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Chapter 698 Who has the winning card?

Chapter 698 Who has the winning card?

Inside the training room, Dennis was placed on one side of the room, towards the right of the entrance up against the wall. He was still sleeping away, but at least alive. Nate sat down against the back of the wall. His head covered in sweat and once in a while, he would wince in pain.

Fex could see by looking at him, he was fighting against something inside. While Fex himself was up against another wall, the one opposite Nate. They decided to stay away from each other. If anything was to happen, at least they had a few seconds to react if it did.

Time was passing by, and it felt like torture, not only because they were physically in pain, but because they weren’t even sure if they would live to see another day. Both Nate and Fex were strong people who would have liked to do something to try and put the odds in their favour, but all they could do was sit there and wait for the time to go by.

Another coughing fit started from Nate. He had several of these happen while in the room, each one seemed to be getting worse and Nate’s appearance was changing with it as well. The coughing got so bad, he stood up and used his hand to stabilise himself against the wall. Eventually, he hurled his contents out and the red blood could be seen.

‘Yep, torture me more by putting blood in front of me.’ Fex thought.

“Fex, I can’t… anymore. You have to knock me out. Knock me out now!” Nate shouted

Remembering how strong Dennis was before, and While Fex still had strength, he didn’t need Nate to ask him again. Gathering his strength, Fex went over. Tied both of his legs with the red string. Then when he reached Nate, he got behind him. Gathering all his strength, he whacked him on the sweet spot behind his head, hopefully knocking him out.

He fell to the floor like anyone would do after a blow like that.

‘I wonder how long I have left?’ Fex thought.

The sound of groans started up, he looked over towards Dennis but could see nothing; they were coming from below. Even though Nate had been knocked out, it didn’t matter. He was already too far gone as the white could be seen in his eyes.

‘Man, it’s like I’m going up against steroid zombies. Why do I have to deal with this crap?”

Another set of groans was heard, and now Dennis was getting up from the floor as well.

‘Quinn, please hurry man.’

Looking around the room, Fex noticed that they were in Quinn’s personal training room. This room in particular was void of cameras so no one could do any spying.

“Nate, Dennis!” Fex called out, but there was no reply.

If he wanted to get out of this situation alive, then he might need to use his vampire powers. At least with the condition they were in now, they wouldn’t remember anything he did to them.


Sil, stood outside the base. He didn’t look tired; he didn’t look like he had a single scratch on him either. However, around him on the ground were multiple people rolling out in pain. He had done his best to try to avoid killing people, but it was unlikely that they had all come out alive from something like this.

The people just kept coming out, coming for Sil. Thinking that eventually, Sil’s Mc points would run out. After taking out around three hundred or so of them, they stopped, knowing it was useless. They went back to their families, friends, and went inside their homes locking up from the monster outside.

When he looked ahead, he could see a kid and a mother peeking around the corner.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” Sil said, walking towards them. “I was only hurting those attacking me.”

Still, as the Sil got close; the pair had run away. He was thankful that the others had run away, for his control was slipping away from him, as the pain started to take over bit by bit. Still, he had a goal in his head. He was going to help Quinn no matter what, and this focus allowed him to block out the pain and use his abilities.

Entering the base, Sil searched and searched until he had eventually found him. He could see Quinn on top of the crate, while Mantis kneeled down in front of him.

‘What is this, is it some type of mind control? I can’t move my legs.’ Mantis thought. ‘But that’s impossible, I’ve already seen his shadow ability. This isn’t something someone should be able to do. If I don’t break free, I’m going to die.’

“How do I stop the poison?” Quinn asked.

Hearing this question, the frightened look he had on his face, disappeared. He felt like he was more in shock, but now he was thinking straight, he could turn this all around.

“It looks like the tables haven’t turned after all,” Mantis replied. “Even though I’m the one knelt down here, I hold all the cards. You need me. Your friends, the poison will continue to affect their body, until eventually, they will die. As I said before, I’m the only person who can give them an antidote, but you know what. I wouldn’t even give it to you if you were going to kill me.”

“And even if I die, the poison will still remain,” Mantis started to laugh like a madman. This was why he did such things. “Quinn, you should learn. This is why you should detach yourself from the people around you as I have done. No one can use anything against me.”

“I don’t need you to do it, I just need you,” Quinn said. His eyes started to glow once more. “I order you to get rid of the poison from Sil’s body.” He said, pointing at Sil who had entered the room.

Quinn had heard his footsteps as he entered, and it was at the perfect time.

“You think I would listen to you?” Mantis said, but once again, as if not controlled by him. His body started to move and was already heading towards Sil. The order was repeating in his head and moving his body. He tried to fight back, but the subconsciousness was controlling him.

Then, he had finally reached Sil and placed his hand on his stomach. Sil, being cautious grabbed both of Mantis’s arms to try and stop him, but soon could tell that he was under control.

A strange sensation was felt inside, and after a few moments, when Mantis pulled his hand away, green liquid had passed through his body and was swirling around in his hand.

“You, you can control me?” Mantis said. “I won’t let you have your way, you will not have the last laugh!” Mantis shouted at the top of his lungs.

His hands glowing green, he lifted the strange aura that was four times the size of what he had extracted out of Sil, and absorbed it into his own body. It didn’t take long, and Mantis had fallen to the floor.

Sil kneeled down, to check up on him, and knew what had happened. Mantis had killed himself and was dead.


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