My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 462 - The God of Plague Blows Heroes When He’s Drunk

Chapter 462 The God of Plague Blows Heroes When He’s Drunk

This time, the feeling that the Jade Emperor’s incarnation gave Li Changshou was somewhat different.

He felt much calmer than before…

Be it Bian Zhuang’s words or Lu Yue’s disrespect, Qin Tianzhu smiled and shook his head.

Although he was probably keeping it in his heart, he was indeed much calmer than before.

Magnanimous Qin Tianzhu?

Li Changshou muttered in his heart, but he could not send a voice transmission to ask. The most important thing now was to find out Lu Yue’s background.

He actually remembered that in the original God-Conferment Story, Lu Yue’s outcome was quite tragic. He was beaten up by the three generations of Chan School. The first time he went down the mountain, he lost four disciples. The second time he went down the mountain, he was turned into ashes by Yang Ren, who did not have much cultivation.

At that time, Lu Yue’s two junior brothers had also been killed by the Five Flames Seven Bird Fan.

Just like that, a master, Aunt-Master, Uncle-Master, and four disciples formed the plagues of the Eight Tribes of the Heavenly Courts…

From this perspective, the chances of Lu Yue being related to the Western Sect were very small.

However, there was nothing to be afraid of. At that moment, so many changes had been made to the Great Tribulation. Li Changshou did not dare to make a judgment.

Previously, Li Changshou had heard someone mention Lu Yue’s name to Elder Wan Linyun.

Elder Wan had once read half of the Poison Sutra that Lu Yue had written. He was extremely respectful of the Poison Dao attainments of the Qi Refinement cultivator of Jie School, Lu Yue. As for the Golden Immortal Poison Pill and the Poison of Dao that Elder Wan had imagined, Lu Yue had already refined them in the Primordial World. However, they were extremely rare.

After thinking about it, Li Changshou carefully found a topic that Lu Yue would definitely be interested in and asked, “Senior Brother Lu Yue said that he made a mistake in refining pills. What happened?”

“Hey.” Lu Yue’s old face looked a little depressed. “It’s all in the past! There’s no point in mentioning it.”

He was full of desire to confide in her.

Li Changshou said seriously, “Senior Brother Lu Yue, to be honest, I also like to refine pills and have pondered over many poisonous pills. Senior Brother, please take a look…”

As he spoke, Li Changshou took out two bottles of pills. He first handed one to Qin Tianzhu and pushed the other bottle into Lu Yue’s hands.

Lu Yue opened the bottle and took a look. He placed it under his nose and sniffed it. He smiled and said, “That’s right. This poisonous pill is very sturdy. It can easily kill a few Heaven Immortals. Here, take a look at this.”

As he spoke, Lu Yue took out two bottles of pills from his sleeve. He looked at Qin Tianzhu and pushed a bottle of pills over with his immortal power.

Before Li Changshou could remind him, Qin Tianzhu quickly pulled the jade bottle away.

At that moment, the Jade Emperor’s incarnation blacked out and his body swayed. He hurriedly released immortal power and sealed the jade bottle.

“Ahem, ahem!”

Qin Tianzhu coughed a few times to cover up his embarrassment and praised, “What a powerful poisonous pill. Even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal would have his essence soul damaged.”

Lu Yue smiled calmly. He tapped his fingers gently and collected the wisps of poisonous fog that were emitted. “Don’t harm the beauties here. Their cultivation levels are not too high.”

Li Changshou did not open the jade bottle in his hand. Just as he was about to return the jade bottle, Lu Yue waved his hand arrogantly.

“Just take it to protect yourself. I can’t let you call me Senior Brother for nothing. How can I take back what I have given away?”

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Li Changshou smiled and put away the jade bottle. He placed it in a treasure pouch solemnly and kept it close to his body.

Lu Yue smiled when he saw that. He sighed softly and instructed, “Poisonous pills are a branch of the Dao of alchemy. They can be used to injure or save people. The world is criticizing them. Junior Brother Changgeng, remember that you are the Heavenly Courts’ Water God, one of the only two second-generation disciples of Ren School. Do not reveal this pill unless you are unable to defeat a powerful enemy and are in a tough predicament. I don’t want others to say that we used underhanded means to harm others and tarnish Aunt-Master’s reputation.”

