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Chapter 699 Half Transformation

Chapter 699 Half Transformation

Waiting nervously outside of the training room, was Blip, Linda, Sam and Kazz. Coming to the training room, had made Kazz aware that there was a room that everyone was using that she was unaware of before. She had seen them input the code while she had no clue what the code was.

‘I guess that’s Quinn’s doing, deciding to keep that away from me,’ She thought.

The reason they were waiting outside, was to see if those that had lost their minds would start attacking those who hadn’t, and if they had all lost their minds, the question was, would they all start attacking each other? What they didn’t want was them killing each other and Blip was ready to jump in and try to calm down whatever was happening outside at any second.

The other reason was, if Linda started having certain effects as well.

While waiting, as they thought, they could hear the sound of fighting inside. It wasn’t quiet at all as the ones infected had great strength and every time they would hit the ground or floor, a slight vibration could be felt from the outside of the room. However, it was mostly sound proof, which was what made it more frightening to them all.

“I can’t take it anymore! I have to go in there and see what’s happening. We can’t just stand out here forever!’ Blip said, filled with frustration. “Tell me the code.”

Blip was one of the only ones who also didn’t know the code. He knew the truth about Linda and the others now, but the others did not, so he had no access.

“I think it will be good if you don’t go in there,” Kazz unexpectedly spoke. “You might get infected, or there would be troublesome things you could see.”

When she spoke these words, she gave a glance at Sam as if she wanted him to speak up.

‘Is she worried about someone inside?’ Sam thought seeing this, then he thought about Fex. What would happen to him if he had gone beyond a certain point? Was Kazz trying to protect him from being found out?’

Sam was unsure what Kazz’s true motive was, however, it still made sense that if Blip went in, then there was a chance he could find out the truth about everything.

“Let me go, brother,” Linda said. “I can deal with a bunch of hot headed boys, trust me, I have grown up with one for most of my life.”

“Sis, but you saw their strength, how could I let you-“

She looked him in the eye and then reached out her hand above his shoulder, inputting the code in. The sound of the door behind Blip had opened.

“Don’t turn around, and whatever you do, don’t not come in,” Linda said.

She ran past, through the door, and it quickly closed behind her.

‘Sis, the second you call for help, I don’t care what kind of secret you need me to keep. I’m going in there.’

When Linda entered, she could see Fex, dodging the two of their attacks, he had one of their hands tied with his red strings and with his other hand three; he had released a large line of red aura knocking the other one away with his other hand.

Fex was covered in sweat, and his eyebrows were scrunched up. Linda could tell he was in extreme pain.

‘Is it the poison?’

Nate, who had been knocked away by the blood swipe, had already got up off the ground. He had cuts over his body, seemingly from previous attacks, yet was ignoring them and continuing to go forward.

‘I can’t hold on much longer.’ Fex thought, while still holding Dennis with his string abilities. If he was at a hundred percent, then he would slap these two around no problem.

With Nate coming towards him, he didn’t know what to do. Using the blood attacks was just making him weaker, and if he let go of Dennis now, then he would be done for.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help!” Linda said, as she threw out a punch, hitting Nate right on his ribs and sending him back into the wall.

“Man, am I happy to at least see someone,” Fex said, and the relief and tension he felt in his body went, at the same time the string that was holding Dennis’s body was let loose as well.

For once, as Linda approached Dennis, she was happy about her new body. When she fought before, she had broken her elbow, but without the need for a healer, she was able to fight once more. Her beast gear with her added extra strength. She was starting to like this style of fighting head-on.

Dennis went to throw out a fist and it was faster than Linda was expecting. If she was going to get hit, on her head then it would be over. At the last second, the fist started to move upward, and Dennis’s whole body was leaning backward as if he was falling.

When she looked down, she could see that red string had tied both of his legs and was attached to Fex.

“I’m not completely useless yet,” Fex said, coughing a few times.

She looked back at Fex and gave a big smile. These guys were reliable in countless situations and she was glad she had joined a good group, regardless of what had happened to her.

“I’m sorry about this Dennis, but this is the one is going to hurt. But, you can heal from this!” Linda shouted as she threw her fist down at his legs, crushing his knees.

Dennis screamed in pain and it pained her to see him like that, but if she didn’t stop Dennis and Nate somehow, they would constantly come back. Nate wasn’t responding either, so for a brief second she could catch her breath.

“Quick!” Fex shouted, he was on all fours, his fists were pounding the ground fighting back whatever was happening to him. “Get out of here now, quickly!” He shouted agian.

‘What is happening to him?’ Linda thought.

Suddenly, unlike the others, something different was happening to Fex, his body was slightly transforming, half his hair from his head was falling out, his muscles were bulging like the others, but when he lifted his head, she could see. With a creepy smile from Fex, only fangs from his left side were showing.

Naturally, Linda took a step back. It was the first time she had seen something like this, and it was a reminder to her.

‘I forgot, Fex is a real Vampire.’

‘Damn it!’ Fex screamed internally. ‘Am I really turning into a Bloodsucker, but I haven’t lost all my blood.’ There was one thing he could tell though. He was losing his mind and the only thing he could think about, was blood.


Stood there for a while, Quinn was by Sil’s side looking at Mantis’s body, it hadn’t moved and he could hear his heart was no longer beating.

“He really killed himself. He decided to run away after all that crap he caused!” Quinn shouted. Even though he was frustrated, he wasn’t frustrated at Mantis, but more so himself. He felt like he had let them all down, everyone back at the ship. He couldn’t even think of a solution to get out of this mess.

At that moment, he could hear the sound of people moving, when he turned to look, it was both Wevil and Hana. They were hurt, and slowly walking their way out from the broken crate. When they came out, they were surprised to see Mantis lying there, dead.

“Oh crap!” Hana screamed. “What the hell do we do!” Her hands were by her hair and it looked as if she was about to rip it out. It was expected, they probably thought Quinn had killed their leader. At least this was why Quinn thought they were upset.

Right now, he didn’t even have the will to fight them, and just allowed them to come close to the body. Then, when they were finally close enough, Hana ran up to the body and kicked Mantis while he was dead and down.

“You bastard, did you really just die like that!” Hana shouted.

Now he was confused. What was going on, for her to attack her faction leader like so.

“You guys are probably wondering what’s going on?” Wevil said. “Were in the same boat as your friends. Everyone who belongs to the Parasite faction is. In order for us to have absolute loyalty, using his soul weapon, he had infected us all with the poison. Although not as strong as your friends. Every week we are required to visit Mantis, where he will administer an antidote, or to remove part of the poison, how it worked we really don’t know.”

“The point is, all of our lives were in his hands.” Wevil then looked at the hooded men, who were dead. “Do you remember them, Quinn?” Wevil asked. “Those men were the ones that you brought back with you at the duel that time. Because they failed their mission, he allowed the poison to get to that point with them… and now…He goes and just leaves us, so we all have to suffer.”

Wevil, and Hana both broke down falling to their knees, and the last bit of hope Quinn had disappeared. He thought that maybe what Mantis had said was a lie, but even his own people had no answer.

When Wevil was wiping away his tears, he was surprised to see a certain someone stood over him. A hand was placed on his stomach.

“I think it was something like this,” Sil said, and when he moved his hand away, the green substance was seen coming out from Wevil’s body.


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