will disturb me here. I will inform you in advance if you need to stand up for publicity. You can also enter seclusion at will. Your cultivation level is the most fundamental. Don’t forget that there is still the Golden Immortal Tribulation ahead.”


Youqin Xuanya stood up. She had changed into a light white palace dress. At that moment, her long hair flowed down her back like a waterfall. Some immortal light surrounded her. She was so beautiful that it was overwhelming. Li Changshou continued, “At this moment, the Lingxiao Treasure Hall is holding a court session. I’ll bring you to the Heavenly River for a walk. When the court session ends, I’ll go and pay my respects to the Jade Emperor. Please tidy up a little. Don’t be rude.”

“Water God don’t you have to attend the court?” Youqin Xuanya asked curiously. Li Changshou smiled and said, “The Jade Emperor has specially permitted me not to appear if there’s nothing major.” Youqin Xuanya blinked. Although she did not understand the exact meaning, she felt that it was very impressive. Li Changshou went to wait outside the house and used his immortal power to seal the room.

Youqin Xuanya quickly packed up and changed into her favorite ice-blue dress. She paired it with her golden embroidered cloud boots and tied her hair into a simple ponytail. The Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals in the Water God Residence could not help but look at her…

Youqin Xuanya walked forward and cupped her fists at Li Changshou. Li Changshou rode a cloud and flew her out of the Divine Residence towards the Heavenly River.

Along the way, Youqin Xuanya roughly understood how powerful her Senior Brother Changshou was in the Heavenly Courts. All the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals they encountered on the way stopped far away from the cloud. They lowered their heads and cupped their fists in unison. However, Senior Brother Changshou only nodded in response.

Even when he encountered one or two Immortal Gods of the Heavenly Courts with extraordinary bearings, they would take the initiative to bow and greet him. There were even people who took a huge turn and deliberately pretended to encounter him by chance.

Li Changshou was already used to that. However, Youqin Xuanya saw it and had many complicated thoughts. If anything in the world was the most torturous, it would naturally be a woman’s worries.

When he arrived at the side of the Heavenly River, he asked Youqin Xuanya to wait for him from afar. Li Changshou went straight to the training ground of the Heavenly Soldiers.

He summoned Bian Zhuang and brought him to a hidden corner. He calmly set up more than ten layers of immortal power barriers.

Bian Zhuang was speechless.

He was really panicking. He did not dare to resist.

“Lord, Water God.” Bian Zhuang’s Adam’s apple trembled. “I definitely did not have any thoughts about the female immortal you brought back to the Heavenly Courts! At that moment, I’m filled with Fairy Heng’e in my heart. I’m willing to swear a Great Dao oath!” Li Changshou smiled kindly. “Don’t be nervous. Do I not know your character? Little Zhuang.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“I remember that you have the World Edge Pavilion back in your hometown, right?”

Bian Zhuang could not help but be confused. He hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes.”

Li Changshou chuckled and said, “Bring me around tomorrow?”

Bian Zhuang could not help but be stunned. Then, he thought of something. His legs trembled and he knelt down.

“Water God, please let me off! If anyone finds out that I brought you to the World Edge Pavilion, I’m afraid I will be reduced to ashes by the fairies and mighty figures!” What the hell?

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