At the side, Qin Tianzhu handed the jade bottle in his hand to Li Changshou and smiled. “Let’s give this to the Water God. If we encounter a powerful enemy, we can have more ways to deal with him.”

Lu Yue smiled and said, “Your subordinate is quite smart.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

Don’t mention it, Big Boss. Judging from your personality, I reckon that you will not be able to escape the Great God-Conferment Tribulation of this version. You will have to go to the Heavenly Courts to work for this ‘subordinate’. You will really become his subordinate…

“Yes, thank you for your reminder, Senior Brother.”

Li Changshou smiled and agreed. He casually took the jade bottle and did not reveal any flaws.

Then, Li Changshou changed the topic comfortably. “I’m ashamed of my inferiority to Senior Brother Lu Yue’s ability to refine poison. I’m far inferior. Among the Three Sects of the Dao Fear Sect, Senior Brother is also unique in the Dao of Poison. Did Senior Brother make a mistake in refining pills back then because of the poisonous pills?”


Lu Yue let out a long sigh and looked at the teacup that Matriarch Bian had left beside him. Bian Zhuang immediately called for someone to deliver the new tea.

He was indeed the young master of the love service industry. He was so smart.

Lu Yue said slowly, “That is in the ancient times. At that time, there was a pair of Dao companions in the sect who had transformed into ancient beasts and cultivated. They had already become longevity immortals. Their wish was to have a son. However, one of them is a three-legged Golden Toad, while the other is a spiritual-feathered Heavenly Bird. They have already become Golden Immortals. It is really difficult for them to have children…”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “That won’t be difficult for you, Senior Brother.”

“Don’t say that. My legs go weak when I hear that.” Lu Yue scolded jokingly. “I’m afraid that someone will put on a high hat. Once I wear the hat, I won’t know why. At that time, I agreed in a muddle-headed manner. After I returned, I kept thinking about it and gathered many precious treasures. I was full of ambition and started refining pills. In the end, when the pills were about to succeed…”

Li Changshou asked in concern, “What’s wrong?”

“The furnace exploded.” Lu Yue covered his face with his hand. “After that, an evil aura tainted my essence soul… Fortunately, there is a place like the World Edge Pavilion. Otherwise, if I really stepped onto the evil path, I don’t know how many mistakes I would have made!” Qin Tianzhu smiled and added, “Even so, Fellow Daoist, you have to control yourself. If I’m not wrong, you have already lost your essence. It’s really rare for a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal to be able to suffer such losses.”

“It’s fine.” Lu Yue waved his hand calmly. “The battle does not depend on one’s cultivation level. If I were to kill thousands of longevity immortals in an instant, even Senior Sister Yun Xiao and Senior Brother Duobao would not be as fast as me.”

Li Changshou smiled and stabilized the topic. “Let’s not talk about romance. I’m extremely impressed by Senior Brother’s ability to cultivate poison.”

As he spoke, Lu Yue shook his head. Then, he looked at Li Changshou and smiled.

“However, since then, I have obtained the joy of this place. It can be considered a loss and gain. It is quite similar to the Yin-Yang Dao that you cultivated, Junior Brother.”

Li Changshou thought, ‘Sorry, our Grand Pure One is the legitimate Great Dao of Yin and Yang!’

“It’s not nice for us to just chat like this.”

Li Changshou looked at Bian Zhuang, who was standing at the side, and smiled. “Little Zhuang, get someone to set up a banquet. I’ll have a few drinks with Senior Brother Lu Yue.”

Bian Zhuang hurriedly said, “I’m ready. I’ll get someone to come in now.” “Hey, wait.” Lu Yue raised his hand and calmly threw out his ‘Mighty figure jade token’ and said, “It’s mine.”


Bian Zhuang was in a dilemma. He could not help but look at Li Changshou. He had just heard Li Changshou praise Lu Yue’s poisonous pills and was a little afraid.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “How can I let Senior Brother go to that expense? Senior Brother treated me sincerely today. Just the thought of helping me cover up the matter of coming here makes me feel quite touched. Little Zhuang, return the jade token to Senior Brother Lu Yue. Do you understand what happened next?”

“I understand, I understand.” Bian Zhuang held the jade token with both hands and smiled. “From now on, Senior Lu Yue will be a distinguished guest of the World Edge Pavilion. The few sisters who are on good terms with Senior Lu Yue will not suffer any grievances. The World Edge Pavilion will be responsible for Senior Lu Yue’s usage in the future.”

After saying that, Bian Zhuang bowed and was about to turn around.

“Huh? Hmph!”

With a bang, Lu Yue slammed the table and shouted, “Who are you looking down on? Do you think that my family is poor?”

Bian Zhuang could not help but be stunned…

Lu Yue was really angry.

“Are the Spirit Stones and treasures that I gave you for the World Edge Pavilion? They are for those beauties! They were living under someone else’s roof and were bent on welcoming him. It is already very difficult for them to face an old Daoist priest who is slovenly like me. How can you cut off the source of their wealth!?! They deserve it!”

Li Changshou and Qin Tianzhu looked at each other. For some reason, they felt that…

That made sense.

That was not a good thing. It was an action that could not be encouraged. It would not benefit the Primordial World at all.

However, no one could say it so confidently.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Senior Brother, don’t scare Little Zhuang. He didn’t mean to do that… That way, the fairies who were on good terms with Senior Brother Lu Yue in the future could only be on good terms with him and not meet anyone else. If Senior Brother Lu Yue was not there, the fairies would be free to cultivate. They would also receive a set of Spirit Stones and treasures. The set would be provided by the World Edge Pavilion. Senior Brother, what do you think of this arrangement?”

Lu Yue did not retort this time. He pondered carefully. Li Changshou waved his hand, and Bian Zhuang lowered his head to accept the order.

Looking at Bian Zhuang’s back, Lu Yue asked curiously, “Who is this subordinate of yours? It seems that when you entered the array just now, he was called the Young Pavilion Master…”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “He is the only grandson of the pavilion master of the World Edge Pavilion. He is currently working in the Heavenly Courts. To be honest, I’m here to look for the World Edge Pavilion this time and ask if they have any intention to work for the Heavenly Courts.”

Lü Yueqi said, “Does the Heavenly Courts lack female immortals?”

“Ahem!” Qin Tianzhu explained from the side. “That’s not true. The Water God only wants to use the World Edge Pavilion as a foundation in the Trichiliocosm to pull up a faction and fight against the Western Sect. Why would the Heavenly Courts lack female immortals? Even if they do, they would not come here to recruit.”

Li Changshou opened his mouth and looked at Qin Tianzhu, not knowing whether to laugh or cry…

Your Majesty, we have yet to find out about Lu Yue’s background. Why did we reveal our plan?

If he drank some wine later, would the secret of the Heaven Ascension Hall be kept?

Qin Tianzhu realized that he had said a little more. He smiled at Li Changshou and quietly lowered his head to drink tea.

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

This Heavenly Emperor is really too difficult to deal with!

Not long after Bian Zhuang ran out, fairies in colorful clothes placed trays of exquisite dishes on the slender willow waist and walked over slowly with some white fog.

Not long after, thirty to forty delicacies were placed on a round table. At the side, there were fairies holding jade chopsticks and wine. They were in charge of refilling the wine and serving dishes. However, Lu Yue waved them away.

Lu Yue said, “My Junior Brother Changgeng is not suitable for such a formation. Everyone, go down. Don’t we know how to take the food?”

Qin Tianzhu also invited Bian Zhuang to take a seat. Bian Zhuang declined with a few words, but Li Changshou glanced at him and hurriedly lowered his head to sit down. He refilled Lu Yue’s wine cup beside him.

Lu Yue also turned his face younger and turned into a middle-aged man. He took the initiative to close the distance between him and Li Changshou.

Li Changshou acted as the host and asked the few of them to raise their wine bottles and drink three times. Then, it was time for the toasts…

Lu Yue drank a few cups of wine and took the initiative to ask, “Junior Brother Changgeng, did you just say that you want to deal with the Western Sect? Do you want me to prepare more poisonous pills for you?”

Li Changshou’s heart skipped a beat, but he still shook his head and smiled. “It’s just a secret game between the Trichiliocosm and the Western Sect. If I go personally, things will be troublesome.”

“That’s right. Now that the great calamity has arrived, we have to be careful.”

Lu Yue sighed and said, “The two Aunt-Masters of the Western Sect are completely different from the Saint of our Dao Sect. They are very ruthless and have no bottom line. I heard from Senior Brother Duobao that the two of them schemed against many mighty figures in ancient times. Take Ancestor Hong Yun for example. Why did he give up his seat in Purple Cloud Palace back then? Wasn’t it because he was fooled by these two fellows? Hong Yun and Kun Peng were originally sitting next to each other.

If Hong Yun did not get up, Kun Peng could use the opportunity to not give up his seat to the two of them. However, Hong Yun and Kun Peng could not resist the two of them. How could he not be angry at Hong Yun? At the end of the day, it’s the two from the Western Sect who have snatched the opportunity of the Kun Peng. The Kun Peng is afraid of the Great Sage of the Western Sect and does not dare to take revenge. It can only vent its anger on the red clouds.”

Qin Tianzhu nodded in agreement. “That’s right.”

Lu Yue smiled and said, “You’re talking as if you’ve seen it before.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

He had really seen that person before. He was the most respected person in the Purple Cloud Palace who had heard of the Dao. At that time, he was on the left side of the Dao Ancestor.

Lu Yue said seriously, “Junior Brother Changgeng, I want you to be careful of the two Western Sect disciples. The Western Sect has also hidden many means. They seem to have techniques that can create Golden Immortals with merit. I heard from a fellow Daoist previously.”

Li Changshou took the opportunity to say, “Let’s not talk about the Saint’s disciples at the table. Senior Brother, who do you think is the most difficult to deal with among the disciples of the Saint of the Western Sect? I’ll take this as a reminder. Senior Brother, let me toast you first…”

“Sure, sure. Just chat with Junior Brother. Don’t mention anything.”

Lu Yue squatted down and gently touched the wine bottle with Li Changshou. He drank it happily and smiled.

“Disciples of the Western Saints are different. The Western Sect does not care about the in-name disciples and official disciples. They are divided into two groups, disciples of the Saints who were accepted before they became Saints and disciples who were accepted later on in order to trick experts into joining the Western Sect.

There is a clear difference between the two groups of disciples of the Saints. According to what I know, most of the disciples who entered the sect in the early years are not famous, but their strength is extraordinary. You have to be careful. I have only heard of Void Bodhi, Ksitigarbha, Duo Muneng, and so on. I don’t know their names. However, you don’t have to worry too much. In the end, they are still weaker than the eldest disciples of the three Dao Sects.”

At that moment, Li Changshou was roughly certain that Lu Yue should not be related to the Western Sect.

However, to be safe, Li Changshou continued to toast. When he was more drunk, he continued to ask, “Senior Brother, what do you think of the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters of Chan School?”

“There has been constant friction between Jie School and us over the past tens of thousands of years.” Lu Yue sighed and said, “At the end of the day, Second Uncle-Master and Master’s Dao are different. However, there were a few people in Chan School who were really annoying. Take Deputy Sect Master Randeng for example. He was sinister, cunning, and fanned the flames. He relied on his seniority and went around biting people. I was so angry that I threw poisonous pills at him a few times. Chan School… Hehe, they are not united.”

Li Changshou smiled and asked, “Which of the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters of Chan School is the most admirable?”

“Tsk, that’s hard to say.” Lu Yue shook his head. “Although there are many disciples of Saints in this world, there are very few who can be called heroes of the Primordial World.”

Qin Tianzhu said, “There are twelve famous Golden Immortals in Chan School. Is Guang Chengzi, the leader of the twelve Golden Immortals, a hero?”

Lu Yue said, “Senior Brother Guang Chengzi’s cultivation level is high and he has many Dharma treasures. He has a resounding reputation with the Heavenly Seal. Unfortunately, he is deep in thought and is scheming, but he lacks responsibility. He has pushed his responsibilities to others several times. He is not a hero.”

Li Changshou looked at the surrounding array formations and silently crushed the Shadow-Retaining Ball in his sleeve. He smiled and asked, “Senior Brother, do you think that Senior Brother Yun Zhongzi, the Golden Immortal of Chan School, is a hero?”

“Although Yun Zhongzi is good at refining artifacts and has brilliant methods, the treasures he refines are all imitating many Connate numinous treasures. They are indeed fake ancestors and not heroes of the Primordial World.”

Qin Tianzhu asked again, “What about Perfected Taiyi?”

“Taiyi always speaks in a strange manner. The few times that the two sides almost fought, it was because of him. He doesn’t care about the pride of others and does not know when to advance or retreat. He only wants to speak freely and is not a hero of the Primordial World.”

Qin Tianzhu asked, “What about Perfected Huang Long?”

“Ah.” Lu Yue sighed and said, “Senior Brother Huang Long is too loyal and kind. Others say that he is like the wind and rain. He has no opinions and is not a hero of the Primordial World.”

The more Li Changshou listened, the more he felt that it would be too easy for him to cause trouble if those words were to be leaked. He quickly changed the topic. “Senior Brother Lu Yue, what do you think about the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters of Jie School?”

Il This…”

Lu Yue smiled and said, “I think that there are many righteous people in Jie School. Of course, I don’t care about my reputation. If we’re talking about the heroes of the Primordial World, Senior Brother Gongming and Senior Sister Jin Ling, the other fellow disciples are also lacking.”

Qin Tianzhu looked at Li Changshou and smiled. “How is Fairy Yun Xiao?”

Lu Yue smiled and said, “Senior Sister Yun Xiao has a gentle personality and is aloof. However, her cultivation is deep, and she is powerful. She is also a little stubborn. In ancient times, she had rendered Master speechless many times. As long as Senior Sister Yun Xiao shouted softly, dozens of disciples in our sect who often listen to Master’s preaching could not help but have their Dao hearts tremble. They are too dignified and are not heroic.”

Qin Tianzhu immediately looked at Li Changshou kindly. Li Changshou… pretended that he did not hear it.

At that moment, there were endless laughter in the Phoenix Gathering Pavilion.

The few of them chatted happily.

However, they had only been drinking for half a day when a middle-aged female immortal rushed over.

She entered the array and stood outside the door. She sent a voice transmission to Bian Zhuang and left.

Bian Zhuang frowned and whispered, “Water God, there’s some trouble with my grandmother.” “Oh?”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “However, an expert from the Western Sect sent a letter and threatened the people of World Edge Pavilion to not meddle in other people’s business. They promised that as long as the World Edge Pavilion held onto it and did not move, they would be able to avoid disaster?”


Bian Zhuang asked curiously, “How did you know?”

Li Changshou held his wine glass and took a sip. “I’m an old rival. I naturally understand a little. At this moment, the forces that should be controlled by the Western Sect have begun to deploy troops. They are going to put pressure on the World Edge Pavilion.”

Qin Tianzhu’s eyes flickered and his expression was cold. He was about to calmly say a few harsh words…


A strong hand slapped the table. The slightly drunk old Daoist priest Lu Yue snorted and said calmly, “Send them a reply and ask them to send more people over. There are less than a million troops. It’s not worth it for me to wave my sleeve. Little Zhuang, tell them clearly that if they scare the beauties here, even if the disciples of the Western Saints come, I will make them throw away half of their lives!”

Li Changshou persuaded, “Senior Brother, don’t be in a hurry to attack. After all, this concerns the standpoint of Jie School…” “I’m not just a disciple of Jie School here.” Lu Yue’s eyes flickered with starlight as he said emotionally, “I’m just a tired bird that has found its way back to its nest. I’m a regular customer of the World Edge Pavilion. How can I let them disturb my cultivation? Just reply like that.”

Bian Zhuang lowered his head and agreed. He stood up and left in a hurry.

Li Changshou held his wine glass and smiled. “Let’s not talk about romance. Senior Brother should be a hero.”

“Ah, Junior Brother, you flatter me.”

“However, Senior Brother.” Li Changshou changed the topic and leaned forward. “We have to pay attention to some techniques when using poison. In the open, they can always think of ways to avoid it. It would be a waste of precious materials to injure ordinary immortal weapons.”

Lu Yue’s eyes lit up. “Does Changgeng have any pointers?”

“How can I say that I’m giving you pointers?” Li Changshou took out a few treasure pouches from his chest pocket. “One thing. It’s just an unexpected trick.”

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